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    I'm curious to know exactly what is PATHS? I did check out someone's link, and viewed the DEMO's but I'm still unclear of the Rapid Data Transfer information. Exactly what kind of information is being tranferred to the subconscious? Is it strictly light and sound? Or is there something else "embedded"?


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    You choose what info is being transferred by selecting the module(s) you want. There are general ones as well as custom options available.

    The "language" is understood by the subconscious regardless of the tongue of the person. It's in the sound and the visuals but I don't believe it is technically explained more specifically than that. (There is a bit of propriety involved.)

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      Aaron wrote up a great detailed explanation of how PATHS RDT works----

      Here is the link---

      An excerpt:

      Once the instructions are developed in plain English for each module, they are reworded into a proprietary verbiage that is compatible with the Universal Translator.

      The modified instructions are then ran through the RDT Universal Translator, which converts them into a form that can be embedded into both the Theater Presentation and the Quantum Amplifier.

      When watching the Theater Presentation, the Subconscious Mind receives the module’s instructions by way of visual and audio components.

      The Subconscious Mind also receives the instructions directly from the Quantum Amplifier (hardware booster) through subspace, aether, collective, matrix or other term representing the medium through which thoughts and intentions travel.

      The Subconscious Mind communicates these instructions directly to the MIND in order for thoughts and habit patterns to become more desirable.

      The Subconscious Mind also communicates these instructions directly to the BODY in order for desirable biological changes to occur.

      The Subconscious Mind also communicates these instructions directly back to the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS in order to powerfully attract desirable occurrences into one’s life.


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