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EPFX | Quantum Biofeedback Discussion on the EPFX-QXCI-SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Machine invented by Bill Nelson.


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Old 11-16-2012, 08:57 AM
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Over 85% of All Used SCIO / EPFX devices worldwide are purchased here:

SCIO / EPFX devices for sale | Used SCIO EPFX


GUARANTEED that your SCIO device will meet or exceed manufacturer (QX LTD.) specifications and standards.

COMPLIANCE with all Budapest Home Office guidelines.


BONUS 1 year WARRANTY for top quality and peace of mind.

Quality individualized TRAINING from practitioners and trainers with a minimum of 5 yrs experience available.

Biofeedback Specialist CERTIFICATION available.

We can complete the name transfer... for YOU!... no hassles.. so you are the REGISTERED OWNER of your SCIO.

We can set up your account with the manufacturer and ACTIVATE YOUR SOFTWARE... for YOU!... no need to fuss with the technical stuff.

We are so confident you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a 14 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Need FINANCING? We can help. 90% get approved. 48 hr turnaround. Only $199/month.

Tips When Purchasing a SCIO...

Genuine devices are manufactured in Hungary by QX Ltd. If you are unsure, request a serial number.

If you buy a NEW device in the U.S or Canada, it’s likely that it’s being imported which is illegal. It is only legal to purchase used/refurbished devices in the US and Canada.

Be sure you are using up to date software. All SCIO owners must be operating 5.5.2012.

Be sure your computer meets the proper specs to run the Clasp 32 software (email us if you need the specs)

With online purchases, be sure you have a money back guarantee and warranty.

Essentially, be smart!

Purchase a “Like New” certified pre-owned SCIO / EPFX device and software from our reputable U.S. based company with 12 years in the Quantum Biofeedback industry.

All of our company inventory was originally purchased from the manufacturer (QX Ltd.) with verifiable serial numbers.

Unlimited Support from skilled professionals is important… For example, once you purchase do you know how to activate the software? Who will be there for you?

When you include a laptop with your purchase, the 5.5.2012 software comes pre-loaded and activated. If you do not need a laptop, we remote-into your computer anywhere in the world and complete your software activation and set up for you. No additional charge.

Our goal is to make the SCIO / EPFX AFFORDABLE AND keep the industry standards high evident in TOP QUALITY products and HAPPY CUSTOMERS. We are not a private seller with little to no experience, who will sell you a device with no reputation at stake.

This happens often with internet sales. Please don't let it be you. "I found a SCIO on ebay. It seemed like a good deal, so I bought it. The device didn't work when it arrived. So, I asked for a refund, and she denied it claiming that I broke it. What?!! I sent the package back. She refused to accept the delivery. I filed a claim which could take up to 3 months for a resolution. I can only hope now that it will be in my favor."

We protect you from scenarios like this. Our sales system is designed with YOU in mind- happy customers! Technical inspection, warranty, money back guarantee, top training and certification, financing if needed, and 6 days a week phone support.

Make a SMART investment. The SCIO / EPFX is a revolutionary system. Over 20,000 devices are in use in over 15 countries. Get started making a difference NOW! We are here to assist you.


Let us know if you would like a 20 min LIVE ONLINE DEMO! If you haven't seen the depth of the SCIO system, you will never forget this. Look into some of the programs built into the quantum biofeedback software:

Dark Field Analysis
Aura Scan
Sports Program
And more

Packages range from $3,900 - $7,900 and include any of the following:

SCIO / EPFX Digital Interface Unit
Brand New Upgraded Magnetic Headband and Limb Straps
New Computer Cable
1 Year Warranty
Name Transfer Complete Upon Purchase
Flash drive with Clasp32 software (5.5.12)
Black Roller Bag or Laptop Carrying Bag
Ready-to-Go Computer Available (compatible specs, loaded with software, drivers, activation complete)
Training Manuals
Instruction Available
Biofeedback Certification Available
Ask about our accessories for your SCIO
Need Financing? We Can Help!

Call us to receive an exact quote. We customize packages based on your needs. We are easy to reach by phone.

We are here to help!


Available Mon-Sat 7am-7pm PST. Look forward to speaking with you.

To Your Health,

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