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Blood Pressure Protocol for EPFX

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  • Blood Pressure Protocol for EPFX

    Blood Pressure Protocol

    Go to EEG ECG FRQ
    Click Autonomic Nerval System
    Get Sympathetic, Parasympathetic, and Vagus all rectified to 85 or better

    Click on ECG Fast Fourier Transform and stabilize heartbeat to 85 or better

    Do NOT use Apply Radio Ablation

    Go to Disease Probability and Dictionary
    Click on Disease Dictionary
    Scroll down to Hypertension and Highlight it, then click Electroacupuncture+BioResonance, then click OK –Reveal Text, then click Long Term Therapy Active, then click Auto TREAT

    Once you have done the above you can go back to the regular screen (Consciousness) and the Disease will run in the background.

    Go to Spinal and Sarcodes
    Click on Circulation
    Answer the questions
    Treat circulation overall until 85 or better (use the electro Chelation boost, plus whatever comes up automatically)

    Go back to spinal and sarcodes
    Go to timed therapies
    Do circulation stimulation

    Go to Biofeedback
    Go to relaxation and click on reverse Psychic Attacks

    Go to Additional under Biofeedback and click on Circulation

    Go back to the main page and type in Blood Pressure in the white box to the left of the Search button (middle right of screen)
    Treat the high and low items that come up

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