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PPS Material Plastic Performance

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  • PPS Material Plastic Performance

    PPS Plastic's two main traits are: First, good
    electric insulativity, especially the high frequency insulation, white color, hard and brittle, there will be metal sound. Luminousness is the second best,organic glass is the best. And PPS plastic has good dyeing property, Water tolerance, chemical stability. And this kind of plastic has good fire resistance, it's aphlogistic plastic.

    Second, its strength is very ordinary, but it is britlle, it is easy to get embrittlement. PPS plastic could not bear benzene, gasoline and other organic solvent. It can be used in the temperature of 260 and it can be kept stable in the temperature of 100. After changing the material property by adding glass fibre or other reinforcing materials, which could improve impulse strength , also do the heat resistance and other mechanical properties, the density has been improved to 1.6-1.9, molding contractibility rate have decreased to 0.15-0.25%, it adapts to produce heat-resisting, insulated units and chemical instruments, optical instrument and other elements.

    Anyway, PPS Plastic is really a good kind of plastic.