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  • There is no cure for efficiency.
    There is no cure for automation.
    FED GOV and, world leaders in general know that socialism always breaks the bank but, they are determined to bring in a cashless system that could be used to support the masses,,,,,, as long as they are compliant.
    The bogus coin shortage, along with other manipulation is designed to force us to go cashless but, that isn't the end of the story.
    Obviously, the State wants FULL control of everything. Now that they have gotten people dependent on stimulus money, they are going to leverage this dependency for even more control.
    YOU will receive money directly from the Federal Reserve.

    What about business"
    "Fedwire is a real-time gross settlement funds transfer system operated by the United States Federal Reserve Banks that allows financial institutions to electronically transfer funds between its more than 9,289 participants."
    "The Fedwire Funds Service is the premier electronic funds-transfer service that banks, businesses and government agencies rely on for mission-critical, same-day transactions. Fedwire Funds Service participants benefit from the finality of payments credited to their Federal Reserve Bank master accounts."
    The Fedwire Funds Service is a real-time, gross settlement system. Each transaction is processed individually and settled upon receipt via a highly secure electronic network. Settlement of funds is immediate, final and irrevocable'

    OK, you get the idea. Fedwire is the absolute best system for funds transfer. Everybody who receives stimulus will have a Fedwire account. This won't be the same as a State crypto-coin but, it will have much the same effect. Very few people will use cash until it is almost non-existent.
    A dream come true.


    • The producer has lost his job. The parasite is frantically trying to increase it's control and, predations.
      Armstrong writes about the producer trying to avoid this increase in control. Remember that socialism is predation. Europe is more socialist than America.
      "However, the decision to impose the lockdown again, according to reliable sources, is because to lift the COVID restrictions, people cannot pay debts and the financial crisis will hit. This is really crazy for they have to be lifted and then rents have to be paid and the entire nightmare of this exaggerated response will have to be faced. It is inevitable! Our sources are deeply concerned in Germany and believe these restrictions have unleashed massive damage which will not surface until the restrictions are lifted."

      "This is clearly an all-out war to take over the government and force a Socialistic agenda to raise taxes dramatically and impose this Great Reset agenda upon everyone by eliminating all freedom under the pretense of public health. Never in the history of the world has any other government used public health as the excuse to destroy what people have worked for, alter the economy, and strip all of us of our right to be free of such tyranny."
      Armstrong claims that the Hildebeast can NOT run for president because of Bill's corruption.

      The blob State of many millions of bureaucrats is in a full-on war to use any means necessary to continue the predation.
      Veteran Virologist Slams Mainstream Media's "Misinformation" About An Effective COVID Treatment

      Main Stream Media ( I won't name any names) is in a huge battle to preserve the power of the deep State (organized crime). At the same time, there is an equally huge battle to preserve socialism in Europe AND, inflict socialism on America. The covid battle and lockdown is an attempt to stop all protests,,, to stop the inevitable economic collapse.
      Also, To jam in "contact tracers" to further control.
      UK Experts Fear Lack of Good COVID Test-Trace System to Lead to Even Worse 2nd Wave
      US Treasury Set To Spend Trillions In The Next Few Months
      US Treasury Plans to Borrow Over $2 Trillion in 2nd Half of 2020, Partly for Future CV Relief
      AND, after that?


      • There are many claims of hyperinflation resulting from all the new liquidity being pumped into the economy. We already see lots of price inflation but, will we see hyperinflation?This is a whole new world. There is enormous liquidity inflation but, FALLING monetary velocity. The result looks much like deflation. Time will tell.
        Armstrong and the blob state;
        "What they are also doing is demanding bailouts for the Blue States to cover their own pensions which were broke before this virus. This is putting government employees above the people. As reported before, they have promised the Blue governors that if they keep the lockdowns and hurt the people enough to vote against Trump, they will bail out all the state employee pension funds which are broke."
        See if I get this right; If the GOVERNORS do enough damage to the economy, people will turn on the president.
        WHO thought up this strategy?
        Soviet Seattle mayor appeals recall decision that could see her removed from office
        Oregon Governor Kate Brown Could Be Recalled As Soon As October


        • Stats on jobs lost to automation;
          37% of workers are worried about losing their jobs due to automation.
          The number of industrial robot jobs increases by 14% each year.

          By 2022, the total task hours completed by humans will drop by 13%.
          Today, 25 percent of working Americans are at "high risk" of losing their jobs to automation,
          putting another 36 percent, more than half of all working Americans, at "medium risk." The job losses would easily be in the hundreds of millions.
          An estimated 67% of workers at U.S. technology companies are concerned about losing their jobs to digital capabilities powered by artificial intelligence
          U.S. technology firms shed a record 112,000 jobs in April,

          International Data Corp. estimates that AI jobs globally could increase by as much as 16% this year
          It estimates that 40% of companies world-wide are increasing their use of automation as a response to the pandemic
          Machines Can Replace Millions of Bureaucrats
          Many public sector jobs have a high potential for automation-- it's just that there's little incentive for change.

          Frey estimated that about a quarter of public-sector workers are employed in administrative and operative roles which have a high probability of automation. In the U.K., they estimated some 861,000 such jobs could be eliminated by 2030, creating 17 billion pounds ($21.4 billion) in savings for the taxpayer. These would include people like underground train operators -- but mainly local government
          In the last two decades public sector spending rose by an average 3.1 percent a year, about 16 times faster than productivity.

          Ok, you get the idea.
          Many millions of paper-pushers worldwide have State jobs that could be easily automated.
          "there's little incentive for change."
          The transit authority in NYC is burning through $200 million a month to pay employees when covid has killed income. They can't possibly reduce their workforce because the transit workers vote as a bloc. NYC borrowed $3.6 billion and, needs to borrow many $billions more.

          This leads us to the Green New Deal.
          Many millions of GOV paper pushers worldwide are cheering for more taxes, fees and fines.
          Keep in mind that most politicians have NO job skills other than ordering people around. The new green deal would give them job & pension security even though they are just parasites.
          Armstrong writes about the New Green Deal
          "Nevertheless, this is the TRUE view of socialists – you are the property of the state. Socialists do not tolerate classes. Their core belief is everything belongs to them."
          "States have lost income because of their stupid COVID lockdowns. Of course, they never reduce their expenses and after wiping out people’s jobs, they are looking to make up their losses in revenue with new creative ideas. As I warned, people simply began walking away from their property in Rome because of such corruption like this. Those in power only see their own power and self-interest. This is why we need so desperately to eliminate career politicians."
          "There is NO way any state government will ever STOP raising taxes. They are incapable of ever seeing themselves as the source of the problem."

          "ANSWER: It is not just the Democrats. We are looking at politicians around the world."
          "California is looking to impose a Wealth Tax as Elizabeth Waren had proposed which is Piketty’s idea which is supported by Schwab’s World Economic Forum in Davos."
          "You have an elite group cheering the destruction as an opportunity to rebuild the world economy the way they think it should run. They are threatening fund managers to divest from China in hopes of bringing them to their knees to accept their agenda. That is NOT going to succeed. We are staring in the eyes of absolute ruthless tyranny and the markets are starting to perform in anticipation of a major financial crisis."
          "forecasts of Neil Ferguson have proven false that they would continue these lockdowns. It makes no sense. They are either deliberately hurting people or they have been bribed by the consortium to further the Great Reset. "
          "This is a deliberate agenda to destroy the economy to rebuild it GREEN. The serious mistake here is that they think they can recreate the economy in their vision. They do not even know how it works."

          So, it isn't just government paper-pushers that want socialist guarantees for their jobs. Even the politicians are afraid of AI taking over their jobs. Imagine a world where machine-thinking made decisions based on logic rather than soliciting bribes and amassing power.


          • Money mechanics,


            • All the writers are screaming about the wealth transfer from X or Y to the already rich. $ trillions pouring into stocks, corporate bonds, banks, etc, etc. This is touted as a wealth transfer. I'll link a couple of articles.


              The bankers bought the politicians. Investment schemes that had always been illegal rose to predominance. This lead to the "fictionalization" of everything. There were too many speculators and, markets were too crowded. Regulatory capture had allowed the new schemes to proliferate and, extend the credit bubble a bit longer. When all is said and done, there just isn't enough profit in the system to finance all the speculation.

              These many writers are screaming about all the money pumped into wealthy companies. FED GOV has created a payroll protection plan. This should be some kind of hint that; pumping money directly into companies was considered NOT adequate to protect job-payrolls. All this money pumped in is an attempt to keep income rolling for the middle class.
              Fracking lost $ 280 billion. Was this an endless chain of stupid investors? NO it was a State subsidy of your consumption of carbon energy.
              Several years ago, the West reached peak cheap oil. Various schemes were used to keep the American motorist and American trucker rolling down the road.

              Ever since the gold standard was abandoned, finance has caused price inflation that robbed the wages of the actual producer.
              NOW, the price of oil is too low for the producer AND, too high or the consumer.
              FED GOV has been subsidising the price of oil. FED GOV is now subsidising the whole finance sector. 51% of Americans ( old number) are receiving a check from GOV.
              Just how much can the State support?
              If everything is automated and outsourced, what is left to support employment.
              Bank of America sees a very bleak future.

              No matter how bad Main Street looks, Wall Street just keeps rising.
              At the back of your mind, NEVER forget that the Club of Rome is working towards reducing the population of America by 100 million. The IMF is a member, along with MANY other powerful groups. The IMF has been preaching about the Great Reset for many years. Will you be surprised by a banking collapse?

              8/26 UK scientist: Lockdown was a “monumental mistake on a global scale” – Summit
              Ah yes, the "plandemic"
              8/26 “Central banks, not elected governments, run the world” – Claudio Grass
              It has been quite easy for the corporatocracy to buy whatever politicians they needed to control. Keep in mind that a LOT of powerful people want to do population reduction on a big scale.
              8/26 Fed seen holding rates at zero for five years in new policy – Yahoo!
              So, what about all those pension funds that need an 8% return?

              8/27 The Senate is on vacation while Americans starve – NY Times
              8/27 Rand Paul: Biden ‘will continue to spill our blood and treasure’ – Hill
              The Neocon war hawks are trying to regain the control that Trump wrenched away from them. They would have us return to subservience to the mother country.
              8/26 Hillary Clinton says Biden should not accept results of the 2020 election – ZH
              8/26 Republicans paint dark picture of future if Trump loses – AP
              If the Left / Dems want to continue to destroy America to get it realigned with the wishes of the mother country, look for a total economic meltdown around election time. That would be a good time to close the banks.

              Seems that the Dems may have miscalculated just how much law & order Americans want.
              Trump pops to 52% - 'Best job approval rating on record' up with blacks, even Democrats
              It remains to be seen just what Trump can do about the great reset.


              • Charles Hugh Smith and the rising wedge model of breakdown
                At least somebody understands the actions of the FED;
                It’s about jobs, jobs, jobs – Doug Noland, Credit Bubble Bulletin

                Federal Reserve: buy a home, save the economy – Press Enterprise
                Owner -occupied homes have barely gone up since 1985. The FED pumps in money and, speculators need a place to park the money. So, construction workers have jobs even though Joe sixpack can only afford to rent. FED money kept house construction going BUT, the resultant price inflation meant that Joe Sixpack couldn't afford the house that he was building. All this "churning" transferred money to the speculators at the expense of the producers.
                Devastating consumer financial cliff coming right up – Mish
                Joe Sixpack wasn't responsible for the current credit super-cycle but, he will definitely suffer from the implosion.

                The Fed and the looming capital market meltdown – GNS Economics
                This has to be a joke, because if it’s not… – Alhambra Partners
                The WEF clarion call: a breakdown of ‘the Great Reset’ – Steven Guinness
                The Great Reset is supposed to usher in the new world order. I suppose that this is possible. Christine Lagarde was the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.
                Christine Lagarde has been pushing the Great Reset for years.
                The IMF is a member of the Club of Rome. The club of Rome demands that the population of America be reduced by 100 million.
                You do the math.

                Jeff Bezos just shocked Amazon investors to the core with this dire statement:

                “I predict one day, Amazon will fail.”

                In a recent interview, Bezos explained that he believes “Amazon will be disrupted one day” and eventually “will go bankrupt.”

                What might be even more alarming is that Bezos has been dumping roughly $1 billion worth of Amazon stock every year…"

                Currently, Amazon is 98% of the valuation of the Russel 2000 index.


                • Yup, the beast of burden (donkey) always carries the load. However this is what made America great from it's beginning. Someday Joe sixpack will get a fair shake under Trump, coming right up. Vote Trump 2020. A business man who does not want to see his money in the bank being drained out simply for letting it set there. Like we saw under Obama.

                  Under Obama 401k's were completely stolen. People I know in their late 30's will never forget how they either lost it all or 20-40,000 dollars of it. Never to be recovered and no one held accountable. Law and order is coming better than ever under Daddy Trump. To the cheating class he is an SOB. Do it Trump, we will arise as a nation from this cold war.

                  The stimulus money will soon be back and renters (often young folks) will find new haven. Right now as it stands the Joe sixpack is getting help as never before seen. It reminds me of Jesus washing the feet of his followers. Many of us are actually getting a rest after 50 years of slavery. many women went back home to their children who were losing their minds trying to save their existence (homes) as children grew up in schools run by filthy govt and day cares.

                  I have wept for these mothers for decades some of them I know have been trapped (enslaved) For them I am glad for a reset. Next we will see wages rise for the Joe's of the world who have been pushed around, manipulated and abused financially.

                  Remember what congress said, Joe needs $600 dollars plus his normal 2-300 dollars to make it or around $900 for survival. Conversely Joe has been lucky to make $500 clear each week for the last 40 years, since the 80's. Others made $2000 per week but
                  this has never been the norm. If Joe made $900 a week he did not see it with $200-$300 dollars being raked right off the top.

                  I remember my Dad made $3000 a week back in the late 80's and only took home half of that. He worked for GM in the Detroit area (Pontiac Mich.) as a fork lift driver to start and later plant protection and a crane operator. All he did was walk around to make sure everything was in order. If he saw a pipe broken or a wire down he reported it.

                  American's will get a fair shake again.
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                  • I worked at GMAD in Van Nuys, Ca. I quit in April of 1972 when I was making $11.02 an hour. I still have my pink slip.


                    • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
                      I worked at GMAD in Van Nuys, Ca. I quit in April of 1972 when I was making $11.02 an hour. I still have my pink slip.
                      The price of a car brand new $5000 or less so wages should be 5 times that now.


                      • I worked there during the heydays of the muscle cars. We built tons of;
                        1970 1/2 Z-28
                        1970 1/2 Trans America
                        1970 SS 454 Chevelle
                        1970 SS 454 Monte Carlo
                        We sent a lot of 402 cid Camaros to Japan
                        We made a bunch of SS 454 El Caminos. I can't imagine with worse traction that an El Camino with 510 lbs. Ft of torque.

                        On an economic note, we are on a pathway that echoes the runup to the dotcom crash.


                        • The headlines are sadder every day;


                          This article is something to think about;


                          • Socialism is the firewall between Darwinian pressures AND, the non-producers. Communism and Marxism all fit in there, along with democracy.
                            All democracies fail, along with all socialist "experiments". The non-producers are concentrated in GOV and banking. The non producers are forever looking for a free ride.
                            "In their Communist Manifesto of 1848, Karl Marx (1818–83) and Friedrich Engels (1820–95) compiled a list of measures necessary to establish communism. Measure number 5 reads as follows:
                            Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly."

                            The tribe controls mainstream media;
                            The Zionist NYT Supported Stalin & Communism As The Way To The Future
                            "Under Socialism, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the 1935 Act, which introduced the payroll tax on everyone. However, the Socialists marketed it as the “Soak the Rich” tax, but payroll taxed everyone but the rich who did not work for a wage."
                            Against this backdrop there should be no doubt that once the state has become the absolute ruler of fiat money, the door is open for it to grow bigger and bigger,"

                            Armstrong, The press has always been a major tool to create revolutions. They were used by the Communists to pull off both the Russian and Chinese Revolutions. The Obama administration appears to have begun this decline in American journalism by not only selling Utopian Economics (Marxism) to the media,"
                            The New York Times journalist Walter Duranty on March 31, 1933, denounced reports of a famine. They were so pro-Communism for they saw Marxism as the way to a new future. It was Duranty who met with Roosevelt to convince him that Communism was working and to encourage his New Deal. The mainstream press in the 1930s were very much touting the Communists. They wanted to hear of Utopia and so reported only what they wanted to believe as they are doing once again."

                            Armstrong, "Fauci was directly experimenting with coronaviruses to deliberately create a version that would move from bats to humans. He was ordered to shut this down and sent the research to be continued in Wuhan."

                            "Nonetheless, while all the discussion is focused on health, what seems to be overlooked is WHY? Do we really need to increase the speed? The real reason for 5G is being rolled out is not for amazing new gadgets, but for digital currency with instant payments and 100% surveillance. This Pandemic is being used to not only suppress the protests against 5G but to accomplish it in time for the replacement of the monetary system with a new digital currency among nations. They allowed BitCoin and others to pave the way, but now it will be time to outlaw private cryptocurrencies and force them into government digital currencies."
                            Welcome to 5G – the new instant surveillance network to keep track of everything and everyone. The conspiracy theories put out with respect to health, are a diversion from the real objective – total surveillance and control. 1984 is here. It was just a bit late in coming.'

                            9/04 In San Fran, 19,000 city employees earn $150,000+ in pay & perks – Forbes
                            9/04 A cashless society is the opposite of a free society – Casey Research
                            9/04 Amazon’s union busting spies REVEALED – Krystal Ball
                            Capital has ALWAYS fought labor.


                            • My post got bleeped when I entered this link. I'm going to do a short version.
                              The money supply is growing at 68% annualized. Naturally, this brings great fear of price inflation. Who knows. The money supply is growing but, the velocity of money is slowing way down. This cause a huge offset. Things get really crazy when the CB tries to rescue the whole economy.
                              The Economy Continues To Unravel Despite All Stimulus Measures

                              "It's almost as if the Fed and certain politicians WANT a financial collapse in America..."

                              Ah yes, The Great Reset

                              The Fed's Latest Lie: It Can Make Everything Go Back To Normal

                              Rationalizing 'The Great Reset'

                              Whatever its name - Agenda 2030, Green New Deal, or The Great Reset - it amounts to the same outcome: the subjugation once and for all of national sovereignty where the nation state is subordinate to global governance...

                              How To Turn A Corporate Credit Crisis Into A Currency Crisis

                              Central Banks Are Buying $1.4 Billion In Assets Every Hour: 20 Stunning Facts About The "Market"


                              • http://creditbubblebulletin.blogspot...r-of-2020.html

                                Well, this is the third time that everything has erased.

                                The Central Bank was originally created to provide war finance. Keynes said that we needed perpetual war to keep the economy stimulated. Roosevelt hoped that entering WW II would pull America out of the Great Depression One. In the 1960s, the FED was used to finance the welfare-warfare State. Over the decades, the FED has gradually morphed to an institution that concentrates more & more on welfare and less on warfare. The central bank is a major plank in the socialist State. The 17th amendment brought America much closer to socialism.
                                We have finally reached a point where the massive cost of socialism is coming due on government finance.

                                There are many State programs that started out as a good idea. Over the decades, politicians expanded these give-way programs to buy votes. 51% of Americans receive a check from GOV. How long can this go on?

                                Short version
                                The whole system is so intertwined that the FED must support EVERYTHING just to save pensions.
                                The Europeans have discovered that; printing money is NOT the same as creating tangible wealth.

                                We already have price inflation but;
                                5-reasons the Fed’s new policy won’t get inflation – Real Investment Advice
                                9/05 Fed policymakers signal comfort with higher inflation – Reuters
                                9/04 Why is the Fed trying to create inflation? – Forbes
                                Automation and outsourcing has wiped out the domestic job market. The FED induced credit bubble kept many people employed until the lockdown popped the credit bubble.
                                9/06 52% of young adults in US are living with their parents amid covid-19 – Pew
                                9/06 The hard math of demography – Daily Reckoning
                                The dis-affected youth are drawn toward socialism because crony-capitalism has destroyed so much.
                                9/05 You cannot print your way to prosperity – part I – Claudio Grass

                                9/05 Why capitalism creates pointless jobs – Evonomics
                                They left out the "CRONY"

                                The FED is trying to inflate away the burden of paying down debt. This screws everybody else. At the same time, the FED is trying to support ALL markets and, preserve the pension system.