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  • BroMikey

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  • Danny B
    There are plenty of people making all sorts of predictions. You can pick any desired outcome, and, somebody has made a prediction that aligns with it.
    Three certainties:Trump will win, CCP’s domestic economy will collapse, there will be warfare

    If there were no poor people in the world, the rich couldn't get anybody to work in the producing & service sectors. Keynes predicted that we would be so rich that we would only need to work 15 hrs a week to meet OUR needs. What about meeting the needs of the rich?
    Walter Burien uses the comprehensive annual financial reports filed by every government agency, every year. He shows that the government as a whole has squirrelled away < $237 trillion> in agency treasuries.

    Larry Summer is a Goldman Sachs guy who also "served" as secretary of the treasury.
    "Larry Summers, a lead player in Democrat financial policies since the 1990s, triggered left-wing outrage by suggesting that sending Americans $2,000 stimulus checks amid the Covid-19 pandemic could cause the economy to overheat."

    So, if they send me $2,000, we are going into hyperinflation.
    45 million Americans are living in poverty. Send them a little money to make rent and buy food. THAT is going to overheat the economy?
    Price inflation occurs when too much money is chasing to few goods. Helping people buy food isn't going to overheat any part of the economy.
    Fully 50% of the rise in the stock market is due to FED pumping.
    GOV has pumped in $<22 Trillion> into markets this year.

    The new stimulus bill that Trump won't sign is all about keeping Wall street in the gravy.
    NO gravy for you. YOU have to keep working.
    BTW, nobody sent me even a penny. That's OK

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  • Danny B
    At one time the State could spend one new dollar into circulation to get one dollar of growth. In more recent times, the State had to spend 5 dollars into circulation to get 1 dollar of growth. There are a few factors at play here.
    Sending new dollars to speculators doesn't translate to growth of anything tangible.
    Sending in new dollars that never make it to the wage structure only make the rich, richer. They can't actually consume proportionately.
    Sending in new dollars for consumption, rather than productive investment doesn't give as much return

    As the money supply grows, new money doesn't make as much difference.
    The FED spends more & more money to get less & less effect.

    Ghost in The Shell
    "The terrorists are either high tech pirates and gangs of angry youth who have lost faith and hope in the governments of the world after a global economic collapse—called the Synchronized Global Default—sent most people into huge debt. The government's solution to lift their economies back up? Embrace the concept of technology-fueled forever conflict called Sustainable War. "

    Synchronised global default

    Reportedly, Wind & solar power just don't pencil out.
    There are other possibilities like lattice confined fusion
    Not happy with just being communist, China has taken to attacking the rich.

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  • Danny B
    Japan had a falling population before the West did. When the population falls, commerce & credit fall. The banking sector must reduce until it is proportionate to population AND wages. Here are some good notes from an article on the possible "Japanification" of of Western States.

    "Fourth, financial markets rely on healthy corporate profits and strong banks, which help to provide sufficient capital and liquidity to markets to keep them functioning properly. As these factors would not be extant, the world economy would be in a permanent state of vulnerability and at constant risk of collapse."
    No mention of wages
    "But a critical mass of the world economy cannot—must not—reach a state of ‘Japanification’, because this implies there would be no one else left to provide both demand and capital"
    No mention of employment or wages.

    "As we have been warning since May, the European banking sector will not be able to cope with the negative effects of the pandemic. While the onset of the banking crisis was postponed through massive fiscal stimulus and debt-moratoria, they can keep a listing ship from capsizing only for so long."
    Japan is the world champion at rescuing failed financial institutions.
    "The only option remaining to central authorities is full nationalization of the banking sector and the financial markets. This would lead to the ‘Global Dystopia’, which possibility we have been alerting our subscribers to since December 2018. It would imply the loss of economic, and eventually also political freedoms, and could lead to a modernized form of peonage—a desperate, grim and marginalized existence for hundreds of millions. "
    So, if the banks are nationalized after ripping us off for centuries, we will all become peons.

    "We need free price discovery in the capital markets. We need a vigorous entrepreneurial class. We need a multiplicity of enterprises of all sizes, engaged in fierce competition—not just winner-take all commercial behemoths."
    No mention of automation or wages.
    "Central banks need to be reined-in or even dismantled altogether. The crushing weight of their influence and interference must be taken off the back of the global economy."
    Completely flawed conclusion. This is what you expect from people who are completely immersed in the money markets and have NO conception of what is going on in the real world. Unfortunately, THEY advise the State.

    54 Million Americans – Including 18 Million Kids – To Lack Access to Sufficient Food by Year’s End
    5.4 million starved to death in Great Depression one. As long as the powers that be are focused on nothing but banks and capital markets, there is no hope for the common man.

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  • Danny B
    Very good charts;
    12/23 Godfrey Bloom: “the great central banking experiment has failed – Claudio Grass
    Call it Central Bank thievery and warmongering.
    12/23 Market-rigging ESF slush fund increased to $681 billion by covid bill – GATA

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  • Danny B
    "The Japanese government this morning approved a JPY 106.61 trillion draft budget for 2021, the ninth consecutive record high. "
    Their population is falling so, their spending is rising. It can't possibly compensate but, they don't have a solution that fits within the existing monetary framework.
    12/21 $600 is not enough, and it won’t get easier – Daily Poster
    12/21 Inflation erodes purchasing power and hurts millennials the most – MB360
    They, of course mean PRICE inflation. The system can tolerate a small amount of currency inflation without creating a lot of price inflation. This is especially true for the reserve currency. There is widespread demand soaking up all that liquidity.
    BUT, after a certain point, the liquidity injections into the stock market bleed over into prices in the lower loop of the economy.

    Overly bullish speculators front-run “Santa Claus” – Real Investment Advice
    These speculators are front-running EVERYTHING that you might buy for Christmas.
    2021 is going to be rough! – Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity
    Not a huge surprise. This kind of currency inflation can't run forever.
    12/21 Stocks fall as new virus strain from the UK spooks investors – CNBC
    Hey buddy, wanna buy some tulip bulbs?

    12/20 Congress agrees to $900 billion coronavirus relief bill – CNBC
    The USD900 trillion stimulus deal [ZH: Rabo appears to have gotten a bit ahead of itself here, but this Freudian slip will be accurate in 3-4 years]
    Pork City: Here Are The Most Ridiculous Pet Projects In $900 Billion Stimulus Package
    House Passes 5593 Page Stimulus Bill Without Anyone Having Read It

    Purdue Pharma Owners Were Wary Of Lawsuits Before Moving $10 Billion From Company
    Yep, Perdue popularized cowboy cocaine

    DeBlasio Mocks Fox, Doubles Down On 'Mission To Redistribute Wealth'
    "If we think we’re going to deal with structural racism and segregation without redistribution of wealth, we’re kidding ourselves."

    Just in case that you think that DeBlasio has somehow cornered the market for stupidity, he has been grossly upstaged.
    Keep in mind that our Mother does NOT do equality. Mother Nature does refinement through competition.

    Bank Of America Expects 1.1BN People Will Be Vaccinated For COVID By Late 2020
    According to official forecasts from Operation Warp Speed, some 50 million Americans are expected to have been inoculated by the end of January...
    Goldman: Biggest Risks To COVID Vaccination Targets In US, Europe Are Confidence-Related
    Leaders in Britain and US push vaccines, but minorities aren’t lining up for the jab

    Government, Not COVID-19, Is Killing Small Businesses
    Climate Change Is The New Fed Mandate
    Given the Fed has blown three economic bubbles in succession, has never spotted a recession in advance, and is totally clueless about price stability, perhaps it ought to stick to monetary policy...
    Here's A Breakdown Of Everything Inside The $900BN Stimulus Bill, And What It Means For The US Economy

    A Major Support For Asset Prices Has Reversed
    investors are currently following the Chuck Prince investing mantra by “dancing while the music is playing"... It is worth remembering that eventually, the song ends.

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  • Danny B
    Just some numbers;
    Congress on the verge of spending $3 trillion in December as national debt climbs to $28 trillion
    The last stimulus package that Congress passed, the $2.2 trillion CARES Act in March, was the largest in U.S. history.
    The total national debt is $27.5 trillion and climbing to $28 trillion. In September, the Congressional Budget Office projected that the deficit would hit a record $3.3 trillion this year and the national debt will exceed the size of the entire U.S. economy in 2021.

    12/20 Coinbase CEO issues serious warning as bitcoin surges toward $25,000 – Forbes
    12/20 A speculative frenzy is sweeping Wall Street and world markets – Yahoo
    12/20 Stocks spike while people can’t afford food – Upfina
    12/20 41% of Euro IG bonds have negative yields as ECB keeps buying – ZH

    Economic collapse = societal collapse - It's deliberate so that we can have 'order out of chaos' as in NWO AKA the tyranny of the ruling socio-psychopaths

    On a percent change basis, the entire money stock of the US — which includes all of the money stock built up over its entire history — increased by 65.6%.
    In a single year!!!
    not since 50% or more of small and medium sized bushiness (a.k.a. “the tax base”) have been destroyed for completely ill-advised and (as it turns out) completely unnecessary reasons

    $15BN For Airlines, Corporate Meal Tax Breaks And Other Pork: What's Inside The $900BN Stimulus BIll
    Billions for corporations, $600 for peasants.


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  • Danny B
    UBS Chief Economist: There Is No Inflation, Consumers Are Just Imagining It

    12/18 Why Albert Edwards is starting to panic about soaring food prices – ZH

    12/17 Can 20 years of deflation be compressed into two years? – Charles Hugh Smith

    Los Angeles built tiny houses 8.5 by 7.5 feet for only $130,000 each

    Evil - Sen Ron Johnson blocks $1,200 relief checks
    Let them eat cake.

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  • Danny B
    U.S. Treasuries are the most traded instrument in the world. Armstrong claims that they are going to completely collapse.
    Gold (the barbarous relic) is the second most traded instrument in the world. Something like 5,000 tons of gold are traded daily. It is impossible to figure price inflation but, it does show up in gold. So, gold is traded on paper to act as an inflation index. Since there is no real limit to how much paper gold can be created, the price of physical gold is suppressed. Paper gold is for the most part, just an inflation index. Just the same, there are a lot of entities that deal in physical gold exclusively. The gold electronic trading funds claim that they have many tons of gold on hand as a reference.
    Every year, the chief financial officer signs off an audit of the physical gold.
    At the largest gold ETF, the CFO quit one day before the audit was to be released. A new CFO came in and, signed off the audit.

    "Why did the CFO resign one day before financial year end and not put her name to the annual 10-K submission to the SEC? That fact that the 8-K form was rushed out on 29 September appointing the new CFO “effective immediately” shows that the departure of Melman was abrupt, and that it triggered the rushed appointment of Woods on the same day “effective immediately”.

    Should the SPDR trust collapse, there would be a lockjup in the gold market. The price would go way up but, there wouldn't be any gold available. All the past decades of currency inflation would catch up all at once to the price of gold.

    Former Goldman CFO Calls For Universal Basic Income "To Stave Off Revolution"
    He is technically correct.

    Here is an excellent article from Ellen Brown on the kind of program that America needs most to get back on track.
    America has 6% a year currency inflation pumped directly to the bankers. This results in at least 2% price inflation. Year over year for decades has fattened the bankers and speculators at the cost of the producers.
    America’s 1% has taken $50 trillion from the bottom 90% – Time

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  • Danny B
    It looks like Russia has more gas & oil than the Middle-east AND Mexico.
    A VERY important medical discovery. It costs about $250 billion a year to treat Alzheimers alone in America. Dementia is very expensive to treat.
    12/17 61% of restaurants, 35% of small businesses can’t pay their rent – ZH

    12/16 Fed commits to keep buying bonds until the economy is at full employment – ECB
    OR, the cows come home.

    America’s 1% has taken $50 trillion from the bottom 90% – Time

    All of the world’s money and markets in one visualization – Visual Capitalist

    Dying capitalism & the new feudalism – Gold Switzerland

    12/17 Japan’s latest extra budget adds $210 billion in spending – Bloomberg
    What Japan really needs is,,,, more Japanese

    12/16 Retail sales plunge more than expected in November – MSN
    More than expected, HUH. The stimulus ends,,,, spending ends.

    12/16 Government interventions mask a growing corporate insolvency crisis – Axios

    12/16 Inside Congress’ chaotic December spend-a-thon – Federalist

    Every day that goes by, it becomes MORE obvious that American wages can NOT keep Americans spending.
    "They" pump liquidity into the upper loop hoping to keep things going. This wasn't working very well so, they pumped money into the lower loop.
    Unless wages and employment rise way up, they can never stop pumping.
    Jobless claims: Another 885,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

    Trump is going into battle mode to get jobs back from China.
    That won't end automation.
    15% of American companies are zombies and, can't pay their loans. SO, they are given free money. So, while many writers complain about all the $trillions pumped into the upper loop, this liquidity keeps company workers employed rather than just sending them a check every week while they sit at home while their brains rot from lack of use.
    The downside is, price inflation.

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  • Danny B
    Zero Hedge, Autonomous Drone To Launch Satellites Into Orbit For Space Force
    So, do you think that it could be used to launch anything else?
    Negative-Yielding Debt Exceeds $18 Trillion As Global Market Cap Hits $100 Trillion

    "Amazing" Hypocrisy: Democrats Make Wreck Of COVID-19 Relief Negotiations
    Democrats stonewalled all year on a new pandemic relief package. Now they're proposing a new plan that undercuts even Republican proposals, and screws everyone but - get this - defense contractors."
    Expect The Most Evictions In History As Ban Expires
    The number of Americans depressed or considering suicide has soared because of the COVID lockdowns

    Evidently, the continued destruction of the economy is a priority for the DEMS.

    12/15 Second $1,200 stimulus checks are not in the new relief proposal – CNBC

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  • Danny B
    Great Britain up at bat.
    Brexit may finally happen. Who knows for sure? One of the major battles is over fishing rights. The French want to continue fishing in English waters. The Europeans in general want to continue to fish in Norwegian waters. The EU wanted the negotiations to drag on indefinitely. Things are getting tense. A few headlines;

    Gunboats On Standby, Boosted Customs Staff, 24/7 Border Centre: UK ‘No Deal’ Brexit Plans Unveiled
    preparations for Britain crashing out of the bloc have so far seen Royal Navy vessels deployed to ward off 'threats of illegal fishing' in UK waters.
    Some 4 bln has been spent on measures to limit disruption to Britain's supply chain and fishing waters,
    Ministry of Defence confirming that four 80-metre gunboats have been placed on standby.
    Cabinet ministers are reportedly drawing up a multi-billion-pound bail-out package to help sheep farmers, fishermen, car manufacturers and chemical suppliers, among others potentially set to be the hardest-hit by a no deal scenario
    naval vessels to respond to threats of illegal fishing in our soon-to-be sovereign waters"

    Nigel Farage Predicts the End for Johnson if PM Makes 'Last Minute' Brexit Concession

    As if things weren't screwey enough with brexit, plandemic and, the U.S. elections, China is in trouble. There seems to be a general theme of a lack of money.
    China's foreign exchange exhausted when $ 4 trillion disappeared, the CCP went bankrupt economically

    China has pi$$ed off many of their neighbors. Not to mention that they are in the process of putting Australia up against the wall.
    China does seem to be running out of food. They started a campaign "clean your plate" They urged people to bring their pets to the restaurant so that they could be served up. China recently sanctioned U.S. grain suppliers. Then, they reversed the sanctions and raised imports by 30%.
    China has sent out many thousands of fishing boats. Many do illegal fishing. Several countries have blow up Chinese fishing boats for stealing fish inside inside territorial waters.

    Indonesia Blows Up 45 Fishing Ships and Sinks Them | Sending Tough message to China
    Argentine coast guard opens fire on Chinese fishing boat
    Dramatic capture operation of illegal Chinese fishing vessels in the Korea Sea
    Terrible fact : US,Philippines blow up & sink China fishing boat in raids near Taiwan border
    Japan Order To Shoot Any China Fishing Boats, After Increasing Number of China Fishing Boats in EEZ
    South China sea: Indonesia Has Blown Up 363 Chinese Fishing vessel | Illegal Chinese Fishing

    Beijing cancels joint crackdown on Chinese illegal fishing boats

    They desperately need the food
    Indonesia blows up and sinks another 81 fishing boats for poaching
    30 views 2 weeks ago
    US Sends Coast Guards to Arrest and Sink China illegal fishing boats of foul play in the Pacific
    1 month ago
    High Alert: Japan will-sink thousands of illegal Chinese fishing boats around the East China Sea
    1 month ago

    China criticizes South Korea coast guard for firing at illegal fishing boats
    Warn China (dec 13 2020):US Military to Sink 500 China illegal Fishing Ships in South China Sea
    1 month ago

    OK, you get the idea. The swine flu wiped out the pork herd and, China is very short of protein.
    BUT, they cut way back on the water supplies to 2 billion people,,, their neighbors. So, everybody plays target practice with illegal Cjhinese fishing boats. Trump is helping out the small neighbors who don't have adequate naval power.

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  • Danny B
    "But with the right government provisions, they believe, the end of wage labor will allow for a golden age of well-being."
    From The World Economic Forum;
    The Great Reset will amalgamate capitalism and socialism in the interest of prosperity for all people."
    Armstrong rails against the plans of the WEF. It would completely gut the profits extracted from the stock market.
    I think that it is safe to assume that the corporatocracy wants all the "non-performing assets" to quietly exit the play,,,, stage-right.
    OR, at the very least, they must work for a wage that would preclude procreation.

    Search on...... there won't be enough work to go around...
    Man has reached a stage where the warnings of the Luddites are quickly coming to the forefront. Some factions are pushing for a great population reduction.

    The State would like to cut some of it's overhead costs like social programs.
    Trump is an extreme pressure working against the consensus of the PTB who want to completely overhaul everything in society.
    Klaus Schwab says that "in 10 years, you will own nothing"
    You can see that people with feces-for-brains who plan to completely re-order the world have NO understanding of human nature.
    The psychological effect of being transformed into a penniless vagrant would destroy most people AND, society in general.

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  • Danny B
    The end of work is still just a futuristic concept for most of the United States, but it is something like a moment in history for Youngstown, Ohio, one its residents can cite with precision: September 19, 1977.
    For much of the 20th century, Youngstown’s steel mills delivered such great prosperity that the city was a model of the American dream,
    1977, Youngstown Sheet and Tube announced the shuttering of its Campbell Works mill. Within five years, the city lost 50,000 jobs and $1.3 billion in manufacturing wages.
    Youngstown was transformed not only by an economic disruption but also by a psychological and cultural breakdown. Depression, spousal abuse, and suicide all became much more prevalent; the caseload of the area’s mental-health center tripled within a decade. The city built four prisons in the mid-1990s
    “Youngstown’s story is America’s story, because it shows that when jobs go away, the cultural cohesion of a place is destroyed,” says John Russo, a professor of labor studies at Youngstown State University. “The cultural breakdown matters even more than the economic breakdown.”
    But even leaving aside questions of how to distribute that wealth, the widespread disappearance of work would usher in a social transformation unlike any we’ve seen. If John Russo is right, then saving work is more important than saving any particular job. Industriousness has served as America’s unofficial religion since its founding. The sanctity and preeminence of work lie at the heart of the country’s politics, economics, and social interactions. What might happen if work goes away?

    What may be looming is something different: an era of technological unemployment, in which computer scientists and software engineers essentially invent us out of work, and the total number of jobs declines steadily and permanently.
    President Herbert Hoover received a letter warning that industrial technology was a “Frankenstein monster” that threatened to upend manufacturing, “devouring our civilization.” (The letter came from the mayor of Palo Alto, of all places.)
    a committee of scientists and social activists sent an open letter to President Lyndon B. Johnson arguing that “the cybernation revolution” would create “a separate nation of the poor, the unskilled, the jobless,” who would be unable either to find work or to afford life’s necessities.
    some of the most sober economists are beginning to worry that the Luddites weren’t wrong, just premature.

    technology could exert a slow but continual downward pressure on the value and availability of work—that is, on wages and on the share of prime-age workers with full-time jobs. Eventually, by degrees, that could create a new normal, where the expectation that work will be a central feature of adult life dissipates for a significant portion of society.
    the ongoing triumph of capital over labor, the quiet demise of the working man, and the impressive dexterity of information technology.

    The share of U.S. economic output that’s paid out in wages fell steadily in the 1980s, reversed some of its losses in the ’90s, and then continued falling after 2000, accelerating during the Great Recession. It now stands at its lowest level since the government started keeping track in the mid‑20th century.
    almost half of the decline is the result of businesses’ replacing workers with computers and software. In 1964, the nation’s most valuable company, AT&T, was worth $267 billion in today’s dollars and employed 758,611 people. Today’s telecommunications giant, Google, is worth $370 billion but has only about 55,000 employees—less than a tenth the size of AT&T’s workforce in its heyday.

    The share of prime-age Americans (25 to 54 years old) who are working has been trending down since 2000. Among men, the decline began even earlier: the share of prime-age men who are neither working nor looking for work has doubled since the late 1970s, and has increased as much throughout the recovery as it did during the Great Recession itself.

    Six years into the recovery, the share of recent college grads who are “underemployed” (in jobs that historically haven’t required a degree) is still higher than it was in 2007—or, for that matter, 2000. And the supply of these “non-college jobs” is shifting away from high-paying occupations, such as electrician, toward low-wage service jobs, such as waiter. More people are pursuing higher education, but the real wages of recent college graduates have fallen by 7.7 percent since 2000. In the biggest picture, the job market appears to be requiring more and more preparation for a lower and lower starting wage.

    Technology creates some jobs too, but the creative half of creative destruction is easily overstated. Nine out of 10 workers today are in occupations that existed 100 years ago, and just 5 percent of the jobs generated between 1993 and 2013 came from “high tech” sectors like computing, software, and telecommunications. Our newest industries tend to be the most labor-efficient: they just don’t require many people. It is for precisely this reason that the economic historian Robert Skidelsky, comparing the exponential growth in computing power with the less-than-exponential growth in job complexity, has said, “Sooner or later, we will run out of jobs.”

    the means by which the economy produces goods, the means by which people earn income, and an activity that lends meaning or purpose to many people’s lives. “We tend to conflate these things,” he told me, “because today we need to pay people to keep the lights on, so to speak. But in a future of abundance, you wouldn’t, and we ought to think about ways to make it easier and better to not be employed.”
    The unemployed theoretically have the most time to socialize, and yet studies have shown that they feel the most social isolation

    Other researchers have used the term guilty couch potato to describe people who use media to relax but often feel worthless when they reflect on their unproductive downtime. Contentment speaks in the present tense, but something more—pride—comes only in reflection on past accomplishments.
    The post-workists argue that Americans work so hard because their culture has conditioned them to feel guilty when they are not being productive, and that this guilt will fade as work ceases to be the norm. This might prove true, but it’s an untestable hypothesis. When I asked Hunnicutt what sort of modern community most resembles his ideal of a post-work society, he admitted, “I’m not sure that such a place exists.”
    But it’s hard to imagine that leisure could ever entirely fill the vacuum of accomplishment left by the demise of labor. Most people do need to achieve things through, yes, work to feel a lasting sense of purpose.

    Research has shown that it is harder to recover from a long bout of joblessness than from losing a loved one or suffering a life-altering injury.
    The paradox of work is that many people hate their jobs, but they are considerably more miserable doing nothing.
    But with the right government provisions, they believe, the end of wage labor will allow for a golden age of well-being.
    These are futures of consumption, communal creativity, and contingency. In any combination, it is almost certain that the country would have to embrace a radical new role for government.
    Hunnicutt’s vision rests on certain assumptions about taxation and redistribution that might not be congenial to many Americans today.

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  • Danny B
    Notes from Zero Hedge;
    A $1.1 Trillion Boost: Why JPM Sees Stocks Rising As Much As 25% Next Year
    At the same time, we hear;
    "Tails Are Getting Crazy" - Nomura Warns Pullback-Risks Remain Due To 'Sentiment & Positioning' Overshoots

    Israel Summons Russian Ambassador After Blistering Criticism Of Attacks On Iran & Syria
    "The problem in the region is not Iranian activities," Viktorov told The Jerusalem Post the day prior, strongly suggesting it's Israeli aggression that's the main problem.
    The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it "expressed, through the official for policy and strategy, Alon Bar, its strong rejection of the statements published during a frank interview, and that they are not consistent with the reality of the situation in the Middle East,"
    I'm sure that the israeli's are blameless.

    Reseller Bot Software Is Making It Impossible To Buy A Playstation 5 Online In Time For The Holidays
    Once again, EVERYTHING is being bought up by hot money, front-running your purchases.

    Hunter Biden Criminal Probe Bolsters Chinese Scholar's Claim Of Beijing Infiltrating 'Top Of America's Core'
    Now matter how stinky Hunter is, the MSM just go along.

    Digital Economy Disruption Possible As "Terminator Event" Suggests Strongest Sunspot Cycle On Record Imminent
    Solar cycle 25 that is just beginning was expected to be mild. Unfortunately, the sun is breaking OUT of projections. It looks bad.

    UK, EU Impose Emergency Plans To Prevent Economic Chaos Should Brexit Talks Fail
    WHAT emergency plans. There is nothing left to try.

    Melinda Gates Admits "We Hadn't Really Thought Through the Economic Impacts"
    It’s a maddening statement, to be sure, as if “economics” is somehow a peripheral concern to the rest of human life and public health.
    most of the people who have been advocating lockdowns in fact have no actual experience in managing pandemics
    What did surprise us is we hadn’t really thought through the economic impacts. What happens when you have a pandemic that’s running rampant in populations all over the world? The fact that we would all be home, and working from home if we were lucky enough to do that. That was a piece that I think we hadn’t really prepared for."
    Ah yes, the farmers and blue-collar workers can all work from home.
    "Experience has shown that communities faced with epidemics or other adverse events respond best and with the least anxiety when the normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted. "

    Initial Jobless Claims Jump Most Since March As Lockdowns Strike

    Watch Live: ECB Christine Lagarde Explain How More Of The Same Policy Will Work This Time

    so we look forward to Christine Lagarde explaining just how "more of the same" will result in a different outcome this time...

    ECB Boosts QE By €500BN, Euro Jumps On Lack Of Dovish Surprises
    The Governing Council decided to increase the envelope of the pandemic emergency purchase programme (PEPP) by €500 billion to a total of €1,850 billion.

    It is slowly beginning to dawn on the PTB that the lockdowns are far more destructive than they had imagined. They are printing up trillions of currency units to try to save the system from total collapse. While "they" want to do massive population reduction, they do NOT want to kick everybody down to a hunter-gatherer "economy"

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