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  • EPFX | Allergies

    This document provides a great overview on:

    What are Allergies?

    Key Symptoms

    What Causes Allergies?

    How Supplements Can Help

    Self-Care Remedies

    Food Allergies

    EPFX Protocols

    Very informative and clear!

    Click EPFX | Allergies


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    Kevin you are a GENIOUS!!!

    OMG your posts are so awesome!!! How in the heck were you able to copy anything from the Quantum Encycopedia?? I got that for Christmas two years ago and I hate that I can't figure out how to print protocols from it. I do have some dvd's of Nirvana and Doctor Debbie Drake and I am mesmerized by them! They are two of my most favorite teachers. Thanks for all your great posts I am so happy I have found some place to chat with other QXCI/SCIO users