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  • sinking stocks,,, supporting the unsupportable

    6/04 Multi billion fund blocks redemptions – Zero Hedge
    I'm sure that this won't contribute to the stampede.
    6/04 Druckenmiller dumps his stocks, piles into Treasuries expecting rates to hit zero – ZH
    6/03 Panic-stricken traders now expect Fed to cut rates twice in 2019 – MarketWatch

    6/04 Here’s why bond yields are falling and why they’ll fall more – CNBC
    As safe-haven money piles into bonds, the yield automatically goes down.
    Biden unveils $1.7 trillion climate plan, paid for by reversing Trump corporate tax cuts
    A shill for the nuke power industry.
    6/03 Bonds ‘on fire’ as flight to safety gathers momentum – Reuters

    6/03 The US intelligence community needs complete overhaul – Matt Taibbi
    THAT is the understatement of the century.

    "Jan 15, 2009 - A total of 861,664 families lost their homes to foreclosure last year, according to RealtyTrac, which released its year-end report Thursday. There were more than 3.1 million foreclosure filings issued during 2008, "
    "The U.S. entered a deep recession, with nearly 9 million jobs lost during 2008 and 2009, roughly 6% of the workforce"

    Banks love foreclosures because they get to keep the invested money and, sell the house to somebody else. With all the lost jobs, nobody could buy all these houses. But, it was of utmost importance to maintain RE prices. How could they do that with the concurrent loss of wages / employment?
    The PTB keep trying to maintain high prices when we don't have high wages. They pumped money into the general economy hoping that investors would eventually buy up all the housing. I have a friend who stayed in her house for 7 years after she stopped making house payments. It took a while for the hot money to gradually buy up the foreclosed houses.
    If the PTB did not support RE prices, everybody would be underwater on their house and just, default. 3.1 million defaults just in 2008 was catastrophic for the banks. TARP rescued the banks to maintain high house prices.
    6/04 Tiny homes; how some are battling high home prices – WZTV

    The Fed caused 93% of the entire stock market's move since 2008 ...

    The FED is doing price support for everything in sight. All this is done in the name of maintaining prices that are out of alignment with wages. The money renters are starting to flee the markets and,,, run the the safety of treasury bonds. Also, money is fleeing China and the EU. What happens when liquidity is concentrated in sovereign debt and, flees the private market?
    Armstrong said that public debt is going to crash and, private debt will be fine. THAT, I can't believe.

    Armstrong, "ANSWER: The rise in interest rates comes with the turn in the ECM in January. However, what you have to understand is there will be a divergence between private and public rates. The central banks really cannot raise rates without creating a budget crisis. The more likely outcome is that governments are losing their ability to borrow in the real market. The public rates are more likely to become simply pegs that render them useless in all practical terms. We have already witnessed this in Europe. The central bank created negative interest rates. All they have done is to kill the viable domestic bond markets."
    Armstrong certainly shows a lack of imagination. "governments are losing their ability to borrow in the real market. "
    If they can't borrow, they will simply print debt-free money.

    Armstrong, "Even a Trump victory in 2020 will still result in civil unrest or if he were to lose (which the system does not favor just yet) we will see the same result. It just appears that in 2020 into 2022, no one will accept whoever wins."
    Armstrong is calling for a BIG turn up in interest rates in Jan of 2020. is that when MMT starts?


    • Safe-haven bonds are being routed,,, European banks,,, Kunstler

      I'll start with the easy stuff.
      6/04 Millennials kill industries because they’re poor: Deloitte study – Business Insider
      New Grads Won't Be Able to Retire Until 75, Study Finds - NerdWallet
      6/04 US factory orders fall; shipments post largest drop in two years – CNBC
      6/04 US manufacturing sees ‘toughest month in nearly ten years’ – Financial Sense

      Nobody has any money because it is all stuck in the upper loop.
      6/04 UK retail sales plunge at fastest pace in 24 years – Yahoo
      6/04 Powell says the Fed will ‘act as appropriate to sustain the expansion’ – CNBC
      More like, sustain the contraction.

      Bonds, "The bond market appreciates only too well what the dotted line has meant all along. Nothing has changed since August 2007. There was only ever a much higher likelihood something would go wrong before it could ever go right."
      "You can’t fix a broken monetary system with a head fake."
      "By the very fact they have given up on the BOND ROUT!!! it shows the boom was only ever hype. Never happened.

      There’s was never the majority position. The recovery was always, always the long shot. It was only presented the other way around by a financial media that does the public a tremendous disservice. The bond market never once climbed aboard the boom. And once you see that, you cannot help but appreciate the very real dangers of 2019."
      TARP was executed to rescue the notional value of RE. It never actually caused an economic recovery. All the QE was an injection into the economy BUT, the FED had NO control as to which sector got inflated.

      Worldwide, the distortions are getting worse. European banks.
      "As Deutsche Bank tumbles to new lows - dragging other lame European banks in its plummeting wake, you have to wonder where it ends? It’s getting embarrassing"
      "Deutsche is the worst – trading at 18% of book value. Isn’t Germany supposed to be Europe’s economic hot spot?"
      "It’s not just Deutsche. The WSJ recently pointed out that the eight largest European banks have triple the assets, but are worth less than JP Morgan! Italian banks are massively exposed to Italian debt – and there isn’t any way that’s a positive. Even decent names like BBVA and Santander are getting caned"

      And now, KUNSTLER. He is quite the pessimist. But, that doesn't mean that he is wrong in the long term. Much of his writing is based on a future shortage of cheap oil. I'm going to do a few cites.

      "Who said the global economy was a permanent installation in the human condition?
      Guess what: the global economy is winding down, and pretty rapidly. Trade wars are the most obvious symptom. The tensions underlying that spring from human population overshoot with its punishing externalities, resource depletion, and the perversities of money in accelerated motion, generating friction and heat.
      "The USA-China romance was bound to end in divorce, which Mr. Trump is surreptitiously suing for now under the guise of a negotiated trade rebalancing. The US has got a chronic financial disease known as Triffin’s Dilemma, a set of disorders endemic to any world reserve currency. The disease initially expressed itself in President Nixon’s ditching the US dollar’s gold backing in 1971. By then, the world had noticed the dollar’s declining value trend-line, and threatened to drain Fort Knox to counter the effects of holding those dollars. Since then, all world currencies have been based on nothing but the idea that national economies would forever and always pump out more wealth."

      It turns out that they pump out more debt in the pursuit of that chimerical wealth until the economic viziers and banking poohbahs begin to declare that debt itself is wealth — and now all the major players around the world are choking to death on that debt, especially the USA and China, but also Japan and the dolorous commune known as the EU. Everybody’s broke, one way or another

      "Notice that Mr. Nixon’s escape from the dollar gold standard coincided with America’s first oil production peak. It was actually more than a coincidence, though it is unclear that anyone but James Schlesinger (then head of the Atomic Energy Commission, and later Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Energy, and CIA Director) understood what that signified. Now America is back at a second and even higher production peak thanks to the illusory boom of shale oil. The difference now is that only 10 percent of the companies producing it make a red cent. For the rest, the main result is just more and more debt, contributing to the larger global debt fiasco."

      The zeitgeist knows something that we don’t. The arc of this story follows the breakup of old arrangements, including trade relations, alliances, nation-states, and widespread expectations about what ought to be. Some observers claim the US will be the “last man standing” in this journey to the post global economy. (We surely would want to avoid a situation where nobody is left standing.) But all the participants in the orgy now ending will be left at least cross-eyed and flummoxed in the new cold dawn of a world without the old mojo. If the center is not holding, better look for a place on the margins as far from the emerging economic black hole as possible."****-nat...itgeist-knows/

      Europe is being torn apart because of the backlash created by the Eurocrats trying to destroy cultural unity. The Kalergi plan calls for just that. Merkel won the Kalergi prize for her destruction of Germany. The tribes have no plan to go quietly into that dark night and let savages undo everything that they accomplished. They are fighting back.


      • Deflation,,, more China

        Markets are pretty quiet while everybody is trying to digest the tariffs on Mexico,,, recently graduated to out biggest trading partner. The China tariffs have motivated them to run all their exports through Mexico, Taiwan and Viet Nam. China is getting around tariffs by using 3rd parties.
        Free markets are driven by competition. Nobody brings something to market that has less value than what already exists.
        " While many voices seek to assure us these technologies won't displace human workers, the reality is cutting labor inputs is the core driver. What few pundits seem to understand (perhaps because they've never experienced a truly competitive market?) is that the rush to incorporate these technologies into existing enterprises is deflationary not just to prices but to profits.

        Reducing labor inputs and improving productivity of capital and the remaining labor force is not going to generate profits if competitors can access the same tools and processes. The race isn't to maximize profits, it's to survive the inevitable deflationary spiral in prices as competitors are forced to pass along cost savings to customers to retain market share."
        " Everyone counting on trillions in tech profits is overlooking the inconvenient reality of the S-Curve for cheap credit, cheap energy and cheap labor--the three drivers of global expansion. Once credit dries up or becomes more expensive, once cheap energy is only a memory (or future fantasy) and once employment sags under the pressure to reduce labor inputs, the ranks of those with the earnings or credit to buy, buy, buy will be thinned."

        "Is the decade-long tech bubble finally popping? Tech bulls are overlooking the fundamental reality that the drivers of Big tech's phenomenal growth--financialization and expansion into mobile telephony-- are both losing momentum."
        "I recently explored technology's ties to financialization and deflationary trends in prices and profits: Two Intertwined Dynamics Are Transforming the Economy: Technology and Financialization
        Technology Is Not Just Disruptive, It's Disastrously Deflationary"
        "Rather, each is extraordinarily deflationary to profits as each is readily commoditized."

        ZH Schiff Warns: The Fed Is Going To Stimulate Inflation, Not The Economy
        "The Fed is going to go back to QE. They are going to do whatever they can to try to stop the bear market and to try to prevent the recession. But they’re going to fail. They are going to make it worse this time.”

        Bipartisan Support For Secret Accounting To Hide Missing 'Black Budget' Money
        "Since WWII, we have been building secret financial operations, whether it’s the 'Black Budget' or what some people call the 'hidden system of finance'... Secrecy is a huge financial addiction..."

        US-Mexico End Tariff Meeting Without Breakthough; Peso, US Futures Plunge
        Mexican or Mexican't?

        Well, as long as they are channelling Chinese goods, don't expect a breakthrough.

        Millennial Net Wealth Collapses, Study Finds
        Millennials will be trapped in a life of financial misery.

        How Connecticut's "Tax On The Rich" Ended: Middle-Class Tax Hikes, Lost Jobs, More Poverty
        In the past 30 years, just one U.S. state has adopted a progressive income tax: Connecticut... The results were disastrous.

        So, just what is Trump up to?

        Real estate is now the largest industry as a percentage of GDP.
        Greater Sensitivity To Interest Rates And More Leverage
        No wonder why the economy and markets are so addicted to and can’t live without low-interest rates. The danger is, however, the real estate sector is a highly leveraged industry. Real estate deflation the one the Fed fears most.

        OK, the banks stole our money through currency inflation. A one-person income could no longer support a family. Women went to work. The nuclear family collapsed,,,,along with mental health. Everybody has gone crazy with insecurity.
        "Loneliness, public-health experts tell us, is killing as many people as obesity and smoking."

        The shocking rise in 'deaths of despair,' charted | Advisory Board Daily ...
        Mar 14, 2019 - Deaths from alcohol, drugs, and suicide—so-called "deaths of despair"—in 2017 hit the highest rate since CDC researchers began collecting ...

        The disconnect between the economy and stocks.

        6/05 The Fed has no choice but to return to ultra-low interest rates – Mises
        6/05 Australia’s economy slows to levels last seen during the GFC – ABC
        6/05 Global semiconductor sales plunge 24% from peak. Here’s why – Wolf Street
        6/05 Cataclysmic flooding takes millions of acres of US farmland out of production – EOAD

        6/05 The ECB Is looking increasingly powerless – Bloomberg
        6/05 Low inflation dogs Fed as it reviews policy framework – Reuters
        6/05 Inflation’s decline puts pressure back on ECB – Reuters
        6/04 The cost of brand-name prescription drugs doubles every 7 to 8 years – MW

        6/05 Fed mulls next trip to zero with discussion of how to roll out QE – Yahoo!
        Indications are; they will do more of the same,,,,punish the lower loop.

        "Last month, under pressure from US President Donald Trump’s administration, Google terminated its cooperation with Huawei, thereby depriving the Chinese smartphone maker of the license to use Google’s Android software and related services. The move poses an existential threat to Huawei. But, more than that, it marks both a new pinnacle in the Sino-American conflict and the end of US-led globalization."
        " The EU was largely spared a populist upset in the recent European Parliament election"
        The article is about the fallout from the Chinese-American economic war.

        "US President Trump responded that the tariffs on China are working, with Chinese firms leaving the country to avoid paying tariffs, no visible increase in inflation, and the US “taking billions.” (the IMF showed that the billions in tariffs are actually being paid by US companies, not Chinese firms"


        • The shape of the next system is slowly emerging

          Trump is hard at work to reduce globalism. China has now joined the tariff battle by blacklisting American companies and persons. Sigh,,, some people just don't see it when they are being led.

          Armstrong writes about the history of a 2 currency nation. He projects / predicts the creation of an international unit of account IAU. This IAU would be based on a basket of currencies. there have been similar plans produced before. As the currencies get debased (usually to finance a war), the IAU gets inflated. The whole purpose of the Bretton Woods agreement was to PREVENT currency / bond market inflation. They did this by basing all currencies on GOLD.
          Read the article from Armstrong and, everywhere you see IAU,,, substitute gold.

          Remember, the world ALREADY has the SDR. The creation of some new BS instrument will NOT prevent inflation.

          Gold has long been referred to as a ; pet rock or, barbarous relic.
          Strange, the Central Banks AND the private banks buy as much gold as possible.

          The CBs can create liquidity all day long. In the end, they know just what this liquidity is worth if the economy is deflating.

          6/06 In double whammy, Fitch downgrades Mexico and Moody’s lowers outlook – Reuters
          Um, maybe they shouldn't have acted as a conduit for Chinese goods.
          6/06 Brace for impact: Italy poised to launch euro parallel currency – Mish
          6/05 Italy revives ‘alternative currency’ proposal – GATA

          THAT will be interesting.
          6/05 The ECB Is looking increasingly powerless – Bloomberg
          The ECB bought up every trashy bond that they could find. Now, the whole system is out of control.
          6/06 Dollar dump? Russia & China agree to bilateral trade in national currencies – RT

          The key is; read Armstrong about 2 currency systems. The world at large will NEVER accept the SDR because it is controlled by the IMF. There is NO instrument that anybody can come up with that will be acceptable to both East & West,, rich and poor.
          Gold is not an instrument. Gold could function perfectly as a reference value for all external currencies.

          Jim Willie has long predicted that; exactly this system would emerge.


          • More MMT,,, 3 good articles

            Governments around the world are flat broke. In the EU, it is quite obvious that private investors have deserted the sovereign debt markets. The same is true to a certain extent with American sovereign bonds. Armstrong is predicting a collapse of sovereign debt around the world. The various States don't want to get flat-footed and, flat broke.
            the prohibition against allowing the government to borrow directly from its own central bank was written into the Banking Act of 1935 at the behest of those bond dealers

            Thomas Edison, "The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also. The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money broker collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%. ... It is absurd to say our Country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency."

            The State does NOT have to borrow from the CB. This is a case of accepted wisdom that is actually, Accepted BS.
            The idea behind MMT is to get away from ANY kind of borrowing. You can understand why it is NOT popular with people who rent their money to the State.

            "This was to be expected: MMT not only threatens powerful vested interests in our societies, but also challenges the hegemony of mainstream macroeconomists who have been able to dominate the policy debate for decades using a series of linked myths about how our fiat monetary system operates and the capacities of currency-issuing governments within such a system.

            MMT allows us to break out of the illusory financial constraints that for too long have hindered our ability to imagine radical alternatives and to envision truly transformational policies, "
            " It explains how monetarily sovereign states–that is, states that issue their own currency, float it on international markets and only issue liabilities in that currency–can never run out of money or become insolvent. That is because, unlike households or businesses, which use the currency, the state issues the currency. "
            "They spend first–the central bank simply credits the relevant bank accounts to facilitate the spending requirements of the treasury"
            There is NO need for a CB when you have a treasury.
            "In fact, MMT is not a regime that you ‘apply’ or ‘switch to’ or ‘introduce’. Rather, it is a lens which allows us to see how our fiat monetary systems already work."
            The current money system hands the money directly to the money renters.
            This is an excellent article. You should read the whole thing.

            Another good article.
            "To institute centralization on a global scale, the elites need an all-encompassing crisis that can be blamed on nationalism, protectionism, and the free market dynamic. They need a threat that will affect and terrify billions of people into demanding intervention by international organizations such as the IMF and the BIS, as well as a rationale to introduce monetary umbrella actions such as the induction of the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket system as a replacement for the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. They need something very similar to a world war. In this case, however, it will be more economic than kinetic.

            An economic world war has the distinct potential to cause all the elements of a collapse situation without the damage to vital infrastructure that inevitably comes with a shooting war. Because of the advantages the strategy provides for globalization idealist, I predicted this exact outcome would develop out of the trade war in my article ‘World War III Will Be An Economic War’, published in April 2018. Here are the trade war developments so far that support this theory…"

            I'm somewhat doubtful that it ill unfold like this. It may do this at the start but, the economy is too interlocked and too fragile. Energy distribution is the key element. NO, the SDR won't be accepted.

            "Since 2008, we’ve had more of the same but a more extreme version of Greenspan’s anti-deflation medicine. If Greenspan’s three-year experiment with sub 2% rates gave rise to the Global Financial Crisis, what was the world to make of the Bernanke-Yellen policy of 0% for seven years? Bernanke’s Federal Reserve also engaged in a completely unprecedented money printing binge called quantitative easing. '
            "y the 1998 - 2001 period, the conventional wisdom was to let bubbles run their course and then clean up the mess afterwards. But the Fed has failed to distinguish between credit driven bubbles and mania driven bubbles. The former are dangerous because they are connected with the credit system, the latter less so because people loose money but the crisis is not systemic. The 2000 bubble was speculative, but not credit driven so it did not turn into a systemic crisis when it popped. Of course 2008 was credit driven and it did metastasize throughout the system right up to the top of the food chain with large banks and the housing GSEs failing. "

            "When you are kicking around the idea of should I or should I not pop the bubble, this is a key distinction and the threshold question for policy. You should pop or defuse credit driven bubbles, but perhaps let speculative bubbles (most recently Bitcoin) run their course. The problem is that Fed policymakers do not seem to grasp this fundamental distinction. This leads to credit bubbles being allowed to spin out of control into systemic crises."
            "When banks are profiting from loan defaults, is this not a red flag? The Fed has explicitly embraced a policy of stoking asset prices in stocks and real estate to fight deflation, even if it means market instability as a result."
            As long as the banks make money, nothing else matters.
            "The key point of the book is that we made the choice, we ran out the tape for 10 years, but now we cannot get out of this cycle. The proverbial punch bowl is now glued to the table and the Fed is forced to keep refilling it."
            Another good article.


            • The purpose and, anatomy of the reset

              The Next Stage Of The Engineered Global Economic Reset Has Arrived


              • Kunstler and Bonner

                Just 2 articles that I don't need to excerpt.



                • Water wars,,, more speedbumps

                  Reportedly, 40 million acres of American corn have missed being planted. There will probably be an equal amount of soy that won't get planted. Canada is a similar story. Much of the farmland is still flooded and can be forgotten for this season.
                  Parts of the Middle East have been flooded recently.
                  Adapt 2030 has a lot of vids on the worldwide problems.

                  Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, China is diverting water from Tibet to China. This is cutting back water to the major rivers of India.
                  Chinese engineers plan 1,000km tunnel to make Xinjiang desert ...
         › News › China › Society
                  2 days ago - Downstream, in India, the river becomes the Brahmaputra, which joins the Ganges .
                  Water Wars: Coming soon to a tap near you | Deccan Herald
                  World War III Will Be Fought For Water – Colombo Telegraph

                  Here is an article from Pakistan Defense that discusses a war between India and China.

                  India Records Second Lowest Pre-Monsoon Rainfall in 65 Years; Fails ..
                  monsoon: June is going to be the worst month with very little rainfall ...
                  High-alert called for drought in West, Southern states after pre ...
                  It Hit 123 Degrees Fahrenheit in India This Weekend - Earther - Gizmodo
                  5 days ago
                  Parched India awaits monsoon rains as reservoirs begin to run dry ... 6 days ago
                  Monsoon delay: 43.4% of India is reeling under drought - 3 days ago
                  When the Earth becomes very thirsty - Times of India
                  Yangtze lakes drying up as China's water crisis spreads | South China ...
                  2 days ago

                  Zero water day will come to a lot of places in Asia. is it the sun? Is it HAARP?
                  Chances are that it is the wild weather caused by the weakening magnetosphere.
                  Does your city make the list?

                  6/08 Watch: world’s first raspberry-picking robot completes field tasks – Zero Hedge Another brick in the wall.
                  6/07 Yuan tumbles after PBOC governor says “tremendous” room to ease – Zero Hedge
                  Sooner or later, China is going to get in trouble with their printing press.
                  6/08 The Fed’s glue-sniffing announcement yesterday involving JPMorgan Chase – PSW There has been a lot of glue-sniffing. Some of the markets are pricing in THREE rate cuts this year.
                  6/08 Manipulation is when you stop manipulating, Treasury Secretary says – GATA

                  6/08 Bonds are signalling a slide in stocks – Casey Research
                  6/08 “The skid is everywhere”, and the worst is yet to come – ECB

                  6/08 Investors are deserting junk bonds as trade tensions sour mood – Business Times
                  6/08 Pemex bonds tank after fitch ‘junk’ rating, Mexico slams downgrade – Reuters

                  Maybe they shouldn't have pissed off Trump.
                  6/07 The Fed can’t help housing or autos at this point – Newsmax
                  6/07 Fed signals it will use QE aggressively to fight next recession – MarketWatch


                  • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
                    Reportedly, 40 million acres of American corn
                    have missed being planted. There will probably be an equal amount of
                    soy that won't get planted. Canada is a similar story. Much of the
                    farmland is still flooded and can be forgotten for this season.
                    Here is THE PLAN



                    • Creating a demand for MMT

                      BroMikey, I don't normally listen to the X22 report because they give opinion, not numbers. There is so much financial news out there that I have to pare it way down.
                      The report talks about setting the scene to cause a rejection of the FED. I posted an article from Bill Bonner. Here is a quote;
                      "That is when the national authorities will haul out the cannons…

                      They will load them full of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) — or “QE for the people.”

                      Rolling barrages of fiscal “stimulus” they will send raining down onto Main Street."
                      With wages falling and an unemployment rate of <22> %, there just isn't enough money circulating in the lower loop. Trump may euthanise the FED but, it would be very difficult to bring back good wages and high employment. The global mean wage is "impossible" to escape. The demographic crash and low birth rate are not things that he can change. The same is true for automation.
                      Japan embarked on a huge program of infrastructure building. It didn't help them much as far as jobs.

                      The central banks around the world have been the nexus of war finance. Should Trump manage to kill off the FED, that would put a serious crimp in the war cycle.


                      • China-India-Pakistan war,,, lots more speedbumps

                        "You keep stating that the center of Finance will move to China. However, the world distrusts China, rightly so. How can they become the Financial Center if no one trusts them?"
                        "ANSWER: That will come only after 2032. Keep in mind, the West will be tested and the failed system of continually borrowing is why the confidence in the West will break. After that, it will become the lesser of two evils"
                        This is too much of a generalization.
                        China's Debt Bomb - Bloomberg
                        Debt, Not Trade War, Is China's Biggest Problem - Forbes
                        China's hidden $6 trillion debt pile is an 'iceberg ... - Business Insider

                        China is definitely printing like crazy. Armstrong claims that America is borrowing. Barely true. We're mostly printing. We are not far off from institutionalizing the process with MMT.
                        The ECB is dead in the water. The BOJ has relied just on printing for years.
                        Trump will tell the FED to jump into MMT OR, he'll dump the FED and get the Treasury to do it.

                        Automation has reduced the labor force by so much, that the State will have to either; start up UBI or, let most people starve. No amount of infrastructure projects will create long-term employment.

                        Armstrong is SERIOUSLY underestimating the problems of China. China definitely needs India to join up in it's Belt & Road project.
                        China is diverting water from rivers that feed India. The problem is made worse because the monsoon has shifted. Both China and India are drying up fast. The aquifers under China are bad news.
                        Here is a discussion / projection by Pakistan Defense about how a war between China and India would play out.
                        World War III Will Be Fought For Water – Colombo Telegraph

                        China's Trillion-Dollar P2P Loan Industry Goes Bust
                        Keep in mind that China has loaned out a lot of money. They are hoping for a default so they can take over a country's best assets.
                        China's Debt Trap diplomacy, How China uses money to control and colonise countries ?
                        5 Countries That Have Fallen into China's Debt Trap
                        Malaysia Warns Philippines Over China Debt | Mahathir Mohamad Warns Duterte about CCP Loans
                        Forced From Their Homes By Chinese Money – Cambodia’s Land Grab Victims

                        Armstrong claims that the financial capital will move to China because 'money" will have more confidence there.

                        "For his painstaking efforts to catalogue unrest in China—Mr Lu and his girlfriend had recorded more than 70,000 outbreaks in the three years before he was seized—the activist was found guilty last year by a court in Yunnan province of “picking quarrels and causing trouble”. He was given a four-year jail sentence."
                        2019 Is a Sensitive Year for China. Xi Is Nervous. - The New York Times

                        Beijing is in a serious water crisis.

                        China houses 20% of the world’s population yet holds only 7% of the world’s fresh water. This undoubtedly leaves large cities like Beijing in a serious water crisis. Pollution problems are also a huge concern as more than one-third of China’s lakes and rivers are unfit for human, agricultural, or industrial use due to high pollution levels. Many believe this city will run out of drinking water by the year 2030."

                        India to buy 100 more of the Israeli bunker-buster bombs used in attack on Pakistan terror camp
                        India and Pakistan are already shooting. 1.4 billion people depend on the Indus and Ganges.
                        (PDF) The Indus and the Ganges: river basins under extreme pressure ...
                        I wouldmn't make any bets on the financial capital moving to China.

                        The FED is angling to get MMT fired up.

                        It is claimed that all financial / credit expansions must eventually come to an end.
                        The ECB recently announced more QE /expansion. This time, markets responded the OPPOSITE of what was expected.

                        6/09 BOJ Kuroda: G20 reaffirms commitment to use all tools to fight risks – Reuters
                        6/09 ECB policymakers open to cut rates if growth weakens – Reuters
                        6/09 Trump’s trade war & coming recession…the Fed can’t save us, but gold can – Ron Paul

                        TOOLS ! what tools?
                        Japan's population decline reached a new record in 2018 — Quartz
                        GROWTH ! what growth?
                        Europe's Economic Outlook Goes From Bad to Worse Amid EU ...

                        Forget about gold saving you. You can't eat it. All those preppers who stock up on everything are forgetting the premier danger. If you have food and, nobody else does, you aren't going to eat it,,, unless you are very remote. Gold will preserve value but, it's usefulness is limited in a bad breakdown. If you really want gold coins, go to Ebay and, you can buy gold-plated tungsten coins.

                        6/09 Doug Casey on what happens after the next war – International Man
                        ET comes in and uses the planet for a study on the effects of hard radiation.
                        6/09 Theresa May is a symptom of a crumbling system – Independent
                        6/09 Angst and madness at the end of empire – Counterpunch
                        6/09 Germany slides towards instability – Strategic Culture
                        6/09 Hong Kong protest draws more than one million, organizers say – NY Times
                        6/09 Tory choice: political extinction or Halloween Brexit – Mish

                        PLANT A GARDEN

                        6/09 Used-car wholesale prices surge, new cars sink deeper into carmageddon – Wolf Street
                        6/09 Italy’s minibonds would either be illegal or useless: Finance Minister – Reuters

                        "I have posited that the Fed’s balance sheet could swell to $10 TN during the next crisis. When the current Bubble bursts, the Fed and global central bankers will see no alternative than to flood the global financial system with central bank Credit. This is a terrible, reprehensible prospect.

                        I warned ten years ago that QE was a slippery slope. After a decade, central bankers would surely today prefer to rebrand QE as a “conventional” – and elemental – part of their arsenals. But it will not be until the next bursting Bubble phase before there is a modicum of a “body of evidence” (from only one cycle) for assessing the effectiveness of history’s most radical monetary experiment. Today, global securities markets are eagerly anticipating the return of zero rates and more QE. Chairman Powell, Draghi and others are conveying the message that they are getting their arsenals ready."
                        None dare call it MMT


                        • Yes you talk all about the snare, all about how the trap works, bye
                          bye FED is another subject. Our dilemma has been mapped out for
                          generations, that is a no brainer. Getting someone to run thru this
                          jungle making changes is beyond belief for many minds.

                          Trump was born into the FED's crime system with piles of money to
                          loose, he is dangling the FED now, as all of the reports and numbers
                          you point out are made up. That's what the FED does. Course it's real?

                          Pointless facts for the brainwashed.

                          Big changes coming.


                          • What about God?

                            Man Proposes,,,, God disposes.
                            The latest research is showing that magnetic reversal events occur simultaneously with extinction events.
                            It is projected that the die-of of large mammals will start in about 2 decades.
                            The human powers that be are trivial compared to the powers of the electric universe.
                            I chronicle things that are fairly certain to occur. Our system is moving out of a dust cloud and, into a galactic void. Cosmic rays will get much stronger.
                            All the other branched of man have died off. We are the last. An approaching extinction level event will definitely cause a recalibration of priorities.


                            • Same people same Bullzhit Stock up.

                              NASA confirms Planet X "NIBIRU" incoming



                              • I digress from economic news

                                Evidently, Nibiru is approaching being pulled by a celestial turtle.

                                Our bones are piezo-electric structures. When they flex too much, they send a signal to the brain, The brain then sends in osteoblasts to build new stronger bones.

                                In the microgravity environment of space, astronauts lose on average 1% to 2% of their bone mineral density every month. For a short-duration flight, bone loss is a fairly minor consequence. ... Bone loss occurs in the weightless environment of space because bones no longer have to support the body against gravity.
                                The osteoclasts are evidently tearing down the bone because of the lack of signals.

                                Prahlad Jani is a well known Indian holy man who does not eat or drink. There are many"breatharians who do not eat. We receive much of necessary energy from the sun. But, we also receive energy directly from the Earth.

                                FEMA Is Preparing for a Solar Superstorm That Would Take Down the grid

                                "A 2014 study published in the journal Stroke found a link between geothermal storms and stroke risk among people in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and Sweden. The study compared 11,453 hospital reports with daily geomagnetic activity over a 23-year period, and found that geomagnetic storms were associated with a 19% increased risk of stroke overall, and a 27% increased risk among adults "

                                When a big solar storm hits, the emergency rooms fill up. Our brain runs on electric power equivalent to a 15 watt light bulb. As our magnetosphere gets weaker, there will be much more energy coming through.

                                The papers cited by Suspicious Observers show a link between pole flip and extinction events. One paper.
                                Earth's Magnetic Flips May Have Triggered Mass Extinctions - D-brief

                                In short, man is dependent on stable energy fields around him. It is obvious that the weather is going crazy because of solar effects. As the magnetosphere gets weaker, both heart and brain health will deteriorate. Imagine a mass die-off of humans who do not have perfect health. That is what history and research are predicting.
                                The current PTB may have all kinds of plans for us. That does not mean that they will happen. We already have major computer system breakdowns from solar blasts.
                                Solar storms have already knocked out stock market trading and airline reservation systems. This will only get worse.

                                We can all wear a Faraday cage for a hat but, that won't help our electrical transmission system