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  • Why does the Federal Reserve aim for inflation of 2 percent over the longer run?

    The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) judges that inflation of 2 percent over the longer run, as measured by the annual change in the price index for personal consumption expenditures, is most consistent with the Federal Reserve’s mandate for maximum employment and price stability."
    ALL of the FED governors have made it clear that WE must have price inflation. "They" inflate the currency / credit supply by about 6% a year to effect 2% price inflation.

    Paul Volcker: What’s wrong with the 2 percent inflation target?
    "Yellen asked Greenspan: “How do you define price stability? a remarkable consensus has developed among central bankers that there’s a new “red line” for policy: A 2 percent rate of increase in some carefully designed consumer price index is acceptable, even desirable, and at the same time provides a limit."
    "I puzzle about the rationale. A 2 percent target, or limit, was not in my textbooks years ago. I know of no theoretical justification"

    Volker made it clear. There is no justification for ANY inflation target. He is Presbyterian so, he is odd man out.

    Inflation Targeting Is a Very Stupid Policy
    In trying to increase by a fairly random amount an index of prices that they largely can’t control, central banks couldn’t have done much more harm.

    This ALL depends on what side of the fence you are on. Since the bankers produce nothing, they should receive nothing. The 6% currency inflation ( actually credit) creates the required 2% price inflation. Since the new liquidity is channelled to the bankers first, they receive a constant supply of liquidity that they never worked for.
    Volker, "The real danger comes from encouraging or inadvertently tolerating rising inflation and its close cousin of extreme speculation and risk taking, in effect standing by while bubbles and excesses threaten financial markets. Ironically, the “easy money,” striving for a “little inflation” as a means of forestalling deflation, could, in the end, be what brings it about.'
    Here is a graph of the quantity of money;
    The upper loop has skimmed off $50 trillion from the lower loop. The lower loop is bust. This enormous rise in the quantity of money is a desperate scheme to stave off deflation.
    The credit super-cycle is winding down and, the PTB are trying to stop it.

    "A Federal Reserve official’s views on interest rates is determined, for the most part, before they’re 30 years old.
    That’s not the exact wording a new study uses but is consistent with the findings — that Fed viewpoints tend to coalesce on age, gender and even religion"
    "The study, from Michael Bordo of Rutgers University and Klodiana Istrefi of the Banque de France, examined Federal Open Market Committee members from the 1960s to 2015"
    "The current chairman, Jerome Powell, was born during a period of both low unemployment and inflation, has a law degree from Georgetown and is Catholic"


    • New liquidity has gone vertical on the chart. A crash is unavoidable. What about the timing? Will Powell and Trump keep the pumps running until the election? Will they strategically stop early or late? Will they try to let things sink slowly?
      10/06 Stocks tank after Trump tells negotiators to halt stimulus talks – Street
      Is this a game of chicken?

      "So he called off Congressional talks on the latest stimulus bill.
      Never a dull moment in pre-apocalypse America.
      There’s just one problem: Virtually everyone from small businesses, to renters, to mortgage holders, to airlines, to movie chains, to cruise lines, to growth stock money managers has been holding on by their fingernails, hoping for the infusion of newly created Fed cash that might buy them another few months of normal life. Today that hope evaporated.

      Among the likely results:

      Plunging consumer spending. Those $1,200 checks were nice, and those $600 weekly unemployment checks were even nicer. But both have stopped coming and the money is gone. In the past couple of months, increasingly desperate Americans have been dipping into savings to put food on the table and gas in the car. Now that further help is definitely not on the way they’ll have to keep eating their already meager seed corn while cutting back on pretty much everything. Less stuff will be bought, the economy will roll over, employment will plunge again and we’ll be back in that capital-D Depression we just crawled out of."

      U.S. Small Business Bankruptcies up 33% Year to Date

      These guys, among many others, need massive, targeted bailouts and they need them now. After the election (more realistically after several months of post-election turmoil) will be too late. Multi-thousand-worker layoff announcements will become a daily occurrence, as will high-profile failures.

      Residential real estate bust."
      Plunging stock prices. The stock market has recently been playing a game with the Fed in which the Fed tries to tighten (or at least stop easing) and stocks respond by tanking. The Fed then capitulates and starts easing again, after which stocks resume their ascent of Bubble Mountain.

      This time around stocks were rising on the very specific promise of a new batch of $1,200 checks being sent to Millennial gamers Robinhood stock traders, who would immediately convert their windfall into Big Tech call options. Take that away and the environment is suddenly hostile for stocks that recently exceeded dot-com era overvaluation levels. Today’s 500-point reversal on the Dow when stimulus talks failed illustrates how fast and furious the action might be in a non-bailout environment.

      Everybody assumes that more stimulus will come eventually. Powell may be trying toe ease into deflation rather than have it all come crashing down at once.


      • Definition of financialization
        “Financialization refers to the increasing importance of finance, financial markets, and financial institutions to the workings of the economy.”

        “A pattern of accumulation in which profit making occurs increasingly through financial channels rather than through trade and commodity production.”
        So, they all get rich without actually doing anything productive. How do they get away with that?
        "“The fusion of the interests of domestic and foreign financial capital in the state apparatus as the institutionalized priorities and overarching social logic guiding the actions of state managers and government elites, often to the detriment of labor.”
        Ah yes, Fascism rising. The marriage of BIG GOV and Big business.
        "The above three sentences penned by distinguished scholars took a combined twenty-four years of college to construct, so it is little wonder why it is so difficult for the uninitiated layman to compile the true workings and objectives of financialization."

        So, what is the end result?


        • Yesterday, I asked;
          Will Powell and Trump keep the pumps running until the election? Will they strategically stop early or late?
          Remember that the corporatists claimed that they needed stimulus to preserve jobs. That didn't work out as planned so, evidently, stimulus is a thing of the past.
          10/07 Trump’s move to end stimulus talks baffles wall street and washington – CNBC
          10/07 Trump’s ending of stimulus talks will mean a ‘much slower’ recovery – CNBC
          10/07 Airline shares dive as Trump spikes stimulus talks – IB Times
          10/07 S&P Global sees U.S., European corporate default rates doubling – Reuters
          It had to happen sooner or later.

          10/07 Fed Chair Powell calls for more help from Congress – CNBC
          I suspect that Trump has some brilliant way to blame the lack of stimulus,,,, and the resulting defaults on,,,,,,,,,,The democrats.
          Grasping at straws;
          10/07 Despite Trump’s move, markets still expect stimulus if Democrats sweep – CNBC
          10/07 Biden victory could fuel US money-printing & stock market bubble – RT
          No kidding, a stock market bubble and, money printing. It is the UPPER loop that demands unlimited stimulus. The lower loop gets screwed by the resulting price inflation.
          10/06 Stocks tank after Trump tells negotiators to halt stimulus talks – Street
          So, how much carnage will happen before the election?

          10/07 As 98,000 businesses closed, the Fed and Treasury sat on $340 billion – WSOP
          This is probably a good indicator of short future trends.

          10/07 Trump triples down on failed strategies – The Street
          Yep, he is failing to support the money changers.
          10/07 House antitrust committee: Facebook ‘monopoly’ buys, kills competitors – CNBC
          All those mega-brains at facebook and Google never IMAGINED that there would be any repercussions from attacking Trump.
          10/06 U.S. House’s antitrust report hints at break-up of big tech firms – Reuters
          10/07 Facebook bans Qanon across its platforms – CNBC

          10/07 Trump authorizes declassification of all Russia collusion, Clinton docs – Fox
          HRC called it correctly; "He'll put us all in jail"
          HRC and obummer just couldn't give up. They formed a shadow government just down the street from the White House. They continuously attacked Trump and, couldn't let things lie. It never occurred to them that it might all blow up.
          Plus, Soros was pulling the strings and, Soros has NO understanding of Americans.

          10/07 Spy chief docs: Hillary Clinton cooked up Russia scandal – NY Post
          10/07 Get ready for chaos – Daily Reckoning Buy popcorn and beans.
          Kunstler lives with his Thesaurus and, it shows.
          10/06 Out of the woods? – James Howard Kunstler
          Charles Hugh Smith has plenty to say about what happens when corruption takes over.

          Interesting speculation / article
          "The virus appears to have targeted Republicans only and left Democrats unscathed."

          So, will HRC be crucified before the election OR, after?
          The CIA has rolled over;

          Trump's underlings have been chomping away at HRC (and obummer's) underlings working their way up to the big smelly fishes.


          • "US households have spent much of the past decade deleveraging, notes John Mauldin in his Thoughts From The Frontline newsletter. Companies haven't. They have grown debt much faster than earnings,"

            With global debt at an all-time high, some commentators are voicing concern over the increased risk of banks’ corporate lending."
            Rising global debt and the risk of corporate default
            Corporate debt has been screaming higher. Much of it is at risk of default. The corporatocracy is demanding further stimulus.
            Bankrupt States and cities with bloated public sectors are demanding more stimulus.
            All the entities at the top are demanding more free money because they over-spent.

            Trump wants to give the stimulus to people who need it to eat,,, to survive.
            The bloated bureaucracies don't like that Idea. They want the money channelled through them first.
            The Dems are focused on financing the Dem "machine"

            ALL bills in congress are written by special interest groups. They ALL want a big slice of the cake.
            10/08 Federal student loans: less than 11% are repaying – CNBC
            The election is very close. Trump will probably approve a standalone bill for the airlines but, that is probably the limit of what will come down the pipeline.
            After election day, the country will be in a pitched battle over the results. There won't be any stimulus forthcoming for a while.


            • 10/08 Trump: U.S. troops ‘should’ be out of Afghanistan by Christmas – Politico
              NOOOOOOOOOO ! Who will protect the poppies. The Taliban will ONCE AGAIN eradicate them.
              10/08 Is Warren Buffett the wallet behind Black Lives Matter? – Tablet
              10/07 Inflation may spark ‘market’s worst nightmare’, Peter Boockvar warns – CNBC
              Ahh, that is only half the story.
              For The Second Straight Month, The Fed Bought Zero Bond ETFs
              Yesterday, I speculated if the cutoff in stimulus was real or not. If the FED is not buying ETFs, it looks like massive deflation is in the cards,,, starting in the corporate debt markets.

              1 In 5 Americans Could Be "Out Of Money" By Election Day, Survey Finds

              DoubleLine: The Pandora's Box Of Fed's Digital Currency Will Ignite An "Inflationary Conflagration"
              The speculators are all worried about being cutoff from GOV liquidity to gamble with.
              There could be an 'eight billion meal shortage' at America's food banks over the next 12 months


              • As usual, I'm trying to get a better idea of the BIG picture. I have to take bits & pieces from here and there.
                Martin Armstrong said that there would be a bifurcation in the debt markets.
                Private debt would carry a low interest rate.
                Public debt would carry a high interest rate.
                The BOJ and ECB have destroyed their sovereign bond markets. The Central Banks in those jurisdictions are forced to buy GOV bond issuance. The story is only slightly different in America. Capital flight from weak jurisdictions is buying some Sovereign bond issuance in America.

                Total public debt is $26.7 trillion. Even at extremely low interest rates, The interest on the debt is $378 billion. One of the main reasons that GOV drove the interest rates down close to zero is; it makes public debt service possible. If interest rates rose to historical norms, debt service would be impossible.
                Theoretically, GOV can hold the interest rates at zero. BUT, it does enormous damage to the huge multitudes that depend on interest income.
                Armstrong has predicted a bifurcation in interest rates. He is only partially right.

                The Cleveland FED came out clearly and said that the private banking system would be bypassed by the FED when it becomes fully functional as a public bank.
                Capital will be scarce AND, interest rates will go up.
                Contrary to what Armstrong is predicting, interest rates on public debt will disappear.

                Zero interest rate percentage is absolutely destroying the entire system that depends on interest-income. The real danger is in the pension system.
                The longer that GOV creates ZIRP to hold down the cost of public debt service, the more damage it does to the whole rest of the economy.
                GOV must exit this policy. There is no possible way to hold down the cost of debt service if GOV must go to private investors for money.

                Just as Japan has abandoned private investors to finance State spending, the ECB and FED must do the same. Not sure about the BOE.
                The FED, BOE and ECB are all rushing to create a digital currency. This digital currency would be OUTSIDE the bond market & private investors.
                The bond vigilantes would have no power over GOV finances. It is the bond market and speculators that drive inflation. The producing loop of the economy does NOT drive inflation.
                Ben Franklin, “That is simple. In the Colonies, we issue our own paper money. It is called ‘Colonial Scrip.’ We issue it in proper proportion to make the goods and pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power and we have no interest to pay to no one.”
                He mentions producers and consumers but, NOT speculators.

                Eventually, the FED is going to have to come out in the open and admit that it is NOT borrowing the liquidity that it is injecting into the lower loop.
                GOV can't possibly do debt service at an interest rate that allows the producing economy to survive.
                Something has to give.


                • I had to break this up some. I managed to do the entire previous post without any links. I have to start with a link here. It is a repost.
                  "central bank digital currency (CBDC). Legislation has proposed that each American have an account at the Fed in which digital dollars could be deposited, as liabilities of the Federal Reserve Banks, which could be used for emergency payments. Other proposals would create a new payments instrument, digital cash, which would be just like the physical currency issued by central banks today, but in a digital form and, potentially, without the anonymity of physical currency. Depending on how these currencies are designed, central banks could support them without the need for commercial bank involvement via direct issuance into the end-users"

                  That says it all right there.
                  "could be deposited, as liabilities of the Federal Reserve Banks," It does NOT say that these liabilities would be borrowed or paid "back"
                  This is the only way that the State can avoid drowning in debt service. This is the only way that the private sector can return to normal interest rate charges.

                  Armstrong, "The European and Japanese governments will have little choice moving forward, for they have destroyed their bond markets and are UNABLE to issue bonds that institutions will buy at these crazy rates. It is more than a simplistic printing of money. We are looking at the bond market is collapsing. This is the DESTRUCTION of Capital Formation so in the end, capital must flee anything connected with governments and seek shelter in primarily the stock markets."
                  Armstrong's definition of capital formation, ,,GOV prints bonds to finance it's expenditures. The taxpayer is loaded down with taxes to pay the speculators. In addition to
                  the tax burden, there is the "inflation tax" that we must all pay.

                  Armstrong, "Increasing the money supply, which is what the Fed is doing right now, is not going to save the day because the amount of money lost on a leverage basis is 20 to 30 times that. It’s like throwing a bucket of water into the wind, it’s going to come right back in their face. They can’t stimulate enough. It’s impossible to overcome this."
                  GOV knows that the stimulus can only be a temporary measure. They need to get the FED public bank ,,, and, digital money operating ASAP. The quantity of money is rising straight up on a graph.. Like Armstrong says, this won't work. And, why is that? Simple arithmetic. Here is a VERY good explanation of second order effects. This explains a LOT of things.


                  • In 1975, there was a worldwide scare that manmade emissions were causing global cooling. It was true that earth was cooling a bit. After a few years, the temperature swung the other way.
                    Obviously, manmade emissions were causing this. Al Gore championed this situation and, eventually amassed a fortune of $300 million. He needed some of this money to pay his electric bill of $10,000 a month. He steamrollered anyone who disagreed with him. A typical lefty tactic. Obviously, a worldwide carbon tax was needed to placate the sun god. This tax would also be useful to fund the blob State. The worldwide collection of hundreds of millions of State employees who knew very well that they contributed nothing to the economy.
                    This world of parasites were constantly worried about personal funding. Hence, they were perpetually worried about control of the host.

                    Gore was their champion because he was a proponent of control.
                    Fast forward to our present situation with the lockdown. This has been a very convenient ploy to ratchet up the mechanisms of control. They have pounded an enormous amount of fear into the populace to justify the removal / suppression of all human rights.
                    Armstrong has 2 short articles with 2 short vids.
                    The second article has a great vid that explains that the Davos crowd that initiated the lockdown now wants this situation to become the NEW NORMAL.



                    Other writers have pointed out that the lockdowns have been most strict in States that have Draconian gun control. I do hope that you Aussies do come to your senses and protest En Masse.


                    • Dow Jones running wild and millions are left to starve.

                      This video is a condensed view of the House and Senate.

                      Both sides against the middle AND the President.


                      • McConnel wants stimulus for big business.
                        Pelosi wants stimulus for democrat governors.
                        Trump wants stimulus for individuals
                        It is OBVIOUS that the FED can create liquidity out of thin air. What is contested; where should this liquidity be "injected"

                        Socialism is the firewall between the non-producers and,,, Darwinian pressures.
                        The 3 classes of non-producing parasites; Beggars, bankers and, bureaucrats.
                        Parkinson's Law states that a State bureaucracy will grow by 6% a year regardless of work load. State employment programs seem to grow adequately to absorb the endless flow of bureaucrats.
                        What about bankers? When capital was scarce, they served the function of intelligently allocating this capital. When we abandoned the gold standard, capital was no longer scarce. Bankers nowadays are strictly self-serving. They create a loan out of thin air and, collect the interest. The food chain for the bankers is initiated by the FED. The sovereign bond market is the source-spring for speculator liquidity. The money supply grows by 6% a year. Price inflation is always much higher than wage inflation. Poverty of the working class is built into the system.
                        Tax receipts and the sovereign bond market are used to finance the blob State.
                        The Treasury bond market is used to "finance" the bankers.

                        Capitalism is the ONLY successful economic system. Socialism focuses only on consumption and, ignores production. It always goes bust.
                        Our current system is "socialism for the rich". FED GOV is creating $ trillions in new liquidity to keep that system going. This necessitates an enormous increase in the quantity of money.
                        Socialism for the rich, otherwise known as "crony capitalism" appears to require stupendous new liquidity to keep it going. NOT a good prognosis.

                        The creation of the blob State AND, the creation of crony capitalism are both grand departures from true capitalism. Historically, ALL departures from true capitalism have always failed.
                        The over-generous financing of bankers and bureaucrats has created a simulacrum of the real thing.
                        Liquidity creation has gone vertical on the charts so, that is an indication that the simulacrum is not a viable alternative to the real thing.

                        Charles Hugh Smith writes VERY well about this situation.
                        "I use simulacrum to describe a carefully constructed representation of a once-authentic system that is intended to shape our behavior to suit the interests of those constructing the simulacrum.

                        The simulacrum has the look and feel of the once-authentic system but it's rigged to benefit the few whose interests are better served by the simulacrum than they could ever be served by an authentic system.'
                        The point of a simulacrum is to mimic an authentic system realistically enough so nobody notices it's rigged to benefit the few at the expense of the many.
                        French Postmodernist Jean Baudrillard's 1981 book Simulacra and Simulation attempts to differentiate Simulacra and Simulation by noting that a simulacrum is not a copy of an original (i.e. a counterfeit) because the original is no longer accessible.
                        Contrast this authentic form of capitalism with the monopoly-finance-state version we inhabit, a simulacrum of authentic capitalism that retains enough superficial similarities to the original that the vast majority of participants don't even realize that their experience of this simulacrum is entirely different from an experience of authentic capitalism.

                        Rather than draw benefits from this hyper-real monopoly-finance-state version, the vast majority of participants are exploited, as the value of their labor and capital is extracted by the simulacrum version of "capitalism"
                        The problem is our system only survives by cannibalizing its weakest parts, and once they've been consumed, the system can no longer sustain itself and it expires.

                        Simulacra are not fake, but they are profoundly unstable and prone to collapse. Everything gluing the monopoly-finance-state system together is unraveling due to the excesses of extraction and exploitation the system has perfected.


                        • Here is a vid that lays it all out. The Banking for All act has all the provisions for you to have an account at the FED no later than December of 2021. You can still have an account at a private bank. Keep ion mind that this vid is full of lies.


                          • All nations go off the gold standard when they are preparing for war. The war would be over shortly if it couldn't be fought on a credit card. State war bonds.
                            The Bretton Woods agreement tied all currencies to the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar was linked directly to a fixed amount of gold. This precluded States from creating war finance.
                            The creators of the welfare-warfare State ended this arrangement.
                            The IMF has just called for a new Bretton Woods agreement.

                            This call for a new Bretton Woods agreement comes from the IMF.
                            Reportedly, the IMF is a member of the Club of Rome.
                            The club of Rome wants to reduce U.S. and, world population by several billion.

                            The original Bretton Woods agreement was a means of stabilizing currencies. The State and the bankers need unlimited elasticity in currency to continue to loot us, and the system.
                            23.6% of All US Dollars Were Created in the Last Year

                            There is no possible way to stabilize the U.S. dollar.
                            Here is an EXCELLENT article if you can wade through it.
                            The speedbumps are just getting bigger.
                            "October 15 – Bloomberg (William Shaw, Liz Capo McCormick and Tasos Vossos): “It’s being called the ‘big bang,’ and it has derivatives traders on high alert. In a critical development in the global shift away from old benchmarks that was triggered by Libor’s shortcomings, interest-rate swaps on more than $80 trillion in notional debt will transition this weekend to a new rate for determining their value."
                            $80 trillion is going to get re-priced in just one movement.
                            That isn't all;
                            US Budget Deficit Triples To Record $3.1 Trillion In 2020 As US Spends 90% More Than It Collects

                            Here are a couple of vids


                            10/17 World Bank economist: Pandemic morphing into ‘major economic crisis’ – Fox


                            • Well, the cat is out of the bag. China created the Wuhan virus with the sponsorship of elements in the West. Primarily, the world health organization.
                              Who else is guilty? Who else is involved?
                              The IMF has been expounding on the great reset for years now. This great reset is a complete reorganization of the world economy. The world economy is currently, nominally,,,, capitalistic.
                              Regulatory capture has brought crony capitalism that closely resembles fascism. Capitalism is the only system that works because it is the only system that allows an individual to get personally RICH. This motivation spreads throughout society. If you take away the motivation of the possibility of becoming rich, you depress motivation in general. all socialist systems eventually go broke because nobody sees any reason to put out more than minimal effort.

                              The overlay of the EU bureaucracy on top of existing European State's bureaucracy reduced the GDP of the member States by 20%. What did they get for it?,,, meaningless regulations.
                              Martin Armstrong's program, Socrates shows that the government would be MUCH more efficiently run by artificial intelligence. The State does not want to be run efficiently.
                              The State is now focused on providing make-work jobs for hundreds of millions of people who have no niche in the private sector. This takes a lot of money.
                              In America, we work 105 days every year until tax freedom day. This is the number of days every year that we must work to pay our taxes. In France, it is 205 days. The French government spends 57% of the GDP.

                              The great reset is a collaboration of governments worldwide to reset the economy to a Marxist construct. Theoretically, This would provide "eternal" funding for hundreds of millions of bureaucrats. The blob State has always resisted bringing automation to State jobs.
                              Parkinson's Law states that GOV bureaucracy grows by 6% a year. Our money supply previously grew by 6% a year. Currently, out money supply is growing by 63% annualized.
                              Socialism is the firewall between Darwinian pressures and, the non-producers. What happens when you get too many non-producers?

                              Armstrong, "Here is a message from a member of Parliament in Britain. We are looking at the repeal of all rights in Britain, Australia, Canada is moving with internment camps as is New Zealand. They desperately want to do the same in the United States if they can get rid of Trump. Welcome to the “New Norm” it is just out in the open."
                              The blob State has previously supported itself by the sale of sovereign bonds. As Europe gets more and more socialistic, they have destroyed their sovereign bond market. They can't sell anything.
                              Every 1$ in additional taxes reduces the productive economy by 3$. It also reduces motivation if you see that you will never get ahead. The various left-leaning governments see the limitations of increasing taxes. They are now printing to finance all the non-producers.

                              "They" have called for a new Bretton Woods agreement to try to finance emerging socialism.
                              Armstrong, "Here is a message from a member of Parliament in Britain. We are looking at the repeal of all rights in Britain, Australia, Canada is moving with internment camps as is New Zealand. They desperately want to do the same in the United States if they can get rid of Trump. Welcome to the “New Norm” it is just out in the open."
                              The blob State has previously supported itself by the sale of sovereign bonds. As Europe gets more and more socialistic, they have destroyed their sovereign bond market. They can't sell anything.
                              Every 1$ in additional taxes reduces the productive economy by 3$. It also reduces motivation if you see that you will never get ahead. The various left-leaning governments see the limitations of increasing taxes. They are now printing to finance all the non-producers.

                              The great reset is simply a grab for money. To help bring on the great reset, The Marxists engineered the plandemic & lockdown.
                              The Cloward-Piven strategy calls for a complete destruction of government so that a wonderful new socialist system that is equitable for all will emerge.
                              Evidently, they have never read a history book. Socialism always fails.

                              Armstrong believes that all these bankrupt socialist States will convert everything to digital currency AND, all sovereign debt will become perpetual bonds.

                              Trump is the big spoiler in this new-found system for financing socialism. He refuses to go along with the agenda. The Marxists have always claimed that socialism would work if it were worldwide. The planned new world order would enforce this.


                              • I know that I sometimes ask for a lot of reading. BUT, your personal survival will soon be moving closer to center stage.
                                The FED was creating about $1 trillion a month in new liquidity. Even this isn't enough. All Central Banks desperately need a new system. That is why the IMF is talking about a complete reset. The plandemic is just part of what was created to force this issue onto a fast track.
                                The new rage is a government crypto coin. The CBs and State are running out of time before markets collapse. They are desperate to get a new system in place.

                                "Congress, which is actively drafting bills to send "digital dollars" to the unbanked. For those just catching up, read the following recent articles:"The plandemic was loosed to force a speedy implementation of the great reset that would force digital currencies on us if we had any hope of surviving.

                                "Bill Campbell, who warned that "Pandora's Box Of Fed's Digital Currency Will Ignite An "Inflationary Conflagration" - which is spot on in its assessment that this is at its core a central bank Hail Mary attempt to spark drastic inflation across the globe in hopes of "reflating away" the world's untenable debt load"
                                COMPLETELY INCORRECT

                                "80% of central banks around the world are exploring the idea." Powell also noted that of the $2 trillion in dollar currency in circulation - with this number spiking following the covid pandemic - about half remains outside the US."

                                OK, HERE IS A SIDE NOTE;


                                Article: Fed Announces It Will Quit Printing Paper Money
                                Something tells me that this is a WILD card in the plans.

                                "Powell also listed the main reasons why central banks are obsessed with to launching CBDCs, saying that "there are a number of ways that a CBDC might improve the payments system, and it is mainly this area that motivates our interest" which include:
                                • Faster and cheaper transactions
                                • Addressing a decline in the use of physical currency
                                • Modernizing the payments infrastructure"
                                He makes NO MENTION of; digital currency can be used to pay the many millions of government apparatchiks.

                                This is a MUST READ article explaining just what is at stake for our future.