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EPFX | Quantum Biofeedback Discussion on the EPFX-QXCI-SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Machine invented by Bill Nelson.


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Old 11-20-2008, 05:23 PM
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Earth Healing Protocol

This protocol was for June 21st, but it can be used anytime. This is by Dave Cowen,he is awesome!!

You may use this protocol at any time, although coordinating our efforts on June 21 promises to have a more significant, cumulative effect. Beyond the suggested protocol, please feel free to address whatever issues you may see in your individual session. The main thing is hold the awareness of yourself in an expanded sense of encompassing the same Life Force as Earth, Nature and all Humanity.
Calibrate to yourself as a Planetary Hologram; ie: John Smith/Planetary Hologram, or Mary Jones, surrogate for Earth (or Gaia).
For gender, indicate Both.
Calibration Page / Animal Testing / select Other Living Thing / Load and Close.
Body Viewer
Sacred Geometry / Tree of Life, Connection to ground.
Orgone Field Generator
Select Spiritual Harmony / Interactive / enter 1000 meters.
Enter 4850 111 4811 8587 (Items to heal Separation).
Activate Orgone Field / Close
Biofeedback pull-down / Body to Soul Connection
Visualization and Meditation: making the Connection
Sit quietly and take a few deep cleansing breaths.
With both feet on the ground, see a red X on the Tailbone, another at the Center of the Earth. Create a hollow grounding tube connecting both X’s at least as wide as your hips. Make it of any material you like, like a hollow tree trunk, metal, or stone. Into this grounding tube go all non-beneficial energies. Once set up, it will be there all day. Anything you draw to yourself that is not in your Highest Good goes down the tube! Don’t worry about polluting Earth with your stuff. To Mother Earth, it's just neutral energy, which she recycles into Life Energy to help the Planet.
Next, visualize Earth Energy coming up from the ground into your feet, pooling in your pelvic area, and spilling over and down your grounding tube. Feel the support of Mother Earth and all the Elemental intelligences as she continuously supplies you with her Unconditional Love.
With the Earth Energy continuing to run, open up to the Cosmic Energy coming in from above. See yourself enclosed in a Pillar of Light. Feel it come down the back of the head, down the back and meeting the pool of Earth Energy in your pelvic area. See the Cosmic energy pick up what it needs from the Earth Energy and carry this combined energy up the front of the body. As it rises up the front, see it flow in and out of all your major chakras, cleaning and purifying as it goes. All the cleaned energy goes down the tube. Feel the combined Earth and Cosmic energy pour out your Crown chakra and fill your energy field, like a giant egg of Light.
Place yourself in the exact center of your light field. Your field can extend to infinity, or be pulled in right next to the body. Extend it about an arm’s length all around. Imagine a pair of handles on the inside of the egg where you can pull yourself into the center. If you have too much future in your field in the form of fears and worries, pull the field back as it may be too far out in front. If you have too much past in your field, it will need to be pulled forward. The past shows up as regrets, memories and old emotional charges.
Now move your attention to the center of your head at the point behind the eyes halfway between the ears. This is your seat of command, known to the Hindus as the cave of Brahma. It is your space and should not be open to anyone else. See yourself cleaning your space in all directions with a squirt gun or laser beam. Once clear, you can settle into your easy chair and observe in peace.
We are now going to place an imaginary Rose on the outer front edge of your energy field. This is a giant Rose of any color you like. Its stem extends down to your grounding tube. The Rose's purpose is to absorb all negative energy that otherwise may pollute your field. The Rose takes the hit for you. You may need to refresh your Rose once in while, especially after a stressful event. Just pop the old Rose and create another one.
Finally, imagine a golden solar sphere overhead, at least three times the size of your field. In the sphere, place all the good qualities and gifts you want to receive. Fill it with amusement, neutrality and self love for starters. Maybe you can add joy, health and vitality, freedom from lack, etc. Once the mix is complete, punch a hole in bottom of the sphere and feel the golden light begin to pour into your body, like honey. See it fill every space in your body, down to each cell, into the center of the bones, etc.
Know that all of these things you have established will continue to operate all day. Do this meditation regularly, and you will feel more connected to all dimensions, including Mother Earth and Father Spirit. You are now a conscious bridge between the dimensions.
Healing the Father (Spirit) Mother (Earth) Child (Humanity) Relationship
Body Viewer / Sacred Geometry / Sri Yantra expands the Circle of Compassion
Superlearning Page / Phaser X / Add More Patients to Subspace Treatment
Enter Father Spirit, Prime Creator, Spirit, Divine Presence, Holy Spirit or whatever term you prefer for the Spiritual Essence. Enter Mother Earth, Divine Mother, Divine Goddess, Gaia or the Elemental Kingdom to represent the Mother Essence. Enter your name, the Human Family, the Children of God or Homo Luminous to describe Humanity.
Homeopathic Superimposition / Enter the following Peace Matrix Items:
After typing in, click green arrow, double click the grey box to activate
4929 7290 4601 4779 4840 3759 4506 4950
Virtual Quick Check / Virtual Harmonic Therapy. Repeat until all cursors on the right side of the screen are to the left of each box.
Visualization: As you do the brain wave balancing on this page, imagine your head to be the planetary globe. Think of the Western Hemisphere as the left side of your head, with the Eastern Hemisphere the right.
The Hawaiian Islands form the 3D Eye of the Global Brain. Visualizing a figure eight over eyes will help to harmonize the hemispheres. Hold this image of yourself as you balance the brainwaves, knowing that by intent you are affecting all human consciousness on the Planet, including Gaia herself.
Feel the balance of Yin and Yang energies within the Global brain as you visualize Peace breaking out between all nations. See all the dormant areas of the Global Brain awaken with Light and Joy and Peace.
Homeopathic Activation of the Golden Light
Body Viewer / Sacred Geometry / Golden Ratio, Spirals of Love
Load Homeopathic Remedy List / word search Golden to find #1102 Narayani Peace and Love formula
Double Click on the Remedy to transfer to the upper Master Edit Box. Close.
In the Type in Potency box, type 50 M. Zap. Repeat if necessary until rectified 100%
Harmonizing the Global Brain and Global Heart
Body Viewer / Chakras / Heart Chakra
EEG panel / Subspace Morphic Trans
EEG panel / Stabilize Heartbeat / repeat until rectified
Visualization: with the in breath, bring the color blue into the 3D eye. With the out breath, transform this color into green and breath it out of the Heart Chakra. Know as you do this, your brain and Heart are beginning to connect, harmonize and expand a beautiful field of unconditional love and acceptance.
Start to bring in your loved ones into your circle, then add all your acquaintances past, present and future. Expand this circle out through all of their acquaintances, through the six degrees of separation that ultimately includes all of Humanity. Your Heart has now expanded to include all of Mother Earth and her Children. Hold an image of the healed planet in your heart space…see it basking in Golden Light.
Healing Through Forgiveness
Forgiving the hurts we perceive as coming from outside is the best way to heal the real root issue: our own sense of separation from the Divine, or Oneness. Healing this inner separation one relationship at a time can heal humanity and our collective projection of the World. Use this wonderful and practical technique derived from the ancient Hawaiian tradition of Hoponopono often.
Body Viewer: Sacred Geometry / Torus of Forgiveness
Test Page / Programs / Electro Hypnosis / Set timer to a min of 3 Minutes
Type in “To all my Human Family and all Relationships Past, Present and Future: I love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You”.
Thank You
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