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SubSpace, Bill Nelson and Nirvana

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  • SubSpace, Bill Nelson and Nirvana

    Here is a conversation between Nirvana and Bill Nelson. I am forever in awe of these two!

    NIRVANA: The big question, which I don’t think anyone can answer as well as anyone other than of course, you. Subspace? We all have our own interpretations of subspace.

    PROFESSOR BILL NELSON: Ah, that’s not a big question! I mean, I don’t think so. Basically, what it was, in the beginning, I started recognizing in the very early days of my work that I was always fascinated by psychic phenomenon. I was an Electrical Engineer and a Mathematical wiz kid, etc. and into the Science and etc. I was 18 years old and I really screwed up my life! (Laughter…)

    NIRVANA: Well, we learn from mistakes.

    PROFESSOR BILL NELSON: Yes, we learn from mistakes.

    NIRVANA: That’s how you improve yourself.

    PROFESSOR BILL NELSON: Yes. I had thought that the entire process of scientific discovery was all going to come from a rational, linear, type of science. At this point in time, having run into the wall, and then decided to get out of Electrical Engineering, I got into Religion. I wanted to become a Pastor for the Lutheran Church and I started uncovering that there was another part of the brain. That there was two halves of the brain and that one had this male, scientific, linear, verbal aspect and that the other side of the brain didn’t have that. The other side had kind of an intuitive female side to it and a Gestalt, a nonverbal quality, an intuition. Then I found out that this is also reflected in the world. We have the Eastern Religions and the Sufi, like you and I talked about, and these incredible things and then I started saying, wait a minute, there is a whole other way to perceive the world! And it was captured and expressed and captured in each and every one of us. So, then as I got into Psychic Phenomenon and I hosted a TV show, “Good Morning Youngstown”, I was this psychic! I started studying this and I taught classes. The first classes…

    NIRVANA: …wow, you have done it all!

    PROFESSOR BILL NELSON: Yeah! The first classes that I actually taught in the college, were Meditation and Mysticism and these things and later on I was brought in to teach Mathematics and other Psychology courses. So, I started really researching this whole field and finding out more about this and that there is a phenomenon of the ability of a person to touch another person through a nonscientific process. This psychic type of thing, and I looked into Radionics and I looked into all of the different ideas and etc. and I’d found a process where this could happen mostly in a Quantum field. We had the whole idea of Thermal Dynamics and Quantum Theory and etc., but when we look at the world, we think that Newtonian Physics and Thermal Dynamics apply, but it really doesn’t. It only appears to. When we make a deeper level perspective, we find out that Quantum Theory cannot be avoided and it describes our world better.

    So, the Quantum Physics and etc… and I started seeing this, and then we found out very dramatically that religion is real. This is why people all over the world, more than any other place in the world the people who feel spirituality the most are the Americans now. Absolutely, undeniably, the people of American feel closer to spirituality more than any other country in the world at this point in time, by far, in ratings that they’ve done. And there is a God consciousness and it has many different reflections, etc. People that grow up in a different area might see it a little different, you know, they might come up with a different name like we come up with a different name for apple, and you know, different cultures and etc. But I believe there is a commonality in this and prayer works, undeniably, and many people have done this. Larry Dorsey wrote a book where he showed that in 300 different studies, if you pray for these people, they would have a tendency to get slightly better than the people you don’t pray for and it was a measurable scientific phenomenon.

    Prayer, it could help people. We’ve known this. Our culture is built on this. So, the Tibetans had employed a Prayer Wheel where they made an inanimate object. An inanimate object was going to be able to pray and I said, well, I could build a Tibetan Prayer Wheel into the computer, which would be extremely sophisticated. The Prayer Wheel, which might do thousands of prayers a second, I can build one that could do millions or a hundred million prayers a second. This is simple and easy. So, I thought, ok, that’s fine. We recognized that if I built a Quantum Field, you see, if I built a Quantum Field that… because the body’s quantic, and because this process we’re talking about, this psychic process is quantic… if I built a Quantic Field, coupled with the Prayer Wheel and all of the other things that I could embody an electronic Radionics. I could get the Radionics system to work. I could do this. And some people came up with some different ideas that helped me and I said fine.

    So, I built the first one. Now, I had already built the electrical device and I thought well, ok, I’d look into this little Radionics component to it and then I started getting more and more results and people were calling me up and saying incredible, incredible things, and wonderful things and then I found out that it just completely validated that what we were doing is real in so many ways. I could just tell you thousands of stories we’ve heard about subspace!

    On the other hand, I have to also share with you, Nirvana, that there are people who didn’t get results in subspace and then I had to say, put on the harness, because the harness is much more effective than subspace.

    NIRVANA: Is it because those people, again, don’t believe and put up a shield?

    PROFESSOR BILL NELSON: No. So, it was very exciting to be able to see this subspace thing take off and go off in all different types of directions. But like I said, there are certain people that I found out weren’t using the harness. With the harness, electrically, it can correct brain waves; detect aberrant brain waves, whereas the subspace system is really praying for you, and it works. It works. There is reality to prayer, but the electrical harness works better, you see.

    If you are acid, the electrical harness can supply electrons, to make you more alkaline. But with prayer, we are praying for you to become more alkaline. The prayer works and people can become more alkaline, but slightly, you see. So, it’s kind of like if you prayed for oxygen, and taped up your nose and taped up your mouth, you would quickly find out that just praying just isn’t enough! You need other things and the harness can supply some of these other electrical energies and some of these things. So, the harness is 400% greater in therapy than to subspace.

    So, if you’re not getting results in subspace, then hook up the harness. I believe the American people, talk about skeptical; they’re going to be really skeptical if we try to make our entire living by saying that “Just sit here and breathe, and the computer will fix everything!” That’s very hard to explain. That’s a jump in their logic, but when you hook them up to the harness and they can see and they know biofeedback, and energy coming in, and energy coming out, they’re going to have a higher level of belief and that’s what I believe.

    The harness is worthwhile, dramatically worthwhile, if you’re not getting results, use the harness and you should use the harness in your day-to-day practice. Because if you don’t, you’re going to have people burning crosses in your…. (Laughter) they’ve done that, believe me!