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EPFX | Quantum Biofeedback Discussion on the EPFX-QXCI-SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Machine invented by Bill Nelson.


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Old 09-12-2008, 07:58 AM
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EPFX | Subspace

The EPFX biofeedback process can be experienced two ways-

1. By being physically connected to the EPFX device with wrist bands, ankle bands and a head band.

2. By being connected to the EPFX device via subspace.

When we are connected to the EPFX Physically, it "reads" our responses via the wrist, ankle and headbands. The device also sends energy to us via those same physical bands.

So HOW do we experience the benefits of the EPFX device when we are not connected to it physically via the bands?

It is through subspace!

What is that? There is a 900+ page Treatise on the subject of Subspace and the Quantum Aspects of Biology by Bill Nelson. You can download this for free by clicking EPFX | Promorpheus.

The very short answer is as follows- (these are excerpts from some posts located here You are a Quantum Being )

Each one of us is a quantum being, or, if you have read The Quantum Key, you learned that we are Open Systems.

Each on of us resides in a physical body, here, in time and space. However, just as real, we each have an energetic "twin" that resides in the collective unconscious (matrix, universal mind, etc). This twin, or energetic self that is in the collective is NOT bound by time and space.

There is a constant connection between our person inside of time and space and our energetic self that exists outside of time and space.

(this is where intuition comes from, this is the source of our "gut" "that just knows" certain things.)

Our energetic self, that exists outside of time and space has access to all knowledge that resides in the collective unconscious-past, present and future.


The following is my understanding of the Collective unconscious and how we fit into it.

This understanding is based on my experience with the Collective via thousands of hours spent consciously exploring around in the Collective via TRV.

It is also based on quite a few thousand hours working with clients and the SCIO machine - accessing those clients energetic "twin" via "subspace" using the SCIO machine.

I have less than 100 hours of reading and formal training in these matters, so what I share is primarily based on observation and experience.

The collective unconscious, aka-collective, matrix, universal mind, book of life, etc (I prefer collective or matrix) is a "place" that has the following characteristics:

It is outside of the confines of time and space as we experience them daily.

Everything that ever was, is, or will be, is recorded in the matrix.

This includes, thoughts, dreams, actions, words, events, physical action-person, place, thing or events-including every nuance of conscious and subconscious thought and motivations.

There appears to be only one record of all past events, (because there is only one history that actually happened) one record of all current events, HOWEVER, there appears to be records of all future possible trajectories, making the future wide open because most life forms have free will, and can choose from limitless options. (all of the above is based on looking into the matrix from a fixed point in time and space)

There is an intelligence that organizes all this data stored in the matrix, and even draws conclusions/calculates all possible variations when looking at future possibilites from our fixed point in time and space.

There is also information in the matrix regarding life forms outside of our earth, and outside of what occurs that we can perceive with our 5 senses, including information on life forms that previously occupied a corporeal body on this planet, but no longer do.

Each of us, while we are alive on this planet, have an "energetic twin" or a energetic mirror image of ourselves that exists in the collective. This energetic mirror image is just that, a mirror image of what is our person (thoughts, feelings, physical body, etc) on this planet. If our body on this planet has a broken finger and a fever, then our energetic mirror image in the collective reflects the same broken finger and fever.

In my experience, the energetic mirror image is not a higher self, or a precursor of what will or may be, or anything else besides an energetic mirror image of what we are right here and now on this planet.

Here is where it gets interesting.

There are methods that can be employed, from within time and space (where we are here and now on this planet), that can effect changes in the mirror image of ourselves in the matrix. Those effects on our mirror image can then have an affect on our person within time and space.

This is profound. We can energetically address our energetic mirror and realize the affects of that in our physical being here in time and space.

According to the developer of the QXCI SCIO device, the channel of communication between our physical world, within time and space, and our energetic mirror outside of time and space, is called subspace. I have done virtually no study on this, however there is a treatise entitled Subspace and Quantum Aspects of Biology that is availabe for free download at Energetic Science Ministries™ | Energetics. Here is the LINK . It is down toward the bottom and it is in PDF format and is 927 pages long.

While I have not spent time studying this from a book, I have spent thousands of hours using this "subspace" communication to connect with hundreds of energetic mirrors of physical life forms. I do not know the mechanics of how it works, however, from experience, I can unequivocally state that it does work.

On a lessor level, I can state that I have observed, that when a life form on this planet (within time and space) makes a decision to do something, the energetic mirror of this life form (outside of time and space) also knows this (because it is a mirror) decision has been made.

The really interesting thing is, the energetic mirror, because it is in the collective and not bound by time and space, can begin experiencing the effects of that decision once it is made. This in turn can have an affect on the life form within time and space, a sort of anticipation or precursor of what is going to occur within time and space because of the decision made to do something within time and space.

Now, the immediate question comes to mind-can a life form in time and space make a "decision" to do something, and then in reality not do it, and have the energetic mirror image experience the effect of the "decision" that was never carried through on.

Of course all of this is impossible to document in any scientific manner, however, I have done many experiments, testing this very question. In my experience, the mirror image knows that the "decision" was never carried through on (because it is outside of time and space and see's what actually happens) and does not experience the effects, because the event never actually occurred.

As I stated in the previous post, the implications of all this are mind-boggling and exciting at the same time.

When not connected physically to the EPFX Device, it connects with our Energtic Twin and what affects our twin affects us.

Because this connection cannot be observed (via wires, etc.) it may be difficult to accept. I know it was for me!

When I first started using my EPFX in 2004 I always connected myself to it via the bands. Over time I saw the people I worked with in subspace getting fantastic results.

This paradigm shattering realization was awhile in the making, but it has been years since I have even bothered to use the bands on myself, or anyone else. I do virtually all my work via subspace.

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