View Full Version : Bedini SGS with neo:s

07-21-2010, 09:53 PM
Hi all , and thank you for your great knowledge in this free energy area.
I have built one Bedini motor with large neo magnets from one old washingmashinedrum.
Advantages with this is : 2 strong bearings , it rotates very easy (if you take the rubbersealing away) and you can expand the construction with 20-25 generatorcoils.
And maybe you can run one generator with the torque that 9 coils and 18 strong neo can give.
We shall see....

I have a question - how do I build one Bedini generatorcoil most eficcient , and can I use one battery to all coils
It doesn´t seems so , because i have burned several transistors and diods when I used the same battery to all coils.
Do you have any advises?