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  • British Economy Shrinks By Most In 300 Years Thanks To COVID, Chancellor Warns

    Two Inflationary Tail Risks For US Investors
    Central banks are fighting a deflation boogie man that does not even exist, creating a debt deflation monster in the process.

    Q3 GDP Unchanged At Record 33.1% In First Revision; Profits Soar 27.1%
    GDP is just a measure of how much liquidity is in the system. This is all VERY dangerous.

    Airlines On Track To Lose $157 Billion As Global Slump Worsens; IATA Chief Negative On 'Immunity Passports'


    • Very suspicious. Every time that I try to load this site, it crashes.
      6 million US households, 20-30 Million Americans,
      could face eviction on January 1 because of The
      Coronavirus PLANDEMIC Attack On The world

      11/26 Fed, IMF warn that more QE could lead to “unintended consequences” – ZH

      Those who wish to lever-up the plandemic want total chaos and DEATH. We are already getting 20% price inflation in food commodities.
      11/26 Thanksgiving dinner costs up 9.8% in 2020 – Advisor Smith
      11/26 Jobless aid for 14 million Americans expires the day after Christmas – Reuters

      The communists have always figured on starting race wars in America. If they can bring on starvation, they can probably get race wars started.
      Then, there is starvation;
      "Since 1974 in the U.S., over 1.6 billion kilograms of glyphosate active ingredient have been applied"
      "with over 600 thousand tonnes used annually ... The area sprayed has increased every year since 2000, with a 24% increase from 2005 to 2006 (Leahy 2007)"
      "2.6 Billion Pounds of Monsanto’s Glyphosate Sprayed on U.S. Farmland in Past Two Decades"

      You get the idea. Over 20,000 square miles of American farmland is soaked with glyphosate. What happens if we need to switch to other crops?
      What happens if Monsanto stops producing roundup-ready seeds?

      The royalty in England is onboard with population reduction.
      50% of employment is from small business. Canada is locking down small business and, allowing big-box stores to remain open. They are also sending money to the big stores.
      What part of "total destruction of the economy" are you unclear about?

      The people who live close to the land have a different attitude that the people who live in the cities. The people who live in the cities are always looking for some niche that doesn't actually involve hard work. I'm speaking of the bureaucrats and grifters. The non-producers are forever trying to control the producers. This has brought on animosity between the 2. Here is a fascinating article from Armstrong that speaks of this.


      • "This is what I have been warning that BigTech is moving in to replace banks. Don’t forget that Gates resigned from Berkshire to try to hide his influence from investment decisions behind Buffett. It has been Bill Gates calling for 10 more weeks of back in April lockdown! Bill Gates resigned both from Microsoft and Warren Buffet’s boards. It has been Bill Gates pushing to eliminate paper money and move digitally."
        So, we can assume that; if Gates wants a certain action, this action will collapse the economy and kill people.

        "This is Klaus Schwab up front but all of BigTech is right behind him. Schwab has been cultivating heads of states to sell his Stakeholder Economics. He is an elitist and destroying the world economy to rebuild it from scratch in his mind is perfectly fine"

        Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong owner Automattic raised $300 million from Salesforce which is in league with the World Economic Forum where they have joined this 4th Industrial Revolution and believe that they have the right to use shareholder money for the future of personal objectives of management. This is Klaus Schwab’s Stakeholder economics where companies use shareholder capital for their perceived political agneda."
        "It appears that WordPress is censoring our posts now which may be at the direction of Salesforce which is in partnership with Schwab and the World Economic Forum. There is a coordinated effort to clearly control free speech and silence all opposition. This is no different from the Russian Revolution except for the forces of arms. Maybe that comes next year."

        "These people have the audacity to obstruct free speech or even judicial cases that may expose their corruption and perhaps treason against the United States furthering a foreign agenda from the World Economic Forum"
        "Meanwhile, the Governor of Vermont has instructed teachers to interrogate children and find out if their families got together for Thanksgiving. This is EXACTLY what East Germany was all about. Children were told to inform the government about anything their parents said or did. Welcome to absolutely the Bonfire of our Liberties."

        A good writeup on Substack


        • Well, once again, everything erased when I posted this link. I did NOT save this time. Bummer.

          "They were planning to cancel the currency and the debt which is approaching $280 trillion globally at the same time on January 1st, 2021."

          "They assumed they had rigged the US election and Biden would join their ranks to embark on a new era of economic tyranny. Boris Johnson was also going to join and cancel the pound as the Bank of England has already created what it calls the RSCoin. This also included Switzerland."
          "Despite that drive to hunt down offshore money for taxation, it still was not enough. They are determined to cancel the currency claiming (1) currency carries the virus, and (2) it will eliminate crime from drugs to prostitution,"
          "The idea floated was that to prevent hoarding in alternative currencies, they needed to eliminate paper money across the board and it would come in the blink of an eye with 30 to 90 days to turn in all your cash."

          You can see why they need for America to be onboard. There can be NO safe haven. Presumably, gold and BTC would bne blocked as much as possible.
          "They are coordinating this cancellation and it will take place including the USA under Biden. If Trump wins in the House, then the physical dollar will present the ultimate hedge against the confiscation of assets outside the USA."

          The debt is at $280 trillion. The plandemic helped bump it up quite a bit. ALL governments are bankrupt outside of Russia.
          The IMF would come in and, bail out States with SDRs. The State would dissolve itself and become a member of world GOV.
          The individual would have his debts cancelled but, would relinquish claims to EVERYTHING.
          Trudeau is getting a headstart on selling out Canada.


          • The bankers brought us to poverty using regulatory capture. Was this just greed OR, were they planning to crash they system to bring in socialism?

            CEO of Whole Foods
            "Mackey acknowledged that at times and in extreme cases Capitalism can be bastardized by special interests but said the alternative of Socialism is unquestionably far worse than Capitalism even in its bastardized form."
            "Mackey characterized the failed ideology as “trickle-up poverty.”
            “Socialism has been tried 42 times in the last 100 years, and 42 failures,” Mackey said. “It doesn’t work, it’s the wrong way. We have to keep capitalism.”

            Armstrong talks civil war
            I've often quoted General Douglas MacArthur talking about moral collapse. Here is C.H. Smith talking about the same thing

            Haven't Witnessed This Much Suffering On Thanksgiving Since The Great Depression

            US Justice Department amends federal execution rules to allow death by hanging, electric chair, gas chamber And Firing Squad

            This is what happens when MSM tries to find a solution for falling numbers of viewers.

            Facebook Blocking Ads From Struggling Legitimate Businesses As 'Hate Speech'

            Beijing powers up first domestically-built nuclear reactor construction of 6 more underway at home & abroad

            Would YOU trust a Chinese made nuclear reactor?

            11/28 “Dark winter” – millions of Americans are expected to lose their homes – ZH


            • There is no denying that the present administration wants the markets to continue rising. Here is a good, technical article talking about negative trends.
              Keep in mind that the insiders have the best in formation.
              "Forward thinking investors should take a cue from smart-money corporate insiders who sold more stock in one day last week than on any other day since 2004 as also noted by Goldman"
              11/29 Turkey has no cure for a gold craze that leaves lira vulnerable – GATA
              The Turks own more gold per capita than any other State.

              "disclose that hundreds of billions of dollars appropriated by Congress for economic stimulus during the virus epidemic have been placed by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in the Treasury Department's Exchange Stabilization Fund, where much of it has been used to buy foreign currencies."
              "75% of the $454 Billion CARES Act Money Never Went to the Fed; It Was Invested by a Mnuchin Slush Fund Called the ESF" and it's posted here:
              "Since June, Wall Street On Parade has been reporting that $340 billion of the $454 billion that Mnuchin was instructed to turn over to the Fed was unaccounted for. We noted that 98,000 businesses had permanently closed in the U.S. while this money, intended for economic relief, went missing."
              The ESF used the money to but Euro & Yen currencies because they were collapsing. They didn't bother to use it to save American companies.
              So, what did Wall Street on Parade get for all their troubles?
              11/29 Wall Street on Parade blocked after exposing market-rigging ESF – GATA

              11/27 China to ban all imports of solid waste (video) – South China Morning Post

              So, what does that mean for recycling in America?


              • Armstrong's program predicted a collapse of government debt. This happens on a cyclical basis. This comes as no surprise because a parasite never sees limitations on it's predations. So, GOV goes broke and, is forced to go silently into that dark night. The blob state with all those millions of bureaucrats have no intention of going quietly.
                Klaus Schwab............ World Economic Forum................... Davos worked for years to convince the movers & shakers that the Great Reset was a necessity to keep the world economy running smoothly.
                Schwab says that, "in 10 years, you will own nothing and,, be happy about that"
                I suspect that; if you no longer own your property, the State will own it. I also suspect that; all those people who worked all their lives to have financial security will NOT be happy about it.

                "Armstrong reports that various States are pre-positioning military to help with the vaccination programs. If vaccinations are so wonderful, why would they need to use military force to vaccinate you?
                Armstrong claims that this is just an excuse. The military will be there to head off a revolution.

                Make NO MISTAKE about this! Governments are calling in the military to PRETEND to be assisting with vaccines. But they are really being positioned for civil unrest which will rise to the level of revolutions in 2021 in many places. Our computer has made these projections at the beginning of this current Economic Confidence Model wave in 1985.65."
                ""REPLY: France has withdrawn its troops from Iraq to use the military to fight COVID. In Canada, Trudeau is also calling in the military to help with COVID-19 vaccine distribution. This is not simply vaccines. They KNOW that there is rising resistance to this entire 2030 Agenda which the people have NEVER been allowed to vote to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we no longer live in a democracy. Our computer has been projecting rising civil unrest and I think that there is nobody who could have been forecasting this trend years in advance other than a computer. We will exceed more than 100 times what we saw during the 1960s over race riots and protests against Vietnam"

                The plandemic destroyed small business but, greatly benefited BIG corporations. I'm sure that this was all worked out by the Davos planners.
                The newly formed world government that now owned what was previously the property of private individuals would administer everything & everybody.
                The BIG corporations would control all commerce.
                Klaus Schwab, "you will rent everything"


                • "It's Really Bad" - Almost One-Third Of Small Businesses In NY, NJ Have Closed

                  Killing The Future: COVID Madness Will Lead To Half A Million Fewer US Births In 2021

                  Turchin echoes what Armstrong said about civil unrest.
                  "In 2010, he predicted that the unrest would get serious around 2020, and that it wouldn’t let up until those social and political trends reversed. Havoc at the level of the late 1960s and early ’70s is the best-case scenario; all-out civil war is the worst."

                  Is The Narrative All "Priced In"?

                  “You have to wonder precisely how much ‘gas is left in the tank’ when even ‘perma-bears’ are now bullish. Therefore, the question we should ask is ‘if everyone is in, who is left to buy?’

                  If the FED, ESF, and PPT stop buying assets, this will all come down in 20 minutes.

                  OECD Slashes 2021 Global Forecast, Warns Gov'ts Must Continue Fiscal Support

                  With the current situation, the State can never stop pumping in liquidity. This pumping does great damage to the economy.

                  Rabobank: Yellen Is Offering To Recover The "American Dream": What Does That Mean?

                  "That’s the thing about dreams. Eventually you wake up. And sometimes in a cold sweat".
                  Yellen is pictured next to Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF and midwife to the Great Reset

                  America's Future Is Liberal Fascism Sporting A Smiley Shirt And Armed With A Syringe

                  Today, America’s famous battle cry - “give me liberty or give me death” - has been replaced by a masked and muffled gasp that advises, without hope of a second opinion, “give me lockdowns and keep me safe"...


                  • I need a second post.
                    Hellooo! BLM Starting to Get It - Biden Conned Them
                    What do you suppose that BLM will do about being ignored now that the election is "over".
                    Report - Over 186K Firearm Background Checks
                    on Black Friday 2020 - America Is Preparing

                    What will Biden do on a larger scale?
                    'We have a deficit, they have a lot of oil' - Biden may
                    tap career Russiagater with creative economic ideas for
                    top budgeting post - More Hideous War Party Names

                    So, Biden & company are going to waltz in and take Russia's oil.


                    • D.C. Metro Faces Massive Cuts To Rail, Bus Service; A Third Of All Workers To Be Terminated
                      Yep, cut services, NOT welfare.

                      One-World Currency Included In The "Endgame" Reset
                      ...the fate of dollar-dominated assets and their value when the dust finally settles should be a huge concern but most Americans fail to grasp the implications...
                      You won't own anything so, you don't need to worry about the value of anything.

                      Market Euphoria Surpasses Dot Com Levels: What's An Investor To Do?

                      Citi Warns "100% Probability Of Loss" In Most "Euphoric" Market Since Dot Com Bubble

                      Biden's Pick For Budget Chief Scrubs Twitter History Ahead Of Contentious Confirmation

                      Smith sees this euphoria coming to a BAD ending.


                      • The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was to be the model for world socialism. In 1989, Russia defaulted on sovereign bonds. ALL socialist countries eventually go broke.

                        The eternal Marxists had to find a new way to finance the State if we were to have world socialism.

                        World socialism had long been advocated by various groups who desired control OR, had no productive niche in the productive economy.

                        The Great Reset was their all-encompassing plan to bring in world socialism. They reasoned that; if socialism was worldwide, nobody could escape their economic net. The U.S.S.R. went broke because the Marxists had killed off motivation, NOT because wealth was sequestered out of their reach.
                        Just the same, the Marxists came up with a plan that called for a COMPLETE REORDERING of society.

                        The Great Reset was partially modelled on the Cloward-Piven strategy. This strategy called for a destruction of the State.

                        The Great Reset also called for drastic population reduction. This has been promoted by poisoning the air, water and food. It has also been furthered by using electromagnetic radiation to cause disease. Along with this, comes poison medicine and poison vaccines.

                        The covid vaccine is specifically designed to cause miscarriages. The same chemical in the covid vaccine has been used in tetanus vaccines in various countries.
                        The new control structure was to be partially modelled on the European Union. There would be no messy democracy with people expressing what THEY wanted. Every edict would be handed down from Brussels with no dissent allowed.

                        The Kalergi-Chodorof plan would use massive immigration from third world countries to break up the tribes of Europe.

                        Central to this plan to bring one world communism would be China. They were already communist regardless of the capitalist trappings that they hung out for the world to see. Their social credit system called for ABSOLUTE control of every detail of a person's life.

                        China was also used to create & incubate the covid virus. The plandemic would be used to usher in the control system that the Marxists needed to further their agenda.
                        China was slowly falling prey to the socialist disease of bankruptcy. They too needed one world communism.

                        At the same time, covid was useful to kill off those who would be a financial drain on the central government. In several years, 300 million Chinese would be demanding old-age pensions.

                        Killing off people who were Old, fat, smokers and / or, immuno-compromised would help the fiscal health of the State.

                        The Wuhan virus was made much more lethal by combining it with 5G radiation. Wuhan and Milan were both saturated with 5G transmitters. They both had extremely bad numbers of covid. 5g causes covid to be much more infectious.


                        World socialism could not be rolled out if America abstained. The corruption of our education system and, finance system brought out a whole generation of young who were predisposed to accept socialism as an improved system. Crony-Capitalism has brought the system to the brink of collapse. Many Millions of young people are forced to live with their parents. They see no future at all. They are receptive to the idea of socialism.

                        America could not be allowed to abstain from one-world government. The lockdown (s) would be utilized to destroy the economy. This was to continue until Americans were destitute. It isn't as if this were something new. MANY years ago, we heard this;

                        “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence....

                        It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights...
                        will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” Henry Kissinger, 1992

                        Not to be left out of the plan, the HUGE corporations plan to increase their power A group of them formed the Club of Rome calling for world gov and massive population reduction.
                        They will give us our new system. It will be techno-fascist with absolute control. We will be under techno-fascist control based at the United Nations. We will have techno-socialism for the masses and crony-capitalism at the top.

                        As predicted by Martin Armstrong, sovereign debt is collapsing. The State parasites and apparatchiks see one-world socialism as the road to continued funding of their paychecks & pensions. It is the STATE employees who are absolutely rabid about enforcing the lockdowns.

                        Our so-called public servants in GOV are far more concerned with THEIR welfare than they are with the welfare of the public. Just as SO MANY problems of management can be regulated & ordered by using a computer instead of a human, government planning is a perfect place to use machine intelligence.
                        The new chips can look at at every tiny detail in creation.

                        One world government is a worldwide battle to finance the State at the expense of the individual.


                        • China would like the world to believe that China is a democracy with an authoritarian top structure. Democracy is very inconvenient for a "former" communist country. China yearned to be a world power and, created a centrally planned economy. This never works. China moved 300+ million self-sufficient peasants to the cities and, put them to work. They took the jobs of their best customers and, there is not much for them to do. They have no choice but to continue working to build megatons of stuff for which there is no demand. The central State rides roughshod on everybody. They instituted their social credit system to have absolute control. More and more people are renouncing the communist party. More and more people are fighting all this control. The army is at war with the party AND, the people are at war with the CCP.

                          China has not renounced all their dirty tricks.
                          The stock market has become very worrying for B of A
                          Here are some good charts

                          Some months ago, oil hit a negative $40 a barrel. Like everything else, there were derivatives written on these contracts. Much of the hot money recently created was used to cash out these contracts when the price fell. The investors / gamblers are of the opinion that the FED, PPT and, ESF will print new money by the trainload. They figure that they will NEVER lose a dime because the FED has their back.


                          • From the B.I.S. "And in a dire warning that got virtually no airplay today, Borio made the following stunning announcement to reporters. "We are moving from the liquidity to the solvency phase of the crisis."

                            Translation: it's about to get much worse, only because central banks will ignore all the warnings, they will double down on the same failed policies, pushing leverage to even record-er highs, yields to even record-er lows, and sparking a propagation of zombies the likes of which have never before been seen."
                            "We should be expecting more bankruptcies going forward yet credit spreads are quite low by historical standards, and indeed while banks are pricing risk more carefully we don’t see the same in capital markets."

                            One almost sensed the futility in Borio's comments when he said that with $17.5 trillion worth of bonds now carrying negative yields many money managers were being pushed into riskier and riskier assets."
                            "Brilliant... just ignore that the entire world is now on the verge of a financial cliff where the next crash will not only wipe away hundreds of trillions in wealth and destroy confidence in central banks and fiat money, but abolish the voodoo "science" that is modern economics"

                            "wipe out hundreds of $trillions of wealth."
                            It isn't wealth. It is just debt notations. I don't see any mention of the millions of lives that will be ruined.

                            Oregon Gave Antifa Your CARES Act COVID Relief
                            Tax Dollars During the Riots - Wait, It Gets Worse

                            I guess that antifa heeded the money more than all the hungry people in oregon.

                            Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. But investors disregard – Real Investment Advice
                            200 million go on strike in India.


                            • A corporation is nothing more than an artificial construct that has no brain, nor heart. It is just a pile of money looking to grow larger by ANY means. It is only limited by prevailing statutes and laws. As it grows in size and wealth, it can influence the State to create whatever laws and monopolies it desires. It is a jealous guardian of it's wealth and, shares as little as possible.

                              A family / household is a money-losing operation. It constantly burns through money to create genetic continuity, NOT profit. The average worker who is employed by a corporation must work at whatever wage the corporation offers. A corporation always favors it's stockholders over all others.

                              S&P 500’s Biggest Pension Plans Face $382 Billion Funding Gap
                              GE's Not Alone: 25 Companies That Owe $1 Trillion In Pensions

                              The British East India Company was a group of merchants and bankers in London. It eventually rose to the point where it controlled half the world's trade. It ruled India with it's armies. It used India as a plantation to raise opium to enslave China. The company was loathe to apportion wealth and food to the peasants that it could better use for profitable ventures.

                              "What follows is a brief outline of the British famine policy in India from 1764 to 1914, and how the British developed the deliberate use of famine and food control as the principal means of rule.
                              Under the period of East India Company rule from 1765-1858 there occurred 16 major famines, a rate eight times higher than what had been common before. Then, under the period of British Colonial Office rule from 1859 to 1914, there was a major famine in India an average of every two years, or 25 times the historical rate before British rule! The rest of the world's population was growing due to technological progress, but the population of India remained at approximately 220 million for over a century prior to 1914.

                              There is only so much wealth to go around. If the corporation absorbs wealth, the family must lose it. BUT, not all families. The wealthy families who receive stock dividends continue to thrive and reproduce. The wealthy try to ensure that their offspring continue receive wealth that is disproportionate to their actual contribution to the economy & society.
                              The corporations constantly fight against collective bargaining and a living wage. They constantly create monopolies to protect their wealth. They constantly foster monetary inflation to create price inflation. This has the effect of reducing purchasing power and, thereby limiting reproduction in the subservient classes. Population is reduced without the necessity of creating famine.

                              The banking system is absolutely dependent on growth of the credit bubble. A falling population with static wages in the face of high price inflation can not possibly maintain the credit bubble. Currently, the Central Banks are attempting to maintain the credit bubble with massive injections of new liquidity. This liquidity can in no way be considered wealth.

                              The stock market was positioned to provide wealth & income to a group of people who contributed nothing to the productive economy. The same is true of the bond market to a certain degree. The taxes laid on the producer were used to pay the debt burden of the sovereign bond market. In America, we work 102 days to pay all of our taxes. In France, it is 206 days. Much of this money goes to bond speculators. Much of it goes to private corporations that do business with the State.
                              Previously, it was ONLY the working man that could turn an investment dollar into actual tangible wealth.

                              With rising automation, this distinction becomes blurred. At the same time, we must NEVER forget that all production is pointless without consumption. Much of recent consumption was absorbed & destroyed in war projects. Trump has failed to launch new wars. The war industries are very much against him because they need consumption to realize profits. The entire war industry and, much of banking depend on continuous war.

                              The Club of Rome calls for a drastic reduction of population. Evidently, WE are consuming wealth that could be put to better use by the corporatocracy. After all, the corporation always liquidates non-performing assets.
                              It is the family that suffers from the attack of the corporation.
                              WE created the State to intercede between mankind and, the predators. The absolutely MASSIVE pollution created by corporations is testimony to the fact that the average corporation has no care whatsoever about humanity. The Club of Rome was founded by powerful businessmen. The Davos group who want to completely reorder civilization is composed by big businessmen. The plandemic and lockdowns were fostered by the Davos group and World Economic Forum.

                              China & the EU are to be the framework going forward. NO voting to let "our" leaders know what WE want. NOPE! WE will receive edicts from on high. Absolute control coupled with population reduction are the designated future of the family.
                              Armstrong writes that rising populism is the greatest worry of the Davos crowd.
                              The greatest threat from Trump is; he shows that the current manifestation of "democracy" is just a sham.
                              George Carlin said; "if voting made any difference, they wouldn't let you do it"
                              "They" seriously miscalculated how many votes Trump would get in 2016.
                              Trump is now trying to set off a revolution in our perception of voting & democracy.
                              The Davos crowd, the Deep State, the bankers, the corporatocracy, the D.C. power structure, the war profiteers (did I leave out anybody) ,,, they are ALL against Trump (and the family)

                              He threatens to change the system to where we have ACTUAL democracy.