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  • The lockdown was done to see just how much of the economy could be safely trashed to bring in agenda 2030.
    It is a pure communist agenda, here are the details.
    Soros is providing much of the seed money to get the changes put in place.

    Trump is making enemies right and left.'
    Bloomberg and Reuters can be counted among the major sinners.
    Can't leave out Forbes.
    Sure, the dollar is crashing. It has slowly gone up against all other currencies.

    Under the heading of bad ideas;
    Chinese Scientist, Escorted Out Of Canadian Biolab, Sent Deadly Viruses To Wuhan
    China's "V-Shaped" Recovery Stalls As Big Three Macro Signals Disappoint

    Extraordinary increase in pretty much every kind of debt – Doug Noland
    Yep, we're in the "melt-up" phase.
    So, if the libs can get rid of cops and bring justice to all the downtrodden, what can you expect when you go out of your house?


    • I found a great metaphor.
      "The US economy right now is like a jumbo jet that’s in a steady glide after both its engines flamed out. In about six weeks, it will likely crash into the side of a mountain."
      "Most importantly, and counterintuitively, household income sharply increased in April as hundreds of billions of dollars in lost wages were replaced by trillions in government spending. The government sent out more than 159 million stimulus payments of up to $1,200 per adult (more if you have kids), and more than 20 million unemployed people became eligible for an extra $600 a week in federal unemployment benefits. The result, according to Bloomberg, was the largest monthly increase in household income ever recorded"
      "But on July 31st (about 6 weeks from now) that is all going to change."
      Americans were supposed to take the money they were receiving and spend it.

      But instead, one recent survey found that most Americans are actually cutting back on their spending right now"
      No matter how much money Congress showers on the American people, they aren’t going to be able to eliminate the overwhelming fear that COVID-19 has created.

      US Industrial Production Disappoints - Shows No Sign Of "V-Shaped" Rebound
      I wonder if the lack of consumption has anything to do with this?
      Trader: The Fed's Actions "Smack Of Desperation"
      BP Crushed By COVID, Set To Take $17.5 Billion Asset Hit After Slashing Oil Price Outlook

      Greta is smiling from her throne.
      EU Farmers Fear The 'European Green New Deal'

      The European Commission has a plan to eliminate modern farming in Europe...
      Greta is chortling on the sidelines

      Wealthy Chinese Rushing To Move Cash Abroad Ahead Of Yuan Weakness
      YES, but somehow the dollar is going to crash.


      • Decades ago, Greenspan rescued bad investments. He removed moral & financial hazard. Investors have never looked back.. Now, the FED finds that it must rescue everybody.
        The war industries must be bailed out.
        Now, the pensions must be bailed out.
        The venture capital funds will be bailed out by giving them access to the $9 trillion in your 401K plan.

        The Everything Bubble includes: stocks, housing, commercial real estate, corporate debt, junk bonds, CDOs, CLOs, bankrupt companies, phantom companies, etc. The Fed inflated all these assets bubbles as a "can't lose" proposition for yield-starved institutions that can't survive on low-risk 1% Treasury yields.

        These institutions include: public union pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds, wealth management entities, hedge funds, banks and 401K retirement fund managers.
        Asset bubbles are intrinsically unstable and therefore risky. All bubbles pop, period, and whomever is holding the bag as the bubble pops will suffer catastrophic losses. The Fed and its countless apologists / lackeys claim the Fed has our back and so bubbles will never pop because the Fed will print as much money as needed to reflate any bubble that's losing air.

        This fantasy ignores the dynamics of bubbles: when bubbles reach extremes, they implode regardless of policy tweaks and media appearances.

        ebruary - June 2020), the delusionally euphoric belief that stocks will continue to loft ever higher because the Fed has our back is only credible to the last few greater fools. Once the pool of greater fools is drained, stocks crash.

        The same can be said of corporate debt, which has reached unprecedented levels around 50% of GDP. Once again, greater fools are buying potentially worthless junk bonds because the Fed has our back, even though the Fed's junk-bond buying is a leaky bucket compared to the tsunami of defaults that's about to wash away the entire junk bond sand castle."

        So, just how long can stimulus keep things going?


        • Wesley Clark said that America was going to destroy 7 countries in 5 years. He said that he didn't know why.
          Just ask the dual-citizenship Neocons why. The surprise result;

          The same group that controls MSM and banking controls (formerly) the FED.
          "“We need to direct our attention and our fury at the Federal Reserve,” says Brian of the YouTube channel High Impact Vlogs. This channel is being heavily censored by YouTube for speaking truth to power. But Brian keeps on making videos to try to wake people up. Watch this one before it’s removed. The video starts at 6:30.

          The corporate entity, known as mainstream media, is LITERALLY, the propaganda arm for the military-industrial complex, so they WILL NOT expose lies. The lies that lead us into devastating wars. Devastating and costly wars that we cannot afford."
          And what’s really going on in this country, remember, make no mistake; the Federal Reserve is laying cover for their operation to get rid of the dollar and move us all into a one-world digital reserve currency. And once we get rid of physical currency, guys, that is the granddaddy of them all as far as a surveillance state. Because they will be able to detect every single purchase by every single person every moment of the day.”

          Armstrong on socialism, "ANSWER: It is dying because the social programs can no longer be funded from pensions to the size of government employment. Because this is dying, it also results in aggressive fighting back in the system to try to save it. In part, this has been the intense hatred of Trump, and the Democrats feel they must take the White House to save their agenda. Consequently, the rise in activity is the direct result of it declining. If nothing was at risk, there would be no need for this intense rise in resistance. So they are reacting ONLY because it is failing. We see this in Europe where they are moving to cancel all currency to force people back to the banks where they will be charged negative interest rates for daring to save.
          "Unfortunately, we have the last twelve years left. Marxism never works. They have tried it so many times. It fails because they try desperately to change human nature. They constantly portray someone having more than they do as evil and unjust. We are all created equal in rights, but not in talents. Some people faint at the sight of blood and others can be doctors. Some are great athletes and others can’t run 20 yards. We should see the end of Marxism with the collapse of governments beginning in 2032 moving into 2037/2038."

          "ANSWER: The sovereign debt on a global scale is unprecedented. This COVID-19 shutdown has pushed the debt system over the edge. Even British Gilts turned negative for the first time in history at the hand of the market. The Fed will try to save the day, but this is beyond control. We are looking at a massive crisis in debt and it does not appear that debt will be able to survive. Our sources confirm that over 100 countries have asked the IMF for help already. This is too big to deal with for the Fed or a group of central banks."

          Gates and his vaccines.

          Vaccine Developers Have a Problem: the Virus Is Going Away Too Quickly on Its Own

          6/13 Ron Paul: We don’t need no stinking vaccine for covid-19 – Zero Hedge

          6/17 IMF set to slash economic forecasts amid ‘crisis unlike no other’ – CNBC

          "Young people today are more exposed to demoralizing ‘education’ than any generation in history. College campuses are predominately occupied by socialist and communist professors who teach young adults to view our nation’s history and founding values with contempt, where the only solution is fundamental societal transformation.
          Statistics illustrate the true nature of 21st century college life. The most recent study on the political identities of college professors found that liberals outnumber conservatives by a ratio of 11.5 to 1, while a study on liberal arts colleges found that a whopping 39% had no Republican-registered professors. Finally, another research team found an even greater number of self-identified Marxist professors than conservatives in the social sciences, by a ratio of almost 3 to 1.


          • THE GREAT RESET
            There is no arguing that automation has, and, will continue to erase job niches for humans.
            Exclusive: Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs

            The State tries to absorb displaced labor into State job niches. The numbers have just gotten too big. There is a worldwide push to socialism as a panacea for job loss.
            "The World Economic Forum announced Wednesday that the 2021 Davos summit in Switzerland will be held under the theme of the Great Reset. ... The WEF defined the Great Reset as a "commitment to jointly and urgently build the foundations of an economic and social system for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future."

            Armstrong, "this consortium which has planned this Event 201 on how to destroy the world economy and rebuild it from scratch. They are already introducing Guaranteed Basic Income, assuming they can wipe out over 300 million jobs and then pay people to sit home and watch TV, where they recreate the world in their own image which they are promoting as the Great Reset." The link has an embedded video.


            Central to the plans for this reset is a huge rise in taxes.
            "Almost 70% of employed Saudi nationals -- more than 3 million -- hold jobs in the public sector, according to McKinsey."
            "Saudi Arabia has tripled its taxes from 5% to 15% on the back of this Coronavirus."
            "Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz of the Socialists in Germany (SPD) is already advocating “solidarity” to convince the rich to turnover their assets to the country. He argues that citizens who “earn very, very much should make a slightly higher contribution.” Behind closed doors, he wants to raise income taxes in Germany to 70%!"
            "We are looking at a wholesale rise in taxation with no regard for the economic consequences on a global scale. This is the socialist’s dream come true!"

            "In the former Eastern Bloc countries, the public sector in 1989 accounted for between 70% to over 90% of total employment.["
            Here is a list of countries and, how much of their workforce is in the public sector.

            On the face of it, The Great Reset is a plan to bring all the surplus labor under an umbrella of State support. Taxes are to be raised sky high to pay for this.
            "They" know that this just won't work. For every additional dollar of taxes taken from the producing economy, there is a 3 dollar reduction in operating capital for the producers.
            THAT is the reason for MMT and UBI. The producing economy can NOT survive the continual drain of capital to support non-producers. THAT is why all socialist States go bankrupt. Money printing will replace the sovereign bond market. Government securities will just go away. Armstrong DID predict a collapse of the sovereign bond markets.
            It appears that this Great Reset will formalize UBI and MMT worldwide.

            The economy hasn't been destroyed completely just yet. I suspect that a complete collapse of banks will be needed to really push things of a cliff. Over 100 countries have asked the IMF for help. Wouldn't now be the perfect time to bring in the SDR?


            • Here is a must-read article.
              Packed with info. It shows that everything changed on the 23 of march.
              It postulates a crash of banks, WITH good logic and, examination. It speculates on the return of the U.S. Greenback. It points out that; every time that a currency is promoted to replace a failed / cancelled currency, it all blows up anyway.
              It has lots of history and, lots of numbers.

              "The next significant event therefore will almost certainly be the failure of a G-SIB, if not in America, then elsewhere. Given the sheer scale of the problems in supply chains in all currencies and the accumulating bad debts attributable to lockdowns it could happen in a matter of weeks."
              "And it is possible the US Treasury might attempt a reset, perhaps using Treasury dollars, otherwise known as greenbacks, which were last issued in 1971. But without axing government welfare commitments to the American public, returning to balanced budgets and abandoning Fed dollar denominated debt this sort of legerdemain is unconvincing."

              While there may be attempts at a fiat money reset, without clear legal commitments from central banks and treasury departments to end inflationary financing, any reset will only delay currency destruction by a matter of months.
              Gone will be worldwide fiat currency debt, amounting to some $250—$300 trillion. Gone will be all OTC derivatives which settle in fiat, amounting to a further $560 trillion. Gone will be listed derivatives, a further $33 trillion. Gone will be options, a further $65 trillion. All these, totalling over $900 trillion, are only part of the destruction.

              Global deposits held as bank balances totalling $60 trillion will evaporate. Worldwide equity markets denominated in fiat are a further $70 trillion; anything that does not migrate from fiat pricing disappears, including most, if not all ETFs. Goodbye to hedge funds. Goodbye to offshore financial centres. Goodbye to onshore financial centres. Goodbye to $100 trillion of fiat money."

              Everybody is complaining about all the money pumped into zombie companies. Well, zombie companies provide jobs.


              • Good graphs;

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                • Another graph;
                  This isn't working too well.


                  • Armstrong, "The International Energy Agency has joined the conspiracy outlining a $3 trillion plan to restart the global economy while cutting greenhouse gas emissions, saying that governments have a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to create jobs while decarbonizing infrastructure. Their highly questionable economist Fatih Birol has suddenly come out and proclaimed that the world has six months to avert a climate crisis."
                    $3 trillion is chicken feed.
                    The ABSOLUTELY scary part; these bozos believe the BS that they are spouting.
                    The IPCC will soon be using new models that consider ALL imputs. The new reports will NOT show warming.

                    Armstrong, "On a global basis, there are over 300 million people who have lost their jobs. This frustration will continue to explode on the streets. You cannot simply give people guaranteed basic income and expect them to be satisfied sitting home watching TV."
                    These elitists do not understand human nature because they have never walked among the people. This is not going to end nicely. This is what I mean it is not racist – it is pent up frustration that these elitists do not understand that their quest to shut down the world economy so they can rebuild it green is going to very violent.

                    Nearly Half Of Americans Consider Selling Home As COVID Crushes Finances

                    "A Staggering Number": Over $18 Trillion In Global Stimulus In 2020, 21% Of World GDP

                    Over A Third Of Americans Think Civil War Is Likely

                    Is Reality About To Knock On The Door Of These Liquidity-Soaked Markets?
                    Largest liquidity driven bear market rally since 1929, creating the largest asset bubble inside of the worst global recession in decades... this won't end well.

                    Americans Have Already Skipped Payments On More Than 100 Million Loans, And Job Losses Continue To Escalate

                    You Canadians have a world class wanker running your country. He is a champion of the blob-state.


                    • Charles Hugh Smith always seems to strike at the very heart of a problem. Here is an article that lays out 2 things.
                      1. the FED is reducing it's balance sheet when there is a liquidity shortage.
                      2. the deep State is going to step in to crash the economy BEFORE the election.

                      Dear Junkies Addicted to Fed Smack: The Monkey on Your Back Is Now a Gorilla

                      You thought that monkey on your back was light as a feather, but now it transmogrified overnight into a crushing gorilla.
                      Dear junkies addicted to the Federal Reserve's free-money smack: like all addicts, you firmly believe you're not addicted. Never mind those tracks, you can stop any time. Yeah, sure, but we all know you're going to buy the dip and max out your margin account because the craving cannot be denied.
                      Speaking of denial: you don't realize you're the dealers' chumps, the bagholders who bought at the top who the dealers are counting on to cling on to the bitter end because those Fed speedballs have inspired a euphoric faith in your god-like trading powers.
                      Here's how it ends, figuratively speaking: you'll wake up inside your Mercedes in a god-forsaken patch of urban wreckage, all the doors will be locked and you won't remember even leaving the party, much less how you got here.
                      You'll compulsively check your account and find that your margin call exceeds the value of your entire portfolio because the bottom dropped out while you were in a Fed-smack-induced haze, dreaming of prancing unicorns and angels dancing in the head of a pin.
                      Only now will you understand you were not a trading genius who would get out at the top, no problem, but a bagholder, played perfectly by the big dealers who sold to you. Now you're wiped out because you don't have enough cash to cover the margin call that's left after your portfolio was liquidated.

                      You thought that monkey on your back was light as a feather, but now it transmogrified overnight into a crushing gorilla. The dealers who you thought were your pals at the party made sure you wouldn't be around to cause a scene when you found you could no longer count on the Fed's baggies of the good stuff.

                      While you gird yourself for the agonies of cold turkey, consider Exhibit 1, the Fed'a balance sheet in February 2020:

                      2/5/20 $4.166 Trillion
                      2/12/20 $4.182 Trillion
                      2/19/20 $4.171 Trillion

                      Notice anything about the Fed's supply of free-money smack? It dried up. But all the junkies didn't notice because they were so sure that the Fed's supply of junk was infinite.

                      A funny thing happened on February 19--the market topped out and crashed the following week. Now look at this month's supply of Fed smack:

                      6/3/20 $7.165 Trillion
                      6/10/20 $7.168 Trillion
                      6/17/20 $7.094 Trillion

                      Umm, notice any similarity?

                      Fed junkies know one thing: the only thing that matters is the Fed's junk. Real economy: doesn't matter. Corporate sales: doesn't matter. Corporate profits: doesn't matter. Tax receipts: doesn't matter. Household income: doesn't matter.

                      The only thing that matters is the Fed is supplying baggies of the good stuff. Spoken like a true junkie, my friend, but once the high wears off consider what the Fed can't do:

                      1. It can't reverse the unprecedented wealth inequality its policies have pushed to the point of social disintegration and breakdown.

                      2. It can't make people take on the risks and heartaches of starting new businesses.

                      3. It can't force employers to hire more employees.

                      4. It can't make unprofitable businesses profitable.

                      5. It can't force people to buy assets at prices that no longer make financial sense.

                      6. It can't make insolvent businesses and local governments solvent.

                      7. It can't force people who now realize their priority is to save money to spend their cash, even if the Fed forces negative interest rates.

                      8. It can't lower the unaffordable cost structure of the entire economy.

                      9. It can't de-link all the financial dependencies in the financial system that make it so vulnerable to the first domino falling.

                      10. It can't stop people from selling their assets.

                      n summary, The Fed can't stop the unwinding of an unsustainable bubble of epic proportions. We are entering The Greatest Depression because Fed smack has zero effect on the real world; its only effect is to increase the delusion that asset bubbles are all that matters.

                      Also recall that the Deep State is not going to allow Jay Powell to re-elect Donald Trump with a stock market rally. From the point of view of the inner circle of the Deep State, the market collapse in March was simply a test to confirm what happens when the free-money smack is withdrawn. The test was a success and now the real crash can begin. Only this time it won't last three weeks. It will last all the way through October because, well, you know why: Deep State to Powell: Stop Goosing Stocks Higher Or You'll Re-Elect Trump (June 9, 2020)


                      • Not many American's have had jobs that allow 2 weeks of sick days, 4 weeks of paid leave with multiple bonus , instead the majority had been reduced to a desperate level requiring that they work 2-3 popcorn peanut jobs just to keep their old dilapidated homes. No reserve cash living in fear daily that the tax man would repo everything. Not much.

                        Under Trump for the first time the common man has gotten money to help them during this finally 20 year break. Wages have not increased and we know why, the big names sold us out. These leaders hate us and love money/power over the small fry.

                        We are finally getting a rest in may and June for the first time in 20 years while the main scare tactic wants us all ashamed. The big corp's and banks can snorkel off trillions every other wrinkle in the economy without a mention who got what while IRA's get taken without a trace.

                        Mr President now wants us to have the money to take a free vacation. Happy trails. And the rest of you easy riders for the last 40 years? Don't lecture us we see you. Fat and full of everything, careless. Let the rest of us alone to have a short breather before it is back on out heads.

                        Take a tour and get 4 grand free to spend at food shops, sleep over places, pools, boating, air travel. Enjoy and thank you President.


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                        • "Williams issues a scathing expose of the rotten foundation of the fairy tale we’re told about our economy, and how that is used to squeeze fixed-income pensioners, over-tax the middle class, and mislead and misdirect investors into dutifully marching off the cliff."
                          6/22 Shale industry to be rocked by $300 billion in losses, bankruptcies – CNBC

                          Is This The Lowest Point In Modern US History?

                          We have reached a moment in history when all of the cycles are ending, all of the bubbles are bursting, and we are going to experience the consequences of all the very foolish decisions that we have been making for decades...

                          China Must Prepare To Be Cut Off From Dollar-Based Financial System, Official Warns

                          "Such things have already happened to many Russian businesses and financial institutions. We have to make preparations early – real preparations, not just psychological preparations..."

                          Robert 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' Kiyosaki: "I Was Told Not To Talk About This"

                          "...they are covering up something very, very big."


                          • Ron Paul, "These interventions will not save the economy. Instead, they will make the inevitable crash more painful. The next crash can bring about the end of the fiat monetary system. The question is not if the current monetary system ends, but when. The only way Congress can avoid the Fed causing another great depression is to begin transitioning to a free-market monetary system by auditing, then ending, the Fed."
                            The State drove interest rates to zero so that it could avoid most of the debt-service charges. This destroyed most of the rest of the economy because all investment was predicated on collecting interest. The State is a predator & parasite and, evidently isn't worried about the whole rest of the economy. This can all be blamed on the FED but, it was the State that forced the FED to buy government bonds.

                            UK Car Industry Pleads for Government Support as 'One in Six' Employees Face Job Losses
                            "Millennials are pumping the breaks on buying cars and, with that, purchasing gas. Many millennials are even deciding not to get their driver’s license all together. In fact, in the last eight years, the number of drivers age 18-25 was down nearly 25%. Now that is a reversal."

                            6/24 Will people accept rampant inflation? Hell no! – Streetwise
                            All of a sudden, 44 million people are jobless and, not producing anything. This is a titanic deflationary pressure. The FED is trying to offset this.
                            6/24 US stock market enters parabolic move – be prepared, part I – TT
                            6/24 Default wave arrives: weekly bankruptcy filings suddenly soar – ZH
                            6/24 Defaults are coming – GoldSeek
                            6/24 The second Great Depression – Atlantic

                            California Smashes Daily New Cases Record For Second Day In A Row: Live Updates
                            Dow Dumps To 'Navarro'-Lows On Texas And California COVID Count Concerns
                            Yeah right, somebody claims that Ca. Has LOTS more C/V and, the markets crash.

                            EVERYBODY wearing blinders claims that the dollar will crash. Yes, it will but, only after everything else crashes.

                            What do you do when reality is NOT looking good?
                            "A Crisis Like No Other": IMF Sees Even Deeper Global Recession, Warns Markets Disconnected From Reality

                            "Financial market sentiment appears disconnected from shifts in underlying economic prospects raising the possibility that financial conditions may tighten more than assumed in the baseline."

                            US Draws Up Plan To Slap Tariffs On $3.1 Billion In European Goods

                            The message is clear: It's every nation for themselves...


                            • You Britts seem to be running out of money.
                              The bankers ALWAYS seem to have a scheme to draw in the sheep to be sheared. There are always day-traders who think that they can beat the big guys.

                              One hundred and six million (loans) in the default pipeline, though, that can only mean the clock has already started ticking. The output of that pipeline is bankruptcy and loss, and wide distribution of both. A consumer who wins bankruptcy relief doesn’t extinguish their obligation, they’ve simply redistributed the loss to the bank or financial firm who first extended the loan.

                              The can is too big for the Fed & ECB to kick down the road – Egon von Greyerz
                              What the US stock market looks like minus APPL, MSFT, AMZN, GOOG, FB – WS
                              6/24 Rabo: “we apparently live in a bad Hollywood B-movie” – Zero Hedge
                              6/24 China’s banking system begins to crack at its grass roots – Yahoo!
                              6/24 China’s growing dollar bond defaults reveal depths of distress – Bloomberg