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    We are very happy that The Quantum Alliance, Inc. has joined the EPFX Forum.

    The Quantum Alliance of Companies was founded in July of 2003 and has become the industry leader in all aspects of Quantum Biofeedback promotion, sales and education opportunities. We are an international organization that services Quantum Biofeedback Practitioners all over the world.

    The following companies make up our umbrella of services & support:

    The Quantum Alliance Inc.

    EPFX Broker, Legal Compliance, Tech Support, Business Opportunities
    The Quantum Alliance | Setting The Standard For The EPFX

    The Quantum Center

    (formerly known as The Quantum Center of Excellence)
    EPFX Accessory Sales, Related Products, Class Registration Support
    The Quantum Center

    The Quantum Academies

    (formerly known as The Quantum Center of Excellence)
    Training, Education, Instructors, Diplomates (website under construction)

    And Soon To Be Announced: The Quantum Webcast Company

    Operating as a “web channel”, it will bring you a variety of interesting topics from our 3 main companies via the web, including Quantum Clinics, Webinars, interviews, and much more. (website under construction)

    Monica, the Director of Communications for The Quantum Alliance, Inc. will begin updating us regularly with information on events, webinars, updated Jurisprudence info and more!



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    Energetic Science Ministries
    Meditation at the Click of a Button, Guaranteed!

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    Thank you so much Kevin for taking the time to invite us to the forum, and in opening up this opportunity in which we may connect with those interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest goings-on in the EPFX Community!

    I'd like to announce that The Quantum Academies website is now up so please take a moment to check it out:

    the quantum academies

    Inside this website you will find an abundance of information related to training and education. And here is some background information about The Quantum Academies:

    The Quantum Academies is here to provide you with the most comprehensive instruction, training and support. Covering all facets of learning; from basic operation, to understanding and utilizing advanced techniques that will enhance your professional practice in quantum biofeedback stress reduction. The Quantum Academies held its first training class in 2003 in Victoria, BC, Canada, and has now expanded to offer Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced training throughout the world! The Quantum Academies now offers classes in English, Spanish, French and Chinese. In September 2007, The Quantum Academies took support to the next level offering 24/7 practitioner support along with a Spanish practitioner support available 7 days a week. The Quantum Academies are the number one resource for quantum biofeedback education!