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December 6-7, 2008 - Weekend Quantum Cellular Biology Workshop

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  • December 6-7, 2008 - Weekend Quantum Cellular Biology Workshop

    *posted on behalf of Diana Donaldson, Zone Manager, The Quantum Alliance



    Saturday Dec. 6th & Sunday Dec. 7th
    at the Courtyard by Marriott Santa Clarita CA

    I am so excited to be bringing together these two amazing Master’s to share with us their wealth of information on Healing. I promise you will go home with new tools, new ideas and strong step by step protocols you can use everyday as a powerful Stress Reduction Specialist. Feeling more confident you’ll be physically rejuvenated and your Practice as a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist will get a new boost of enthusiasm and direction. Come and experience what you can only pick up first hand “up close and personal.” Rubbing elbows with beautiful like minded Quantum Friends from all over the country. Learn more about the ever-expanding fields of opportunity in our helping others to De-Stress. Come learn more of the basics in Natural Health. Anti-Aging ,Detox, Nutrition, and Parasite Cleanses. Setting your intention as a Practitioner. And the power of your client setting their intention along with you! We’ll learn more about how our environment including how your pets are affected by your beliefs. Learn how Self-Hypnosis and Biofeedback can help turn back the Aging Process fast!!! How to help ourselves and others get un-stuck! Why people don’t heal, and how to assist them at a cellular energetic level by shifting their Cellular Beliefs! How amazing the results are and can be! And just how easy using these step by step tools for yourself, family, friends and all your Clients!

    JIM PICKERELL ND, LBT, CVT - Quantum Master & Naturopath

    Introducing the cutting edge science of Epigenetic & the EPFX
    (The Science of altering the genes through thought and emotions by altering your beliefs.) We’ve all read Bruce Lipton and Deepak’s’ works on how our own perception alters our reality. I.e.: I’m 60 years young and I’m young and vibrant – vs. – I’m over the hill at 60 and…”
    Jim will show us how it applies to the EPFX. And how the EPFX can work on the subconscious level to help alter beliefs on a conscious level. How we can effectively help re-write the old tapes and help create new ones by using our amazing technology! He’ll teach us practical and efficient ways to use these programs immediately in our practice.

    Everything happens in the environment the cellular matrix where cells receive the messages and frequency information for moment to moment function

    Saturday – Dec. 6th
    The Science of Epigenetic – Cellular Biology
    Anti-Aging Protocol and tools
    Anti-Parasites and Detox
    Self Hypnosis, biofeedback to alter the aging process
    Environment and the Cellular Matrix

    *Wayne Rowland’s after lunch!

    Sunday – December 7th
    Taking anti-aging to a deeper level
    Science of Homotoxicology

    ***Transmission of parasites and the association with animals and the environment
    Principles of zoonotic dis-ease

    Bridging the relationships between humans and their animal companions in your practice.

    How your beliefs affect the genes in your cellular structure, buy changing your beliefs you can alter the protein messages to your cells and enhance the structure through the EPFX and Biofeedback.

    *Wayne Rowland after lunch!

    Wayne Rowland
    And Our special guest Shaman and Scientist Wayne Rowland from Rainer, WA

    Wayne Rowland was born on the Standing Rock Indian Reserve in North Dakota. He was trained by his adoptive Blackfoot father from the age of four till twenty to become a Medicine Man and Shaman. A natural Inventor Wayne gives credit to the Divine Mind or what he calls “Going to God’s Banquet Table” for dozens of different inventions related to Engineering and Healing technologies!

    Wayne was caught up in a Life threatening lead explosion at the age of forty and from there he’s spent the majority of his time discovering and inventing ways to heal. Some of these include a powerful frequency enhanced Silver Water manufactured with Lightning! He also has made unique life giving Enzymes made from organic source greens grown in other countries free from chemicals and hybridization! He has many other amazing and highly beneficial nutritional products.

    Wayne has been described as a Walking Talking Natural Health Encyclopedia!!
    He believes in keeping health and wellness simple and that the closer we stay to nature the better.

    When: Saturday & Sunday – December 6th & 7th , 2008 Saturday meet and greet at 9:00am – Workshop 9:30 – 6:00. Sunday coffee at 9:00 and class 9:30-5:30.
    Where: The Courtland Marriott In Santa Clarita just off the 5 fwy at the 126 Fwy Newhall Ranch Exit (You can see it at the fwy)
    PRICE Only $200. for both days ! And only $100. for your guests.
    CONTACT: Diana Donaldson – Zone Manager (818) 995-1179 or email at
    Rooms are available: Please mention our workshop – We have a block of rooms reserved for $139.00 + tax which includes Breakfast. 661 257-3220.
    Coffee and Tea and Snacks will be provided at the Workshop FREE. And there’s all kinds of healthy type fast food places close by for Lunch & Dinner. And there’s always the hotel dining room.
    Bart Keough – Seattle/Tacoma Zone Manager and my dear friend will also be joining us! And I’m sure many more from all over the country!
    COME PREPARED – To learn – To meet new friends - To have fun. And set your intentions NOW to add all these new tools and protocols to your practice because your practice is going to GROW FAST as a result! Knowledge is Power! Just think of this Workshop Weekend as adding higher frequencies and shifting your paradigm ! Jim Pickerell and Don from BioTradetech will have all kinds of wonderful anti-aging tools including the Face Veil and harnesses. PLUS … for everyone attending Jim will be sending you home with a FREE CD on the EPFX and Animal Applications. Things like Animal Communication, Bach Flower Remedies for Animals, Essential Oils, Physiology and more! And … I’m excited to share that Wayne Rowland will be sharing on and selling his products the CGAM “Clean me Up” Program! (Which I just started myself!) In other words you’re gonna learn new programs AND what products to use! All at the same workshop – Who-hoooo!

    Looking fwd to making the shift with you!
    Love & Many Blessings,
    Diana Donaldson RScP, QBS – Zone Mgr.

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    Wow! Thanks for the info. It sounds like an awesome workshop!
    The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to sharpen.
    -Eden Phillpotts


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      Too far from Jersey for me but sounds delightful

      "But ye shall receive power..."
      Acts 1:8


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        "Introducing the cutting edge science of Epigenetic & the EPFX
        (The Science of altering the genes through thought and emotions by altering your beliefs.)"

        This is a very exciting subject! Perhaps some who attend can post a summary for all of us that are not attending!!!


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          who can attend?

          Is this training only available to Quantum Alliance members or can any EPFX practitioner attend?
          Aaron Murakami

          Books & Videos
          RPX & MWO


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            Hi There,

            Anyone can attend events hosted by members of The Quantum Alliance, most definitely! Thanks for asking : )