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Used Indigo and SCIO for sale

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  • Used Indigo and SCIO for sale


    I have a used Indigo and a used SCIO available. In the case of the Indigo, I say "used" conservatively - it was likely used fewer than 3 or 4 times. It needs the latest firmware update as it was one of the first off the line and I haven't done anything with it since about a month after I received it.

    Both systems would need to be registered with Budapest to receive the most current software and support, etc. and while I am happy to include the laptop I used, the software needs to be reinstalled because I didn't realize both systems could not run on the same laptop and when I installed the Indigo software on the same system it caused both softwares to malfunction so you would need to decide which system you want to run on this laptop and reinstall it then get another laptop for the other (is my assumption, anyway).

    I have head harness, wrist and ankle straps, medium pad/mat and a few other items that would be included.

    Both systems are available individually or as a set. If you're interested in either/both, please make an offer. Or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    I hope this finds you well! =)


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    Hi Michelle, =)

    The cheapest I have seen any of the used Indigo devices for sale has been $15k. Although my husband would like to see me get the most out of it that I can, given what you would like to use it for, I would be okay with $10k especially since it needs the latest firmware update, etc. Let me know how this would work for you.



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      Hello, thank you for the generosity I do appreciate it very much! I wish you many blessings for it! You also mentioned u had a scio which is very similar from what indigo does, how much is that? Thank you
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