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NES Health System - Nutri-Energetics System for Sale

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  • NES Health System - Nutri-Energetics System for Sale

    NES Health System (Nutri-Energetics System) $6,500

    The NES Health System measures the regulating field of energy and information that operates below cell level—the level called the Human Body-Field that feeds information to the cells.

    Remedies in the form of “Infoceuticals” are then recommended to reprogram the human body-field to correct blockages and distortions to help restore the health of body cells—sometimes dramatically.

    Complete package comes with NES device, NES software system, some infoceuticals, 20 NES Introductory DVDs, 3 “The Living Matrix” DVDs, and a package of introductory NES brochures.

    A training program is available from Integrative Life Solutions:
    Human body-field NES ProVision Practitioner Clemmons, NC

    For more information, check: NES Health - Conscious Well-being Through Energy and Information.

    VISA, MasterCard, or Paypal.

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    I am interested in buying your NES if it is still avaliable. Anyhow I would appreciate an answer from you.

    Best regards

    Ann Zander


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      Hi I am so happy to find you guys. I have had my SCIO two yrs now and am a CBS, I love it. I use it for personal and family. I have taken many webinars and traveled a lot taking classes. There is so much to learn and so little time. my husband ask me why I didn't find this twenty yrs ago. Well I was looking, glad I found it now. anyway, I want to apologize to this person, I took an online class and I forget the ladies name and company. I would love to find her. My computer crashed two weeks back and all my info about her is gone. I mean everything. I have really played heck trying to locate all I lost. but I am working on it. anyway if any of you folks know her please send me her email and or name. She did a webinar for several weeks on HCG dieting and incorporating it into your business. I know Susan Blackard did a class on HCG dieting also. But this is another lady and she is totally separte from Susan Blackard. my email thanks for any help. I greatly appreciate. Your friend in SCIO.
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        NES still available?

        Is your NES provision still available?


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          Yes, the NES is still available.


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            Sorry for the delay in responding, the NES is still available. If you want to call my number is 757-644-3400 ext. 3381.


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              A good NES system, I am very interested in it!
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