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Dr. Drake on Autism (7 parts)

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  • Dr. Drake on Autism (7 parts)

    DR DRAKE - #20 - AUTISM

    Hello, I’m Dr. Debbie Drake and welcome back to our Advanced Training module for the QXCI Biofeedback practitioners. I would like to spend the next hour educating you about a topic that is very prevalent right now. A topic that has great concern for parents, teachers and society alike and that is the explosion of learning disabilities and autism in our society. It is important to recognize there is one piece of physiology that makes us all very nervous. It is when our children aren’t behaving and developing as we expect them to. This can lead to tremendous social effects, mental and emotional effects, family stress, school stress. It also can possibly affect you financially if you have to pay for unusual schooling for a child who has difficulty. Generally speaking, it disappoints people because of lack of keeping up to one’s expectation as to what “normal” is. We have to remember there have to be some physiological reasons why we are seeing 5-fold increases in the elements in our society and in our schools and one of the more powerful studies recently, which analyses whether measles vaccine have any impairments on the global increase in autism does not show a direct link in statistical studies. However, there have been so many parents who are worried about measles vaccine as a common denominator at the point where their child deteriorated that I thought I would look into this further. Amazingly, after studying autism with a very astute mother and intensely looking over her child with the QXCI, we were able to discover the fascinating fact that seems to make more sense to put the entire piece of the puzzle together.

    Autism as we know is an inability to speak well, communicate and bond, as well as a lack of bonding hormone from the oxytocin pineal gland and the exhausted adrenal gland often in children who are unable to manage tolerating sulphur. However, when we mix in the contrasting knowledge that the measles vaccine is merely the identical frequency to the frequency to tyrosine, which is the main ingredient in the production of adrenalin, thyroid hormone and oxytocin, which may offer some clue as to why some children are very susceptible to autism after a vaccine. I understand it in this way, if a person is full of gut dysbiosis , whether perhaps pinworms or roundworms in the gut lining which already have depleted the tyrosine receptors in the gut lymph nodes, the institution of another vaccine on top of a previously perhaps unrecognized ill child could introduce the frequency of anti-tyrosine receptors and lost the ability for tyrosine to be absorbed into the lymph nodes to heal these chronic infections. The chronic infections thereafter stimulate the auto immune cascade, which is sulphur dependent and children with the pathway problems are very commonly seen in autism, don’t have enough sulphur to shut off the auto-immune cascade. The auto-immune cascade happens to live with its gene TNFAlpha, which stimulates the cascade against an invader. This TNFAlpha molecule lives on chromosome 6 beside the Celiac gene and it is possible that while we have chronic infections in the gut, the damaged tyrosine receptors in our lymph nodes, thyroid, adrenal and oxitosis, that concomitant addition of then Celiac acquired anti-bodies because of chronic gut infections can glue up the nervous system and prevent transmission of data across nerves that are responsible for learning, language and memory, etc.

    So let’s not be too over zealous about necessarily blaming the vaccine in and of itself, as much as blaming the fact that a chronically exhausted gut with chronic leaky gut syndrome, possibly genetic influences or factors and possibly the introduction of a damaging frequency to the system through vaccination to impair one’s defense mechanism may impair the learning and impair the development of multiple glandular systems within the autistic children.

    Autistic children tend to have unusual features or behaviors that indicate tyrosine deficiency. For instance, they tend to rock back and forth or jiggle briefly. They tend to roll their eyes up and look above the person where normal eye contact would have them looking level at you. Children with autism have very exquisite tenderness to any touch and they can’t stand to be hugged or touched because of the exquisite sensitivity of their skin. In addition, the strange and unusual vitamin deficiencies, especially zinc deficiency, magnesium deficiency can make their tongue be so exquisitely sensitive, any new taste or texture make them become the pickiest eaters on the planet. They cannot tolerate any new texture in the mouth and have a very difficult time re-introducing new substances in their bodies. In addition, they also have hyper-acoustic hearing as if their body is able to hear everything as an amplitude, so they often run around with hands on their ears or could be seen even putting their head in the refrigerator at a grocery store because they are trying to drown out the high pitched sound they are hearing from hyper-acoustic inflamed ear nerves from gluten antibodies, tyrosine receptors in the ear, all inflamed and having an over extenuated switchboard hearing and sensing too much about the world. Unfortunately, on top of all of this, because of the lack of nutrition and picking eating, they are missing transfer pathways so they can’t detoxify metal poisonings and infections. Many of these children end up getting demineralized. So, the demineralized body then with no minerals to activate enzymes, which are the cleaning organs, then we have a problem of we can’t clean up ourselves and get stuck in this pattern.

    In addition, we find that many of the children with Autism have an opening vibratory score on their SOC score of high stress levels as well as extremely high resonance frequencing pattern. As you may recall, the resonance frequency pattern of most children is somewhat less that 15,000 hz and the five autistic children I’ve recently seen were all vibrating at a frequency level of 100-500, and in one case, 800 million hz. So this would indicate that because these children are literally out of their bodies, they may have spiritual superimposition entities from infection that are taking over their mental processes and may be making them distracted. In some cases, maybe even making them feel that they can talk to or be distracted by the spiritual realm. Many Autistic children, for instance, have been seen giggling at something that looked like they were playing with something else in the room and the only possible reason to explain this is that they may be vibrating at the frequency level of 800 million which is similar to the spiritual realm and because of this high vibratory level, may be able to see ghosts or spiritual presences that maybe we are unaware of. Of course, this could be very distracting to one’s processes of thought focus.

    So you have to remember that it is not an independent single factor usually but a multiplicity of nutritional, emotional, enzymatic, hormonal and even extra spiritual levels and therefore the QXCI machine is one of the most revolutionary instruments that I have found in order to take such a holistic multifactorial approach, but in a non-invasive and non-threatening and, in fact, a somewhat fun way for children. Indeed, I have been receiving incredible results and encouragement by what I’ve seen. So much so that I’ve started filming Autistic children while I do the QXCI because I am amazed at the dramatic amount of improvement that can be made in a short sitting.


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    Dr. Drake - Autism Part 2 of 7

    So, I would like to ensure that you are aware of some of the navigational tools within the QXCI that will help you detect learning disorders and Autism. I would like to give you some strategies to correct their nutritional flaws. I would like to give you some suggestions for Timed treatments for Learning and Superlearning. I would also like to review some of the neuro therapy techniques for balancing the brain waves and relaxation methods that can be used for children in particular situations. You should be aware also that Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is on a spectrum not quite as severe as Autism but can be equally debilitating and frustrating for families, fellow students and teachers. Within the QXCI program is a questionnaire for determining if ADHD symptoms are truly overwhelming in the client and whether or not ADHD repairs are necessary. I can show you the navigation modules as to how to address this issue on the topic of learning issues. I hope that gives you a brief outline of the fact that epidemic causes of Autism need to be addressed in a more holistic fashion and I do hope that my current upcoming research laboratory partner will be able to help provide auto-immune antibody tests to confirm that the Leaky Gut Syndrom in Autism is a much bigger deal than we have been giving credibility to.

    When we are talking about the QXCI machine in order to detect learning difficulties, several methods within the computer that will do it. So let’s go through a few. Firstly, when you are doing your demographic scores, SOC scores should be an indication of how stressed the person is. They complain that they have memory loss, complain of a lot of intestinal complaints, they complain of hormone imbalances. These are hints that there may be something blocking their ability to learn.

    Secondly, there is on the EEG window, if you pass over to Program and to the EEG window, under the Electric Brain Pattern section of Brain Wave patterns, there is a score sheet of the Attention Deficit Brain Fatigue Leap Score. When you open this, it gives you a sensibility or a historical perspective about what symptoms would be most inclusive for a definition of a diagnosis of Attention Deficit or Hyperactivity Disorder. You can read through this on your own, but certainly clicking off the boxes that suggest whether they have trouble paying attention or sustaining attention, having difficulty listening or following instructions, having difficult recognizing tasks or disliking any task that requires any sustained attention. Often misplacing tasks or finding forgetful absentmindedness occurring in your children. Especially fidgety children, squirming children and those who cannot sit still. Those who leave their seat before being told to do so are always important to check for ADHD. In addition, if this behavior has lasted for more than 6 months or is associated with a lot of inappropriate behavior in uncontrolled settings or if they are having a lot of difficulty playing quietly or relaxing. If they are talking excessively and can’t seem to have the off switch of tyrosine because tyrosine turns things off so if they can’t stop shaking or stop talking. Typically this indicates that the tyrosine deficiency. Occasionally they shout out answers even before someone has finished questioning them. They might have difficulty waiting in a line in a store. They get very restless trying to be still waiting in turn. They often interrupt or butt into other games or conversations and they have a lot of trouble expressing their feelings in words. In addition, sometimes they often repeat words. Echolaylia is a word for repeating something that someone just said to you. Children can sometimes play this game, but Autistic children and ADHD kids sometimes get a loop stuck where they can’t turn off the mimicry of you.

    Certainly, one of the last questions for ADHD is “Have this patient ever given you a headache or made you impatient? The people that make us frustrated tend to have frustrating conditions.

    So having said all these answers, hit the Calculate button and depending on how many of the boxes were clicked, let’s just add a few for the sake of argument, when you hit the Calculate button, the computer will come up and say “there is a UHF disorder detected in the frontal lobe of the brain. Would you like to have this treated at this time?” When you do so, the computer will go in and try to re-establish the neuro pathway and the balancing center in the brain to try and help correct that focus of attention. In using this window, this is the one way that the brain scan nutrition button pops up a few extra buttons in the bottom right-hand corner. If you will notice, you probably haven’t seen these buttons before, but it does say Dyslexia/Dysphonia Repair. Dyslexia is the inability for the right and left brain to see things clearly and some children with this element write letters backwards on the page or they have difficulty with their right and left directions. Dysphonia means to have difficulty disseminating information.
    As I reiterated to you, many children with ADHD, and especially Autism, have a lack of tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid responsible for the muscles of mastication. So the ability to move the jaw, the ability to hold the neck stiff and tight is very compromised if people have tyrosine deficiency. If they have inability to use the neck or have trouble with moving the throat muscles which is enervated many times by dopamine like or acetylcholine receptors, then this may impair them from speaking to the point of mutism. My lucky experience with the QX is by taking children who could barely speak and doing the dysphonia repair, asking them to say the alphabet on film before and after this repair and it sound like this....a,b,c,d,e,f....very stilted. After dysphoric repair, it was good within 1 or 2 hours. The parents have a dramatic eye-ball awakening moment that my child spoke after five months of sound therapy and speech therapy and having difficulty phonating? After the QX can improve their phonation with that much degree in a short period of time, it is extremely impressive and encouraging to parents.

    The second thing we have is the General Learning Repair that can be attended to and by touching this, we allow the patient to have learning repair integrating left and right brain. The cross between brains is very helpful and many learning difficulty patients are missing magnesium, molybdenum, or manganese and minerals that are situated in the Corpus Colosum that allow the left brain to talk to the right brain at the same time. When a person is demineralized, especially of the magnesium molybdenum, and manganese, these are the three that are dropped out of the bones and gut, pancreas and brains during chronic infections, especially due to fungi and yeast infections. Then the brain can’t think left and right at the exact same time. If the patient has a thought on one side of the brain and the impulse of the other side, they are having trouble coordinating those thoughts, they may look scattered or chaotic.

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      Dr. Drake - Autism Part 3 of 7

      So, by asking for the Dyslexia repair, it passes over the brain and now shows all the areas of nutrition required that would help this repair. See we have frontal, occipital, limbic, temporal, cingulate gyrus, corpus colosum, and parietal lobe. So you can see that a Dyslexia repair or Dysphonia repair is something very powerful and needs to be embraced in all brain modules and not in this one location. In addition, you can add the information here to a report screen by bringing up this word file and the Attention Deficit Disorder explanation will be printed up and you can give it to the patient so they have suggestions for helping the child reward them in a better way. I will let you read these reward suggestions on your own.

      Basically, we are trying to pay more attention to them when they are behaving well and ignore the behavior we wish to extinguish. Also, try not to fight over complex or even trivial issues. Pick your fights well, set the child up with an anger board so that there is a clear consequence for each issue and have them be able to come to an anger board and say “I am really angry at this, what are my solutions? I can go to my room, I can watch TV, I can have an alternative solution to the impulsive moments. I don’t just strike out and have violent behavior in the school yard.”

      You can also be aware that the Keto Fasting Diet by using very high fat diet for people with learning disabilities causes a high level of ketosis and drops the carbohydrate load and the gluten anti-bodies and some people with seizures have noticed a reduction of life-long seizures after 24 hours of eating a high fat diet. So try it. Sometimes we think that will be very difficult for children, but I think that they have the ability to burn it off when they are young so go ahead and try it. You also need to make sure to keep aspirin and Tartravine yellow dyes out of the diet. You have to make sure the beverages they drink do not have a lot of content of sugars, additives, MSG, try to avoid the breads and cereals that cause them trouble and use the things like Millet or perhaps Oats and other Eat Right For Your Blood Type grains that are easier. We have to make sure that the child gets enough of their vegetables and all other amino acids and natural foods as much as possible so they can get as many proper minerals as possible. You also have to remind them about the rules of the stomach which suggests that we should not be eating fluids with meals so that we are washing down all our digestive juices and we also can follow along many of these recommendations for a healthy eating pattern. This is a relatively healthy way to give a lot of information to the parent by printing off this page and giving them something to do at home that they can adjust their style of family life to. There are many recipes here which I won’t go into further.

      There is an epilepsy report at the bottom of the page and many children have epilepsy and that is very commonly assisted by the Keto Fasting Diet which is also listed here, so if you wish to do the high fat diet for a neurologically impaired child, look at that diet, it is very helpful.

      Once we’ve done the leak repair on the brain, we also can hit the start button on the EEG panel and when doing so, the EEG balancing of the brain waves will tell us whether there is Attention Deficit Disorder on the bottom right-hand corner. It also has a chance to show us if the child’s learning is, in fact, not Attention Deficit but perhaps an old head injury. For instance, as an Emergency Physician, I am quite amazed that how many children have concussions that parents don’t know about because the child fell in the school yard and didn’t even know they were unconscious. So, it is possible you may see a slow wave or injury profile or general asymmetry in the brain that may indicate other organic processes for their inability to learn. Certainly any person that has severe immature slow spot and also people who have tremendous stress or anxiety can impair their learning for lack of focus and attention and it may be apparent to the teacher that they have a learning deficit, but in fact it is possible that this child could have been abused at home or had stresses for other reasons and are having difficulty attending for those reasons.

      Once you hit the start button, I reiterate it is important to look for the normal button on the top and then try to get all the other readings on the page at least 10-20 points lower than the normal number. So in this case, we see epileptic forms and also high Beta worry waves, so you can actually retune the brain waves by clicking one or two of these items and even clicking the Attention Deficit item and they trying to remove this feeling of disintegration of thought pattern and sense of feeling “out of one’s self.”

      Once you’ve done the EEG questionnaire,. Go t it is important you do Nutritional Balance because we want them to have all their neurotransmitters through the NLP window and balancing neurotransmitters, It is also important to go the Nutrition window and give them all the enzymes for thinking. We want to make sure that we have all the ability for mineralization and amino acids by going to the Risk Profile section and pull down the mineral and amino acid panel and while you are there, I highly recommend that you check for Imponderable Energies. The reason is that there has been a very large research suggestion that possibly indicates that living near high tensions wires with the high electromagnetic interference of EELF high wave, as well as sound waves from 60 cycles “humm” circuitry from electronic devices and plugs in the wall can have a profound impact on people who are demineralized, especially upon children with ADHD or Autism. I would also even recommend that if a family is suffering that severely may even want to move at least 1-2 miles away from high tension wire fields.

      Also remember that a lot of times just the nutrition alone has been impaired because of Leaky Gut Syndrome so I also encourage you to go to the Bowel Flora and balance it. Also, remind yourself that children who have chronic learning difficulties, especially Autism, may have self hydral transfer genetic deficiencies and therefore it is wise to do a Tri-Vector and DNA repair at the outset so that there is enough battery power to not only receive these new software changes you are trying to entrain the patient with, but also so that they will hold the changes in between visits so they won’t get frustrated with the up and down “I’m great one day and I’m terrible the next.” This can very much deflate one’s hope that one can’t get steady at one’s improvement.

      Now if you’ve done this window here and still find that the Attention Deficit button is higher than the normal button, you may repeat this back and forth as required so that the Attention Deficit score is less than the normal score. If you find that you can’t do that, of course you can treat each of the Alpha, Beta, Theta or Immature waves for 2 minutes each and try to stabilize the brain waves that way. Finally, if you’ve gone to all the trouble to stimulate these waves and correct them, it is wise to go back to the Body Face Scan and Polymorphic Subspace and seal up these changes by sealing them not only at the physical level but their astral, etheric, causal, etc. layers. I will be happy to report that once we seal these up on these patients, they tend to be so much more joyful and relaxed that it is rather a dramatic clinical situation. Actually several boys who I have treated for Autism, the moment that I seal the Polymorphic Subspace and DNA correct them and get them out of the high stress levels, they come and give me a hug or one boy laid his head on my chest as if it is the first time he has been out of orbit and he knew I was a new chick in the room with a new computer, so it must be that which helped him, even though he was mute and unable to speak, he knew that I had done something to him to flip him out of that highly pretentious overexcited mode into a calmer mode.

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        Dr. Drake - Autism Part 4 of 7

        Now what happens if you want to do this on a child and you can’t even get them settled down enough to get them in the head straps. It is a very common feature and I am hopefully designing a research study where we can help nurses having to tackle autistic children with their combativeness when they are trying to be put on the operating table for ear surgery or whatever. I am considering devising a protocol with the QXCI to help relax these children before they come into the operating room so there is no violence required to subdue them. Can you imagine the psychological impact of not only being sick all the time, but having people attack you for it. It is very confounding to the whole processes and the theme of these children.

        So, having said that, I would like to also remind you that if the amplitude here of the Autistic child is elevated, this is the area of concern that is making them hear so loudly and have extreme movements with their limbs. They tend to be over aggressive and seem to fly around with their limbs in sort of a large amplitude way. So don’t forget to crack the amplitude as this may bring the level of hearing down where they don’t feel like everyone is yelling at them. Many Autistic children, those who can speak, commonly say “Stop Yelling at Me” when you are talking at normal tones. As we see here, the normal is rising on this repair and the Attention Deficit, however, is still a little point above and the emotional/spiritual superimposition has converted to emotional covert tension. I want you to remember that almost every single case of ADHD and Autism I’ve seen had a concomitant spiritual superimposition and you should be looking for it automatically and not waiting to find it. So, definitely tune the brain waves up and keep on doing so until you can really see that the normal level is above the others and then you can stop. Certainly I would do this once a week for four weeks and entrain the pattern into this patient. If they are severe and dehydrated and demineralized and nutritionally unwell, it may take longer. You may have to build up the physical body and the transmitters and the nutrition before they can receive this type of information.

        One of the more powerful things that creates Attention Deficit and Learning Difficulties is the unrecognition of chronic food allergies and environmental allergies. Children who become suddenly hyperactive after sugar are very classically similar in appearance to long-standing ADHD children and we don’t have enzymes to digest sugar in our human system. We only have hydrolade to dilute sugar where fungi such as candida can, with their sucrose enzyme, immediately absorb sucrose and digest it and ferment it into alcohol. So don’t forget that some people behave belligerently when they are bombed with alcohol. That is also true of Autistic children while they are so full of gut parasites that they are fermenting the sugary drinks they are eating into vinegar alcohol called Acetyl Alcohol into an anesthetic gas called hexane gas, into inflammatory poisons like butyric acid which causes joint inflammation. You’d be amazed at how many tendonitises I’m seeing in Autistic children wondering if they are actually having degenerative changes from systemic fungal crystals of gout. Beware that a child who has a chronic sensitivity to fumes or alcohol, especially phenols, a child who goes crazy when they smell a new perfume or when they go into a mall with a lot of smells or in a dry cleaner, if they start becoming wacky and violent and aggressive during a episode of a visit to a smelly place, it means that they need a liver cleanse so that they can lower the fumes and alcohols so that their brain is not actually intoxicated with these fermented by-products. Phenol toxicity is available to you under the allergy screen and the top 5 phenol poisonings can be treated in any one visit. Phenolics are also available on the front major menu in the red button here just under Emotions.

        Finally, we also notice that because of a personality’s superimposition on an Attention Deficit case, will notice that again, hitting the personality dysfunction and dispelling this possible emotional superimposition that has attacked a demineralized person, might be the best treatment of all to help remove this erratic behavior and to help this child calm in a rapid way. Once you remove spiritual superimpositions, you can have dramatic improvements in a child within a 24-hour period.

        Secondly, I would like to remind you that homotoxicology, which divulges the isode poisonings, the mental retention of toxins, the heavy metal poisonings, asbestos poisonings, metabolic errors, radiation toxicity, including Leaky Gut Syndrome, also stomach violations. These kinds of things need to be looked into to help with the entire integrity of what I call their “pool house filter.” Cleaning the gut to allow better nutrition to flow into the house and allowing poisons to flow out is a critical key success feature in getting the kids back on line.

        Finally, if I haven’t mentioned it, perverse energies can be removed by going to the “Imponderable” window or to the “perverse energy” window and removing high tension wire effects and all the effects of extraneous radiation that may be suppressing fatigue or otherwise impairing concentration. My partner in my other business, Cerk Communications, Inc. Is a noise specialist in noise induced hearing loss and the interesting science that has come out of that field has shown that people who are constantly exposed to certain noises can create certain illnesses and being around any machinery vibrating at 5,000 hz is usually enough to cause chronic migraine headaches, irritable mood and maybe other machines at other frequencies also have different physiological effects. So, please if you have children who have learning difficulties, please remove unusual electric devices from their bedroom, have no electronic devices near the head of their bed like a clock radio or television or lamps or other devices that need to be plugged in or have extension cords under their beds. Do not have a computer in a child’s bedroom, do not have a TV in the child’s bedroom, do not have a computer sitting in the room beneath the child’s bedroom. Certainly, if you are going to do these things, make sure that everyone else in the house is paying attention and not just taking care of the Autistic child. I’ve seen many families where one family member was assumed to be autistic and when I checked, everyone in the house was Autistic, so there may be a genetic influence here or it may be an environmental issue as well. For instance, many of the people who have dogs and pets, wear bare feet in the kitchen and having the dog possibly sneezing its possible parasites, its possible the children are eating off surfaces in the kitchen with a very high content of worms and in all cases of Autism I’ve seen so far there was rampant overgrowth of pinworms, round worms at least at some level in each child. These are the parasites that most seal the Tyrosine. So watch out for pets in the bed. It could be a kitty cat sleeping on your Autistic child’s pillow leaving it’s little scratchy nose with its little parasites onto the pillow, or allergies, or dust mites or lice in the bed.

        I want to also remind you that removing any enzyme deficiencies can be done in a very gentle way by showing the color therapy window. Since children love color and passing the color therapy over the child by letting him watch the screen and reorganizing their enzyme system is not only a fun and quick window but it is extremely calming at the outset of the session. If they also won’t relax, I give them the 12-second relaxation pulse under the NLP window until they can relax for 12 or 24 seconds or 36 seconds. Usually they will sit still long enough for their moms or myself to cajole them to put on the head straps at least for the 3 minutes of reading. I find that if they can be 3 minutes in the head strap, and by the way, a really anxious child I don’t bother trying to do the head straps. It’s just too complicated, too time consuming and they sometimes they don’t like to be touched much or confined in 4 limbs and a head band. Usually it provokes an anxiety attack and they start squirming even more. Typically, I usually say, Welcome Mr. Astronaut, would you like to talk to Mission Control. Let’s put the Astronaut’s head band on so we can talk to Mission Control. Are you going to sit here for 3 minutes in the chair for us. I try everything I can to get the reading as still as possible.

        Using Scalar Therapy is a very helpful way in Autistic Children to spin their Chakras back to the left so they are not leaking energy and minerals out of them. It also helps “seal” their Aura.

        In addition to the Relaxation pulse, which I want to remind you, is easy to find if you go to the Test window program, NLP Emotional Growth Window and here in the bottom left corner is the 12-second Relaxation Pulse where you are just giving them a chance to settle in before they begin. If this doesn’t work, I tend to go immediately to Neuropeptide Balance and Stabilization button and when you do so, you find that their calmness accentuates in a faster way and I am able to get them to settle down enough to get a better reading. If that fails, sometimes going over the Flower Essence remedies, which are extremely calming for emotional upsets, is very useful and you can give them a flower essence right at the outset of the session. You will find that they are much more calm for the remaining of the session and seem to become much more focused and intrigued.

        Of course, I reiterate again and again going to the Amino Acid window and giving them Tyrosine, serotonin and acetylcholine which are incredibly important for particular learning difficulties, in addition to whatever other neurotransmitters they may be missing.

        If you are going to remove Spiritual Entities from them, do so early in the session, not at the end. Using Spiritual Superimposition dispelling through Biofeedback “Dispel Spiritual Oppression”, “Reconnect Body To Soul” or “Reprogramming Karma”. These buttons are very helpful to get the high frequencies of spiritual impositions off the child, especially those who are vibrating at a resonance in the millions. When we do this, remember that the Spiritual Superimpositions can attach to your DNA. Therefore, when you use Tri Vector you must go back and also include the ability to change the DNA structure through the Tri Vector window, DNA module and using this atom up here in the left corner, you will allow them to remove spiritual entities by changing and altering the frequency of the chromosomes. What this button does is it takes the chromosomes and winds them tight, but also brushes off any static, much like a radio station that is not quite on the dial and you here external or two radio stations at the same time. By winding the chromosomes tight and brushing off the spiritual superimpositions or the frequency of the mind of other bugs or entities around them, you will find that the chromosomes repair better and the patient will have a profound ability to resist future spiritual attack because you wound the chromosomes tight not once but twice by hitting the DNA frequency button at least twice in a row. What this does, is by winding it once, it may reopen the same kink spot, but if you rewind it twice, it doubles the amount of shoe lace so it can’t reopen.


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          Dr. Drake - Autism Part 5 of 7

          Some children who have had Autism have been striking to me in the amazing discrepancy between their physical age and their metabolic age. Many times I see your 8-year-old children in 80-year-old bodies. In fact, one lovely child turned to his mother, and seeing that he was 80 years old, he said “Mom, when am I going to be a kid my own age?” It was rather sweet, but you have to remind yourself that these children may have ancient bodies or ancient spirits even though they have a young physical presence. So using the DNA Teliomere Repair to Anti-age their chromosomes, even though they are not 80 years old chronologically, they may be 80 years old metabolically. Using the Teliomere Repair button, I find, can help stabilize their chromosomes as well.

          Having assumed we have done these major look arounds, I also want to remind you that disturbed Fatty Acids can be repaired by going to the Anti-aging module and giving Fatty Acids from that module are very, very useful. The Anti-aging module can be accessed through the Test window, drop down menu under the Program and when you find Anti-Aging, Hit the start button and the computer will dictate how much aging is responsible from lack of fatty acids. How much from lack of Human Growth Hormones and how much other poisons are in the system.

          Remember Tyrosine makes Oxytocin, which releases Human Growth Hormone, so these children are classically low in Human Growth Hormone and I find them often to be of small stature. So correcting the Human Growth Hormone will also help some of the bonding problems, the growth, the developmental issue and I find it is a very useful way to improve their general concentration and focus.

          I certainly feel that it is important to remove infections from the body since I see them so commonly that I reiterate using the Auto Zap focus for at least 12 minutes of all pathogens, plus Auto Zap nutrition and co-enzyme Q energy to help build up the nutrition, and Auto Zapping the normal bowel flora to try and reinstitute a head start on healing the gut lining by putting probiotic acid producing mantle back in the gut will dramatically improve their absorption of foods.

          When we do so, we have to remind ourselves that children with Celiac Sprue (that is Celiac or anti-wheat anti-bodies) are not going to benefit from just a wheat reduction in their diet, even the single tiniest introduction of wheat in the diet can lead anti-bodies in the system for several weeks thereafter. It is not a matter of having a treat of pizza at the end of the month to help, it is a matter of continuous complete abstinence of gluten products for any learning disabled person.

          Secondly, I would like to suggest that since so many parasites and gluten antibodies lead to toxicity in the blood, an excellent place to clean these children up is to go to the Blood Panel using Virtual Doctor, for instance, and finding out what is the highest risk factor cleaning the blood regarding that risk factor and then each week coming back to remove this risk factor so that the onion is peeled in layers so that the child can have a clean safe metabolism.

          I personally always Auto Zap the enzymes, I always Auto Zap any of the organs that may be at great risk such as the liver, the spleen, the adrenals and many times we also have to just Auto Zap the Brain, including Biofeedback on the brain and all the modules for organ systems there. You may also be aware of a variety of other locations where little moments of pockets of learning therapies are hidden. I would just like to navigate you to some of those other areas that are more specifically programmed and designed for the Timed Treatments for learning difficulties.

          Before I go there, just let me quickly tell you that again the aging process can be totally helped by giving the aging process of the brain and the learning processes can be helped by the Nelson Fatty Acid remedies for all the source of all the fatty acids. Secondly, the thymus hormone gland is usually low with people with learning difficulties due to their chronic infections. Try to stimulate the thymus gland and if I can’t get it settled in this window, I go to Short Sarcodes, clean the lymph, liver, kidneys, spleen, endocrine and also I will demonstrate next for the repair for all the Autism junction boxes under the “etc.” button of that window.

          So, let’s just recap for a moment. We are going to help them remove their poison toxins like allergens and toxicity. We are going to help them support their gut lining and gut terrain. We are going to support the fact that they are well known to be sulphur deficiency. You can tell that someone is sulphur deficient by scratching their skin. If it turns red in that location, their body is depleted in sulphur and since sulphur is the shut-off mute to stop Celiac anti-bodies and auto-immune disease, if they are low in sulphur, they may not be able to handle sulphur loading to any great degree at first. If you subtly introduce a lot of sulphur into a child who is depleted, they will have a crisis of red skin, red face, burning urination, bloating, even nausea and hyperactivity and they may feel very ghastly. The reason for this is since their body hasn’t seen any sulphur for so long, the moment we give any of it back to them, the pathway system to the liver that produces glutathione and stimulates detoxification will start pulling all the old poisons that they have out of storage and start processing them all at once. So if you are going to detoxify an Autistic child, I recommend before you do any sulphur loading, you might want to start with at least a two week laxative of psyllium husks or gentle rice fiber laxative and even olive oil and lemon juice to get the gall bladder to empty itself and eat more artichokes to help the body’s excretory processes be emptied before we start a new dump of poisonous toxins onto the child.

          Now, finally, I would like to remind you that it is very easy to mistake bad behavior for psychological depression and so the neurotransmitters need to be looked at but also the Neurologic Programming module should be looked at where you can click off Attention Deficit or Personality Disorder or Phobias or Neurosis, Worry or Obsession. All the Children with learning difficulties are almost always low in serotonin as well as tyrosine and giving them back instead of an antidepressant, food rich in Serotonin and tyrosine, such as turkey meat (an excellent suggestion for their lunch meat) rather than chicken. Chicken, itself has been feed wheat pellets over the centuries, that the chicken muscle looks like gluten and chicken, as well as canola oil, can cause a profound Celiac crisis worsened by the already sick gut in many of the Autistic and Learning Disabled children.

          Now, let’s have a look at some other timed treatments that will be useful for learning. Firstly, the Subspace Polymorphic Transformation should help the brain settle and seal itself is always required and then we can go back to the Timed Therapy windows. Now, I have not demonstrated one particular module yet and I would like to demonstrate it now.

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            Dr. Drake - Autism Part 6 of 7

            Under the Program menu, there is a wonderful module called “Unattended Quick Therapy” about 3/4 of the way down on the menu. When you open this module, it affords you a wonderful non-invasive way to attack maybe 5-10 issues simultaneously and this is where time is of the essence where you have a fidgety child who doesn’t want to sit still for 3 minutes in your straps. This way we can piggyback 10 modules together simultaneously and then move out of the room and let the child play quietly on the floor, possibly oblivious of the fact that he is receiving the improvements simultaneously.

            Have a look at this screen and you will notice that the therapy choices are quite extensive, but the computer selects 3 or 4 different things that are automatically useful for this person at risk. In this case, color therapy, spinal balance, TMJ face tones, infections, muscle balance and degenerative therapy are all recommended for this patient. But, if you knew, for instance that they also had problems with learning, you could go up here and balance the acupuncture points, add on brain wave balance, even add on Auto Frequency to kill gut bugs, and then when you hit 10 kick boxes, of course I wouldn’t mind seeing that Digestive Balance in there, so maybe I will do that another time. You can also add on “stress reduction or “hormone balance” and Auto Tri-Vector to help boost up their energy. Then you can add in their diagnosis of Autism or Dyslexia or ADHD or Depression and typically almost all of these children have some level of psychosis due to the tyrosine. That means they feel disconnected from the universe and feel isolated. Once you hit the Start button, you can set the timer here and this is an awesome ability to let the timer go anywhere up to 20 minutes. Let’s try it for 1 minute and when you read the instructions, basically it says “ideally set the timer for 10 minutes or so with about at least 3 therapies.” The system will terminate once the therapy has completed balancing and the system is going to close at finishing. It also sometimes goes a few minutes extra. So let that continue to perk along until you notice that it is fully done.

            Other Timed Therapies that I would like to evaluate for you also are very precious and easy to operate. Remember under the Therapy Screen we have Timed Therapies, we have an entire menu of things that can be set up. That includes Oxygenation to improve brain function. It also has Metabolic Repair. There is a wonderful window there to Treat Bad Behavior in Children and I find this one particularly useful so don’t be shy in using it. There is also Immune Repair, Hormone Repair, Nervous System repair, Blood Sugar Repair and Degenerative Repair. Almost all of those are appropriate for a child with Autism or ADHD. You can also piggyback on, after looking at the Homotoxicology screen, other additional therapies such as infections, isode problems, nosodes, spiritual superimpositions, psychological problems. All of these can be done to balance that out.

            I also remind you that the EEG Autonomic Nervous System and Brain Wave balancing is available to you, as well as the neurological repair button.

            Finally I would like to remind you that the Superlearning Channel is an awesome opportunity to give a child mathematical, communication, comprehension, social skills, maturity and attitude, using the Enhanced Learning Module, or you can use the Virtual Superlearning to send long distance to not only one child, but you can arrange a group of children, put them all in the computer, and send the Superlearning Channel to a group of different people in different cities simultaneously. All these options are available through the Virtual Superlearning or Superlearning channels. Remember, the Indefinite Loop of Biofeedback to leave Superlearning on all night is also available to you under the Biofeedback screen where you can leave it on all night long.

            I’d like to basically summarize by saying you both need to physically repair the nervous systems and the gut, you need to emotionally repair some of their difficulties. You need to help with the learning itself and dispel any of the toxic blocks that may be impairing the child’s performance. I think you will find a dramatic, fabulous tool in the QXCI for this type of learning condition.

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              Dr. Drake - Autism Part 7 of 7

              RECAP: There is so much information on this tape that it would be impossible to make out one best protocol so I am just going to list them all and you can pick and choose what needs to be done.
              1. Watch for stresses on SOC score that block learning abilities (P 3).
              2. Fill in information on EEG/Brain Wave program in the Attention Deficit button (P 4).
              3. Answer questions, click “calculate” button. “UHF” Disorder button pops up. Click “Yes.” Watch brain nutrition suggestions on bottom right-hand corner (P 4).
              4. Do Dyslexic/Dysphonia Repair if necessary. Also General Learning Disorder (P 4-5).
              5. Always save reports to file as you go along (P 5).
              6. Balance Brain Waves on EEG program. Make sure no head injuries have occurred (P 6). Make sure Attention Deficit score is less than normal (P 7). Tune Brain Waves 1 x each week for 4 weeks (P 8).
              7. Do Nutrition. Check Leaky Gut (P 7).
              8. Do Neurotransmitter Stimulation, Balance and Stabilization (P 7).
              9. Check for imponderable frequencies such as high tension wires, EELF, 60-cycle “Hum” circuitry for electronic devices (P 7).
              10. Do Polymorphic Subspace program in EEG (P 8).
              11. Do DNA Repair (P 8).
              12. Do Spiritual Imposition if not already done (P 8).
              13. Do Homotoxicology program (P 9).
              14. Do “Perverse Energy” under Risk Profile if not already done (P 9).
              15. Do Enzyme Therapy (Color Therapy on Therapy page) (P 10).
              16. Scalar Program is very helpful after a super imposition program has been done (P 10).
              17. Check left/right spin on Homotoxicology (P 10).
              18. Go to Amino Acid window (Risk Profile) and give tyrosine, serotonin and acetylcholine (P 11).
              19. Give Nelson Fatty Acids and Growth Hormone, check metabolic age and do Metabolic Repair in Timed Therapies if necessary (P 12).
              20. Use Auto Zap on all top pathogens, nutrition, co-enzymes, bowel flora (P 12).
              21. Clean blood through Dark Field program (P 12).
              22. Clean liver, spleen, adrenals, brain, thymus on Biofeedback module or Short Sarcode program (P 13).
              23. Unattended Quick therapies under Program menu can do 5-10 therapies simultaneously (P 14).
              24. Do Timed Therapies Metabolic Repair and other good therapies such as Immune Repair, Hormone Repair, Nervous System Repair, Blood Sugar Repair, Degenerative Repair. Be sure to piggyback other therapies such as infections, isodes, nosodes, etc. (P15).
              25. Do Autonomic Nervous System, EEG, Neurological repair are also good (P 15).
              26. Superlearning channel is wonderful to give them. Can be a group of kids at one time. Put them on Superlearning all night (P 15).

              “PEARLS” of wisdom.
              1. There has been a 5-fold increase in Autism (P 1).
              2. Measles vaccines are not necessarily the culprit (P 1).
              3. The measles vaccine is the same frequency as tyrosine. Tyrosine is main ingredient of production of adrenalin, thyroid hormones and oxytocin (P 1).
              4. If tyrosine is depleted (because of gut dysbiosis), it can’t stimulate the Auto-immune cascade (which is sulphur dependent). Sulphur shuts down the Auto-immune cascade (P 1).
              5. Autistic children are commonly sulphur deficient and can’t shut off the Auto-immune cascade (P 1).
              6. Auto-immune cascade has a gene called TNFAlpha which stimulates the cascade against invaders. This gene lives next to the Celiac Sprue gene (P 1).
              7. There is a good possibility that the Celiac Sprue gene from the wheat products has glued up the nervous system and prevents the transmission of data across nerves for learning, language and memory (P 2).
              8. Autism could result from chronically exhausted gut with chronic leaky gut, possible genetic factors and introduction of measles vaccine frequency (P 2).
              9. Autistic children have a tyrosine deficiency which explains their behaviors such as: a) sensitivity to touch; b) sensitivity of tongue to new foods (they are very picky eaters); c) they are hyper-acoustic in their hearing and try to drown out noises because of inflamed ears from gluten infections and become demineralized; d) a demineralized child can’t activate enzymes to clean out toxins so get stuck in the Autism patterns (P 2).
              10. These children have high stress levels and extremely high resonance frequency numbers, even into the millions. This indicates very strongly the possibility of superimpositions or entities being attached (P 2-3).
              11. Autism is usually multifaceted and that is why QX is so great in helping them (P 3).
              12. Leaky Gut Syndrome is very much involved in autism (P 3).
              13. Talking excessively is sign of tyrosine deficiency. Sometimes they mimick you by repeating what you say (P 4).
              14. Dyslexia means right/left brain is not connected properly (P 4).
              15. Dysphonia means difficulty understanding information. This works well for children who can’t speak well (P 4-5).
              16. Keto fasting diet is good for Autistic children and those with epilepsy (P 6).
              17. Keep tartravin yellow dyes and aspirin out of diet, along with MSG, sugars, additives, breads and cereals. Use millet and oats (P 6).
              18. Remove sugar. We don’t have enzyme to digest it. Fungi and candida crave it so they can turn it into alcohol (P 9).
              19. Autistic children have tendonitis from inflammatory poisons (P 9).
              20. Phenol poisons settle in liver. Do detox in Homotoxicology if high (P 9).
              21. Have parents remove all electronic devices around Child’s bedroom (P 10).
              22. Be careful of pets–sneeze parasites into room, on bed, on counters, etc. Pinworms, round worm levels are always high in Autistic children (P 10).
              23. If child cannot relax do Relaxation Pulse in NLP, Neuropeptide Balance, and stabilization and Flower Essences which help calm them (P 11).
              24. Can get rid of impositions by using Biofeedback programs. There are several (P 11).
              25. Big discrepancies in physical and metabolic age on Anti-aging (P 12).
              26. Don’t give sulphur before giving child psyllium or rice fiber laxative at least for two weeks. They can’t take in any sulphur right away and may make them sick (P 13).

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                vaccination Vid

                Some Parents are Homeschooling Their Kids to Avoid Vaccinations - Articles

                a great video about vaccination they cover alot of stuff and our rights to say no..
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