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  • A few of us are old enough, right Danny?Old fogies gotta scrap the old way of thinkin

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    • "Somehow Trump caused this?"
      Did I lay ANYTHING at Trump's feet? Did I blame him for lockdown?
      You post a vid of working food banks. I could post a vid of a 4 mile long row of cars in Vegas. Neither vid proves anything about the nationwide situation. Neither vid proves anything about Trump. They prove that our just-in-time supply system can not handle variations. I don't waste the time to post individual examples.
      You are too focused on the present. You need to focus on future projections. I started writing about the economic collapse back in '07.
      All fiat currencies collapse
      All democracies collapse
      All belligerent empires collapse
      All credit bubbles collapse
      I look at everything in a historical context.

      The lockdown won't be lifted soon. Every day counts for the working poor. First, the food lines. Then the food riots.


      • The dem's cry food shortage and riots, talking points, like climate change, snap out or do you like it this way. Can't back up your food shortage claims so you post an article of some writer you like. Youtube is the people and the people tell you, but you just say it and panic is the agenda 21 playbook. You do not do this on purpose, you are brainwashed Relax an enjoy the show, it'll all be over soon and we can jump to the next hysteria.
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        • You are working in a vacuum, the world is changing, all of what you have been brainwashed to repeat is (Thank God) not the end of our world. It is the end of THEIR world. This is Q talking to us from the dept of DoD servers. For those who do not recognize the abbreviation DoD? A.K.A. Dept Of Defense
          They are telling us that the news we hear is false and spun. Brainwashed no more snap out.

          Screenshot_2020_04_10_Techno_Fog_on_Twitter_Declas sification_of_IG_Report_footnotes_Crossfire_Hurric ane_Team_had_multiple_r_.png

          The public will learn the truth.

          The media will attempt to spin as a partisan attack.

          The House will push for Barr removal.

          The House will open investigations into Barr-Durham [lack of confidence].



          What happens when corp media 'knowingly' pushes false [propaganda] information?

          What happens when corp media can no longer be trusted?

          The Silent War continues..

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          • Here is your coming food shortage. Good enough for them maybe American's should drop a few pounds while they find a way to feed someone besides themselves. Lesson to be learned here, look at them. Shame.
            How do you like my brainwashing tactic?Suck it up and save the environment? I have now hijacked the Dem's manipulative strategic playbook. How does it feel?

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            • Here is another real example of what all past false reporting and parroting is about. Mocking Bird echo chamber with all of the yuppy heads bobbing up and down, YES SIR.

              Here is our money manager in full color today.


              The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board doesn’t have a clue on how to fight and win. Their views on Tariffs & Trade are losers for the U.S., but winners for other countries, including China. If we followed their standards, we’d have no Country left. They should love Sleepy Joe!


              • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
                "Somehow Trump caused this?"
                I started writing about the economic collapse back in '07.
                All fiat currencies collapse
                All democracies collapse
                All belligerent empires collapse
                All credit bubbles collapse
                Good thing USA is a republic. The credit bubble just deflated thx to money market man you know who.
                See how you sneak in the word belligerent? Why? Because the media claims that Trump is this way.

                All your models from 2007 to date are worthless if the lying corporate interests such as the media face charges in court. Don't you see that we have been lied to?
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                • Even Fox News is corrupt not allowed to report all the news or they get fired.


                  Watching @FoxNews
                  on weekend afternoons is a total waste of time. We now have some great alternatives, like @OANN



                  • See the fake news? And how the media is sad? Are you sad too?


                    “The President and the Federal Government are doing an excellent job. When they say the death toll isn’t going to be as high as reported, they (the opposition) act like they’re sad because it’s lower. I think they are (Press Conferences) wonderful.” West Virginia Resident, C Span


                    • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
                      lying corporate interests such as the media face charges in court.
                      There isn't any law against lying.

                      Couple of notes.





                      • As everybody knows, most of my posts are disjointed collections of information. That's just the way that my mind works. I pull in information from all over and try to form a picture that joins the bits together.
                        CoVID 19 has created the biggest battleground in world history. The lockdown has provided weapons for all sides. Here are some facts to put together.

                        Adolph Hitler and Benjamin Franklin create monetary systems that originated & paid out money for work done. Both systems were wildly successful.
                        Both systems inspired and initiated wars from the bankers.
                        Winston Churchill, " WW II could have been avoided but, the bankers wanted it."
                        Benjamin Franklin said that the printing of Colonial paper money led to the revolutionary war,

                        In a report from the G-20, they expressly state that the Central Banks were created to finance wars. The biggest battle over money creation was / is; where do you inject the money? Hitler and Franklin injected the money into the lower loop of the economy. We got a couple of big wars for that to warn others NOT to try it. The money lenders used regulatory capture and murder to keep loaning money to the state at interest. JFK printed State money. After he was killed, LBJ stopped the printing 11 days later.

                        Banking was originally invented so that bankers could intelligently disburse scarce capital for needed projects to improve the human condition.
                        In early years, the CB got into the business of direct war finance with Liberty Bond Issues 1917–1918 at 4%. Wars could NOT be prosecuted except on credit. We all paid the "inflation tax" so that the money lenders could make huge returns on war investments.
                        Keep in mind that; 50% of the price that you pay for anything is for interest charges. It runs 19% for trash collection and, 78% for public housing. You can see why China can undercut American prices.

                        The money lenders are fighting to keep the status quo going. The government will continue to borrow it's own money from the money lenders.
                        The lucrative war contracts will continue to flow. Protection of the mother country will continue no matter how expensive it is.

                        Monetary injections into the upper loop have destroyed the lower loop This crony capitalism has caused blowback that brings a lot of interest in socialism. The Marxists hope to crash down the whole economy so that a more just system will rise up out of the ashes.
                        Meanwhile, the self-appointed elites plan to crash it ALL down to bring in a digital money created by the IMF. The SDR will never fly because it is controlled by the West.
                        These same elites want a draconian lockdown of ALL liberties. They have reached their goal with the "social credit" system in China. Every detail and every nuance is recorded and acted on.
                        The "eugenicist" wants a reduction in weak genes and, poor people. The Marxists want a debt jubilee. The money lenders want a continuation of war and debt-slavery.

                        “Banks have done more injury to the religion, morality, tranquility, prosperity, and even wealth of the nation than they can have done or ever will do good.” – John Adams
                        Trump is taking on the whole system.


                          $hit, erased everything again when I posted this link


                          • Here are a few links for interesting reading.
                            Trump has "nationalized" the FED by supporting private enterprise. NOT true. The FED was nationalized decades ago when it was forced to support wars. The ORIGINAL charter of the FED required it to support private enterprise. This is a return to the original purpose of the FED

                            Here is a very good article on the death of money.
                            It would be more accurately called "the death of the speculative bubble."

                            The Maestro, along with later CB heads demanded that WE have 2% price inflation per year. This fostered great enrichment of those who were closest to the money spigot.
                            Here is a graph that shows just how well they are dong comparative to the rest of us.

                            “In fiscal year 2019, the federal Government spent $4.4 trillion, amounting to 21 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). Of that $4.4 trillion, only $3.5 trillion was financed by federal revenues. The remaining amount ($984 billion) was financed by borrowing. As the chart below shows, three major areas of spending make up the majority of the budget.”
                            Think about that for a minute. If 2019, if 75% of all expenditures went to social welfare and interest on the debt, those payments required $3.3 Trillion of the $3.5 Trillion (or 95%) of the total revenue coming in.
                            That was BEFORE the shutdown of the economy due to COVID-19,
                            “John Maynard Keynes’ was correct in his theory that in order for government ‘deficit’ spending to be effective, the ‘payback’ from investments being made through debt must yield a higher rate of return than the debt used to fund it.”

                            Apparently, the FED is going to fund everything WITHOUT incurring any interest charges from the banks. No more interest charges. As the FED funds every Tom, Dick and Harry, nobody goes to the banks for loans.

                            "Excluding brief periods of exuberance at the end of the 1920s and 1960s most public companies historically were staid organizations - they grew a few percent a year and paid out some of their profits in dividends. Boards of directors were mainly recruited from large shareholders who were more focused on sustainability"
                            Then came Mike Milken and his cohort of extortioners and restructuring artists.

                            It has long been claimed that America stood in the way of world socialism. There are a LOT of people in government on-board with destroying the economy.
                            Apparently, the blob state is getting quite worried with their sinecure.

                            Here is the abbreviated version. I didn't save often enough.
                            Powell is putting the torch to the wall Street banks.

                            The death of money could be more accurately called the death of the upper loop.

                            The shysters took over post Milken.
                            WEIRD 2 times now copy & paste has refused to post the chosen link. It posts something completely different. Try again.


                            • That is more than I can read in one day Danny. I am lazy and like video news

                              USA ECONOMY BOTTOMS


                              • Yes Mikey, I got that idea. I read about 40 hrs a week. Just the same, I have something for you to read. It is a progress report on Trump's war on China.

                                Because of the stability of America, the $$$ dollar is and, has been the preferred store of value. The paper-gold market was invented to drive people out of gold. That is a story for another day. The % of dollar bills circulating outside of America was normally about 50%. It is now believed to be about 70%. People sell us their stuff for little pieces of paper that the FED produces for free. This is ALL about confidence. Since socialism is the road to poverty, people tend to invest in States with the least inclination to "redistribution".
                                China has always had draconian crackdowns on freedom. Europe is real big on redistribution by crushing taxes.
                                China suffered about $1 trillion of capital outflow. Europe also suffers from capital outfows. This is all related to confidence.

                                "External Debt in China averaged 4887.74 USD HML from 1985 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 20573 USD HML in 2019 "
                                There is about $13 trillion in dollar-denominated debt in the emerging markets. They need enormous dollar inflows. China has to service over 2$ trillion.
                                Because of this long run of stability, the dollar is the reference currency around the world. This dollar-reference system is referred to as the "Eurodollar" market.
                                The nominal value of this market is $57 TRILLION.
                                EVERYBODY needs dollars to service dollar-denominated debt. ONLY the FED can give them dollars. The FED is sending out megatons of dollars to some States. Japan desperately needs dollars for their debt. Japan is spending $ billions to relocate industry OUT of China. Who do you think supplied those dollars?
                                Powell can send dollars to anybody who is willing to go along with OUR game.
                                Here is a great article on the so-called Eurodollar system.

                                China is sinking down day by day. They have food riots. They will have massive defaults to everybody.