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    The protocol for weight loss is listed below, OR you can download it by clicking EPFX | Weight Loss

    This information is good, not only for EPFX owners, but for anyone interested in weight loss, just skip the information that is EPFX specific. There is some good information regarding body function and nutrition within this protocol.

    From Nirvana

    Weight Loss

    Note: The below listed matrix numbers can be loaded throughout the
    program in the Piggy Back sections!

    Program Start/Load Individual Movie Program (Start INFO Exchange)
    Program Start/Treat Disease Path of all Old Trauma
    Organ Systems/Digestive System/Stomach
    Organ Systems/Digestive System/Liver
    Organ Systems/Digestive System/Small Intestine
    Organ Systems/Digestive System/Pancreas
    Organ Systems/Digestive System/Large Intestine
    Organ Systems/Digestive System/Intestinal Interior
    Organ Systems/Digestive System/Gall Bladder
    Therapies/Adipose Tissue Dissolve Auditory
    Therapies/Anti-Inflammation Auditory
    Therapies/Stimulate Nutritional Absorption
    Psychological/Addiction Therapy
    SCIO Therapy/Energy Boost
    AFE Auto Focus Emphasis/Inflammation
    Misc/Homeopathic Extras:
    Isodes: 700 621 3815 3425 6564 9143 7453 6222 315 8649 (Double space between the numbers.)
    Activate (You may have to scroll down to see this button.)/ Close the Homeopathic Panel.
    Click on your Claps32 Icon on the bottom of your toolbar and
    this will allow the Body Viewer program to run in the background
    simultaneously as your other therapies are running.

    Test/Auto Focus Zap/Auto Zap Cellulite
    Test/Auto Focus Zap/Auto Zap Infection General All Top
    Pathogens (12 min)
    Test/Auto Focus Zap/Auto Zap Infection Emphasis Top Virus (5 min)
    Test/Auto Focus Zap/Auto Zap Infection Emphasis Top Worms (5 min)
    Test/Auto Focus Zap/Auto Zap Infection Emphasis Top Bacteria (5 min)
    Test/Auto Focus Zap/Auto Zap Infection Emphasis Top Fungus (5 min)

    Test/Programs/Timed Therapy, Music, Superlearning/Timed
    Treatments/Enable Timed Therapy/Start Adipose Dissolve Treatment
    Test/Programs/Timed Therapy, Music, Superlearning/Adipose
    Breakup Rx

    From the Test Matrix Panel/type "weight loss or appetite" in the
    white box labeled Search for Item:/Click on Search/Either click on
    the items individually and click Treat to Zap the item or go up to
    the Auto Focus Zap menu/Choose Auto Zap from filter for 5 minutes.

    Test/Treatments/Patient Superconscious Reduction Panel/Disease of Concern: weight loss or appetite/Start Superconscious Link/Close red VARHOPE panel/Double click on all above items in red to begin treatment

    GO TO NO
    Test Matrix/Type 700 in the small white box to the left of the "Go To No"/Go To No/Treat to Zap the item

    Test/Programs/NLP/Disrupt the Hypothalamus-Gall Bladder Connection

    Test/Programs/Nutrition and Homeopathy/Calculate strike this key
    first/OK/Insert Disease: weight loss or appetite/Test Disease for
    best nutritional supplement/Double click on all items appearing in
    yellow to treat

    Nelsonian Homeopathy
    Restoratives: Liver/Gallbladder; Thyroid/Thymus/Parathyroid; Kidney/Ovarian/Adrenal; Kidney/Prostate/Adrenal; Large and Small Intestine.
    Combinations: Gluco-H; Metabolic 1. Miasms: Miasm-TB; Miasm-CHOL.
    Intestinal Cleanse Program.

    Herbal Aids
    Spirulina, Kelp, Sassafras, Burdock, Garcinia cambogia, Bladderwrack

    Iodine, Chromium

    Other Sources
    Tyrosine, Tryptophan, Ornithine, Methionine, Carnitine, Arginine, Cysteine, Hydroxycitric acid (or HCA, the extract from the Garcinia cambogia tree), unsweetened Pineapple (Bromelain); hard work, regular exercise

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