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How to become CERTIFIED to use your EPFX Professionally

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  • How to become CERTIFIED to use your EPFX Professionally

    How to Become Certified to use your EPFX Professionally

    The following information has come from:
    the quantum academies

    If you have any questions about this information, please contact:

    The Quantum Academies General Inquiries:
    Toll Free: 1-800-940-9342
    International: 310-927-8403
    Fax: 310-861-0345

    Step 1: Beginners CourseNote: Upon completion of the Beginners Course, on the last day of class, you have the option of filling out an application to become a Certified Biofeedback Technician. The fee for this application is $150 and is made payable to the NTCB. This certificate is optional. This CBT will allow you to apply for liability insurance see, NTCB for details. The value of CBS over CBT is that you can be an independent practitioner as a CBS and you must remain under supervision as a CBT. We highly recommend that you return back to the Intermediate and Advanced class after three months in order to take your NTCB Certified Biofeedback Specialist exam, which will be one of the requirements to upgrading to the Specialist status.

    Step 2: Internship (500 Hours of Supervision Required)Supervision to be done by a Qualified Biofeedback Supervisor. If you are a licensed Healthcare Professional you may be exempt, check with the NTCB. For candidates to receive certification as a Biofeedback Specialist with the NTCB you must complete a 500 hour internship.� Your internship must be completed under the supervision of any of the following:
    - Certified Instructor
    - Certified Supervisor
    - Certified Specialist approved by NTCB.
    - BCIA certified professional approved by NTCB.
    - Non-certified person approved by NTCB

    You will be consulting with your supervisor anytime you have any questions or concerns. Your supervisor is one of your key contact people for the learning and to assist you with biofeedback training programs and techniques. NTCB Supervision Model: The information you need to document for your NTCB internship records are:

    - Date
    - A client code name, or the client number from your demographics screen (Your client's name is confidential).
    - A short statement of what you did (Used Quantum Biofeedback programs for stress reduction, pain management, or muscle re-education.)
    - The number of hours or minutes you trained your client and the name of your supervisor.

    If you are working with a group of supervisors, you may list the name of that group. You may record minutes or hours as a decimal (75 min or 1.25 hours) or as a fraction (1 1/4 hours). Notify the NTCB when this step is complete. Note: It is not permissible to record more than 2 hours for your intern session records.

    Step 3: Anatomy & Physiology CourseNote: This is a home study course. You will receive your Anatomy and Physiology textbook from the Academy. You should begin this course after the completion of the Beginners Course and before taking the Intermediate and Advanced Course. The textbook includes self quizzes in order to test your knowledge. These quizzes do not need to be turned in. Once you are done with the home study course and are ready to take your on-line exam, you can register at Scribe Studio. Click New Users Register Here and take it from there. The exam is an open book. There is a $50 (USD) exam fee.

    Step 4: Coaching CourseNote: This is a combination of home study course, in class training and phone conferencing. You will receive your Coaching Course via e-mail from with instructions. There will be homework assignments e-mailed to you that you will need to e-mail back to your Coaching Instructor, Coaching Course Questions for grading. Once she receives your completed homework, she will contact you to set up phone conferencing to complete the practicum portion of your course. Coaching practicum work will also take place in your Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes.

    Step 5: Intermediate & Advanced Course Note: These two courses are combined in a 6-day program. It is recommended that you register for the Intermediate and Advanced Course three months after the Beginner's course.

    Step 6: NTCB Certified Biofeedback Specialist Exam On the first day of Intermediate & Advanced class, the NTCB Certified Biofeedback Specialist exam will be proctored. There is a $150 Examination/Certification fee which is made payable directly to the NTCB. If you are taking the Biofeedback Examination without first being certified as a Technician, the fee is $150 for certification and $150 for the examination - total of $300.00. See NTCB for blueprint details.

    Step 7: IQUIM - Biofeedback CourseNote: This is a home study course. You will receive the manual and DVDs for this course on the last day of your Beginners class. You should begin this course after the completion of the Beginners Course and before taking the Intermediate and Advanced Course. This course is optional. You do not have to take this course, but it is recommended. If you choose to take this Biofeedback home study course and wish to take the exam for this course; our staff will proctor the NTCB Certified Biofeedback Specialist exam on the first morning of the Intermediate and Advanced Course.

    Step 8: Recertification Requirements The CEU needed for Recretification every three years are:

    - 30 CEU for Technician Recertification
    - 60 CEU for Specialist Recertification
    All workshops, seminars and courses offered by any of the NTCB accredited education organizations are authorized to issue one CEU for each fifty minutes or eight CEU for each seven hours of instruction or supervision