View Full Version : Super Joule thief Charger Bedini Style

10-04-2010, 09:45 PM
I know that many others have made a joule thief charger, and some are able to use the bedini feed back to positive ( The bedini and Joule thief circuits seem the same to me?). Chilliqueen2007 on youtube made what he calls a "super joule thief" that only required one turn of wire for the coil, but i found no one who made a joule thief charger out of this design, and especially since it uses less power to run a LED i don't know why no one has (it seems simpler to make and uses less power, sounds like a winner to me?:thumbsup: ).

So I've drawn what it might look like using the bedini feed back to positive.

But i wasn't satisfied with that, so what i really want to get out of all of this is overunity, so to insure that I've added my own addition to the circuit. Since it gives off light by the LED i hook a solar panel and/or LED to collect ambient light from the LED to charge the primary battery. Picture shown is not bedini style. 6651

But i do have what it looks like with bedini style. 6650

I'm sure the circuits are wrong in many ways but i offer to show a rough idea i have to charge batteries with little loss to the primary battery. Please tell me what you think. :)

10-05-2010, 04:06 AM
Prediction can be wrong. I think you need to build it and compare it with other circuit using the same component.

10-11-2010, 02:56 AM
I built the super joule thief charger with some nice but different results. The bedini feed back to positive doesn't work. It works great so far charging AA's but the bad news is that the LED cuts off. What is great about the circuit is that a simple wire can be used as the coil. But this is not the crazy part...

the crazy part is the run battery. When I've built these type chargers i've always been more interested in the charge battery but not this one. The run battery seemed like it was discharging when it went from 1.349 to 1.348 but all of the sudden it jump back up to 1.349 while still charging the charge battery. For at least 2 minutes it was at 1.348 but then for no reason it jump up to 1.349 and it been lasting for at least 5 minutes with the a slight flash up to 1.350. I'm sure its nothing. I could be that the sharp pulses on the run battery cause some small recovery time but will still drain the battery. Don't mean to get your hopes up but i see what i see. Or it could be that i'm using a C battery as the run battery and the charge battery is a AA?

So this is just merely a charging circuit unlike the other joule thief charger that can run a LED but this one is a lot more efficient though. :)