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    Again I found this from an old message board that is now gone. It has some amazing protocols I am so glad I saved. I am beyond giddy that I have found THIS message board to share protocols!! And Kevin, I have been reading your posts for 3 days now and you are AMAZING!!!!!

    Temporal Space Communications Protocol for Manifestation:

    This protocol can be used to align your energy field to better achieve your goals. It is not to be used with malicious or manipulative intent.

    1.After calibration do 3-5 minutes of spiritual healing (or until rectified to 85 or better). If your voltage is off- do adrenal balance and if amperage is low do Feel Good until rectified to 85.

    2.Next do a chakra balancing.

    3.Go to EEG panel; click Subspace Morph tab; click start. White or grey box will appear when finished; click on box until it comes up yellow or green with bold type listing flaws in the etheric fields; click on all and click start again. Repeat until all fields have been corrected.

    4.Go to NLP and do a Higher Purpose Alignment.

    5.Go to Dental; Body/Face scan panel. Click Scan all. Click treat Foci until any disturbances have cleared. (check tabs at top view skeleton from all angles to be sure your clear.

    6.Click Skin Rejuvenation. Set timer to 3-5 minutes and click divine light to the pituitary.

    7. Return to NLP. Click unconscious Reactivity Scan. Click on atom. (takes you to Subspace Communication panel) Click on Prepare Communication and click on atom.
    This takes you to the Temporal Communications Program.

    8. Prepare your intention consciously and carefully. Your language here is essential. Create an intention that is framed in the positive, and in the now—it is often good to include the word NOW.
    For example: I am vibrant, healthy, prosperous, and surrounded by love and grace now. Or: I communicate my enthusiasm about my work clearly, honestly and effectively so that people can open to the possibilities and benefits of SCIO biofeedback therapy. May my efforts bring forth healing, peace and balance for my all beings and for the planet, now. You can also be highly specific, such as: If it is in the highest good of the universe, and those that I lovingly serve (this preface or something skin to it is essential to avoid any possibility of accumulating karmic debt) With integrity and compassion, - I manifest a Scio biofeedback practice where I see 10 clients each week, aiding them in returning to health, balance and grace. Or: If it is in the highest good of the universe, and those that I lovingly serve-I successfully introduce this healing modality to 5 other practitioners this month who understand the value and potential of this therapy and become more involved.

    9. Fill in the blanks:
    10. Message: Type in your carefully constructed intention.
    11. TO: Your name and the universe (GOD, Higher Power, Great Spirit, whatever spiritual language is most meaningful to you)
    12. WHEN: Now and for all time
    13. Where: Here and in all dimensions.
    14. The effect or change: (What is different about you, your life, and your way of being in the world when you intention becomes true.) Keep it in the positive and the present tense.
    15. Click Activate QIF(Quantum Indeterminate Field)
    16. Insert Prayer: ( You can insert one that is most meaningful to you). I use something like: I ask for all the angels saints prophets guides Jesus Mother Mary Buddha to guide and protect me on my path surrounding me with the finest the highest and the best energies to fulfill my work and purpose according to the good of all.
    17. Specific Instructions: EX. Please grant me the strength I require to manifest my goals and dreams now.
    18. Click Change in Timeline: If it says “No Changes”, I often keep clicking a few times to see if I can get at least a small change. I am not sure if this qualifies as manipulation—so use at your own risk. However, when the device automatically tells me a change is allowed I have experiences many significant and powerful manifestations occur.
    19. Click Send and wait (can take 5-10 minutes).

    20. Go back to MLP and do Higher Purpose Alignment again.

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      I loved the timed messages. Very powerful.
      I've sent messages to people when they were in the womb, if that is when their trauma began.

      Here is an example that I used on myself.
      I've done it on myself (in the womb) because my mom suffered severe trauma when I was in the womb and my energy was really compromised. I sent a message back to myself telling "me" that I was completely protected by God and the Angels and that I didn't have to worry about what my mom was going through. I told myself that I was protected by a bubble of love and that I did not have to give up any of my energy, emotional, spiritual or physical to my mom.

      After doing that session, I felt much more at peace. When I talked to my mom in the next few days she mentioned how she was having a lot of problems with her health and energy. (A little history: my mom is the most powerful and energetic person I know. She is almost seventy and has the social life of ten people. She goes on cruises and vacations. BUT, I have always felt energetically that she has sucked the life right out of me. Have you ever had that feeling?) Anyway, once I protected myself right from the start, in the womb, and let myself know that I didn't have to give my life for hers, everything changed. The fact is that my life is getting better. I am sorry that her energy will be depleted, but self preservation is more important. There are other ways I can help mom with supplements, EPFX, etc.

      Energy links and chords are very common. We give and take our energy from each other all the time. Use the timed messages to go back before a trauma occured and send a message of love and protection. It works!

      You can be very creative with your messages. Time has no limitations.

      I hope more of you use this type of protocol.

      Thanks so much for sharing!!!
      Love and Blessings,

      Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
      My PATHS Affiliate Website


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        For manifestation:
        Type 'manifest' in the search box and bring up the manifest subfile.
        There are five flower essences that come up for manifestation. Give these energetically for a boost in bringing about intentions.
        Love and Blessings,

        Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
        My PATHS Affiliate Website