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06-26-2010, 04:48 AM
Hello everyone! I wrote about this topic on Graceís CEM thread, but Iíve decided to put it on as a thread all its own. The reason because: a) I donít want to hog up Graceís fantastic CEM thread with such an off-topic topic, b) I imagine maybe not everyone on this forum reads Graceís thread. So now everyone can read about and get to know about this marvellous new healing/intuitive modality.

Itís fairly new, itís only been around for a very few years, it was always passed down personally from teacher to student until now a lady named Andrea Hess now offers the course online. Itís called Soul Realignment, I donít know if anyone here has heard of it?

You can read all about it here: Soul Realignment: Akashic Records Wisdom for Soul-Level Healing (http://www.soulrealignment.com/). But I'll try and give a summary of it.

Anyways I'm learning this technique right now, and I need guinea pigs! Would you like to receive a practice session from me for free? It's totally harmless and very beneficial. Here is some more information about this:

What is Soul Realignment

It's an intuitive/healing modality, sort of like a cross between an in-depth intuitive reading and a long-distance healing session. The practitioner would read different information about the client using mainly the Akashic Records, but also visualization to "see" the person's energy and problem spots. Then the practitioner would carry out a cleaning and clearing session to heal/remove these problem spots, this is the actual realignment part of the healing.

Problem spots could be anything from persistent limiting negative beliefs, negative karma which is no longer serving us because we've already learned our lesson, vows and pacts which we made in the past, perhaps in another life, and which no longer serve us today but are still active in our vibrations and therefore affect our lives today. An example of this could be, for example, a vow of chastity made in a past life or a vow of poverty made in for example an incarnation as a monk/nun, whose effects would be noticed today as an extreme difficulty in finding satisfactory relationships, in the case of the first vow, or terrible problems attracting abundance into our lives (aka poverty, misery!) in the second case.

The reading would also include a brief spirit guide reading.

Who is Soul Realignment for?

Well personally I always say Soul Realignment is for everyone hehe! That it could benefit everyone! But in reality some people would be more interested in it and get more from it than others. Soul Realignment could be for you if:

- you're interested in your spiritual development, you would like become a better person and you want your life to be better, smoother, flow more, etc.

- you have specific problems that no matter WHAT you do it seems they just WONíT shift no matter what, you feel like youíre beating your head up against a wall, the problems may be emotional, related to certain areas of life (relationships, or finances, or job/profession, or family, or health, etc.) :wall:

- you may have tried EVERYTHING to try and resolve these problems, you may have been using Paths, following Abraham-Hicks, watched The Secret, tried every form of therapy imaginable, maybe even personal coaching, and still NOTHING is improving

- you would like to know about your life path and purpose, your natural talents that you brought with you with the intention of using in this lifetime

Of course there are zillions more reasons to get a Soul Realignment session, but these are some of the main reasons that people seek them out.

What does Soul Realignment do?

Well as I mentioned before, among other things, Soul Realignment would remove blocks, energetic imbalances, negative limiting beliefs, negative undeserved karma, curses, vows, spells, etc. at their root, at the place where these first came into being, in your current lifetime or in a past incarnation. This would rout them out forever.

Soul Realignment would help to realign your soul, your Higher Self, with your subconscious and your conscious, so all these different parts of you are working together in harmony in the achievement of your highest path and purpose for this lifetime.

You would learn about your special talents and qualities which you chose to develop in the long-term as a soul, and which you came here to use/express in this particular life.

You would find out if your spiritual protection is intact or if, on the contrary, it is incomplete, and then the realignment would complete your natural protective devices.

Youíd discover Ė surprise surprise! Ė if youíre really from this planet! Or if you travelled a long way here from some distant galaxy and if so, from which world? So, are you an extraterrestrial? :thumbsup:

So, feel like signing up? Once I finish training in this technique I will probably
start by charging around $100 for a session (other practitioners will probably kill me for this hehe! because most charge over $150, unfair competition from me, whoa! :eek: Not to worry I wonít put them out of business, as I get better at it Iíll be raising my prices too :suprise: ). I hope a few of you are interested! Iíll be taking ďguinea pigsĒ for a short time only, because Iíve got almost enough practice clients already from among my friends, and Iíll accept them in chronological order.

I would need your full name, your name at birth, your date and place of birth. Thatís all I would need to know. In order to access your Akashic Record.

Well thatís it, this is a loooong post, so Iíll shut up now. Okay chatty me, before I do so Iím going to tell you my personal experience with Soul Realignment. Iím really weird, I actually signed up to take the training course without ever having received a Soul Realignment session from anyone. Most people learn the technique because they received a session from someone, and were absolutely blown away by it.

But as I was learning the course I just COULDNíT resist, I had to get a session for myself too. Especially since the course takes about 3 months to complete. I just couldnít wait 3 months to do a complete session on myself! Oh no! :confused: So I contacted David Topi, the only practitioner I know of here in Spain. David is totally amazing! I encourage anyone who can read Spanish to check out his blog at David Top√*- Evoluci√≥n Personal y Espiritual. (http://davidtopi.com/).

Anyways, if youíve read previous posts by me youíd know that I had a BIG, HUGE, MAJOR issue with money and jobs. I did EVERYTHING to try and materialize a job into my life, short of threatening the boss of some company at gunpoint to hire me hehe! :o Iíve been using Paths for about a year now, Iíve been following Abraham-Hicks, I went to counselling, followed Gracieís advice, practiced gratitude like mad, read Lola Jonesí Divine Openings and did her Divine Openings, etc. etc. etc. And after a year, STILL NO JOB!!! :mad:

It was like I was battering up against this humungous wall of China that just wouldnít be moved!

Well David Topi did a session for me. He said I had 3 major reasons why I couldnít manifest a job or even the bare minimum amount of money needed for basic survival. One was, unsurprisingly, a big stubborn negative limiting belief which I actually was aware of but had been unable to get rid of in spite of using Paths, affirmations, etc. etc. etc.

However the main reason was something I could NEVER have guessed or expected, something NO other technique or modality I know of would have been able to solve. It was a curse! Now I never much believed in curses, or rather I didnít think they could affect you if you didnít believe in them. But apparently, for some reason or other, I accepted this curse, which occurred in a past life. Since I accepted it then it never got dissolved or went away, these things apparently donít disappear just because you die and change incarnations! :suprise: They continue to affect you in lifetime after lifetime, and you donít even know they exist! So you canít do anything about them. It just feels like a humungous wall of China!

So David did the session for me, and he got rid of the curse forever. Now folks, hereís what happened next: The day after David did the session for me, I went to a job interview, my first job interview ever! (Iíd received other interviews but they werenít for ďlegitimateĒ, normal, steadily paying jobs, they were you know Herbalife/Avon type things, not that thereís anything wrong with Herbalife or Avon, but only if youíre good at commissions-only salesÖÖÖ.) The people giving me the interview felt so relaxed with me, THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB right off the bat! Itís a part-time job and theyíll be paying me a full-time wage! WOW! :yahoo:

Only catch is the job begins in October, so I still have to find some way to eat until then. But on the other hand my little home business is bumping along, not really prospering or anything, but I get enough to feed the family, so I guess it can do until October, if nothing else comes up.

And hopefully soon within a few months Iíll be getting oodles and oodles of Soul Realignment work! SoÖÖÖÖÖ.

Well now I really will shut up! See ya folks! Take care! :grindaisy:

06-27-2010, 10:33 AM
sending pm

06-27-2010, 12:34 PM
Hi all! Thought it would be a good idea to add a little comment here, to clear things up in case some people were wondering. :D

Anyways I suppose it's already understood, but in case anyone had any doubts, of course I will keep your personal information private and I won't share it with ANYONE. In fact I don't even remember your personal info, I note it down on my worksheets, one person on each worksheet, and then I forget about it, and I only look at it when I'm working on that person's worksheet.

So unless you publish your personal info here on a public post, no one else will ever see it! :eek: So you can breathe easy! :grindaisy:

I know it's a privilege for me that some of you are willing to share your personal info with me, and I'm reeeeeeeally grateful to be able to work with you and practice on ya!

Cheers! :cheers:

06-27-2010, 12:46 PM
Hi everyone! Oh I just "rediscovered" a post on this subject that I made on Grace's CEM thread but didn't put here, so I'm putting it here now. :confused:

I wanted to comment a couple of things I forgot to say in the previous post. It'll actually take me about 3 months to get back to you with your reading, because that is how long it'll take me to finish the course. Well some people do go faster, but I've got that super boooooooring government training course that takes up my whole **** day, which I hate and didn't do a thing to bring me a job but as I'm on welfare (welfare ends next month though) I couldn't say no to it. And I'm working at my home business in the afternoons and evenings, plus I've got 2 kids with 4 stomachs each to feed (like for example 3 dinners every night, in addition of course to the usual snacks, lunch, etc.! :suprise: ) so time isn't something I exactly enjoy an abundance of at this moment! :eek:

The reading would take about 1 hour, I'd have to do it on Skype because I don't have a home phone I could call you on. If you don't have Skype it's veeeeeeeeeeery easy to get and it's totally free! Just get onto Make the most of Skype - free internet calls and great value calls (http://www.skype.com) and download it into your computer for free. Using it is free too, I can even record our call and send it to you as an MP3 file afterwards.

I'd also send you everything we talk about in a Word document.

I also wanted to add, what happened to me actually isn't the USUAL result! :o Most people find that they notice the results, in their interior and in their external life, in within about a few weeks to a month. Most people notice almost right away that they are sleeping better and simply feel more calm and at peace, their usual worries, anxieties and preoccupations are gone, they have the feeling that everything is okay and going just the way it should, and that everything will work out just fine. I know that I certainly do feel that way now, for example even though I won't be starting my new job until October and welfare is ending, I have the sensation that it will be all right, my home business will do well enough for us to get along, or something else will come along.

Then within about a month or so, people usually start to notice that things are flowing much more smoothly in their lives, little by little they start achieving the things that they've always wanted to achieve with not much effort, synchronicity starts to become a norm in their lives. If before doing the session they didn't have much of a sense of purpose in their lives, after the session they start to see clearly what it is that they came to do, and they start to do it with ease.

Of course there are the dramatic cases too, the teenager who's addicted to drugs and gets off of them, the lady who was turning into an old maid because she'd NEVER been able to attract a boyfriend into her life, when she had her session done she discovered that she had made a vow of chastity in her past, after the session with its clearing work she started getting boyfriends, at last! :blowout:

06-27-2010, 09:41 PM
Hi again! I guess since this is a very new and almost totally unknown technique, people don't know very much about it. It is of course a veeeeery complex, fascinating and vast topic, and people could write reams and reams of books about it. So I could never sum it up even a little bit here in one post or just a few posts.

However one thing people wonder about a lot is why I need certain personal information, so I'll explain it here. If you've already signed up and you don't agree with what I will use your personal info for there's no problem, you can PM me and I won't use you as a practice client! :) I use your info so I can access your personal record in the Akashic Records, in order to do the reading for your Soul and the realignment (healing) work. (I think I mentioned this in the original, first post, but maybe it wasn't very clear.) Everyone has their very own personal record in the Akashic Files. Everything about you is recorded in your file, but of course I won't be looking at everything! :suprise:

Basically, I would be looking at the following for your reading:

Information such as the soul group that you belong to, which is where your soul originated from, your home planet so to speak. Souls travel wherever they want because they aren't limited by time or space, so you could have incarnated on any planet that you chose. I would tell you what your specialties and talents are, that you chose to cultivate and develop as a Soul (Archangelic Realms of training is what this is referred to, but since you've probably never heard of that before I just call it your specialties and talents). I would tell you what your "jobs" are in the spirit world when you're not living a life on earth or another planet.

Your greatest fulfilment in life would come from developing these specialties and talents and expressing yourself through these particular areas of life.

The reading would explain energetic blocks and other limitations that might be holding you back and keeping you from realizing your full potential. These blocks and limitations could include things like deeply rooted negative limiting beliefs, curses, unresolved traumas, negative undeserved karma, vows and pacts, either originating in your current life or in a past incarnation.

After identifying these things I'd remove them from you forever.

I'd tell you about your team of spirit guides, and if you have any negative guides with you I'd get rid of them, so that you're no longer getting led astray by them, if you had any.

I'd check to make sure that you have your protective defenses in place and if not I'd restore them. Everyone is entitled to protection, and is supposed to have it. But it can get removed or worn down by, well, life!

Those are the main points I would go over in your Soul Realignment session.

There's also other stuff but oh please, be patient with me! I'm just learning it now! :confused: So there's still a loooooooot of material I haven't even looked at yet!

That is where you would help me! Since this is a practical technique, well I'd need to practice! :grindaisy: So when you volunteer to be a practice client for me you would be helping me so I can become a really good practitioner, and one day be able to go on and do this work for people everywhere. Hopefully anyways! :D

So that's about it for now I think. Oh please, don't hesitate to post here or write to me all the same, if you have more questions! Thank you all so much! :thanks: :heartthrob:

06-28-2010, 02:42 AM
Hello, I loved reading your post's. Reminds me of about 10 years ago when I was practicing REIKI and looking for GUINEA Pigs! I used to try to find my own blocks. NO luck tho:confused: It seem that my guinea pigs acted A little tipsey or seemed intoxicated after a treatment. They just smiled alot and acted silly. I'm guessing it might of help them release somthing??? Any way I enjoyed it too. But Ive never been able to find out my own blocks. Maybe I'm cursed from a past life? Tell me more :thumbsup:


06-29-2010, 01:30 PM
Hi Mr. Whip! Welcome here! :grindaisy:

I also do Reiki, but I find it very slow, and you have to apply it a lot and for a long time to get any results. Well maybe if you're a Reiki master it's faster, because you move a greater amount of energy, but I'm not.

Well in your case in particular, I'm sure there must be lots of people out there who can help you find out what is causing your different problems. I'm no longer taking any more "guinea pigs", in fact I'm going to post on that in a minute, but I hope to set up a professional practice within a few months, and then I will accept all the clients (paying) who would like to get a session with me! :D

There are also lots of healing modalities out there that can help you, you can google for the ones that interest you the most. I, of course, recommend Soul Realignment for getting right down to the heart of the matter concerning whether you could be limited by curses or past-life vows, limiting beliefs, etc. However many clairvoyants and people who study auras are also able to see these perfectly in a person's aura, you might like to consult one of these intuitives. It's just a matter of seeing what kinds of techniques attract you the most! :thumbsup:

Hope you find what you're looking for! :)

06-30-2010, 03:10 AM
Hi all! I'm so sorry I won't be needing any more "guinea pigs" for the moment, I've got enough people to practice on so I won't be able to practice on any more for the moment! Thank you sooooooo much to all those who have offered! :thanks:

I'll continue posting here about how things are going! :grindaisy: And to those who have volunteered, I'll be getting back to you in about 3 months, or however long it takes me to finish the course! :suprise: I certainly hope it won't take me too long but fellas: this is really complicated! :eek: Word of advice: don't do this course unless you like going crazy! :confused:

No, seriously, it is really fun but, of course, quite a mouthful to take in and actually do! :embarrassed: Aaak!

06-30-2010, 03:12 AM
THREE CHEERS TO ALL MY VOLUNTEERS!!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :thanks:

07-16-2010, 04:13 AM
Hello everyone! Just a little update on where I am with the course. So those of you who have volunteered can know that I haven't taken your personal info and run hehe! :grindaisy:

Currently starting lesson 3 (of 10) so quite slow going. It would be a bit faster if I didn't have to spend the whole entire blistering day in a tiresome boring government training course. Okay so now I'm going to rant a bit about the uselessness of government training courses. Not only does this course occupy my entire day, it also has done NOTHING to help me find a job or earn money. It's also taking me away from working on my own business and actually PREVENTS me from earning more money! Because if I had more time to devote to my business I could be earning more money from it! :(

But apparently as far as government authorities are concerned starting up your own business isn't reason enough to leave a government course. :confused: Even though the government course isn't earning me a single cent and my own business is actually what is providing me with my livelihood at the moment! Fellas, can anyone actually get the logic behind all this?

07-17-2010, 12:31 AM
Well just gotta follow up a bit and rectify a little. Okay so maybe a little less ranting about government training courses. I guess they do have their uses, after all last year I took another government training course (entertainer) and I absolutely LOVED it!! :heartthrob: I just couldn't work because it wasn't compatible with being a single mom with little kids!

I think maybe I just simply feel that they ought to make government courses more flexible, people change, their circumstances change, and a course that might have been right for you in a given moment, as things change in your life it might become obsolete, or no longer serve you. So I guess I think they ought to have more flexibility in these courses, and offer the possibility of leaving the course if you have to. Right now, well I don't know in the States but here you can ONLY leave the course without being penalized if you get a permanent, full-time steady job. No other reason is valid and legitimate. So for example if you start your own business that doesn't give you the right to leave the course. If you can't afford a babysitter and you're a single mom with little kids that doesn't give you the right to leave the course. Even if you get a temp job you can't leave the course! It's like being in a f***g prison! That happened to a guy, he got a temp job and left the course, and they penalized him for it. Signing up for the course is getting into a legal contract, and you can't just leave it legally. You must get a permanent, steady job in order to leave.

Well enough ranting. I suppose ranting doesn't do a lot if you can't follow up with effective action!

07-17-2010, 12:46 AM
Anyways that was a bit off topic. Now I'll continue on with Soul Realignment! :grindaisy:

Just wanted to comment on some of the effects of receiving a Soul Realignment.

Most of the effects, well you can really notice changes in your life and in yourself. The thing is these won't usually be on an intellectual level. Meaning, you won't have a change in your philosophy of life, change your religion or all of a sudden turn into a paradigm of positive self-talk! Changes are more on a practical sort of level, or in things that you feel.

For example, if you've always had problems doing something, dealing with something or grappling with a certain issue in your life, because it was like you had some sort of block, hang-up or insecurities or doubts, or feelings of guilt, etc. holding you back, paralyzing you and keeping you from doing certain things that you want to do, or resolving certain problems or issues, after a Soul Realignment you might just find that these blocks, hang-ups, insecurities and feelings of guilt are just simply GONE! They just disappear, with no explanation, no long drawn-out goodbyes. You don't need to philosophize on their total disappearance from your life, you don't need to meditate or reflect, they're just gone and that's that. You won't feel the need to wonder about it or question it. You won't need to understand it, although if you do feel curiosity you can ask your Soul Realignment practitioner what exactly was the root of your problems and what did he do to get rid of them. Although your practitioner would probably already have explained it all to you in your telephone/Skype session.

You will find your perceptions are quite different, you can see things clearly that before you didn't understand. It's like having some blinders removed, once again there's no explanation for it, it just happens. You will get ideas that had never occurred to you before. Your priorities will get reorganized and you'll realize what is REALLY important for you. Which is a tremendous help when you have to make decisions! Things that you always thought were very important (like for example maybe what other people would think or say about you, or getting other people's approval no matter what the price) you will realize how trivial they really are. And the things that really matter will stand out very obviously. You will see that there really aren't that many things that are REALLY that important in your life. So that simplifies life for you. You will see that the things that are really important to you will be related to what you came into life to do, your mission and purpose in this life. And anything else doesn't matter anymore.

Things that used to bother you might leave you indifferent after a Soul Realignment. For example, like the example I used above, you might discover that you don't spend your whole life anxiously hanging on to everything your friends and neighbours say about you anymore. You will realize that the only approval you really need is your own, or rather that of your Higher Self/G'd/your own conscience. I used to get really anxious if I saw people I cared about doing things that weren't in their best interest, and I'd chase after them trying to get them to change their ways. Now I realize that they have the perfect right to make their own choices in life. They can continue to be sick if that's what they want, it's their right. Even if they make mistakes, it's their prerrogative to learn their own lessons from their mistakes. Now I realize that the soul is eternal and if they really want to sooner or later they will learn their lessons, and I don't need to worry about that. If they decide to take 20 lifetimes instead of 2 to learn a specific lesson, that's okay. They're free to repeat a school year as many times as they like.

On the other hand, some things in your life will bother you a LOT more after Soul Realignment. These will be things that clearly stand out in your life like a sore thumb (like this dumb government training course!) because they will be things that aren't getting you any closer to achieving your life purpose and have no place, purpose or meaning in your life. They're things that simply don't serve you in this lifetime. Before they might not have bothered you as much, probably you didn't like them but you probably thought, well, you could still grin and bear it! After a Soul Realignment you can't grin and bear it anymore! Because you can see so clearly how this thing just really is not getting you any closer to doing what you came to do in this life, this thing that bothers you isn't any good for you and it isn't getting you anywhere! :suprise:

Fortunately however you can also start to see resources and ideas that maybe had never occurred to you before, to help you get this thing out of your life. So you don't have to just sit there and suffer. :( In fact you will probably not do too much sitting and suffering anyways after a Soul Realignment. Because this realignment will help you to see solutions that you hadn't noticed before, actions to take that had never occurred to you.

And, for those of you who like talking about vibrations, Soul Realignment will change your vibrations so you will start attracting the things that will help you on your correct path in your life. :cheers:

Now, you won't become more "positive", optimistic or engage in more positive, uplifting self-talk. Instead, you will become more authentic. You will say and think positive things, not because some spiritual guru out there told you you should, but rather because your life has become so f***g fantastic that you just can't help but rant and rave and scream to everyone out there just how absolutely and totally great you feel because now everything is starting to roll your way! :thumbsup: This is authentic positive talk! It's what you really feel! :yahoo: You won't need to bribe yourself into believing something that just simply isn't true, no more sweet-talking yourself into trying to believe the lie that your life is getting better and better everyday in every way while your bank account is in the red and the dishwasher is broken and your mother-in-law just yelled at you and etc. etc. etc.

Instead, you will find a way to fix your dishwasher, it will just happen somehow, maybe it will fix itself, or you'll come upon someone who can fix it for you, and your bank account will start to climb out of the red because you'll start attracting the material resources that you need (as what is happening to me! Yipee! :yahoo: ), and you'll come to realize that who gives a s**t what your mother-in-law thinks about you anyways! Then it will turn out that you won't need to LIE to yourself that your life is excruciatingly great now because you can proclaim that your life is fantastically great now because it really WILL be fantastically great, it will be the TRUTH!

You'll become more truer to yourself, you'll feel and respect your needs and preferences and thus make choices that are good for you, and bring good things into your life. You'll stop deceiving yourself (if you're in the habit of deceiving yourself), you'll stop trying to pretend to people that you are something that you really aren't if that's what you've been doing all your life because you were afraid of what they would think of you, or you were scared that you might bother them or offend them or in some other way lose their approval.

Now, I personally find that ever since I let people know what I really think, feel and believe, that some people now get angry at me who used to seem to like me. And of course that bothers me. :thinking: But I also think, these people didn't really like me the way I really am, they don't accept me just the way that I am, they only liked me on this or that condition. And that's not the sort of people you want in your life anyways. And now, some people such as people in positions of authority aren't happy with me anymore. But we aren't here in this world to kow-tow to people with power anyways, we're here to speak and live our truth. And if this truth offends some people with power, well, well in French (I'm from Quťbec so........) we say, tant pis pour eux. Which more or less comes to mean, I don't give a s**t what they believe or want anyways, they're the ones who lose out.

Now sometimes, for the sake of manners, good education, not offending etc. I still tried to pretend something that wasn't true to me, but I found that I just couldn't do that anymore. The need to be true to yourself becomes so strong that you feel you're going to burst or explode if you try to sabotage or short-change yourself, you will KNOW that it isn't the right thing to do. It feels as bad as stealing or beating someone up would feel, it feels just as wrong. Which, when you stop to think about it, it really is. Or do you really believe it's wrong to steal or beat someone up, but it's okay to lie to yourself or to others?

Well I suppose I could write a book on the subject, but in the end each person can only really know what it's like by experiencing a Soul Realignment for themselves. And at any rate I imagine that everyone's experience will be different, I can only talk for myself and not for anyone else who has received a Soul Realignment.

Fortunately the pages of Soul Realignment practitioners are full of testimonials by satisfied clients, so if anyone is interested you can check out these pages for yourselves. :)

08-08-2010, 12:16 AM
Hi all! In case you're wondering if I've disappeared (along with your readings! :eek: ), I haven't! ;)

However life has become real hectic and I haven't advanced at all in the course since the last time I posted on this subject! :o

The Soul Realignment session I got was sooooooooo effective that I became quite bombarded with 50 million job offers! I was silly enough to even try to tackle a few, but found that unlike, oh I can't remember that fictional character but he was able to be in several places at the same time, well unlike him I could only be in one place at a time! Hence I had to reject a few jobs (feeling guilty of course!), still was silly enough to try and juggle TWO jobs at the same time but I just couldn't. I would've needed to be a roadrunner to be able to get from one job to another in time, or learned how to teleport! :confused:

And in the meantime the Soul Realignment course got left behind on the wayside! :(

So in the end I chose one job, this is the first week I haven't spent my whole day super-jetting from place to place so I haven't done anything except go to work, feed my kids and SLEEP! :dance:

Anyways when I finally catch up on lost sleep (I was sleeping about 3 hours or less in order to do both jobs), something quite difficult to do in this heat but then again I LOOOOOOOVE the heat!!! But as I was saying, I'll get back to the Soul Realignment course again. Which as I wrote before I'm still stuck back in Lesson 3 of 10. :suprise:

09-06-2010, 01:41 PM
I have studied and learned about many different energy modalities and stuff but it seems that nothing has really helped and I'm getting very disillusioned by all this. Does this stuff you're talking about really work? I'm really tired of wasting time and money on things that don't work.:wall:

09-06-2010, 03:37 PM
I'm glad you know better than to force it :) You're not stuck at 3 of 10, you're at 3 of 10. Something has to shift before 4 through 10 can happen, and trying to make it happen before it should is as careless as prying open the petals of a flower and trying to make it bloom before it's time.


09-12-2010, 03:33 AM
Hi Tim! Glad to hear from you! :grindaisy: Iím sorry Iím not taking any more practice clients now. However I hope within a few months (a very few months!) to finish the course and set up a professional practice, then I will be very very happy to receive paying clients! ;)

As to how effective Soul Realignment is?? Well!! In my personal experience, and itís only my personal experience, itís the most effective technique I have ever tried! :yahoo: But I think it also depends on the kinds of problems you are trying to resolve.

For example, as I wrote in other posts, my major major problem was financial. I couldnít find a job no matter what I did, no matter how many CVís I sent out, and I was sending out hundreds, literally. People who owed me money never paid me, and this had been going on for years and years, practically all my life. When I was supposed to receive money it was always delayed, or I simply never received it at all. On the other hand people kept showing up in my life whenever I did manage to manifest a little bit of money for myself, using (usually) emotional blackmail techniques to take the money away from me, since I was always a real sucker for emotional blackmail it usually worked! :(

I had tried all sorts of different things to try to solve this problem, I had traditional therapy and then I started trying different alternative healing methods. I wonít go through the list of everything I tried but, bottom line is, NOTHING WORKED!! :mad:

I always thought that I probably mustíve had lots and lots of limiting negative beliefs about money, after all itís what people usually think, well New Agey type people anyways. (Non New Agey types usually just think theyíre jinxed, or born with bad luck or something.)

After I had a Soul Realignment session the practitioner discovered that, okay so it was true, I did have some super big balloony limiting negative beliefs that were certainly contributing their large role in keeping money out of my life. But they werenít the only factors. I also had, as suspected, things like feeling guilty about some things, which attracted certain people who unconsciously knew just exactly how to take advantage of this. But a major block that I had was a curse from a past life. Now these arenít the sorts of things that New Agey types tend to think about, theyíre considered too woo-woo, or spiritually inclined types tend to think that curses and such belong to areas such as ďblack magicĒ or other lower vibrational kinds of techniques.

But really, a ďcurseĒ isnít some elaborate and scary dark ritual using knives and black candles and upside-down crosses, and you donít need to be a magician to cast one. Anyone can send out a curse, we all send out curses when we wish something bad would happen to someone weíre mad at. I know sometimes I see speeding drivers who jump red lights (veeery common here in lawless southern Spain! :confused: ) and I wish they would have an accident. Oh that is so naughty! But since Iím aware of karma I usually try to take it back (but my heart doesnít want to, my heart still wishes they would have a bad accident! :suprise: ) and change it instead to just wishing that they would get what they deserve.

On the other hand itís true, no one can be affected by a ďcurseĒ, that is, someone elseís bad wishes towards you, if you reject it or donít believe in it. But if, like me, youíre the perpetually guilty-feeling type, the kind who feels guilty because itís raining so your friends canít go on their picnic and you think itís your fault itís raining, and who feels guilty when someone you know loses their job or has an accident because you think maybe you shouldíve been nicer to them and if you had been nicer to them they wouldnít have lost their job, or had an accident, etc., then of course you welcome every opportunity to receive a curse, because you think that is what you deserve!

Now blocks like this arenít the sorts of things the usual alternative techniques would remove just simply because the usual spiritual, New Agey type techniques just donít take these sorts of items into account. They think they donít exist, or that if they do exist they would only affect unspiritual people. (Once again this is only my personal experience with the different alternative techniques that Iíve come in contact with personally, Iím sure someone else could tell me that they know about some other New Agey techniques that do work on curses.)

As for other factors like limiting beliefs, feelings like feeling guilty about things that arenít your fault, but you canít help but feel deep inside like they are your fault, that sort of thing, well I believe there are techniques that help with these blocks and problems. Paths for example is very good for this. However, I find that one single Soul Realignment session can remove these blocks Ė zass! Ė faster, more effectively and more efficiently than any other technique Iíve tried, like Paths (which is also, nonetheless, very effective, but it doesnít work overnight and Soul Realignment can solve your problem and remove your blocks, literally, overnight! :sshh: ).

Itís also a lot less work. You donít need to do anything, like journalling, soul searching, meditating, talking with a therapist, etc. However that doesnít mean that someone else does the work for you, the practitioner will tell you about the limiting beliefs that you had, even if they were subconscious and you werenít aware of them, so that you can continue to work on yourself at your own pace. After all spiritual development and self-improvement are things that are never finished, youíre never done, thereís always something else you can be doing to work on yourself and become a better person, have a better life, etc.

Anyways, Tim, so I guess it depends on what kinds of problems youíre trying to solve. Other Soul Realignment practitioners say that Soul Realignment will eventually solve all problems and remove all blocks, from physical to emotional to spiritual. However depending on the problems and the number of blocks that you have, it can take some time. For example it will eventually solve physical problems, but it wonít provide immediate relief from the symptoms because it will remove the blocks at the root that are causing your physical problems, but since it takes longer for things to show up in the physical it might take longer for the person to notice an improvement. Itís like taking an antibiotic, when you take an antibiotic you donít notice an improvement immediately, youíll probably still have a fever for a couple more days, still suffer from a runny nose, sore throat, etc. for several days more. If you want symptomatic relief you can take a cough syrup or Acetaminophen and it will make you feel better immediately but it wonít cure you, the antibiotics will cure you, eventually.

Also, often people suffer from a ďhealing crisisĒ when they have been treated with a healing technique, which makes it seem like their problems become worse than ever, but that is necessary before they can become better. Itís like a detox. And if you give up before you give your ďdetoxĒ a chance to work, well it wonít work anymore. Itís like antibiotics, if you only take them one day, and then you think it isnít working and you stop taking them, well they wonít work!

(Well alternative healers would probably say antibiotics donít actually cure, that Mother Nature and your own immune system are what is really doing the curing, but well, you canít deny, antibiotics do kill lots of nasty germs and most people do get better after taking them!)

I donít know what kinds of problems you have been having and have been having no luck so far finding a method that works for you. If you would like to try Soul Realignment you can wait until I finish the course, and Iíll be super happy to help you! :D Or if you prefer you can contact a professional practitioner right now, you can find the list here:

Practitioner Directory | (http://www.soulrealignment.com/practitioner-directory/)

The practitioner I contacted is called David Topi and you can contact with him here:

David Top√*- Lectura de Registros Akashicos, Evoluci√≥n Personal y Espiritual (http://davidtopi.com/)

The best way to find a practitioner you like is to just browse through their pages and see which person you like just from reading their pages.

Good luck Tim! I hope this helps you! :cheers:

09-12-2010, 03:45 AM
Hi Noises! :grindaisy: :hug: Oh thank you sooooooooooooooooooo so much Noises! :thanks: Iím so glad youíre not bristling over with impatience! I havenít advanced one iota on the course and in the next post, which Iíll be putting up right away, Iíll explain why.

Yes I suppose some things just are supposed to happen at a certain time. Even when that happens for predictable reasons Ė in my case as Iíll be posting in a minute, I started the course at the beginning of summer vacations. I was really really really hoping that the kids would let me study, even though ample experience has already taught me very very well that I canít do anything when the kids are around. I tried, I thought that now that theyíre older they can spend longer periods of time on their own and leave me alone for a while. After all they know how to get snacks, they know how to put on a DVD, they certainly know how to use the computer! But just like they say in the stereotypes you canít work at home if youíve got family there. Thereís just no way that your family will let you alone and pretend like youíre not there. When youíre not at home your family will gladly wait for you to get home, whatever it is that they want itís not urgent and they know they can wait. But when youíre there all of a sudden everything is urgent, and it canít wait! All of a sudden they canít get their own snacks anymore, they have problems with the DVD player and the computer is too boring.

And you canít study when every 2 minutes someone is screaming, Mami I want a ham-and-cheese sandwich! (Doesnít matter that they know how to make a ham-and-cheese sandwich by themselves, you know, Mami is there so why should they make it?) Mami Iím right and heís wrong, punish him! Mami my brother hit me!

So, I guess, the thing that must shift so I can get from 3 of 10 to 4 of 10 is called: SCHOOL!! Or more precisely, back to school for the kiddies! No great mystery there, no energetic problems, just, kids need to go to school so they can vent off steam over there instead of at home, and bug their teachers for a while instead of their Mamis!

And give their Mamis a break so their Mamis can study at home! :(

But come to think of it your analogyís a really good one, Noises! :D Just like flowers can only bloom in spring, and trying to make them bloom in winter wonít do anything, so school can only happen in the fall, and trying to make kids sit still and be quiet when theyíre at home during the summer is like trying to make a flower bloom in wintertime. (Unless you can send them to a camp or something, but I couldnít.)

Fortunately school will be starting in a week or so. Then I definitely hope to be posting soon that Iíve finally made it to 4 of 10! :suprise:

Thanks a lot for hanging in there, Noises! :sun:

09-12-2010, 03:56 AM
Hi all! :grindaisy: Here I am on a lovely September night after a day of 40-degree heat (thatís about 104 F.), getting back into the routine again after our vacations. The Soul Realignment session that I received from David Topi was SOOO effective that I was actually able to afford some vacations for me and the kids!! Cool! I havenít been able to afford any vacations since about before the kids were born! :eek:

So you can see that was a real big turnaround in my life! :yahoo:

Anyways, I havenít advanced at all in the course since the last time I posted. Asides from the wonderful holiday we were so lucky to be able to enjoy, when of course I obviously didnít do any studying at all, in fact I left the book at home. Asides from that, I really really really tried to study with the kids around. Now I can study pretty well even if all h**l is breaking loose around me, as long as it doesnít directly affect me. However one thing is a little bit of noise and a totally different thing is having kids screaming for help every minute. Not that theyíre hurt of course, but they donít need to be hurt to scream for help! Just being thirsty and needing a drink of water is reason enough to scream for help. (I might add that they know how to get a cup of water, but of course when Mami is here, well, letís just say that they all of a sudden no longer know how to get a cup of water.)

In addition, learning Soul Realignment has 2 parts. One part is the theoretical part, which you read in the book and learn in audio recordings. I can do that when the kids are around (and Iím not getting a cup of water, making sandwiches, fixing the DVD machine or trying to figure out who hit who, etc.). The other part is the actual Realignment, practical part. This part requires a calm, still, meditative setting, because itís actually doing an intuitive reading. I donít know how many of you have ever had someone do an intuitive reading for you, but I can assure you I couldnít possibly ever receive a reading from someone if a bunch of kids had been playing ball around the table where the psychic was trying to give me the reading! :( And I donít think the psychic couldíve worked under such conditions either! :confused:

And as the kids are with me 24 hours a day, because Iím a single mom and if theyíre not with me thereís no other place for them to be, so I just had to resign myself in the end to the fact that I wonít be able to do a thing in the course until the kids go back to school. And Spanish kids being the lucky beings that they are, they donít have to go back to school for another week! :suprise: Oh yes, Spanish kids get to enjoy 2 more weeks of fun summer holidays than Americans do! :(

(Donít let your kids know this or theyíll all want to move to Spain!)

So, Iíll just have to wait another week before I can even look at the course!

And in the meantime Iím off toÖÖ. well Iím off to do something, the youngest just wandered into the room so heís sure to be asking for something in a minute! :thinking:

09-13-2010, 03:06 AM
Hello everyone! Synchronicity spoke in my life right now, so I thought I'd post a little comment.

I just happened onto one of my favourite blogs/webpages, and they were talking about curses and how psychics often use them as an excuse to scam vulnerable people. :eek:

The article went on in detail about curses and scams. So it occurred to me that maybe some people reading about Soul Realignment and that it touches on the subject of curses, might therefore think that perhaps Soul Realignment could be a scam, simply because it deals with the subject of curses.

So I thought I'd set that idea straight, not that anyone has mentioned it here, but just in case someone thought of it. No Soul Realignment practitioner will EVER tell you that you have a curse and then ask you for money in order to remove the curse for you!! NEVER EVER!

A practitioner will never even know if you have a curse at all or not, unless you first hire them to do a Realignment for you. When the practitioner is working on you, they may discover that you have a curse (it's not really that common, but then again you just don't know how extremely radically guilt-inclined I always was before, to give you an idea I used to think that people died if I just looked at them, or talked to them, because I was some sort of walking black death, and in addition other people I knew agreed with me! :suprise: :( So I really went out of my way to find every means possible to punish myself, seeing as that was what I considered the only thing a walking black death person could deserve).

Anyways as I was saying, after you have already ordered (and paid for) a session from a practitioner, while they are doing the session for you they might possibly discover that you were cursed at some point. But if that happens, no need to sweat it. ;) Curses, like other blocks, limitations, negativity, etc. are quite easy to remove. The practitioner will automatically remove the curse for you as part of your session. If they didn't tell you about it you wouldn't even have ever known about it at all, you wouldn't have felt anything, you'd just notice that your life becomes much better. Curses are nothing more than just one of a fairly long list of possible blocks and negative influences that people could be having in their lives, nothing more.

In fact you could probably find information on the webpages of other Soul Realignment practitioners on how you can remove a curse from yourself all by yourself, I wouldn't know however because I haven't read all the pages of all practitioners. And if it should happen that no one has touched on that subject yet, I'll be blogging about it myself, when I finally manage to finish the course and set up my own website. Yeah! Plans...........

Well thing is ANYONE can remove a curse from himself, for free, just with the power of their own intention, without any sort of paraphernalia. No need to buy trinkets, candles, incense, pouches, potions, etc. I can't actually tell you how to remove a curse yet because I haven't reached that lesson in the course, but as I said I believe other practitioners might soon blog about that subject, and then you can read it for yourselves on their webpages. The tricky thing isn't learning how to remove a curse, it's finding out if you even have one to begin with! :eek: If some psychic tries to make you believe you have a curse, you probably don't, and if you did you don't need to pay them, you can remove it yourself. Just tell them, well thanks for your offer but I can just idle on over to the webpage of So-and-so Practitioner and look up for myself how to remove the curse all by myself! :rolleyes:

09-13-2010, 03:26 AM
Hi! Here's an appendix with a link to the webpage I was reading:

Run In The Opposite Direction If A Psychic Tells You This | Psychic But Sane (http://www.psychicbutsane.com/annas-intuitive-readings/run-in-the-opposite-direction-if-a-psychic-tells-you-this)

She hasn't written any articles on how to remove curses for yourself yet, but she affirms that she will in the future. I'm also planning on writing a blog about it when I finish the course. (Believe it or not I'm already preparing some blogs/articles for the webpage I definitely really hope to be setting up as soon as I finish the course and actually succeed in becoming a certified practitioner! :suprise: )

10-03-2010, 01:58 AM
Wasn't too sure whether to infuse what might be false hopes but, after debating about it for a bit, finally decided to announce that I've finally finished Lesson 3!

Now the kids are back at school I'm really going to try and move along at a pace of about 1 lesson per week. So there are 7 lessons left, and there are about 5-6 weeks of school left before the Christmas hols begin. Christmas holidays last almost 4 weeks here (now all of you with kids really ARE going to have to fight with them every day to convince them that no you do not have to all move to Spain, just because they get more hols here...........? :confused: ). That's because in Spain they have some celebrations at Christmastime that don't exist in the US, so of course the holidays have to be longer, in order to cover all those extra celebrations! :D

So figuring 6 weeks till Christmas holidays, plus almost a month for the holidays, plus 2 more weeks in January to finish the last 2 lessons, I calculate (hope! pray!) more or less to finish the course around the end of January. Then, well yay! I'll be getting in touch with y'all for your practice sessions!

Thank you all so much for your patience! Cheers! :grindaisy: :hug:

10-04-2010, 01:52 AM
Thank you!!:hug:

12-27-2010, 05:23 AM
Hi all! Been away for so long (2 months according to the Energetic Forum, my how time flies), found it so refreshing to get back on and discover loads of lovely new posts out there! :D

Well I've been very very busy just tryin' to make a living! My computer's also been bust for weeks and weeks. Everyone is talking virus but I can't turn it on! That's not a virus is it? I think if you had a virus you could still turn it on but Windows wouldn't come on, right? But I can't turn it on, as in, as if the cable were disconnected, but it isn't, it's perfectly well plugged in.

Anyways for any of you who are dumbfounded reading about this, I assure you all the people in my life have been equally dumbfounded, even computer experts. Seems the world is full of experts who can reformat your computer but no one, it seems, who can turn it on for you! :confused:

Anyways last week I found this really really really nice guy who really tried very hard to figure out what was wrong with my computer by talking to me on the phone, but my computer's insides are about as whacky as I am! And I am whacky. What was it that they say about people and their pets, cars, etc., being just like their owners?.............. :eek:

What I mean is, apparently inside my computer none of the wires and other mysterious coloured stuff with strange shapes are where they're s'posed to be. So in the meantime I'm making do with my son's mini-computer, I find the universe really delivers, just when I needed a computer my son got a new mini-computer. It's a gift from the government, part of a plan to help those of us who are living in the poorest region of the country.......... :grindaisy:

However. Since it IS my son's school computer and not MY computer there are lots of things I can't do on it. I don't want to use documents on it for example, because they get stored in the computer's memory, somewhere....... in its mysterious depths......... where only a programmer could ever discover them......... And I don't want the people at his school reading my articles (on Soul Realignment for example!). I also can't access my Soul Realignment course, because it's on my computer. Not to worry, it's not lost, it's on CD and I downloaded it into my computer, but I don't have a CD player or reader now, my son's mini-computer has no CD drive for example.

One day a saviour will arrive and rescue my computer! I have no doubt, I have faith! (And if not, I'm saving up to get a new computer anyways, I wanted to use that money to buy a motorcycle (don't laugh, I do like motorcycles and I've never had one, don't look like much of a motor gang member, people always think I'm delicate and sweet but really, inside I'm a lot more heavy than I look! :D ) but I guess a computer's more important. The universe always provides for what I really need.) Really, to be without a computer today is more crippling than to be without a car. And I imagine most people wouldn't be able to imagine their lives without a car, so try and imagine it without a computer! :(

Anyways, more or less that's the gist on where I'm at right now.

So, I'm discovering there's no point in trying to set up a time frame or deadline for studying this course, every time I try to set a deadline (for example finish Lesson 4 by December) something happens and then I can't. I've read that it can take a year to finish the course, so since I've done 4 Lessons and have 6 left, maybe half a year? Perhaps? I hope? Or sooner I hope?

Oh by the way Happy Holidays everyone! And Happy New Year, in case I don't get back on again before 2011! :yahoo: :hug: :iloveyou:

12-28-2010, 05:09 AM
Hi all! Update on Broken Computer (not that it matters much to anyone I suppose except the Soul Realignment course is inside it). Really really really nice guy came over today to check out its mysterious components. He said, my computer isn't old, it's an antique, it's obsolete. It's so old most of the components aren't even made anymore, so they can't be replaced. I said, well it IS older than my kids. And my kids aren't exactly newborns anymore. Let's say the oldest will be setting off for high school soon! :o

So he said doesn't know if he can find people sell the pieces that need to be replaced which is why it's all broke to begin with. :( Poor thing's just all worn out and long past retirement age! And if he could find people, well maybe it's not worth the price of getting all these new components, because soon something else's gonna break down too, cuz that's just what happens when we get old, computers, people, cars.........

Too bad I can't feed the computer broccoli! ;)

Then I'd just have to wait till I saved up enuf to buy me a new computer. Debate's on, really really really nice guy recommended a PC cuz he said they're more powerful, but I'm lemming a laptop, so I can type away on the bed heehee! :D

12-29-2010, 06:54 AM
Hi all! Latest update on: Continuing Broken Computer Saga! Or rather, just some reflections, that's all.

It's occurred to me that maybe the computer needs an overhaul because of the ongoing process of energetic healing and renovation that takes place when we do Soul Realignments. When things start to go awry in my life, and I start to manifest things that I say, where the h*** did THAT come from??! Then I realize it's time for a new Realignment. So I'm doing one right now, on myself. Doing a Soul Realignment is like a disintoxification process, it's like cleaning your face with castor oil or something (I haven't done that before but I've read about other people who did, you cleanse your face with castor oil and then you can use your regular cleanser and moisturizer, people who have done it say that it removes all the gunk from deep down in the pores and it can cause rashes and lots of acne and breakouts, you do this cleansing a few days in a row and when all that disintoxication ends, you will end up with beautiful, glowing, radiant skin with NO blemishes).

That means that all the gunk (energetic gunk) that's in your life that isn't doing you any good and isn't serving you gets chucked out by the handfuls. And I suppose that since a computer is such an integral part of one's life, and you're energetically VERY much in contact with your computer all the time, well I suppose it also needed a Realignment! :o

Good thing I don't have a car that needs an overhaul too! :eek: (Or a pet, or an office, or....... worse.......)

PS. As I noticed before I seem to manifest things a lot faster now. So, sometimes these manifestations can be a bit, er, surprising! :suprise: Not necessarily a big, overwhelming, blowing-you-over transcendental manifestation but just something little and fun that makes you say, huuuuuuuuuh??? :p

So I was browsing this makeup board (unfortunately I'm a makeup fanatic, baaaad addiction I'm really trying hard to kick!) and I read about this really fun makeup, neon electric blue liquid eyeliner! Now what's so exciting about that, you might ask! :eek: Well, it's not too exciting, it's just kinda fun and freaky, you can go out and freak everyone you meet out with your eyes painted up in neon colours. That's the sorta things I like, like I said I'm sorta whacky. I don't like being predictable. ;)

Well I didn't really feel like neon electric blue eyeliner, but I got to thinking and I thought, boy it'd be fun to get some neon hot pink eyeliner and freak people out with it! I have a friend who likes to hide strange colours on her eyelids, so when her eyes are open you can't see them but when she blinks you see a flash of neon, and I was feeling like that kinda look.

Well ta make a long story short, the makeup company that makes that neon electric blue eyeliner doesn't make neon hot pink eyeliner. I didn't know anyone who made a neon hot pink eyeliner. Do you? So I decided it would be impossible, and went about my life.

And part of my life was going to the store, like most of us every once in a while I need provisions. So off I went for provisions and what should I see in the store but a hot electric pink liquid eyeliner! :D I wasn't even looking for one, or expecting to see one. And it was cheap too, only 3Ä. Of course I snatched it up.

And then spent the rest of the evening ruminating on how incredibly, amazingly fast I had manifested that one up! :grindaisy:

Have a Happy 2011 everyone! And a great time at your parties!


12-30-2010, 02:37 AM
Speaking of manifsting. Someone manifested my guitar and battery powered amp out of the back seat of my car, unfortunately they had to smash the window of my car to get it. This actually happened on christmas day, in a locked up carpark. Yeah, that actually was a bummer. I just hope whoever stole it gave it to someone who will love it and use it well.

Anyway, I've found a vehicle the same make being wrecked, and I've been told I can have the window glass cheap if I can get it out. On boxing day, a friend I haven't heard from for months called me out of the blue, he's back in town now, working for a autoglass company. I laughed and said he's just the guy I need to talk to, and explained what happened. He said he could help me out with an "at cost" replacement. I told him about the wreck and he said "oh, we'll just go and pull out that one and put it in." total cost there, $70 instead of $400. Actually make it $100, I'm should buy my mate a bottle of something to say thanks for his serendipitous help.

I went to a few music stores, and found an even nicer guitar than my last one on sale for less than I paid for my last one. The battery powered amps are on 50% off sale this week too. Upgraded guitar (now rocking a solid spruce top, mahog sides and an ebony fretboard,) and the same amp for a total cost of $360, less than the new guitar would cost retail, so I was already starting to see silver lining.

Then the police called to tell me they've recovered the amp that were stolen and I could come down to the station to sign for it. Dropped in at the music store and got a $100 refund for the new amp in no time flat. So 360 bucks I'm out of pocket, including the window. Thing is the guitar that was stolen was my busking guitar, it made ten times that for me in the last month while I've been out getting paid to do something I really enjoy doing, so what have I really lost?

Come to think of it, I'm in touch with an old mate again, I've got a really gorgeous new guitar that's just going to sound better as the years go by. I normally buy a cheap ply top for busking, that way I don't have to worry about it getting damaged, or stress if someone's drunk and wants to play around with it. Now I've got a cheap solid top I don't have to worry about instead. I must be doing ok, if I can take getting my car broken into and spin it into a win. :rofl:

01-06-2011, 07:12 PM
I found your article on the above subject most informative and inspirational. Keep thinking those positive thoughts; you will soon find a job to fill in the gap between now and October. Namaste!

02-20-2011, 07:54 PM
Hi all! Thank you all soooo much for keeping up with this thread and for being so patient! :thanks: :hug: Alternatively I am now also going to call this particular post:


Okay so maybe I was working on this for more than one month, but it all showed up in the past month. :eek:

And no you won't have to purchase anything from me, I'm not selling any get-rich-quick formulas or workshops. But I'll tell you what happened to me! :D

So. I was sooo depressed for so long cuz I didn't have a computer and there just seemed to be NO WAY possible for me to get one ever again! Then as synchronicity would have it I started to stumble upon one tool after another. (I might add I used to have the Paths Synchronicity module, but I haven't used Paths in about 6 months and my life is now full of more synchronicities than ever before.)

So now here I am writing on my new computer!! I just got it and when I get it set up I'll be getting back into my exciting Soul Realignment course again. So looking forward to it!

Well before I talk about how this computer showed up (it's a brand new laptop, not secondhand and not a table PC like my old computer) I'll narrate all the things that have happened lately, and how I manifested a new washing machine, a new brand new laptop and 300Ä in the past month. There is nothing special about me, I don't even have a job but I'm self-employed, so if I can do it you can do it too.

Anyways I was saving up for a computer since I didn't have one and as things would have it, the day I finally saved up enough to buy one, I actually was about to run out the door and get the computer I wanted and which I'd seen online, the washing machine crashed. I had to use the money I'd saved up to buy a new washing machine instead! :( :( I really really did feel like there was some sort of conspiracy by the universe to make sure I NEVER, EVER got another computer ever again! :mad: I ought to know better by now! I ought to know by now that when untoward things happen it's always FOR THE BETTER for me in the long run! :suprise: :o

Well, so as I was browsing washing machines I did have to admit that it actually was an amazing piece of good fortune that the washing machine just happened to break down when I had the money to buy a new one. If it had broken in a different month I could have been months without a washing machine. And as the mom of 2 dirty boys in a land with no public laundromats (if anyone needs some new business ideas for a lucrative venture I could recommend you open a public laundromat in Spain hehe! :cool: ) a washing machine is a necessity for me!

I didn't buy the machine the same day because I always like to sleep on major purchases. And then I was too busy to go to the store to buy one for the next few days. When I was finally able to get to the store, it just so happened that that very same day they were having a flash sale at the store, I didn't even know about it! It was for one day only. So I got a big discount (50Ä!) on my new washing machine!

After that I immediately set to work saving up for my new computer. I expected it to take months. One day I went to the store to browse through computers. The sales lady told me they were having a sale of 120Ä off of all computers. But I didn't have the money then, so I didn't buy anything.

However the next week, that's this week, I just COULDN'T resist running down to the store again to look at computers, even though I didn't think I had the money yet. I got there, and the sales lady told me, well now they had a new sale, 250Ä off any computer!! That's about $340. Well I don't know what someone in the States would think about saving $340 on his new computer but round here that's a lot of money! I couldn't believe my incredible good fortune! Wow!!

So now here I am with my brand new computer (which cost me less than the computer I was originally about to buy and is a better, more reliable brand), having the time of my life and thinking that something I'm doing must be working! My business is also picking up as well and I'm getting new clients, and this when I thought that there was no hope left for me!

I'm not too sure exactly what I'm doing to be making such major improvements in my life. However I did start doing a ton of things to try and change my vibrations and energy. I read about something really neat called Mind Movies, so I decided to make my own. I didn't have a computer to actually make movies with, but I got some photos of what I wanted and combined them with affirmations that I wrote out. And then every day twice a day I looked at my "presentations" and read the affirmations as I looked at the presentations, and I imagined that what was in the presentations was actually real. (One of these presentations is actually just photos of a bunch of laptops which I just looked at over and over, nothing but one laptop after another, and at the same time I affirmed, I now have a great new laptop.) (Another of these presentations was to improve my business.)

I also did visualizations. I don't know about you guys but that's hard for me, because I start to imagine other things instead. So I wrote out scripts for me to visualize, I suppose if you have a great voice and you don't mind listening to yourself you could actually record guided visualizations for yourself. That's not my case, so I just wrote out scripts and memorized them. After all it's not like I had anything better to do, my kids were at school, I didn't have a computer to fool around with as I usually like to spend time doing and I had practically no business going on at the time.

And finally I also started doing some chakra balancing work.

And all of these combined, I suppose, are helping me create the most incredible amazing life! Just reminds me of how powerful we all are and how we really are capable of manifesting what we want (or what we don't want, if we don't work on it), if we just get down to work on it.

So now when I get the computer set up (it's brand new so I haven't even installed programs into it yet! :eek: ) (and I still have probs getting used to this compressed keyboard and the finger slidey mouse thing) I'll be running ahead with the Soul Realignment course. And gettin' back ta y'all about that! :grindaisy: :thumbsup: :)

03-28-2011, 05:42 AM
So yes I am chugging along ahead with the Soul Realignment course again! About time, right? :D

I finished Lesson 4 and am about to begin Lesson 5. So it shouldn't be too many weeks longer before I finish the course.

I've discovered that in addition to Skype it's also possible to communicate with people, without a telephone because I can't call out on my telephone anyways so I got rid of it and now I have a new internet plan called Instanet, Internet-Without-A-Phone. Sorry, getting off the subject, I mean who cares who my internet provider is anyways, right? :rolleyes:

As I was saying I also discovered Messenger. So if anyone has Messenger and prefers Messenger to Skype it's also possible to do the reading using Messenger. This week I'm going to schedule a personal lesson with the teacher of the course as well, we get 3 personal lessons.

04-09-2011, 02:49 AM
Hi, yes so now ploughing through Lesson 5! Right. Just had the first of the 3 private classes we get with the teacher as well. Sooo uplifting and encouraging! This is so fun, this is just so cool and neat. Really looking forward to finishing the course and getting out there doing real sessions with real people, with my volunteers! :grindaisy: :hearts:

04-25-2011, 05:55 AM
Hi all! Just finishing up Lesson 5 which once again had to go on hold for a while because, lo and behold! kids had yet another week-long holiday! :eek: This month's week-long holiday was called: Easter Week! Here in Spain Easter Week is a week-long holiday which everyone loves cuz it gets them all out onto the beaches and a mini-vacation sunning and funning. Last month's week-long holiday was called "Spring Break".

And even with a week-long holiday practically every month all my kids do is complain and complain about school! Wonder why? They ought to try out school in North America someday. When was the last time you North Americans enjoyed a week-long holiday (outside of your usual annual holidays that is)? :(

Anyways so couldn't do the practical work for Lesson 5 with the kids screaming, ranting and raving around home (again). But it will only take me a day to do the practical homework, so I'll do it the first day the kids get back to school. :)

But anyways, that wasn't the reason I felt like getting onto this thread today. The reason I felt like getting onto this thread today, was that I was just sitting around (as I'm wont to do) thinking about life (as usual). And I all of a sudden realized, my life is pretty fu***g good now! I was thinking about all the problems other people have, and which are usually considered a normal part of a normal life, and I realized, gee it's been a while since I've suffered from that ail! :suprise:

Ever since I got that Soul Realignment session from David Topi last year things have just become soooo smooth, flowing, easy, you know, the things you read about in every spiritual guru's book but have never experienced for yourself? The kind of life I'd HOPED to achieve with every new spiritual self-help book I'd read. The kind of life Lola Jones promised me I would find if I read her book and did the Divine Openings in it, except it didn't seem to work for me. (Not saying that Lola Jones and her Divine Openings don't work, I'm sure they DO work for some people, they just didn't cut the deal for me. I think no one thing works for 100% of all the people in the world.)

I used to wonder all the time, now what?? What am I s'posed to do, what in the world did I come into the world for? Maybe I'm just an accident.

However, Soul Realignment, well, realigns, you, so that all of you is pointing in the same direction, the right direction, the path that was meant for you. It realigns your heart, your soul, your mind, your subconscious and conscious all in alignment with your, well you know your "up there" part (some people I guess like to call it their Higher Self), so that your "up there" part does the leading and all the rest of you can actually HEAR it and not only hear it but WANT to follow it too! So all of you is following your "up there" part and life becomes so groovy! Yay! :yahoo:

Now whenever I need something it shows up or happens in my life. When I need to learn something (like when I needed to learn that I actually can and do create my life, and how I actually do manifest what I want and need, such as a new computer, washing-machine, etc.) everything I need to learn that lesson, circumstances, situations, things, just show up, at the right time. When it's time for me to learn a new lesson, or do a new thing, it shows up and I just know, THAT is what I need right now.

And when I'm doing the right things, on the right path, it also feels that way too. I feel like, this is the right thing for me, it's what I should be doing right now, it feels so right.

And since doubt and change are a part of life, I know one day I will feel again like, so now what? But now I know that when that happens, the answer will come, at the perfect time for me.

05-03-2011, 02:50 AM
Hi all! Going thru Lesson 6 now. This is the big, hearty, meaty (or if you're vegetarian, then the big, hearty, seitan-y (yeah I really love seitan, so.......)) lesson. The one where we find out all sorts of things that people can have wrong in their energy. Then we get to fix them hehe! :D

So the world being what it is, well there are lots and lots of things that people can have wrong in their energy. Okay so I won't make extravagant claims that the Soul Realignment modality can fix absolutely EVERY wrong that is out there or in all the books! :eek: For example recently I discovered that Soul Realignment won't fix certain problems in relationships that people might have with other people. But then again there are so maaany techniques out there that help all different kinds of things. So I guess depending on what problems a person might have, well they could benefit from different techniques.

One technique I can recommend if you have a particularly toxic relationship with someone, one or several relationships in particular that just seem hopeless (although if someone seems to be having the same sorts of problems over and over and over again with different people, chances are good THAT person is the source of these problems, not the other people, but sometimes we just have one person in particular with whom we seem to have a really prickly relationship........) is a technique called Cord Cutting. I just tried it, it is really amazing too. Personally I think possibly it's perhaps possible to resolve these problems too using Soul Realignment, but I think it would take much longer, because Soul Realignment is more general and broad, whereas Cord Cutting lets you concentrate on just that one particular relationship in detail.

Anyways getting off topic again as per usual with me. :confused: Well as I was saying, big hearty Lesson 6. Planning to take about 2 weeks on it and another 2 weeks on big, hearty Lesson 7 which is part II of Lesson 6. Yep that's how gigantic the category of "all the myriad things we could have wrong with us" is!

Good news is, we get to correct 'em all! Which is the whole point of this technique! Yay! :yahoo:

05-11-2011, 02:40 AM
Hello again! Just thought of something I could comment on, since I had a personal lesson with the teacher of Soul Realignment a short while back and we talked about it. I mentioned that some of my friends who are my volunteer practice clients had been noticing remarkable improvements in their lives since I started this course (and therefore started slowly doing the work on them, lesson by lesson, because in each lesson of course there is some work to be done, once you finish the course and get the Soul Realignment practitioner certificate, however, when a person signs up and asks for a session you do all the work on the person at once, instead of little by little and month by month, as I'm doing right now). I asked my teacher how come my friends' lives were improving so much when I hadn't finished the course yet.

She said the Soul Realignment work on a person actually begins the moment the person signs up for a session! Or in the case of volunteers, when the person volunteers to be my practice client. So from the moment my friends signed up as volunteers, it was possible for them to already begin to notice changes - for the better of course! - in their lives! :grindaisy:

She said there are several reasons for this. One, when the person signs up for a session, they are quite simply asking for help and wanting to receive it already. This opens them up to receive divine help and assistance, from their guides, spirits, angels, etc. Since, as with any healing work, the work isn't actually done by the person who is giving you the session, for example Soul Realignments aren't actually carried out by the practitioner. They're actually carried out by Divine Spirit (or however you like to call him/her/it: G'd, Allah, Jesus, the Universe, Source, Divine Creator, etc.) and his/her/its divine helpers and representants.

Second, healings take place outside of time and space. (Which is why it's possible to do Soul Realignment work on people on the other side of the earth! :D ) So the client's spirit guides bring the healing work to take place in the client's life at the best moment for them. That is, you could be receiving your healing work and getting it done on you 2 weeks before I actually carry out the healing work in its corresponding lesson in the course. Or 1 month after I do it!

So when I actually schedule that 1-hour Skype session (or in-person session, with my friends), I would have already finished doing the actual healing work. The session is to talk about and discuss what I did, what I found in the person's life and energy, what they can do about it, etc.

And then again, of course, there's always the possibility that maybe, my friends' lives just happened to be improving all by themselves and they would've improved anyways, and Soul Realignment had nothing to do with it! :confused: But I don't quite believe in "chance", coincidence, things just "happening" for no reason. But then again, on the other hand, as some famous people I've heard of liked to say, the world just simply is full of mystery.........

Guess, while we're at it, maybe you're possibly wondering where I'm at in the course now and how I'm going? Well, I'm actually on schedule! :confused: Well on the schedule I set for myself anyways. Finishing up Lesson 6, with some luck I'll actually be starting Lesson 7 BEFORE I had planned on doing it! Wow. :suprise:

Jill Magso
05-27-2011, 02:45 PM
I wonder why it took you so long to realize that soul realignment wouldn't necessarily fix relationship issues with existing people? Soul realignment is, by name, based around a single soul which should never lead one to believe that realignment of self realigns others around them... your interactions with other people will change for you, but their personality, soul, energy will not necessarily adjust to meet yours unless your realignment compliments their current path.

Is the direction of your course specific in the need for understanding what it is you are learning and how your interactions with all those around you can be affected positively or negatively based on your realignment? People who may have been your greatest support while you were on welfare and attending government classes may end up distanced from you due to your change. This is a natural progression that can happen, that you must be prepared for. Preparation for all outcomes can be aided by further self-realization as a compliment to realignment.

Also, in the past, you seem to be very anxious about things, allowing many of your daily life experiences to overwhelm you which results in your topic changing and some of the negativity. Has any of this soul realignment helped you with this?

Mind Power Secrets – What Are They? | Silva Life System (http://www.silvalifesystem.com/articles/mindpower/mind-power-secrets/)
Meditation for anxiety | Silva Life System (http://www.silvalifesystem.com/articles/meditation-techniques/meditation-for-anxiety/)

Jill Magso
05-27-2011, 02:51 PM
**Update: Just read you last post, marked improvements! I was worried about your progress in the course for a little bit. Is there consistent growth in all your clients as well?

Positive thinking techniques to build self-esteem | Silva Life System (http://www.silvalifesystem.com/articles/positive-thinking/positive-thinking-techniques)

05-27-2011, 07:35 PM
Hi Jill! Well thank you for your insights!

Well, yes, of course, a Soul Realignment session will of course only realign one soul: the client's soul. It won't realign the soul of anyone else, like for example someone that the client is close to. However no person is an island so of course what affects you will affect other people in your life too. :cool:

On the other hand, within the modality of Soul Realignment there actually does exist a technique for working through relationship problems. In this technique you can read for things like the agreements that 2 souls made before they decided to incarnate together, whether they have any karma that involves both of them, past lives and experiences that they had together, what relationship the 2 souls have (for example if they have an agreement to help each other with their soul lessons, that sort of things), problems that the 2 souls may have encountered in the past or be dealing with right now in trying to complete their common agenda (and help in solving these problems too, of course! :D ).

But all of those goodies belong to Level II which of course, I can't do right now, because I'm doing Level I right now! ;)

Thank you, it's very reassuring to think that it's normal for relationships to change when I evolve. For the moment however all of my relationship experiences are turning out to be super positive, I no longer have any dealings with people who were unpleasant or unkind to me, they just simply disappeared from my life and lost interest in me (and in tormenting me too hehe! :D ), I have a great time with my friends and we are doing as great together as we've ever done before. All the new people who enter into my life are all incredible and wonderful too, for example somehow I only attract the most wonderful, kind, pleasant, friendly clients, never anyone negative or horrible! :eek:

However, like the majority of people, I didn't exactly choose to be born into the most positive, nurturing and friendly sort of environments. So just as the quote by some famous guy says, who said you spend the first 20 or so years of your life learning about life and the whole rest of your life trying to get over the lessons that you learned in your first 20 years, or something like that (I'm sure it doesn't quite go like this, anyone have a famous quotes dictionary around, by any chance, lol?). I think he was a famous French dude (=philosopher or something). But anyways, so that also meant I had and continue to have work to do on past relationships. So when we talk about relationships we'd like to shape up, that doesn't necessarily have to refer to CURRENT relationships with people who are currently in our lives. We might desire to shape up our relationships with people from our past too. Even if those people aren't in our lives anymore!

Oh I'd like to continue answering your posts, Jill, but I've gotta run! Didn't realize it was so late already, thought it was an hour earlier. I'll be back, one day, not to worry!

By the way if someone IS worried, finished Lesson 7. Haven't gotten started on Lesson 8 yet though, probably do so this weekend. Tootaloo! :blowout:

05-28-2011, 01:09 AM
Hi again! Well, I'm back now. :color:

Anyways, well people can grow from lots of things, not just from getting a Soul Realignment session. In fact, getting a session is often usually just the beginning, not the end. :D The beginning of lots of wonderful new things in your life, but that also means the beginning of many new challenges.

Sort of like moving on to the next level in your life. Except that, life being life, well you'll never "arrive". You'll never reach the very top level. It's like when you finish elementary school and you feel so big and smart, you know more than all the little kids who are littler than you at the elementary school. But then you move on to high school and all of a sudden you're the little guy again. You're the one who knows the least. You've moved up to a new level where now you're at the bottom once again, and you have to start working your way up all over again.

As for my practice clients, weeeeeeeell, it's been so long since I started this course, I'm sure they've all discovered lots of wonderful healing modalities out there that have been helping them to grow during the course of this long year that it's taking me to finish this course! :eek: :( :eek:

They're very much present in my mind, however. (As well as in the Soul Realignment homework which I do for each lesson hehe! :D )

But as it is, well I was going to post this next week after finishing Lesson 8 but since the subject came up............ I hope within the next month or so to be contacting with my practice clients to set up an appointment (oh yes at last at last at last) for our hour-long session together. Oh yes at very long last that moment is almost here! :eek: :confused: :suprise:

So I hope they're all still very much alive and kicking a** out there! :iloveyou: :heartbeat:

I've got to finish Lesson 8, which would take me about a week or so, and then I must schedule the cherry at the top of the cake (or whatever the expression is, in Spanish it's a lovely expression, it means something like the big prize, the best part, but of course just saying "the best part" sounds kinda dumb, not like saying "the cherry on the cake" :grindaisy: ). (Wish they had a smiley with a cake with a huge red cherry on top, well they've got a cake........... :bcake: )

As I was saying, after Lesson 8 comes the cherry on top of the cake, one hour-long personal session with the teacher of the course, during which we'll talk about everything I found in the readings. Ask questions.

After this personal session with the teacher I'll be able to start making appointments with everyone. So it'll depend a bit on how busy the teacher's schedule is as well, how long I must wait to get the appointment with her, etc.

So, anyways, hopefully, you'll all be able to start your summers off with.......... well with whatever changes (positive of course! :grindaisy: ) Soul Realignment can bring you! :yahoo:

05-28-2011, 01:36 AM
Oops gotta clarify, I've got my "clients" from my modest and not in the least bit strikingly outstanding self-employed business which I'm doing right now so I can survive, and which has nothing whatsoever to do with self-improvement, growth or spiritual development and which is completely related to my unavoidable necessity of staying alive (you know, paying the rent, buying food, etc.), and which my heart just isn't in at all, for me it's just a job with a few pluses and bonuses that "just a regular, normal 9-5 job" wouldn't have been able to offer me. This is where I currently attract wonderful, lovely, friendly, very kind clients. I hope that our relationship is mutually beneficial and that they are getting as much out of it as I am, and receiving their money's worth from me. However what I offer them has nothing at all to do with any sort of growth or self-improvement whatsoever, I don't help them grow, become better people, improve their lives, etc. That's because my heart just isn't in this job but well, that's why we study something else, like Soul Realignment, so that we can improve our lives, start doing something that we really enjoy for once and can help people and make a difference in the world as well, and get out of the automaticizing rut of doing "just a boring, mundane so we can survive job", right? (Isn't there a :sigh of resignment: smiley out there??)

Then there are my lovely, unique, special (to me) Soul Realignment practice clients, who haven't yet received their session from me yet and have been patiently hanging on for the past year waiting to see when I would finally get around to finishing the course!! :(

So I'd love to thank these wonderful people for being so patient, tolerant, understanding, saintly with me! :thanks: :thanks:

(Okay well I'd also like to thank the clients I have in my current self-employed business, they're all stupendous people and I literally wouldn't be alive today without them! :thanks: However they don't read this forum.)

06-09-2011, 01:50 AM
G O O D N E W S !!!!! :yahoo: :grindaisy: :yahoo:

The beautiful, wise and lovely teacher of this modality, Andrea Hess, said that I can start giving some sessions to some of my volunteer clients now!! So I thought I'd do a session with perhaps half of my volunteers before doing my personal coaching session with Andrea, and the other half after my session with Andrea. So after doing about half the sessions I can talk about them with Andrea see where I need to sharpen/polish things up! And then the other half of you can be the lucky beneficiaries of the new knowledge and wisdom I would have gained from my personal coaching session with Andrea! :rofl:

Currently I'm quite pressed for time, as it's that time of the year (with kids it ALWAYS seems to be that time of the year! :suprise: ), time for school to end and the last minute rush to get everything done before school ends and people run off on their holidays. Also I'm still continuing to work on the Soul Realignment course which I hope to finish up completely before school ends. And lastly I also have to keep working on my business, can't get lax on that, oh no! :eek:

So until summer begins it might be hard for me to find time to do the sessions with you. However I'm really really really eager to begin! :fingerdance: :angel: So if you're one of my volunteers, within the next couple of weeks I should be contacting you to schedule our session! :yahoo:

The sessions should take about an hour or an hour and a half, so count on needing that much uninterrupted time. I'd have to do them over Skype or Messenger, although I imagine if you don't have either I could always call you up on the phone using Skype. But I prefer to use Skype or Messenger! It's very easy to get Skype into your computer if you don't already have it installed.

Since I don't have a lot of time, I'll be quite flexible with the hours, and I could give you a session for example at nighttime my time (not the wee bitty hours though! :eek: ), well I mean late at night's fine for me, depending on your schedules and the time difference.

If I don't contact you yet, you're probably in the second half, the lucky group I'll be doing sessions with after I have my personal coaching session with Andrea. I haven't booked my session with her yet, because she doesn't have many hours free.

So! At last! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to having our personal sessions with each and every one of my lovely, beautiful, magnificent, divine volunteers (if you're all still around that is, after so many years!)!

:yahoo: :hug: :heartbeat:

06-15-2011, 06:18 AM
I bumped into this thread, while playing around with google and looking for additional info on Soul Realignment. I really enjoyed reading another newcomer's perspective on this modality and questions that came up from other people. Oh man, I really love this thread ha ha I'm going to have to come back and read more carefully when I have more time. I started Soul Realignment two weeks ago, but I'm already looking up information about Level Two. Patience is not one of my virtues ;) I've done soul profiles for three of my practice clients and listened to CDs all the way through lesson 8. Yes, I'm also insane :thumbsup: And no that's not all I do, I have two little kids as well :) I just put in my earphones, when I'm changing diapers lol This forum looks great as well as I'm also certified Reiki practitioner, long time meditator, long time student of the Law of Attraction, and a potential hypnotherapy student too.

Will you be my Soul Realignment buddy??? :hug:

I figured it'll be nice to have someone to get started with and compare notes! I have to say, I'm a little jealous. I think Andrea stopped offering one on one sessions for SR level 1 students :-( She is of course very much available to answer questions, but having one on one session with her sounds amazing.

Good luck with your practice clients. You sound like you have a good grasp on this now!

Oh and maybe I'll share some of my experiences with Soul Realignment here for those, who might be interested :)

06-17-2011, 08:18 PM
Hi Lena! Welcome to the Soul Realignment world! :welcome:

Oh yes I'd LOVE to be your SR buddy! :hug:

Have you gotten onto the SR forum and introduced yourself yet? Although at this moment it's pretty much dead, no one ever seems to get in it anymore.

Oh yes write anything you'd like about SR here on this thread! I'd love to hear someone else's perspective and experiences! :angel:

First 2 reading sessions with first 2 practice clients coming up this weekend. Scaaary! :eek: :eek: Wish me luck everyone! :D

06-19-2011, 04:17 PM
Good luck with your practice clients :thumbsup: That's majorly exciting!

No, I didn't get on SR forum because I seem to be having lots of trouble with being able to log in there. It keeps saying that my login hasn't been confirmed or something. Anyhow, it would be cool if more activity happens on there.

I moved on to Lesson 8 after completing the sheet for 3 practice clients. I actually have 6 of them, but I was going to do the full readings for the other three at the very hand well because I just want to move on!

06-19-2011, 07:54 PM
Well I really don't know whether anyone is reading this thread (or interested, if they're reading it hehe! :eek: ). But anyways, well after Very First Reading I do have mixed feelings about it.

Anyways, so we all folded comfortably into her lovely air-conditioned living-room. I say the air conditioning was quite lovely because we were enjoying a beautiful cloudless day with temps of around 41 degrees Celsius which comes out to be like around 106 Fahrenheit. And while I don't consider air conditioning absolutely essential for survival and well-being in these conditions (after all, I mean I LUUURVE the heat, that's why I live in southern Spain, right? :suprise: ), well it does certainly help!

At any rate I found the session a bit anti-climactic, actually. It was sort of like, a year of studying and doing the homework and all I have to show for it are nothing more than 2 hours of telling my friend a bunch of things that she already knew about herself anyways. (Now, don't wanna scare off anyone who is thinking of taking this course themselves, it does NOT usually take a year to do it! It usually only takes maybe 3 months. But if you're a single and otherwise unemployed mummy with a new business you're trying to grow, because you depend on that business for survival, it can take a year, yeah.) As I was saying, even though we talked for 2 hours I think we both came away with the sensation that I hadn't told her anything about herself that she didn't already know anyways. I told her what her talents and soul gifts were, what she was good at, what she had to watch out for, the traps she tended to fall into. What sorts of things she tended to think and feel repeatedly without being able to help herself or stop doing it. What issues she had. (And of course that I had already worked on all of these problems.) How she could contribute to the world using her natural gifts. And even after 2 hours of this I sort of came away with the sort of sensation sort of like she was thinking, right, so now tell me something I don't already know about myself.

Now, I'm not saying that she was dissatisfied or unhappy, but I think sort of like she didn't get all her questions answered. For example, afterwards she asked me if I could tell her if she would succeed in getting pregnant and have a baby. And that's one of the things that unfortunately Soul Realignment really can't answer. Since it's more of a healing modality that uses intuition, and not so much a predicting the future psychic reading type of thing.

Well Andrea did mention that a practice client's interest and investment in getting a Soul Realignment reading, at any rate, doesn't tend to be as strong as that of a real, paying client, for obvious reasons! I mean, if you've forked out a part of your hard-earned salary for a reading you would certainly hang on to every word of the session much more than you would for something you got for free. Very telling example of why people who have a profession and offer their professional services should NOT do it for free! First of all, I mean obviously, if you're making your living off of something and everyone wants you to do it for free, then what are you supposed to live on?? And next, if you offer something for free people will simply not appreciate what you do, or they will think that you must be really bad if you're doing it for free. (Okay so I know I'm just practicing Soul Realignment right now so obviously I AM bad, at any rate not as good as someone who has already finished the course, gotten their certificate and has a few readings under their belt.)

Anyways, so, my friend (Practice Client number 1) and I were talking about this subject precisely. I told her what SR practitioners are charging for their readings and what Andrea Hess charges for a reading with her. She said, well that's in the States where people have money, here in Spain no one would ever pay what most practitioners charge simply because here people just don't have that kind of money. To give you an example, what Andrea Hess charges for a reading (not that there's anything wrong with her fees, if I were in the States and earning an average American salary I might very well have paid for a reading from her, because she is very very very very good!) is MORE than what an average Spaniard would earn in a whole month working full time! Not that Spain is poor, after all it's a perfectly normal developed European country, I'd estimate its economy to be more or less similar to that of Canada, but then again if there are any Canadians out there reading this, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when I say that Canadians also simply do not earn what Americans earn! Unless you're a CEO or a lawyer I mean hehe! :p

I mentioned to my friend what my practitioner, David Topi, charges, which is a bit less than what American practitioners charge, and my friend said, well maybe in Barcelona (big, metropolitan, prosperous northern Spanish city with northern mentality) people would be willing to pay that but here in Malaga (small, laid-back, poor southern Spanish city with southern mentality hehe ;) ) that would be impossible. She, saith she, certainly would never have paid what David Topi charges for a reading, as in addition she didn't really feel that at any rate it was all that helpful to her or that she really needed it, because her life was going groovy already as it is. In the past year (ie. more or less when I started the course and started to do her profiles and the homework on her and all that :( ) she said her life had given a 180ļ turn for the better, it was really amazing it was almost a miracle. She found a job, in a city with 36% unemployment where jobs practically don't exist. Her ex whom she was in love with but who had dumped her all of a sudden "came around" and realized that the person he really wanted to be with was her! So her returned to her, they got engaged and now they're going for the baby!

Well you really can't improve on that! Now I'm jealous hehe! :o I wish I could find a true love too! :kiss: :hearts:

06-19-2011, 09:06 PM
Okay sorry for ranting, enough ranting now. It's just that, it seems to me that people don't really understand very much or know about Soul Realignment, and I think that that's a pity and it's a really overlooked and underknown (if such a word exists!) modality that can really help people and turn their lives around to point them in the direction that you WANT your life to be moving in. And at a relatively small effort on your part. Only the effort that it costs you to pay for a session and take an hour and a half out of your busy schedule in order to get your reading.

Okay so I can understand that my friend didn't really understand what was the point in Soul Realignment. After all as she said, if your life is going groovy already it's going the best it's ever been, you certainly don't need any self-help, self-improvement or self-development techniques in your life.

And like she said, here in this city at any rate, people are practical, down-to-earth types just struggling to stay alive. They have trouble putting food on the table and feeding all their kids. They have trouble paying the bills. They have to fight every month to pay the mortgage. If they have a bit of money left over they need it to fix the pipes or the roof that's leaking or the broken lock. There's no room for intangible things in their lives like spiritual development and no money for things that don't contribute to survival. And if they ever felt the need for something spiritual, well there's a (Catholic) church on every corner. And it's free.

Here food stores thrive. Hardware stores are doing fairly well. Dollar stores are booming. But around here if your business doesn't contribute to filling people's stomachs or making your home liveable then you're superfluous.

Okay. Let's say someone came up to you and offered you a magic stone that could:
- help you overcome any financial issues if you have any, so you could then go on to afford those new pipes, that new roof and a whole set of locks if you want without any more difficulty or sacrifice
- help you overcome any emotional issues, such as co-dependency, depression, guilt complex, etc., if you have any, so you can get out of that abusive relationship, stop letting people walk all over you or find reasons that get you up out of bed in the morning and make life feel worth living again
- help you discover your talents and gifts
- help you discover the right direction in life for you
- help you to realize what your purpose in life is

And if in addition you could be sure 100% without a doubt that the person who is offering that stone to you is telling you the truth and isn't lying or a charlatan (around here people's first reaction no matter what you try to offer them is always: it's a fraud it's a con this person is a charlatan, it doesn't matter what you're trying to offer, as far as people around here are concerned even supermarkets are major robbers), so it would probably also be important to you to know for sure without a doubt that the person who is offering that magic stone to you is telling the truth. Well if all these conditions are there, wouldn't you be interested in acquiring that magic stone?

I certainly do know, in my case, that magic stone worked for me: my business is going really great, I can support my family and even take us on holidays, and I've been going steadily with it for a year, ever since I started it. Well the issues I had were majorly financial ones, but this magic stone also works for other types of issues. And if I, who had a MAJOR issue with money, was able to afford a Soul Realignment session, then how could a person who DOESN'T have money issues but DOES have other types of issues have problems affording a Soul Realignment session? If I could afford it, and I had the fattest money issues you've ever seen....... :eek: :(

06-21-2011, 04:36 AM
I love reading everything you are writing about here. Me thinks you need a blog because you have so much to say! I think it's great that you can include so many details without going all over the place with them. It's easy to read and understand.

As for your first practice client, first of all, I think it all went really well. Of course, she knew a lot of this stuff already. Don't you think that's a confirmation of how accurate your reading was? How about all those blocks you cleared for her? That's a priceless service. It sounds like your friend does't want to give you any credit for her success. You know what Andrea said about healing taking place in non-linear time. That means that as soon as someone signs up, they are already getting benefits. I mean, you don't need to convince her, but for yourself trust that it really WORKED! Her life changed almost like a miracle? I mean really? It's just a coincidence then. Also, here you are confirming for her that she is an amazing Divine being with all these incredible gifts, that she is already using in her life. Her job now is to take that reading and to apply MORE of those gifts in different areas of her life, including her relationship and baby making, and she will be even happier and more fulfilled in her life. She knows what areas she might need some more work now and which areas she is doing wonderful in. What more could you ask? I think you've done a wonderful job :hug:

Thing is future changes all the time. Even people, who can see probabilities with any degree of accuracy, cannot tell you exactly what will happen. However, in Soul Realignment 2 I know Andrea addresses more about answering future questions :) I don't know any details about it, but I read about it, since I always want to jump ahead. My general feeling about it is that you could address the likelihood of the event, how she could align to it better, and that you in fact will get better at answering these questions with more practice! That and this is a basic level practice session. Maybe she needs to book a paid reading if she wants her questions answered in detail ;) Having said all that, I would love to know how Andrea would go about answering this type of question. Maybe you can type in the question for our next support call? That would be cool!

Looking forward to hearing about your second session.

Love and light,


06-21-2011, 08:04 AM
Hey Lena! How's it going? :heartbeat:

Yeah it would be fun if people started getting back on to the SR forum again, so we could learn some more from their wisdom and experiences. Haha! Oh doesn't that make me sound like an old fogey, wisdom and experience! Not that wisdom and experience aren't important but, who wants to hear about the usual conventional stuff? I meant, wouldn't it be cool if people started getting back on the SR forum again so we could share Soul Realignment jokes? :p

Yes I'm also going ahead a bit too now, already tossing ideas around for a blog. Don't think I'm going to go for a website yet, it's not like I have a ton of services or products to offer yet after all. Just the readings that are taught in the Soul Realignment course (Soul Profiles, full Soul Realignment readings, Spirit Guide readings and Property Cleansings). I s'pose I could read your palms but, you'd have to come to my house for that! ;) (My friend, Practice Client number 1, I think actually likes the palm readings I do for her better than the Soul Realignment session I just gave her, and I didn't even have to study anything to do palm readings!)

Well maybe cuz with palm readings you can sort of trace out possible future outcomes and events whereas with Soul Realignment you can't. Well, sorry, I err, you actually can. There is I believe a technique which is taught in Level II (or maybe it was Level III, I'm not too sure) with which you CAN map out possible future events and directions to your life. But as I've already said before I'm only on Level I.

Yes, anyways, I hope everyone who's reading this thread here will drop on by to my blog/website when I set it up. Of course I'll announce it here when that happens! :grindaisy:

06-22-2011, 07:02 AM
Oh, yes, people LOVE palm readings. You could be a party psychic! My mom and her friend were giving me their hands and told me I needed to practice on them :rolleyes: I have been wondering if tarot or oracle cards could be used as a tool to read in the Akashic Records. I mean pendulum is used, so why not other psychic tools, right? And anyway, I kind of miss doing card readings. They seem so simple compared to putting together a story for a practice Soul Realignment client :D

I really do love Soul Realignment though and part of the reason is because Andrea's teaching resonates with me very much.

Make sure to listen to the recording of the practitioner support call. I asked Andrea a question about addressing the future. Also, I think she had a lot of fun commenting on my website and I was like oh my lord, I have so much work to do to it :suprise: Websites are totally fun, but they can definitely turn into time sucking black holes with all the tweaking and fixing and getting it just the way you want it, and then starting all over again, when you don't like it anymore lol

Oh, did I mention that I haven't actually had my Soul Realignment done yet? It's happening this Friday, so I'm totally excited to see if my soul group and energy center of training are going to be what I expected.

Well, let's see if I was to guess, I'd be something like Blueprint Deliverer Gabrielite. I haven't looked in my records, but it'll be fun to see if I was right or not :)

I'll report back. I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I love having someone to chat about this stuff with!

06-23-2011, 01:33 AM
Hey again Lena! :fingerdance: Well I posted that last post before I read your latest post, I was actually answering your post from before that one!
Anyways, yes, my friend says her life turned around so dramatically it was unbelievable, but she doesn't attribute it to Soul Realignment she attributes it to a miracle just fell down into her life out of nowhere.

What great ideas you have, it never occurred to me that thing about aligning with her desired outcome and all that. :thinking:

Anyways she wrote me a couple of days later, said after she had some time to think about it she realized that this is really something, well, different, from the usual run-of-the-mill psychic/divination/Tarot-type sort of stuff you can find on any street corner. She still feels it's a bit over her head, she's not used to alternative healing techniques and never much believed in them, she's your typical Social Security patient (here we have this really great and wonderful and fantastic thing called Social Security which is free medical care for everyone, it's the works! I love it! :yahoo: ). But she thinks this is the sort of thing that expands your horizons, makes you think that there's more out there than you suspected before, that there really is something to that spiritual development stuff and all that which sheís never been much into, but itís getting her thinking now and wondering about her own spiritual development.

Oh now I see youíve put up a new post! Fantastic! No no no donít worry at all about hijacking this thread, on the contrary I want lots and lots of people to write here and share their thoughts! And I LOVE to hear from you, Lena, and to read EVERYTHING you write!! There are so few Soul Realignment practitioners out there to share with and bounce things off of.

Yes I found palm readings frustrating because you can see what is there but you canít see why itís there, where it comes from or what to do with it. All you can do is say, oh so I see youíve got this and that problem, itís something youíre gonna have to be alert about all your life and thatís it. You canít help them to solve the problem or get rid of it. Soul Realignment itís like it takes up where things like palm reading leave off, itís profound, it goes to the root, it gives you the complete picture. And most importantly it solves the problem.

Iíve got to stop by your website soon! I havenít got one yet. Funny you havenít gotten your SR session yet! I didnít get one either before signing up for the course. I just sorta expected I could do one for myself as soon as I began the course, didnít expect it would take so long and I couldnít wait to finish the course to get a session, so I got one with David Topi. Who are you doing your session with?

So now youíve got to tell me what came out of your session, where did you come from, what do you study when youíre not living a life??

I wish they had psychic fairs in my city. Itís such a tiny little city, it doesnít have anything! They had psychic fairs in Barcelona in the north, that's a large city.

06-25-2011, 06:28 AM
Great day to do some Soul Realignment: clear some issues; talk about our home among the stars; contemplate the great energy shift going on on planet Earth; celebrate that we are here to help it along :cheers:

I had my pre-session with Rosine this morning. She has it structured like that, where she clears any major blockages in the first session and then focuses on one life area in the second one. I think it's quite effective, actually. Well, the good news was that I wasn't soul shifting, the bad news was... there was no bad news! I could feel when she cleared it my damaged Godspark and really having someone look in my Akashic Record felt like how I would imagine would feel to a massage therapist to get a massage of their own. Yep, it feels like energetic massage for sure. Plus, her energy was so sweet and I could relate so much to her, and it was such a breath of fresh air to talk to someone about this stuff, who understands :iloveyou: Of course, talking to you, my friend also feels that way. Can you imagine if we had a SR gathering. Wowee, I can't even imagine how much fun we would have, oh yes I can! Well, that might not be possible at the moment since we live on different continents and all, but maybe we could get some kind of Skype conference just for chatting with each other, in addition to the practitioner support call.

As for the meaty juicy soul profile details, I'm also a Mintakan :hug: Although it's my undertone, so I don't identify with it nearly as much as I identify with my main soul group of Blueprint Deliverer, but from what I understand, it means I'm originally from there :grindaisy: I thought I might be, but then I was like nah, I'm not always all positive and light, like a Mintakan, but the whole week it kept coming into my head Mintakan, Mintakan, Mintakan...I thought that I just like the word. It's rather catchy. Also, I could relate to what Andrea was talking about on one of the calls about having the freedom to change things around on a whim. I would love have more of that kind of freedom in my own life. It seems to be an unusual combination, that it fits in very well.

I also have my training in 7th and 5th energy center, in that order, although not sure if order matters for those, since Andrea said they contribute equally as much. I can relate to wanting to teach and express myself. That has been my greatest frustration is that I wasn't able before to contribute in that way. Did I mention I'm going to teach a class next month?? Yes, it's going to be on pendulum. How perfect is that? Well, I have been using for over ten years now.

This will be the longest thread ever on Soul Realignment!

06-25-2011, 06:31 AM
By the way, I loved what your first practice client said about her reading later on. It's kind of perfect. Just shows you how much effect you can have on a person, even if they seem a bit aloof at first :)

06-25-2011, 04:54 PM
Hi Lena! :hug: And everyone else who might happen to be out there reading this thread! :iloveyou:

Wow that reading that you got sounds soooo fantastic! Who is Rosine? I donít think Iíve ever heard of her, and sheís not listed in the Practitioner Directory.

Great to connect with another Mintakan! :grindaisy: Well, anyways, like theyíve said Blueprinters all come from somewhere else before they became Blueprinters, they just separated from their original soul groups because they decided to participate in the Earth Project, the project of setting up the earth school and preparing earth, deciding what earth would be like, etc. And the rest of us lazy bums decided to just hang around on our own planets until you guys got the earth school up and running hehe! ;)

So youíre just lucky you got to find out where you came from before you became a Blueprinter lol! :D

Shirley MacLaine wrote a most interesting book about what it was like to set up the earth school and prepare it for people to incarnate and learn life lessons on. Apparently she participated in that project, guess she must be a Blueprinter too.

Just for everyoneís information, Blueprinter is the name of the group of souls that set up earth and prepared it so that people could incarnate on it. After the planet was created a special group of souls joined together and decided what the earth would be like, they created many of the animals on earth, the plants, they decided how earth would operate, for example they decided that thoughts should be powerful and the way that people would create their lives, which is why what we think is so important and powerful. There are other planets where the driving force isnít thoughts, it could be for example, well, say emotions, where what you feel instantly manifests itself unrestrained by thoughts.

Michael Newton writes amazing books which include the subject of how souls create life forms on planets. So people who marvel at the incredible animals and plants that you can find on earth, or who complain about mosquitos (like me!), and attribute it all to God, well in fact weíve got ourselves to thank for life forms on earth both the good and the bad. God bestowed upon us the power to create, but itís human souls who decided WHAT to create using that power. And who continue to decide what to create, as we all create our lives and our realities every day.

Mosquitos and germs and bugs and cockroaches and other repellent stuff like that, however, got created because of the dark forces (aka negative beings out there) who got in the way and started interfering and twisted and perverted everything up, they WANTED disease and suffering to exist, I mean of course they did, theyíre DARK, anti-life forces, right? :suprise:

What a horrid plan Iíve got set up for the summer! Do I really expect myself to huddle up in my house all summer long working on my new website while exuberant life goes on outside my windows??! :confused:

Anyways yes, Iím trying to set up a website now so I can offer paid Soul Realignment readings, got lotsa texts written (as you all can imagine just by glancing over this thread) but I just canít put my finger on the look and feel that I want for this page. Iím really not into the lovey-dovey all light and joy kinda thing. Now almost everyone who frequents this forum is going to throw tomatoes at me! Since most people on here are lightworkers, I imagine, and probably most of you ARE into light and joy and being positive.

Not that Iím not positive. But up till a while ago I was probably the most pessimistic and negative and grumpy Mintakan youíve ever encountered. Mintakans are a group of souls that are supposed to be known for their sunny optimism and radiant countenance, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm for example. When David told me I was Mintakan I was like, okay David maybe youíd better check your pendulum again! (Now, Davidís very good if anyone decides to get a Soul Realignment session with him you can rest easy knowing that youíll be in completely competent, thoroughly professional hands and that youíll receive an accurate reading from him.)

Of course as I wasnít exactly manifesting things that I wanted I decided maybe Iíd try the positive and optimistic route, and it seems to work. So Iím no longer as pessimistic and negative anymore, but Iím still the grumpiest Mintakan around.

Anyways end of Mintakan spiel. So thatís why I really donít identify with all light and joy and love. So no, I was thinking more on the lines of something where I could just blog on about things that Iím interested in, without focusing on any one theme in particular. Where I could recommend books, healers or psychics or courses that I like, art, etc. What I do every day, the people I meet. The foods I enjoy and great recipes I use. And then on the side sort of like offer Soul Realignment readings as well.

06-25-2011, 05:15 PM
Part II Sects & Do You Have To See It To Believe It?

Well my friend wrote to me again. So I really canít say how much of a positive effect she really had from her session. She said she finished reading her homework (exercises to be done after a reading, which help the new energies take up residence in the person) and she was quite turned off by it. She thought it was way too woo-woo for her taste. She really doesnít believe at all in spirit guides, angels, reincarnation or celestial beings. She finds it hard to even believe that people have souls. I mean she knows people have souls but she thinks thereís nothing special about a soul, that when a person dies their soul goes to heaven, hell or purgatory, to spend the rest of eternity reaping the rewards of whatever they had sowed in their lifetime. So thereís really not much point in trying to spend your life evolving or whatever, because when it ends it ends and youíll find yourself in heaven, hell or purgatory depending on how good a person youíve been.

So, she thinks, the point of life is mainly to live it up and have a good time while you still can, before you keel over forever. Well gotta give it to her that much is true, I agree I think we really should try to live it up, after all life is to enjoy not to suffer! :eek:

Well we all come from where we come from or as they say here in Spain, weíre all children of our parents and where they come from, we come from. So on the contrary I was raised to believe that we are NOT here to live it up we are here to suffer and sacrifice, and the more you sacrificed the better person you were and the more deserving you would be of good things like money, a warm home, good food to eat and lots of people to work for you (so you wouldnít have to work anymore of course hehe!).

But then again I also think weíre here to question the beliefs we were raised with. Which is why I donít believe in the soul-building value of suffering and sacrifice anymore.

My friend also wanted to know, all this information about spirit guides and reincarnation and all that, how did the people who teach this course know all that? So I told her it was mostly channelled material, and I also told her about Michael Newton and his work documenting what people under deep hypnosis told him about life in the spirit world. She said, well she didnít remember ever having lived another life or being in a spirit world, so how could we know it was all true? If it were true we ought to remember it, wouldnít you think? She said, if she couldnít see something for herself she didnít really believe in it (a very common belief around here, apparently, my ex always used to tell me the exact same thing, he was always telling me, Iíll believe it when I see it).

So I told her I could see auras and she couldnít, so did that mean that since she couldnít see them, did that mean that auras donít exist? But then I could beg to differ, because I was seeing them. So if I thought like her, then as far as I was concerned auras did exist, because I could see them. So we simply have to trust that thereís more out there than just what our 5 senses tell us. Just because we canít see something doesnít mean it isnít real or doesnít exist. And there could also always be someone out there who can see something which we arenít capable of seeing ourselves.

Goodness I think I really do need a blogspot, so I can rant and reel on and on instead of occupying all this space on a forum!!

Anyways just for the record, when I first read the homework exercises for after a Soul Realignment session I was quite turned off too. But not because it was too woo-woo but rather because they sounded very similar to the prayers used in a certain sect which I was really really really turned off of and which a friend of mine is crazy about. But when you read them more in detail you will realize that theyíre really not the same at all. I mean they have certain things in common, like for example referring to different celestial beings and all that. But later on you would see that what is asked for is really quite different.

The prayers of that sect, in my opinion, were probably channelled from a lower astral being (aka a monster hehe!) that the channeller probably contacted thinking that they were actually talking with a divine being of light. Because lower astral beings like to deceive channellers, well if you google the subject you could find all sorts of articles about it so I wonít go on here (how unusual for me not to go on about something, I must be ill! :o ).

Anyways I was saying, the channeller of that sect then proceeded to channel all sorts of information which they eventually put together and used to start up the sect, with this information that they channelled as the basis for the beliefs of that sect. So when you are first introduced to that sect you would encounter a ton of beliefs that probably resonate with you. Things that you KNOW must be true. For example you could be told that we all have angels and spirit guides that help us, that we all have a Higher Self to guide us on the right path. That our mission in life is to evolve. That bad things that happen to us happen for a reason, they could be a result of karma, or they could be a test to see if weíve learned a lesson or they could be there to teach us a lesson that we need to learn. So, since most of us resonate with these beliefs, people get caught up in that sect, they say, well everything that sect has taught me up till now is true so what they teach here must really all be true, the real deal, and the channeller really must be in contact with God or some other divine being of light.

Then once the person is already all caught up in the sect and believes everything that the sect leaders tell them with their eyes closed Ė in Spain they have this really neat saying which goes that they believed everything with their feet close together Ė so then the leaders start to teach their followers more controversial beliefs. Things like for example, that test tube babies are actually demons incarnate, theyíre not human souls. That the degree of enlightenment of a person can be discerned by the colour of their skin, so the lighter a personís skin the more spiritually advanced that person is.

And that is how they hook people into sects.

Oh well sorry to get off the wagon again. I donít think I meant this to be a thread on sects! :eek: Oh yes I do believe it must be time for me to set up a blogspot!

06-25-2011, 05:41 PM
Part III Who Should Not Get A Soul Realignment Session

I guess reading for my friend also answered another question I had. And itís that I used to give palm readings and as I mentioned here earlier I found it frustrating that I couldnít help the people solve their problems. Then I found that Soul Realignment is a modality that actually takes you, well me at any rate, further away from the people rather than helping me get closer to them. With palm readings I used to try to use them to encourage people to learn to take control of their own destinies, to take charge of and responsibility for their own lives and to do whatever they had to do in order to create the lives that they wanted. Iíd tell them, for example, well youíve got executive talents or youíve got a gift for leadership, and if you used these talents you could be successful and make money. But they would just stare at me and say, well can you tell me if Iíll win the lottery ticket? They werenít interested in actually doing some work to make their dreams happen, they wanted their dreams to fall into their laps while they lay around on the sofa.

So, I thought, if people round here arenít even interested in getting up off the sofa and getting a bit of work done, how would I ever help them solve their problems using Soul Realignment?? So I wondered if there was some way I could help these people using Soul Realignment. I had people who were in abusive relationships and I knew with SR they could get out of these relationships because SR could solve the emotional issues that they were having that kept them chained to these relationships, such as co-dependency. People wanted jobs and (as happened with my friend) I knew that if they got a Soul Realignment it could help them to find a job, because the realignment would help them to orient themselves in the right direction looking for work where they would get to use their own talents and gifts, rather than going for those dead-end jobs that burn you out so fast, make you not want to work anymore and waste your time too.

But now I realize, after reading for my friend, that no, I wonít be able to reach these people with Soul Realignment. They will just have to learn how to creep up the evolutionary ladder just like we all did until they reach the point in their development where they will be ready for Soul Realignment and other alternative healing techniques. I canít give SR sessions to people who just want to receive an amulet that will make the person theyíre in love with fall in love with them, regardless of what the person theyíre in love with actually wants. I canít help people who arenít willing to change their negative or self-sabotaging attitudes, or who think theyíre perfect and itís other people who must change.

The other day I had a debate with an acquaintance. This young man is really into protest marches to try and get the current government to resign. He blames them for the crisis and the high unemployment, and he thinks the government ought to give jobs to people. I told him, itís not the governmentís responsibility to give you a job, itís YOUR responsibility to prepare yourself for a job and then go out and look for one!

He went on and on: but that wouldnít make any difference, there wasnít any point in people preparing themselves for a job if the government didnít make jobs for them, people would never find jobs as long as there was still a crisis and it was the governmentís responsibility to get rid of the crisis and etc. etc. I told him I was doing well and earning money, even though I didnít have a job in the sense of working for someone else. I said if I had waited for the government to do something for me Iíd still be sitting around twiddling my thumbs. He said, ah but youíre just lucky.

So I realized, okay so maybe Soul Realignment COULD help everyone, everyone would benefit from receiving a session. But that didnít mean that everyone would want to receive one.

Okay so letís say someone offers you a magic stone that would:
- help you to take responsibility for yourself and your life
- put you in control of your destiny and your decisions
- make you take charge of what happens to you and make you the boss in creating your own reality
- make it so that you can no longer blame your parents or your boss or the government or anyone else for your problems
- put the burden of evolving onto your shoulders, so that you could no longer sit compliantly on your sofa just watching your life roll by
- help you become a better person and make you want to be a better person, which would imply working on yourself and no longer feeling good anymore if you do something that you know is wrong

Would you be interested in receiving such a magic stone? Even if it were free?

And I guess people who were turned off by such a magic stone, would probably also be turned off by Soul Realignment. Which is why, I realize, I wouldnít be able to help everyone with Soul Realignment after all.

Sorry, Lena, Iím not trying to compete with you to write the longest post on this thread. In fact Iíd love it if youíd write an even longer post haha! :grindaisy: Oh Iím probably doing this only because I donít have my own website yet and I need some place to sound off on! You probably reserve your long articles for your own website. Which is what I ought to be doing too, I sípose! :o

Well letís see if thereís some way I can break this uber long post up into smaller posts.

Iím really glad I got a laptop instead of a PC (you can check out the post I wrote up earlier on how I manifested a laptop into my life as well as a new washing machine and 300Ä of extra cash all in one month, if you havenít read it yet)(if this were a webpage instead of a forum thread I guess here at this point I would provide a link that would lead specifically to that post, as it is since this isnít a webpage I guess you would just have to look backwards in this thread to find said post). Anyways as I was saying, Iím really glad I got a laptop, Iím much more productive and write a lot more, and itís easier to write, with a laptop than with a PC. (Moans and groans from all around, by people who are NOT happy at all that now I get to write more! :( ) I can take the laptop wherever I want and settle in cosily wherever I want, and even sit around in the kitchen and thump away on it as I watch over the food to make sure it doesnít burn. :D

06-26-2011, 06:36 PM
Oh at last I've set up a new website. Well I mean blogspot. Go and visit it! Go now! :grindaisy:

Okay you don't have to go now, but I invite you to drop by whenever you like. I'll be waiting for y'all there! :hug: :heartbeat:

theseasofmintaka (http://theseasofmintaka.com/)

07-03-2011, 07:45 AM
Hello everyone! Is there anyone out there hehe? :hearts:

Well got the Spanish version of my website up and running, just got it out right now so logically no one has looked at it yet. :confused: If anyone is interested here's the link: Los Mares de Mintaka (http://losmaresdemintaka.wordpress.com/)

I've also updated the original, English site, added some new posts and some new sections, so if you haven't checked it out yet, or you've already seen it but it was last week, you're welcome to drop by again: The Seas of Mintaka (http://theseasofmintaka.com/)

I'll be updating them constantly so...... pass by frequently! :grindaisy: :D

Ya don't have ta buy anything or order anything, just read 'em, hope they'll provide you with some entertainment and a good read lol! :)

As for Soul Realignment, well, not much new news there. Got my second personal session with the teacher Andrea Hess coming up in a couple of weeks, still waiting for some practice clients and not much else to do. Hopefully I'll get some more work soon hehe! :thumbsup:

07-04-2011, 06:44 AM
Did you get my pm?

07-04-2011, 01:59 PM
Did you get my pm?

Hi Christine! I sent you a PM! :)

07-08-2011, 11:13 PM
Wow! Gotta celebrate! :yahoo: My website's been up one week now and already over 100 visits! :sun: Thanks to all of you who are reading this thread and take the time to check out my website! :thanks: :thanks:

I'll continue to post new content there weekly (or at least I'll try :o ).

Had a super fantastic stupendous supercallafragilistic reading with my second practise client. I absolutely loooved talking to her! :heartbeat: Thank you so much N.P. for being my practise client and giving me the chance to learn from you! :thanks:

Well, personal coaching session with the teacher Andrea Hess coming up next week, really looking forward to that! :blowout:

07-10-2011, 07:12 AM
Good to hear you are doing well, partner! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I get all giddy when someone comments. So I should probably be writing a blog right ha ha I've been waiting for inspiration to strike. I seem to talk A LOT, but I feel like I gotta organize my thoughts better in order to write a blog. I'm getting excited about writing about some Soul Realignment experiences too, hopefully people will let me share all the juicy details. I have to say I've been busy with my Soul Realignment course. I'm all the way through the study portion of it, but now I'm catching up on my practice clients. Plus, I kind of cheated and had my first REAL client before finishing. He was supposed to be on my waiting list, but I bumped him up. I also did a presentation for one of my practice clients as well, although we took an hour doing her soul profile and didn't get to the soul realignment part yet, but this Thursday we will. I also have another practice client to present to this Tuesday and possibly another one sometime this week. I plan to be all done with my practice clients in the next week or two. So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, even when I feel like I'm not totally sure what I'm doing. It's like when I sit down and I have a blank reading sheet in front of me, especially when it comes to putting stories together, I think huh, what if none of it makes any sense! But stories always come out. I also do a bunch of mini readings at my work and I incorporated a little bit of SR into them with much success.

Well, I don't get any training sessions with Andrea :o( On the plus side, she is great at answering any questions I have. It's just sometimes I wish there was someone standing over my shoulder and telling me I'm doing a great job lol Oh hey, there is my whole Spirit Guide team! One of my guides, who is my Marketing Guru, has been especially vocal. The exact guidance I got was as long as I clear up time, clients will appear. I'm learning to organize my time better by being more efficient. I'm also learning to relax and let it all flow without really forced effort on my part.

In other news, my son just had his fourth birthday party :birthday: He was born on 7/07/07 at 7:07am He is a Master Manifester. He literally gets anything that he wants. You should see how many toys the child has. We only buy him a couple every year, but everyone else buys him gazillions of them. Now we haven't had much money since he was born, since I stayed home full time the whole time and my husband is in social work field (without any degrees either), and my son still has a huge back yard with a play house and a swing set, gets swimming lessons, goes to the lake all summer, goes out to play most days, has all the toys he wants, gets all the yummy foods he wants, and on and on and on. How did I get off topic like that?

Good going with your second practice client, Serena :clap:

To many more happy clients (and relaxing days at the beach) :cheers:

07-10-2011, 04:00 PM
Hi Lena! And everyone! :cheers:

Someone found my website on google when they googled "Alboran", apparently they liked it so much they returned to look at it 3 times! That so tickled me pink! It's the first time that I know of that someone found my website through google!

So I guess things are slowly growing. I can get onto the website on weekends, but on weekdays I barely have a moment to even glance at it!

Have you been getting paid clients? I haven't got any yet! :( :(

So I also asked my guides why, they said, and where are you going to fit them in? So I said, well even though I know that in theory it's possible for me to all of a sudden just drop my regular work and manifest enough clients to live off of doing SR alone (and I'd muuuch rather do that too!), I really just can't make that leap of faith. I guess I'm just not that good enough of a manifester to be able to trust that if I did that, just dropped my work I mean, I'd be capable of manifesting enough SR clients.

I even have difficulty manifesting my practise clients being able to schedule sessions with me! :eek: Although that's understandable, when you can only offer people a couple of hours a day to choose from, and it's always the SAME hours every day (hey what d'ya expect, I WORK from 11 in the morning to 10 at night, really hard to fit people in with such a schedule! :suprise: )! (Well I work free-lance, so I work those hours because I want to. Well I don't want to, but I do earn more money the more hours I work, so yes I guess in reality I really DO want to haha! :grindaisy: )

Can't offer mini readings at work however, they're not interested in this sort of thing. In fact most are teenagers, the only thing they want is to get OUT of work and go live it up drinking on the beach.

Where d'ya find that clapping smiley? :clap: I never noticed it before!

Oh I'm SURE you're doing a great job Lena! :clap:

I wish I were a Master Manifester too. I'm not. :( I sure could use manifesting some nice things into my life. (Like some paying SR clients, a nice place to live out in the country someplace hot.....)(Not that I don't live someplace hot, but this is about as far removed from the country as..... well as anything that there is in the world.)

My kids aren't Master Manifesters either, seems they never get to manifest everything that they want. Except all the yummy food that they want, that's never lacking in their lives teehee! :D But my son wants to live out some place where we have a lot of space to run around in, and not this crowded little 2-bedroom apartment in the inner city (which I refer to as a 1-bedroom with a walk-in closet).

07-10-2011, 04:28 PM
Forgot to say, Happy Birthday Lena's son! :bcake:

Yes we really do live downtown. Once upon a time that was just so perfect for me it was what I'd always wanted, to live right in the centre of the city. I had everything at my fingertips, I could go out whenever I liked and return home whenever I wanted, didn't have to bother about taxis or whatever.

But lately I find that that isn't so important to me anymore. I don't go out at night anymore, I find that boring. People just sit around drinking, smoking and talking about football or politics (mostly politics), I find that so boring, I don't find it enriching at all to sit around and talk about politics.

And if you go out at night there are always those men who are looking for a hot date. I'm not interested in being their hot date. I mean, I know some men who frequent discotheques and I find that they're people who don't have much interest in enriching their minds, only looking at sexy ladies. Now there's nothing wrong with being a sexy lady or looking at sexy ladies, but there is also more to life than that. And these male acquaintances that I know, just simply aren't interested in anything else in life. Now I'm not saying that people who frequent discotheques are all like that, only the ones that I know! :eek:

I used to find it thrilling to be able to just hop over to the shopping centre or the major department stores in a minute. But now I find that I go to the department store like once a month, when I just simply can't go on any longer without something that I can only get over there (like vitamins, I know that's strange but I only like a certain American brand of vitamins and I can only get them at the department store, funny, just that Spanish vitamins are super expensive (like 20Ä for one little package, can you believe that??!) whereas these American vitamins only cost me 5Ä. Why is it that European things have to be SO super expensive when the Americans know how to make the same things sooo much cheaper??!

Maybe I'm just getting jaded haha! :rofl: When you're not interested in going out to the discotheque anymore or having nice dresses and looking sexy, when all you want to do is sit around out in the countryside and go for walks in the woods or in a field and that is what makes ya happy.

I'm just not interested in acquiring things anymore, which is the main reason why you'd go to a department store anyways, right? I'd muuuch rather prefer to acquire EXPERIENCES, preferably with the kids of course!

07-14-2011, 03:16 AM
Perfect beautiful evening for some Soul Realignment and super Mintaka celebration out near the pool with a perfect glass of something cold and yummy. So refreshing and relaxing and profitable too. Oops, kids are demanding for me to take them on a swing ha ha My older one, who just turned four, he goes to bed so late! I'm always ready to go to bed before him and my one-year-old wakes up early, and I'm not ready to be awake yet lol But kids won't be kids for long. It goes by so fast!

The way my schedule works out is that I'm with kids the whole time from Sunday to Wednesday. I take them to their swimming lessons, to the park, play with them, etc. On those days I rarely get much business done, although sometimes I manage to sneak out for a little bit because my husband's younger sister agrees to watch them for a couple of hours. I also clear and organize my house and the usual household stuff. Then my husband has three days off cause he works from morning to late night on other days. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are my work days or put more correctly my grown-up play days because I really look forward to them! As much as I love my kids, I crave independence and privacy. I'm not sure if I made myself clear, but I work at a local holistic healing center one day a week and sometimes I go there to get some work done, when I'm not working too. I actually started my healing business before I got into Soul Realignment, but a month later I felt like something was missing for me, and Soul Realignment was exactly what I needed and how I wanted to serve my clients. Trust me, my first practice client was my psychic development teacher and she worked in the field for fifteen years. She loved her soul profile session, loved it! Anyhow, I started doing mini readings very fast, which was kind of rule breaking, since Andrea said not to do that until later on. Well, I felt like these people could really benefit from the information, and I felt confident enough to give little bites of tasty Soul Realignment information like their soul group, which people LOVE to hear about. So yeah, I had a few paying clients with one of them becoming my full client, with a huge discount for him. I hope there will be more to come. I hope there will be paying clients for you, Serena too! My plan is that I will clear my time as much as possible, including maybe renting a room at the center for an extra day and then I will FILL my time with clients. If I have to get more practice client, I will because people will LOVE their readings and then they will refer friends to get it done too. If they don't LOVE it then that probably means I can use some time to hone my skills or I should do something else entirely (I don't believe that that's the case though). I want to do the kind of work people LOVE :heartbeat:

07-16-2011, 11:23 PM
I have to say I LOVED my reading from Selena!!! I'm so honored I got to be one of your lucky practice clients!

I wrote a quick post on your blog...and say that I got a lot out of our conversation about my blockages. My whole life I've had a heavy feeling like I've done something bad...maybe I'm a bad person...although nothing in my current life warrants such a fear. When I heard what was my BIG BAD block....I was very relieved and was like....is that all?? I know its right on...because I mirrored this same scenario with my significant other....who I broke up with!

I don't know what exact date you did the reading...only when we 'met' on skype, but I've felt some churning going on inside, and feel lighter and more solid at the same time. I've had some revelations about things that have bugged me forever.

I feel like, in the peeling away of 'our onions'...Soul Realignment works on the very core. Things that no matter what spiritual/self help work you do...it still remains.

I was so happy to hear about my solid 'support' group lol...and understood I could have more angels...this goes with a pattern of being afraid to ask for too much in life...even things I want deeply. I feel freed from that limitation!

Thanks so much Serena! Keep up the good work! I got a lot out of our session. I wouldn't mind some time asking a specific question...although I'd be nervous about the answer! lol.

Lots of love, :iloveyou:

07-21-2011, 04:15 AM
Hi all! When I've got some time I'd looove to answer you Nancy and Lena! :hug: :hug: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

But right now I'm just sooo pressed for time and I really wanted to jot down this quick note.

I wanted to say that I just feel so much as if I had a fairy godmother hanging over my shoulder now heehee! :yahoo: That's just the way it feels, it's as if all I need to do is think of something that I want or need and poof! it falls right into my lap! :yahoo:

Because I was pondering how the blog just doesn't seem to work. I mean I get some really really really nice visitors and a good number of them. But no one has signed up for any Soul Realignment sessions (probably people who don't feel like they need one, it isn't the right time for them to get one, etc.). In fact on the contrary many of my friends (mostly Spanish ones) who read the blog then wrote to me to say things like they really aren't very much into the New Agey-energy-pangy sort of nonsense, they don't believe in alternative healing, they don't believe in psychics, etc. They liked the blog but they really couldn't care less about intuitive healing or any other kind of healing for that matter (except what you can buy in the pharmacy, that is, of course).

So that tells me that the blog is nice but it isn't the right sort of venue to attract people who would be interested in receiving a Soul Realignment (or any other kind of energy/alternative healing type of) session. So I decided I needed a real, professional webpage. In addition all the other Soul Realignment practitioners who are doing well have professionally done up websites.

And at the same time blogging with WordPress was really turning out to be a very frustrating experience. If you haven't tried it yet, I can tell you that WordPress will really clip your wings. There are soooo many things you're not allowed to do on a WordPress blogspot. I can understand the reason for these rules, they are there to keep the blogging world a safe, secure environment where people can write their thoughts or read those of other people without having to worry about being bombarded with demands from people to pay for this or buy that.

But you do have to think that one of the reasons why people blog is so that they can talk a little bit about, if for example they make arts or handicrafts, or they know someone else who does do things like art or other things that are a little out of the usual, they like to let the world know about this thru a blogspot. But if you can't advertise anything on a blogspot, it's pretty much useless. We don't just want to read about your day, we like to see the things that you do, too! :(

But WordPress won't let you: talk a lot about the things that you produce or your services, put on a PayPal button unless it's to ask for a free and voluntary donation (a donate button), put on affiliate links or banners, not even if these links are to people that you know and like and trust, and not to some strange theoretical multi-national floating around out there. So I can't for example go around blogging all the time about Soul Realignment, because that would be considered advertising, which is forbidden on a WordPress blog. I can put a discrete little page which explains Soul Realignment, and I can put on a widget with a link to that page so people who are interested in knowing more can click on the link and read the page. But I can't go on and on on the blog about Soul Realignment. And I can't put on a PayPal or any other kind of pay button so that people who are interested can book a reading with me. If people think they might be interested they must fill out a contact form. So do you think people reading the blog are even going to know I do Soul Realignment readings, if I have to hide them on a little page in the back? And those who do accidentally discover that page, when they see that there is no option to order a reading right there, of course they'll just scurry off to someone else's webpage which DOES offer them the opportunity to order a reading whenever they want. :mad:

Although, as I said before, in general doesn't seem that people who are into New Agey-energy-alternative world types of things don't seem to be too attracted by my blog.

Well I got off topic ranting and raving about WordPress, well they do give me a lot to rant and rave about! Anyways so what does this have to do with fairy godmothers?

Just that I was just thinking that I probably needed to get a professional webpage done by some pro, but I had no idea where to begin at all. I don't know a thing about web designs, nothing, I don't even know what software or programs exist out there that web designers use. So I started doodling away on Google and bam! The perfect web host fell out of cyberspace and into my living-room. It gives me everything that a web dummy like me, who had never even heard of HTML before and still has no idea how to make an HTML or what program to use to make one, could need. So now I won't need to hire a pro and I won't need to depend on unprofessional blogs either. (Not saying that WordPress isn't professional, they certainly are, I mean that blogs aren't supposed to be professional.)

So now it's as if all I need to do is wish for something and boom! It magically appears! :yahoo: I wished to have more clients so I could save up some money and take the kids on holiday somewhere! I put out only a couple of ads on the internet and abracadabra! I now have so many clients I just can't stop working! I'd never be able to keep up this pace the whole year round, I work from 11 in the morning till 10 at night! But I agreed (with myself? with the universe?) to do this over the summer so the kids could have a tremendous summer where I could take them to all the best places (which of course cost money).

Then I thought I needed a professional webpage and kaboom! the perfect web host fell into my living-room.

So I was just thinking that I want to do something I've always wanted to do more than anything, but I never did it because I was so ABSOLUTELY UNMISTAKABLY IRREFUTABLY CONVINCED that it could NEVER work out, that it was IMPOSSIBLE! Then I realized, well I thought it was impossible I would ever be able to earn a living for myself and I'm doing that. I thought making a webpage would be impossible for me (I'm not a techie after all) and I'm doing that too. So what is impossible?

07-22-2011, 11:36 PM
You wished that you were a master manifester and then you turned into one. ****PPPOOOOOFFFFFFF******* Magic dust all around.

I want my website more professional as well, Serena! I studied some web design and so I made mine, but it could definitely use an improvement, that and some more blogs too. I have been so busy though delivering readings to my practice clients and I just got done with my third paying full Soul Realignment client. I'm tired now because it takes me 2-3 hours to prepare for a reading, but I'm also blown away by the feedback. I really love delving into those soul stories! I have a few more wait list clients scheduled, but now I raised my price from $75 to $115 for locals and to $155 for Internet clients. I have to practice saying that it costs $115 ha ha. I do feel like $115-155 for 3 hours of work and an amazing life transforming experience is worth it on so many levels. Andrea said to charge what you would feel comfortable paying for a similar service and I feel comfortable paying that, and have paid that in the past. In fact, I'll be scheduling a reading with Andrea too as more a of business reading at some point, which is a lot more than that!

I'm so grateful for having this amazing experience with Soul Realignment. All my clients have been AMAZING and I completely appreciated every one of them letting me get their soul story for them.

I forgot to mention why I raised the price. I'm officially certified! WOOOHOOO!!! Wanna go out for light refreshments now? I might take my husband out to celebrate :grindaisy:

07-23-2011, 08:22 PM
Congratulations Lena!! :bcake: :yahoo:

I got Certified too about a week ago.

But as I told Andrea I think it will be a while before I send her a blurb so she can put me onto her Practitioners' Directory. Because I'm quite displeased with the blog that I have and I want to wait till I have a professional webpage set up and send it to her. Cuz I've noticed that when people change their websites Andrea doesn't update the new info into her directory.

That doesn't mean that I'm going to abandon the blog, I'll keep it on sort of on the side as a hobby, to spout out spiels about whatever I feel like. But I've noticed that it doesn't attract people who are into New Age stuff or alternative stuff.

If you were here we could go out to celebrate together. Well we'll just have to drink a virtual champagne over the internet or something haha! :grindaisy:

I'm very very tired of doing practice clients, I had 11 so I am really tired of drawing out soul stories right now. Some are quite interesting, but it does get tiring because it takes so long. Also got lots of negative feedback Ė by Spanish people who have never heard of Soul Realignment or alternative therapies/alternative healing in general and who, of course, never had a Soul Realignment done for them and probably never will. I'm really quite sick and tired of the general culture here in Spain. I mean I like Spain, that's why I live here and it's probably still a better place to live than most other places that there are to live out there. But I'm really tired of the closed-mindedness around here:

1. A friend of mine, who is very opinionated, not that I mind because everyone is the way they are and she would probably be opinionated no matter where she was from, because that's just her character. But anyways she screamed at me: I can't believe you've become a con artist! Because that's what all alternative healers are, they're all con artists, swindlers and scam artists! I thought you were a nice, honest person! I can't BELIEVE you've decided to get dishonest and join them and become a con artist too! I thought you were too smart for that.

2. Along the same vein here you can't be vegetarian because stores won't carry vegetarian food. Stores won't carry any food that isn't made in Spain for that matter. Which wouldn't be a problem if Spanish companies would make their own vegetarian foods, like American companies do. But they won't. Spanish companies have no interest in creating vegetarian food, and Spanish stores have no interest in importing them from foreign companies that do make them, either. So you can't get tofu, soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, seitan, etc. Although on the other hand it's also frustrating that you can't find any vegetarian recipe books that focus their recipes on dishes that can be made with normal, traditional, Western ingredients either. They all have to use exotic Asian imported stuff like tofu, seitan, algae, miho, soy milk, etc.

3. Here you can't use natural cosmetics because they don't exist either. For a time I was into mineral makeup and I always had to order it online from the States, I couldn't just go out to a shop or department store and get it. Spanish people aren't interested in new things from other countries, like mineral makeup from the States. They aren't interested in anything from other countries, new or old, for that matter.

4. Here the only thing people are into is tradition tradition tradition. The only motivation people need to do anything is because it's "always been done" or because "that's the way it's always been done", or because it's what their fathers did and what their grandfather's did. So why does everyone have to do something just because their fathers, grandfathers and all their ancestors did it? All our ancestors ate raw meat, that doesn't mean that we have to do it too, just because they did!

5. Here everyone goes crazy about the tried-and-true traditions like Holy Week processions, which are very picturesque I do admit, I myself like them, however my life doesn't revolve around them. But people's lives here revolve around the tried-and-true traditions. Which wouldn't be a problem, but it means that they don't like ideas or traditions or customs from outside, from other lands. Another tradition people go crazy over is bull-fighting. Now, people here generally are against cruelty to animals, like normal people everywhere, however they don't consider bullfighting cruel. The reason: it's TRADITIONAL! It's ALWAYS been done! So since it's always been done that makes it okay.

And now on to ideological things that Spanish people are close-minded about:

1. Spain has always been Catholic, it's been this way for centuries and it will probably continue to be this way for a few more centuries. Now that's not a problem, the problem is that they are hostile towards other religions. So woe be it for you if you happen to be: Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Bahai, pagan, Wiccan, Hindu, etc. And even worse if you happen to be: New Age, into meditation, into (God forbid!) psychic development. Strangely enough 2 ideologies that are well accepted here are Buddhism and atheism. A bit quirky maybe?

2. Stemming from this, of course, is the fact that you pretty much can't talk to people about spiritual ideals outside of what the Catholic church teaches. People here either believe that when people die they go to heaven hell or purgatory (like my friend who was a practice client), or they believe that you just disappear, you're extinguished like a flame or a CG monster that's been zapped by a laser, in the case that you belong to the ever growing collective of atheists, most of whom are atheist because they want to rebel against the Catholic church, but they don't rebel by joining other religions they rebel by becoming a-religious.

3. So you can't talk to people about: the afterlife and the spiritual world, reincarnation, spirits and other invisible beings. I do find that most people are open to angels however. I guess people are open to what the Catholic church endorsed, like angels, but hostile to ideas that the church is against, like reincarnation or spirit guides.

So most of my friends here belong to one of the 2 categories, they're either devoutly Catholic, like my friend, then you can talk to them about angels but not about spirit guides, reincarnation or the spirit world. Or they are atheists, in which case they are quite openly hostile to any kind of spiritual talk.

So seemingly most of my friends are atheists. Most young people today in Spain are atheists, they were raised by devout Catholic parents and now they are disillusioned by Catholicism and that makes them hostile to any religion, cuz they think all religions are like Catholicism.

So my friends say to me things like, I don't believe in alternative healing, it doesn't work, auras don't exist, chakras don't exist, I'll believe it when I see it and I don't believe in anything I can't see, etc.

When you come to think of it I think that sounds a lot like the kind of thinking that was going on, was it maybe 2 or 3 centuries ago, in the Age of Reason, in the rest of the Western world? Well considering that Spanish thought and culture are always like about 2 or 3 centuries behind the rest of the western world, I guess you could say Spanish people are now going through their Age of Reason. So maybe in about 3 centuries Spanish people will be ready for Soul Realignment?

Well why do I keep on? Probably I've lost everyone about 50 paragraphs ago and no one is reading this anymore. :(

Well Andrea always says that you attract the people that you do for a reason and the people around you reflect you. But I don't agree with her, because I also attract a lot of people who give me very positive feedback too. The thing is that the people who give me positive feedback are all from North America or England.

So then I guess Andrea would ask me, so what is it about Spain and Spanish culture that attracts ME, then? Why am I here? Why aren't I someplace where people would share in what I believe in?

07-23-2011, 11:12 PM
Well. Continuing on with boring spiel about many different subjects.

Yes, I've realized that maybe one of the reasons how come (like you said, master manifesting heehee! :D ) so many things that I want to happen just come to pass, maybe it's because I've discovered that the right thing for me to do at any given moment is whatever excites me and feels good to me at that moment. When something feels like it has become a chore, it's time to leave it, or take a break from it and come back another day.

So I've discovered that keeping up a Spanish blog has just become a real tiresome, cumbersome chore. So, well I won't eliminate it (if anyone is interested in reading it it is here: Los Mares de Mintaka (http://losmaresdemintaka.wordpress.com/). You won't find anything in it that you can't find in the original, English blog (The Seas of Mintaka (http://theseasofmintaka.com/)) though, it's just a translation of the English one). I mean after all it's free and I can keep it as long as I want. But I won't work much on it.

I find that the Spanish blog just doesn't attract any readers, not even my Spanish friends who got bored with it. (And as I said before it's the same as the English one.) The English one, on the other hand, is jumping (over 200 visits already! :yahoo: :thanks: ). I found that in addition to people I know who look into it it also gets visits from Google from people who google things like, Natural Skincare, or Natural Cosmetics. No one googled such terms in Spanish however.

I had harboured really high hopes to be able to teach Spanish people to look beyond their borders, their horizons and their noses and to realize that they're not the belly button of the world (Spanish expression), that really exciting developments are going on in other parts of the world, in fields like spiritual development and self-help techniques, but I find that the Spanish (European Spanish) world just isn't interested. Now Spanish national things are really high quality, you can't beat that. They have the best milk I've ever tasted, the best beaches, the best yogurt........... But of course, like every country in the world, they have their limitations. That's why other countries import. Spain doesn't.

So I've decided that if Spanish people prefer to just keep on railing against foreign ideas and any kind of ideology or spiritual idea that comes from beyond the border or falls outside of Catholic training, well then I haven't got much to teach them. If they're not interested in/very hostile towards or against learning, then I'm not interested in teaching either.

Just getting off track for a minute. Did anyone ever see that movie Good Will Hunting? You know where Will Hunting is a genius that this math whiz tries to help, but Will kept kicking him out, he didn't want to change, he just wanted to bum around as a poor janitor for the rest of his life. But the math whiz insisted and in the end Will decided to learn math and get out of his rut. Well when I was watching the movie I thought, I'd never do that! If I were the math whiz I wouldn't STAND to hang around Will Hunting! I'd tell him, if you like rolling around in the mud then stay there and keep rolling around in the mud. Then I'd leave. No, really, I have no patience for people who don't want to learn.

Well I know finishing the Soul Realignment course was something I was looking forward to, but now I've done it it feels anti-climatic to me. I feel like it wasn't a big accomplishment at all.

Maybe I'm just tired, I mean 11 practice clients are a lot. You end up wishing you were only doing for example maybe 6, and then that the other 5 would be paying clients.

And then there's the fact that the blog doesn't attract any paying clients. So now I've learned this wonderful new thing that I could do, but no one even knows about it!

But I realize that it's the fault of the format that I (maybe unfortunately) chose to have the blog in. As I wrote earlier, a free WordPress blog is NOT the right venue to promote a business or service with. I had a nice PayPal button positioned, I was going to write a ton of pages about Soul Realignment and other New Agey-type related subjects........ and then I discovered that WordPress DELETES and removes any blog that it discovers with: affiliate links, affiliate banners, PayPal buttons, obvious sales spiels, etc. So I had to hide the Soul Realignment page in the back (so any casual WordPress employees who happened to be haphazardly skimming over blogs wouldn't see it and its $$ !), remove the PayPal button (so now if someone wants a session with me they can't even book it through my blog anyways)............

Which is why now I'm working on a new, professional real website.

And I think I'm going to take a short break from doing sessions, till the kids go back to school (and my free-lance clients go back to school or work or wherever too heehee, because they occupy my whole days right now, I mean I'm really really happy to have so much work and so many clients, I really do need them right now, but I don't like the work that I do).

So you say I can manifest things (well I said that, well I said that things just fall into my life), but the only thing I want isn't to celebrate, because after all what's the point of getting a Certificate if you can't work? (Here in Spain that is a major problem for everyone because there are no jobs, so people are coming out of schools in droves with big academic titles and certificates and there is no work for any of them, so there wasn't really any point in them studying at all. But getting off topic, this doesn't really have much relationship to me or what I do.)

I only want to chase after new goals. Like getting up a pro webpage so I can attract real paying clients and get real WORK. Because that is why you study and learn how to do something, so you can get work doing it.

And do something I've always wanted to do and it seems that now is the perfect time to do it, now that I'm earning a good living and how I'm going to pay the rent each month or feed the kids their next meal is no longer an issue in my life anymore. (Keeping my fingers crossed hoping it will never ever become an issue in my life ever again! :angel: ) However this like everything else is just going to have to wait until the kids go back to school again, I fear. :(

Just like last summer being able to start the Soul Realignment course also had to wait until the kids returned to school. I should learn by now, if there is one thing that IS impossible for me it's to do anything when the kids are here on vacation.

And finally I want to move (again! :( ). I'm just tired of living here. I don't know where I want to live, but somewhere else. Of course I also know where I DON'T want to live. But there are lots of places in the world, and one of them has got to be a good place to go to now.

07-24-2011, 06:14 PM
Serena, if nobody else reads all the way through what you write, you can always count on me! I love reading everything you are talking about. I can see myself in your ramblings, both things that I'm going through now and what I went through in the past. Believe it or not, Spaniards are not the only close minded people around. Our main culture here, including all of my husband's family, is very Christian and conservative. I wouldn't dream of offering them Soul Realignment ha ha I feel so blessed to have my friends and the Celestine Center of Healing, who are very much a subculture here. We are also close to a very high vibrating place called Mount Shasta. It's a major vortex and also where Lemurians used to live. It's a high vibrating spiritual place, where all of the spiritual folks live and it's an hour away, so some of their high vibes rub off on us. But like I said majority of people are very mainstream and Christian, although there is definitely a huge movement towards all natural going on right now. Not sure if it's just in California or in other places in the U.S. too. My next step as I suspect it is for you too might be to start introducing some of these ideas into the main culture one step at a time. You never know when a person is ready to wake up to their true spiritual identity and when they do, those seeds that you planted with your words might begin sprouting. You never know! Even if it's going to take a few more lifetimes, I believe every little movement makes a difference. However, I definitely don't believe you need to spend your precious time and energy trying to change their minds. Tell them about it from a place of joy and leave it at that. Just curious, do you find that your practice clients souls vibrate mostly in the 4th dimension or 5th?

Congratulations on finishing Soul Realignment. :bcake: That is huge, my fellow Mintakan, really really big, even if sometimes we won't give ourselves credit and won't hear encouragements from other people! We will someday meet and celebrate because we are both master manifesters! YES! :yahoo:

I think it's great that you have a blog, where you feel free to write about whatever, but I'm also excited to see how your professional blog is going to turn out! And I am sure you will start attracting some paying clients as well. You are probably right on the verge of that breakthrough, so keep on knowing things will unfold.

I hope everyone, who is reading his thread is also having fun out there. Well, I decided to keep my price at $115 for everyone right now until I feel more comfortable with that price point, so don't know if it's going to be a week or a month. Whoever is reading this thread, you don't want to miss out on Soul Realignment session. It's absolutely life changing, so run not walk to your nearest practitioner or the furthest practitioner lol Serena and I are both offering tremendous value right now. The feedback I have received has been 100% positive. How can it get better than that? Now, how's that for a shameless plug! :D We are so worth it!

07-26-2011, 12:20 AM
Hi Lena! I'm soooo happy to talk with you! :hug: :heartbeat:

Right now I just feel so depressed and bit**y. I feel like bi**hing at everyone. :mad:

Well not people on this forum. But at people in general.

I feel like bi**hing at life, and that is so strange and paradoxical because we're better off now this year than we've ever been before. I have more clients than ever, I'm earning more money than ever before. I'm getting along with everyone in my life.

But I feel so unhappy and unfulfilled. :( :(

I feel as if I haven't moved at all from where we were last year, as if I were at the same place and haven't advanced at all since last year. I'm still living at this tiresome ground floor place in da inna big city and if you've ever lived on the ground floor of a lower class apartment building in an inna big city where you have no privacy at all, or at least not in the summer where our 36-degree nights don't let us close our windows cuz if we did we'd spontaneously combust or something, so all anyone has to do to know everything about your life is to just walk down the street and look in your window at you.

I'm still working at the same boring senseless job Ė albeit a free-lance job where I more or less get to pick the hours that I work, but even so still even that is just an illusion, because I really don't have that much choice in how many hours I work, I have to work as many hours as I need to survive and if I haven't worked enough hours yet I have to keep on working, or we won't survive. :(

I don't get any paid vacations. If I take some time off I don't get paid, so that means I can take a break only on the condition of experiencing some hardships due to not earning any money. If I don't want to experience these hardships I must work 12 months a year 52 weeks a year and not have even one day or week of holiday.

I have to work all morning afternoon and evening all week long so that means I don't get to see my kids at all or spend any time with them, and the poor little beings have to spend their whole summer vacation locked up in a stuffy 1-bedroom-with-a-walk-in-closet in da inna big city, where they can't jump around or run or play. So all they do is hang around on the bed or the sofa playing with the Nintendo. They don't get to go out. They don't get any exercise. We don't get to go places together or do things together.

And even though I know I have a lot to be thankful for Ė after all last summer I didn't have many clients, so even though I also worked less we also had less money to do things with, and even if it's tiny and stuffy and there's no room to jump or run or play at least we have a nice apartment that's all our own, and even though I know that we create our own reality and that everything that's in our life we attracted it, I still feel like it's so unfair! :mad: :mad:

I feel like it's so unfair because other people have partners to share the burden of bringing in money, so they can take some time for themselves or for their kids. Like my ex-sister-in-law, who's married to a lawyer who's so successful she doesn't ever need to work if she didn't want to. However she's a proud professional so she works free-lance and she gets to take time off whenever she wants so she doesn't work the whole summer long, just takes her kids to their summer home and spends the whole summer there relaxing with them. Every day they go to the beach, they go to the swimming pool, they go out to eat at restaurants or to have an after-dinner stroll in the cooler (note: cooler, not cool) (but this I do love! :heartthrob: ) night air and a drink.

And I feel like bi**hing because I don't have any friends anymore. I don't know where all my friends have gone, they all seem to have somehow wandered off to another land and maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere because they used to be there and now when I look around they're all gone.

Of course I imagine that if I keep on bi**hing that's the last thing that would attract any new friends into my life (or bring old ones back, from, wherever). But I don't know how they've all just disappeared.

Or maybe it's me who just gets bored around them now and so I avoid them or don't ask them to go out anymore. But I also don't find anyone else to take their place! :(

Or maybe it's just cuz I don't have any time to myself and I need time to myself, but I have to work because we need the money. Kinda wishing I could earn more money per hour so I could work less hours, or even attract some Soul Realignment clients so I could work even less hours in order to survive.

But none of that is happening. I don't feel like I can charge more because here the marketplace is really competitive and there are lots and lots of people who can do what I do, and they charge the same as me. It's the going rate here.

Andrea says the clients you attract have nothing to do with how much you charge, it's how good you think you are and how much you think your work is worth. But I don't agree with her, what a person charges really DOES influence who you choose to work with and that to a VERY BIG EXTENT!!

Or why does she think I've never taken a session with her? It certainly isn't because I don't think she's any good! Why does she think I had a session with David Topi here in Spain? It isn't because I felt particularly attracted to David at that time, the fact is I didn't know David at all at the time, I'd never heard of him before and the only thing I knew about him was that: a) he was in Spain and it's always good to support someone in your own country, b) he wasn't yet an Advanced Practitioner (Level II) so I imagined he wouldn't charge as high a rate as an Advanced Practitioner (I didn't even look at the Advanced Practitioner directory, I imagined that they'd all charge something way beyond my reach), and c) turned out he did indeed have a really good rate, a rate adapted to the economic conditions of the country that we live in, which even Andrea can't deny is not as rich as the US.

Fortunately David turned out to be a super great super awesome guy. But since I didn't know what kind of a guy he was at that time, I probably would've booked a session with any person in Spain offering the prices that David offered back then (he's since raised his fees, but not much heehee! :D ).

Not that Spain is poor, it's just a normal developed western country, but then again how many normal developed western countries in the world are as rich as the US or have American salaries, taking into consideration that the US is probably one of the, if not the, richest countries in the world. Very few people outside of the US can boast salaries equivalent to American ones and therefore afford American anythings at American prices.

Not that I mean to rant against the US, well okay I'm Canadian myself and you know, Canadians always seem to have a bone to knaw against Americans haha! Just kidding. Just the friendly ole neighbourly rivalry.

But I was saying that I don't agree that what you charge has nothing to do with whether or not you attract clients. If your fee didn't make any difference, I might have had a session with Andrea!

08-02-2011, 07:05 PM
Hi Serena and everyone, well this past week has been insane! First on personal stuff, our beloved ten-year-old Boston Terrier had to be taken to the emergency hospital late at night because he started bleeding from his eyeball. Long story short, he had to be taken in to surgery to get his eyeball removed because it was at risk for bursting and it was very painful for him. He is healing now, but still needs very close care, so it took me away from my work in some ways, but I'm ready to jump back in! It's also costing us $1500+ so we are in a survival mode. The fact that this past month, I started getting some paid customers helped A LOT! It made me wonder though, since all the money I made so far went to unexpected bills if I'm still putting up a barrier to receiving in some way. I guess that's the question for my guides today.

Now on to Soul Realignment, if there is someone, who is reading this thread, if you all have questions that you'd like to ask about Soul Realignment, please feel free to ask either on here or through PM or through website. I'm planning to build a pretty extensive Q&A section, but I just put it up and it's empty right now. I sort of have a sales page now, but it might still need additional information and more lengthy descriptions. I welcome any suggestions: Soul Guidance | navigateintojoy.com (http://navigateintojoy.com/soulguidance/)

I wanted to share something that happened to me a couple of days ago very briefly. For the first time since starting doing Soul Realignment, I had a soul decline to get the work done. This was very hard for me because I know this person personally and I could hear disappointment in her voice, when I told her, but I could not go on with the reading after her soul told me that it wasn't seeking assistance. I've heard a Soul Realignment practitioner say that it never happened to them and they have been doing it for a while, so it's very rare. I guess my point here is that it's not all unicorns and butterflies. It's serious life changing work, even if it is meant to lighten up your life :)

Well, I definitely have some work to get done this month as far as letting people know more about Soul Realignment and I also hope to fill up my schedule FULL to the brim this month. I'm getting better at not feeling drained by giving readings, so that I can serve as many people as possible, and still feel great and have energy for my other responsibilities. I might actually clean the house this week ;)

08-06-2011, 04:46 AM
Hello everyone! Hi Lena! :hug:

I'm back and I do feel better now. Had some really stressful holidays which I knew weren't going to be much fun. But we're back now and I did what I wanted to do these holidays, so that's okay.

Well I'm fortunately still on vacation, just not travelling anymore.

I went on a trip with a friend that, before we made plans to travel together, I didn't know her too well. However she warned me that she was hard to live with (I wonder how she figured that out? :eek: ) and that she had no intention of changing her ways because she liked being the way that she was and she was at an age where she preferred to just be her anyways, rather than be what other people wanted her to be. But we decided that if we could both accept the way the other one was and adapt ourselves and be flexible, we could still have a good time.

However, from the trip, I expect that what she really meant was: "If SERENA can adapt, accept me and be flexible, because I have NO intention of doing anything, adapting or being flexible in any way!!" :mad:

Her justification was that it was her holiday and she wanted to enjoy it. If she had to spend all her time worrying about how her actions could affect me, she wouldn't enjoy herself.

Okay, fair enough. But what about me?? Whenever you do something with someone else, you expect to do a bit of adapting too. Not everyone is going to, nor should have to, adapt themselves to you all the time! You are not the centre of the universe nor are your ways perfect.

So I spent the whole trip adapting, accepting and being flexible with her. She spent the whole trip criticizing me and telling me that I should be more like her and do this thing and that thing like her. THAT IS ADAPTING AND BEING FLEXIBLE???

Before we started on the trip we already talked about many things that experience has shown me usually get to other people. I told her I use makeup (believe it or not maaany prickly people do NOT like it when their travelling companion spends Ė or rather, in their opinion, wastes Ė time putting on makeup. And that includes women, many of whom, apparently (at least here in Spain, in spite of the reputation that Spanish women apparently have of using too much makeup), feel that women who use makeup are vain and frivolous. But my friend was okay with that.

I told her we like to take a shower every day. Here in Spain you'd be amazed at the numbers of people, especially people of a certain age raised during the war, who think it's absolutely sinful and unforgivable to take a shower every day. Bathing every day, in their opinion, wastes water and electricity/gas used to heat up all that water. So they only wash themselves once a week, even in the very hot summer. And you can easily tell who follows this philosophy of life around here just simply by using your nose. Didn't anyone ever teach them that deodorant and splash cologne won't make up for a lack of basic hygiene?? :mad:

But my friend had no problems with a daily shower. In fact, she said, she also showers every day. She didn't grow up during the war!

She's vegetarian and she didn't want me tempting her son by feeding meat to my kids in front of him. That was no problem with me, we all ate vegetarian during the trip and had a great time and I've decided to be as vegetarian as possible. I say as possible, because I live in a rather backwards city with values from 2 centuries ago, where it's impossible to find items like tofu, seitan or vegetarian burgers. (My friend doesn't live here.) I mean, where I live, people still fall on their knees before the Virgin, go all out crazy during Holy Week with its 250 religious processions and freak out when they hear that some statue of the Virgin has been crying blood.

So it seemed that we had covered all the bases and were either in agreement about everything or willing to adapt our preferences. But later on it turns out that there were many things that we hadn't talked about, and which caused a lot of conflict (on her part at least), because they were things that I considered normal and basic. But apparently she didn't agree with me.

For example, I like to close the door when I use the bathroom. I've learned that many people even get mad if you brush your teeth with the door open, they consider it a lack of respect towards them. And of course I definitely do not shower with the door open.

Well you just can't imagine the TREMENDOUS, ALL-OUT RAGE attack that my friend suffered because I closed the door to take a shower! :mad: :mad: She said she didn't want me ever closing any doors and leaving her out of anything, lest I do something she wouldn't like or approve of behind closed doors. (Yeah, like what, steal from her bank account using the shower head??)

Now I'm quite flexible (if I weren't I would've kicked my friend to kingdom come the first day, you can be sure!), but not to the point that I would shower in front of her! Maybe I'm a prude, but I'm not into nudism. She is actually very very very conservative, so I am quite surprised that she IS into such modern, avant-garde trends such as nudism. Her son walks around (in private of course not out on the street) in his birthday suit the whole day long.

So these are the sorts of things that you would never in a million years imagine that someone would take issue with them.

So now I'm happy to be back and enjoying the rest of my vacation in peace and happiness doing whatever I please however I please.

I have discovered, however, that I'm not as adaptable or flexible as before. I'd always prided myself about being the most flexible, adaptable, tolerant, accepting feller (well chick) on the block (or in the company). But after getting a Soul Realignment session something in me won't let me adapt all that much to other people anymore.

I still adapt, but not to the point that I let people boss me around all the time anymore or pressure me to do things that go against what I believe to be best anymore. Now I do draw a line. And when people try to cross that line, well now we do have trouble!! Before I would've just "grinned and bore it".

08-06-2011, 07:23 PM
Hi Lena! :heartbeat: So sorry about your dog but I hope that he is doing great and much better now and getting well! :heartthrob:

I used to have that financial problem too, but after getting a Soul Realignment that hasn't happened to me anymore. And I did NOT go out and do anything to try to uncover hidden, unknown-to-me, unconscious limiting beliefs about money or anything like that. I just got a Soul Realignment session.

However I haven't gotten any paying clients for Soul Realignment yet. Digging around inside myself to try and figure out why. Maybe it's because I'm sort of unavailable, I mean I do have to work all day so I have no time to do any sessions right now. And at the moment I'm still on vacation, in fact I have that written on my Contact Form on my blog, so I can't really nor want to do any sessions right now. It is really really really hard for me to ever take any vacations, because as I mentioned before, I think I did anyways, since I work free-lance I don't get any paid vacations, when I don't work I don't earn money, period! So in order to take any holidays at all I have to earn enough money to live on until the holidays are over. And that does not include also earning enough money so we can do things, go travelling, etc., while on holiday.

And then I also have a free blog with a blog host which doesn't permit selling or advertising on its blogs (what it calls e-commerce), so I can't make a big deal about Soul Realignment sessions on that blog. For example I don't even want to put up a "Testimonials" page, because that makes it quite obvious that I am trying to "sell" something through the blog.

So I must still hide the "Soul Realignment" page in the back, hoping that the detectives of WordPress don't discover it but readers DO!!

I am indeed working on a real, professional, full-blown website (and which yes does indeed do "e-commerce", as they like to call it) where I can offer Soul Realignment sessions and readers who are interested in getting one can actually order and pay for it through the page itself. But it is going quite slowly and even more so since I'm on holiday. I've got the computer with me now, but I don't spend too much time on it. Sometimes we go out the whole day long and I don't even see the computer. After all, that is what holidays are for, right? ;)

Then again I think that the other issue I have at this moment is questioning just how much Soul Realignment can really be of use to the people in my milieu. I mean, I don't move around in a particularly spiritual, New Age, woo-woo circle at all.

I imagine, or at least I hope, that when I get the website up it can reach lots and lots of English-speaking readers all around the globe, who will be interested in these sorts of topics. However, on the other hand, I find that the English-speaking world is already quite woken up and quite used to reading stuff about alternative healing, psychic readings and other woo-woo stuff already. So it's the Spanish speakers I find drawn to trying to reach. But they are very very very very resistant. Very traditional. Very doggedly clinging on to "that-which-has-always-been". To what their fathers and their grandfathers before them did.

And a lot of them are also very anti-American and anti anything that comes out of the States. And New Age is one of those "things" that came out of the States. Well they think so anyways.

To give an example, I have the blog up in English and in Spanish. I sent info about it to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking friends. It's also out there for Google to pick it up whenever anyone is interested in googling it. The Spanish blog is only 1 week (hence only 1 post) behind the English one, cuz I do get bored translating it. But even so very few people have read the Spanish blog. Probably not even all my Spanish friends!

On the contrary, the English blog is really jumping! Yipee! :yahoo: I found that all the time I was away on vacation people were reading it every day! So I can publish a post, leave it for a whole week or 2 while I go out travelling and when I come back I can find that there has been movement on it, even without me having to hang around and check up on it and work on it all the time!

Anyways, as I was saying, the people in my milieu. Well I guess the 2 friends I've been talking about here pretty much summarize the typical people I have in my milieu around here. They are both great people. But spiritual development and spiritual development techniques aren't too high up on their agenda.

For example, I know that Soul Realignment will help everyone. But I can also see that it helps some kinds of people more than others. For example, my friend, practice client no.1. Her life has definitely improved 200% since she got her Realignment. Everything is going groovy in her life now, as she herself calls it, a series of miracles. However, getting a Soul Realignment session didn't change her thinking. It helped her by changing her vibrations, so she didn't have the blocks that were keeping the good things out of her life anymore. And it helped her to think more clearly and get better ideas, so she could attract better results into her life. And it also helped her to just instinctively know the right choices to make in situations in her life, so she could make the right choices that would bring the results that she desired into her life.

However, it didn't change the way she thinks. So she still continues to believe that the marvellous novelties in her life have nothing to do with Soul Realignment, that alternative healing techniques don't work and are nothing but hocus-pocus. She still doesn't believe that all the great changes in her life have anything to do with her or her vibrations, she thinks that they are all just inexplicable miracles. (Maybe the Virgin Mary had something to do with it?)

So the result is that she still doesn't do any introspection to see what she is doing well to bring desired results into her life, and where she could still improve. And if she were ever interested in improving anything in herself or in her life, she will not look to spirituality, therapy, alternative healing, etc., in order to try and effect these improvements. She will probably more likely go to her Social Security doctor and pop a pill that he prescribes.

So it really makes me wonder just how effective was Soul Realignment for her?? I mean, I did want her life to improve and I'm real happy her life improved. However, I was also hoping that getting a session would help her to learn to "help herself" so to speak. So that she would learn to question herself and the things in her life. So the next time she is in a bind, instead of trotting off to the local Tarot-reader or Social Security doctor, she would first learn to look at herself, see what she's doing that isn't working and is attracting bad things into her life, so she can change it.

But that doesn't seem to be working. So the next time she finds herself in a rut the most likely thing is that she will probably run off to find an amulet, or a doctor's prescription. Or get into an argument with her boyfriend or her parents, because that would help her to blow off steam. Anything except changing herself, which is the only thing that makes changes permanent in the long run. Because what is on the outside always reflects what is inside you.

And then my second friend, that I wrote about in the previous post. She is the opposite. She is a hardened atheist. She doesn't believe in G'd, reincarnation, the spirit world, spirit guides, angels, etc. She doesn't believe in alternative healing and thinks that all alternative healers and spiritual teachers are quacks. In fact her library and her night-table are currently filled up with books with titles like "G'd Doesn't Exist". At this moment these are her real bibles.

So how can I possibly help people like my friend the hardened atheist, who doesn't believe in anything spiritual or invisible, using Soul Realignment?

I had been having a conversation with Andrea Hess during our coaching session about just precisely the same, well a similar, subject. I was wondering why we couldn't just go in and use Soul Realignment to help a certain collective that is out there. She said that, in her personal point of view, at the moment Soul Realignment is really a sort of exclusive, elite sort of healing technique. It isn't for everybody. And unlike me she was veeery happy to keep it that way.

She went on to explain. The sort of people who can be helped by and benefit from Soul Realignment. It isn't for everyone. Not everyone would get a great deal out of it. If you are looking for a cheap amulet or a magic wand that will solve all your problems in a flash, then Soul Realignment is not for you.

If you want someone else to do something and all your problems will be magically removed, then Soul Realignment is not for you.

If you want instantaneous gratification, then Soul Realignment is not for you.

And if what you are looking for is freebies and getting something for nothing, then Soul Realignment is not for you.

Soul Realignment IS for people who are willing and ready to take responsibility for their own lives and for themselves. Who are not in blaming mode anymore. Who already admit the possibility that their lives and their selves can be improved, and are willing to actually do something to bring about that improvement.

Andrea's reasoning for why she charges such a high fee for her sessions, is that she is only interested in helping people who are willing to put in the effort to earn the money necessary to pay for her services. The higher the price that you have to pay, the greater your own personal investment and therefore the more you will get out of something. She isn't interested in giving anything away for free, because free things end up in the garbage.

Anyways, so, after dealing with so many people who are only interested in freebies, in getting something for nothing or in having a magic wand waved about for them, I can see the sense in her logic.

So maybe I should do the same thing as she does, charge a higher (but still reasonable, of course! :cool: ) fee and keep Soul Realignment also only for the elite. For people who are actually interested enough to actually make the effort to go out and earn the money necessary to pay for a session by themselves, through their own work and effort.

But then again, I find that that would make Soul Realignment out of reach for the great majority of Spaniards. Because I find that, in general, compared to North American society and standards, Spanish people are very, very reluctant to take responsibility for themselves and very, very resistant to working hard.

In Spain the average adult lives with (and off of!) his parents until the age of thirty-something or forty-something. It's very normal to find a 30-something-year-old who has never worked or held a job in his life. Whose parents still make his meals and do his laundry for him.

Do you expect people like that to be capable of, or willing to, make the effort to earn enough money to pay for a Soul Realignment session?

Well anyways, for anyone reading this post and who has not been following this thread, the name of my blog is this: The Seas of Mintaka (http://theseasofmintaka.com/). And in Spanish (for any of you Spanish readers, or who like reading in Spanish, out there, and always one post behind the English version but with local information only relevant to people who live in Spain, like the names of stores where I buy stuff and things like that): Los Mares de Mintaka (http://losmaresdemintaka.wordpress.com/)

08-06-2011, 07:40 PM
Just couldn't resist adding a complementary joke to go with the last post (and take note, I didn't invent this, so whoever did apparently made the same observations I did):

"Jimmy! Little Jimmy! Time to get up and go to school."

"Aw, Mammy, do I have to?"

"Come on little Jimmy! Time to get out of bed."

"Aw Mammy! Can't I sleep just 5 minutes more?"

"Jimmy! Little Jimmy! You'd better get going already! You mustn't be late for school."

"Aw Mammy! I'm so tired! I hate school. Tell me one good reason why I have to go?"

"Because you're 40 years old and you're the principal. So get going!"

08-08-2011, 02:25 AM
Hi Serena, sorry you had a hard time with your friend! I just had a fall-out with my best friend. I think we need to be master manifesting some new friends, who share our interests, love having fun together, easy-going, and most of all willing to be open-minded and learn from each other. I think I'm ready! :thumbsup: Do you get a sense that we Mintakans had those kinds of really close relationships? Kind of like mermaids, splashing around holding hands and having fun together, almost sister like. I mean I don't have sisters so I wouldn't know what sister relationships look like.

I have some thoughts for you, if you don't mind. First one is that you are where you are to bring light to those people. Sure, they may not be open to it now, but like I said, we plant seeds and we never know when they will start sprouting. I know others' attitudes can be discouraging. All we really can do is act with compassion and lead by example.

Interesting about your session with Andrea. I generally agree with what she said about it not being for everyone, however I do also wonder because I have friends, who work hard, but don't make much income :-( Of course, as you said somewhere in this thread, that if you found a way to afford it, then anyone who wants it can do it as well. I feel the same way, like I spent money on spiritual things and healing things, when money was tight before because I knew that they would benefit me very much. Having said that, I wouldn't choose it over food for me and my family. I do also believe in infinite abundance because we are Divine beings. That can be a hard concept in grasp in the "real world." Now by my own logic, I'd like enough money to get SR 2 now, which would mean a few more appointments this month. Actually, I'm working on manifesting a lot bigger things now, but I better keep them to myself for now.

Well, I just wrote a short review for Soul Realignment as a course: Soul Realignment As Professional Psychic Training | navigateintojoy.com (http://navigateintojoy.com/psychic-training/soul-realignment-as-professional-psychic-training/)

08-20-2011, 12:11 AM
Hi Lena! Hello all! :hug:

Well not much movement on this thread if we don't hang around on it, Lena, I must say! ;)

Well we just had some...... well I could say wild and crazy vacations, but I guess that would conjur up images of wild drinking every night, hanging out around foreign bars and dancing up the night in a different discotheque every day, and that's certainly not what we did. (The most we did was get drunk on mojitos one night, but that's not really getting drunk anyways, as I'm quite past the days where getting drunk has any appeal to me anymore, and at any rate it's not that easy to watch over a bunch of kids running savagely around in the streeets if you're drunk, so we didn't really get drunk)(who can get drunk on a mojito anyways? love em though, great drink! :cheers: )

Anyways, I'll be posting up a series about our latest travels on my blogspot (The Seas of Mintaka (http://theseasofmintaka.com/)) so if anyone is interested, do drop by and take a look, and if you don't find my kid-and-family-friendly hols to be too inspiring, well that's okay too! :D

However, what I really felt like blabbing on a bit about here right now was precisely, the opposite of holidays. (Sorry to those who are still delighting in your annual hols, don't want to dampen your good times with reminders that holidays do end some day, but for me I think it will almost be a relief when the holidays end. For precisely the reasons I was about to go into right now.)

And that is, that for me, I conceive of holidays sort of as a reward for when you've finished your job. Something that you give to yourself as something that you've deserved very well after working hard for something, going after something and achieving it. But I don't feel like that is my case at all.

In my case, I feel like I'm doing it all backwards. And that is never a good thing, in my books. :eek: Like I'm going on holiday BEFORE doing the work or accomplishing anything. And that, to tell the truth, quite frankly sucks.

Because I really don't feel like I've done anything or accomplished anything.

Well I finished the Soul Realignment course. But I really don't feel like celebrating it. I think I'd feel more inclined to celebrating getting a first paid reading, more than finishing the course. Because, for me at least, the point in studying something at all is so that afterwards you can work in it, do something with it. If the Certificate is just going to sit on your shelf getting dusty, I don't really see what was the point of getting it at all.

So in truth, right now the last thing I'm in the mood for is holidays. I'm really restless and impatient and raring to go on the projects I've got lined up right now.

One project, of course, is what I'd mentioned before, getting a website up and running offering Soul Realignment and other types of readings and sessions. (In case anyone is interested, I already registered the site, http://www.seasofmintaka.com/, but if you go there right now you will find that there is nothing on it, because I haven't put anything up yet.)

And then the other project I am working on is a new one, well I won't say anything more about it now. It's too brand new.

But what happens with new projects, especially ones you are really interested in having them be successful, is that you just get oh so nervous wanting so much and wanting so much for them to take off and be successful, that you get scared that they won't be! :(

So instead of enjoying your holidays, you just spend all the days fretting and being impatient because you'd much rather be hanging around your home working on your new projects, than "wasting" time lolling lazily around on a beach in Gibraltar.

08-20-2011, 08:09 AM
Hi Serena! Hi Everyone! :iloveyou:

I'm going on a weekend retreat tomorrow to get my Master Reiki. I got my Reiki 1 five years ago and have been putting off my Master Reiki, well, cause I was too busy having kids. I'm not staying overnight like everyone else though, since I still have a breastfeeding baby, but that's the longest I've been away from him! I'm not excited about that part, but I am excited about doing some energy work with my friends!

It's nice to have some paying Soul Realignment clients yes, especially when that's the only source of income for my business right now! Well, that's not true, the other day I did an intuitive consultation on how to use a pendulum too. That was fun, but really 95% of what I'm doing right now is Soul Realignment readings. All of the clients I got so far was because I work at the local center here and I'm there at least two full days every week, so it would make sense to me, Serena, that if you don't work at such a center, you haven't had paying clients yet. That's not to say you won't, but it may take a little time to build up to it. Well, I don't know if that makes you feel any better, but that was my intention! :) It's also 1am and I should be sound asleep because I have a long day ahead of me, but I'm sure all that energy work and some coffee will get me going.

I'll write an update soon, maybe with more details about my readings. I have been saying I would give details for a while, I haven't I? I have to be careful about how much information I give out about my clients, even when I don't mention their name. I'm still trying to figure that part out. Maybe I could ask everyone's permission after.

Happy energy work, everyone!

08-23-2011, 07:27 PM
Hi Lena! Hello everyone! :heartbeat: (Although I think "everyone" around here means: ______________________ heehee! But not just on this thread, there doesn't seem to be much movement on any thread at the moment. Proof of this is that you wrote your post several days ago, Lena, and it's still the latest post on this forum! :D )

Did you see the new program that Andrea has brought out? Sounds so interesting! Hope she might one day make it a regular course in her repertoire of courses that she offers, cuz I can't take her up on her offer right now. :(

Well right now at this moment I'm trying to write up this post, look through e-mail and browse through recipes for supper tonight all at the same time. :confused:

I was just thinking that on the one hand I ought to celebrate that I'm now out of financial red zones and I've been so for a while! Money probs are no longer an issue for me! Yippee! :yahoo:

Which used to be suuuuuuch a maaaaaaaaaaaajor problem all my life! Until I got the Soul Realignment from David Topi. I've never had financial problems since then.

Which doesn't mean that I'm now swimming in abundance and with a palace and staying in 5-star hotels and all that. But now I don't have problems paying all the bills, buying food and having some extras like going out to dinner sometime or going to the fair. (We just had a fair here.)

And whenever the money runs out, for example by taking trips, I get lots of clients again! :grindaisy:

So that is such a maaaaaaaajor wonderful thing in my life! :cheers: :yahoo:

However, on the other hand, we're just such Ė well Buddhists say we are all such lustful, desiring beings, we're always desiring something else all the time. We desire something, and then when we get it or achieve it we desire something else.

Although Abraham via Esther Hicks says that that is how we move ahead in life, by desiring something and going after it, then when we achieve it we desire something else, so we go after that, and thus we evolve and learn. So therefore desiring things isn't such a bad thing, on the contrary it's what indicates the direction we ought to be taking in every moment.

Well I'm not a great follower either of Buddhist philosophy nor of Abraham teachings, but I do tend to agree with Abraham on that one. :D

Anyways so back to what I was saying. Now I am so desiring something else, now that I've achieved what I so much wanted to have a year ago.

Now I'm so eager to get this website off the ground, and most especially to get the other project I'm working on up. And I'm so impatient, it just feels like it is taking sooooooooooooooooooooooo long to do both things! :mad:

Well by the way the new website I have is called http://www.seasofmintaka.com/, but I wouldn't recommend anyone click on it yet. Please wait a month or so, see if I get something up onto it by then! :suprise:

Of course my old blogspot continues humming along as always, if you haven't checked it out yet please do drop by, it's down there in my signature. And also scattered into various posts throughout this thread (because I've noticed that if people who are browsing through this forum aren't members or signed in, they can't see the signatures).

08-26-2011, 06:07 AM
Wow, Serena, I did not realize that there are so few posts :eek: Honestly, I don't look through the rest of the forum since I have this thread bookmarked and it's one of my most visited pages ha ha I love talking to you here and if someone really wants to learn about Soul Realignment, they may be able to glean some insights. Maybe this thread is more about our own personal growth, eh? The point is I LOVE it!

I'm so glad you are not struggling with money like you were before! You know what, that's really major and needs to be celebrated properly! :cheers: You really may think by reading this thread that I want to party and have drinks all the time :D Well, maybe I do! I'm hardly a big drinker though, getting a bottle of wine once a month is a lot for us. I do feel like some wine doesn't hurt, but you know what, it's so dependent on the person, situation, company, mood of the people, the intention behind the drinking, etc. etc. Following intuition is really the name of the game in this new high vibrating world.

Here at the Center we have an Abraham group every other week on Tuesday nights! It's one of my favorite events. We watch Abraham videos and discuss them! We also have Abraham cards, which are kind of like oracle cards only with Abraham saying. They are totally great and always give me just the message I need to hear. Today's card was about how the subject of money is really two subjects, one is having money, and the other about not having money. So when you say that you want more money, if the energy you are putting out there is that you don't have any, then that won't attract any to you. If you are saying I want money and really mean that you think are going to get some, then you are attracting it into you life.

Impatience must be a Mintakan thing, either that or Kamielite thing because I'm impatient and I also remember Andrea say the same thing about herself! Well, the funny thing is after doing more than a dozen of readings, I haven't encountered one SINGLE Mintakan. Now what is up with that??? Plenty of Blueprint Deliverers, but not any Mintakans...hmm...Who was it that said they had a whole healing center full of nothing, but Mintakans...That would be beautiful! But actually not willing to wait for stuff is a Kamielite characteristic I'm sure because I've had a few of those and they all have that intensity about them. For goodness sake, we can move huge chunks of energy around and that's what Universe is made of anyway, so the density of physical world sometimes feels slow. But you know what, the closer we get to the 6th dimension, the more time is going to be a non-factor.

Oh yeah, I'm desiring, wanting, lusting after Andrea's new program ;) It feels good to do that. I mean I'm not totally sure how I will get it yet. My last SR 1 payment will go through this week sometime and the last payment for dog's surgery came through, but you know what, that means it's all paid off! I'm trusting the Universe that as long as I well...trust, I'm able to afford it with ease and joy. So I'll let you know how that goes. I think all I need is like three or four more people to schedule appointments either for this or next week, but you know, who knows how money might show up. My husband might get fired and get a better paying job :suprise: Believe it or not, that feels good too! Come on Universe, my desire is as clear as day and I feel GOOD! Did I mention that I'm talking with my husband about taking a vacation in Sedona at the end of October??? :suprise: In fact, I've been thinking a lot about how I would LOVE to get together and talk with other practitioners about this work AND about how I would love to be able to do business readings like Andrea AND that I would love her to teach me to do business stuff better. I mean that's like three of my wishes come true right there! And even better than just getting a reading from Andrea, but getting to hear what she tells the other practitioners too. I think the woman is a genius. Seriously, maybe I should ease up on the adoring factor, but I do adore her.

But she is not the only one I adore, Serena, I love your energy and reading your stuff. I think it's amazing how sincere and truthful you are in your writing. It's so clean and coming straight from the heart. It really must be a Mintakan quality right there.

08-26-2011, 06:13 AM
By the way, when I do a search for Soul Realignment in google, our thread comes up as number four after soulrealignment.com pages LOL Isn't that so funny?? What about you Serena? When you do a search for Soul Realignment, does it come up on top?

What I wanted to add is that energy has been way intense this past couple of weeks and I wrote an article on the energy of 2012 coming up: 6 Ways to Prepare For 2012 (And Beyond) | navigateintojoy.com (http://navigateintojoy.com/spiritual-guidance/6-ways-to-prepare-for-2012-and-beyond/)

I'm going to write part 2 soon too. True story, everything I wrote about in there I got to experience first hand sometime during the time I was writing it! Now that's what I call Divine guidance LOL

Happy realigning and healthy,peaceful, joyful times and also friendly hugs :hug:

09-03-2011, 10:20 PM
Hi Lena! Hi everyone! :hug: :heartbeat: :hug:

Well talk about being impatient, I am just SOOO impatient now, I seem to be getting more and more impatient every day!!

I'm so impatient for the website to start taking off so I can start offering Soul Realignment readings!

By the way if anyone is interested the website is FINALLY UP AND RUNNING!!!

So here is the address in case anyone missed it: Seas Of Mintaka: Developing Psychic Abilities for Spiritual Growth (http://www.seasofmintaka.com/)

And then I am so impatient because I am bored with the website! I was studying ways that people can make money off of their websites and seeing that most of those ways wouldn't work with the one that I have. You have to do a website on some sort of commercializable topic, like for example real estate, travel, or selling some sort of product.

Of course people who have been doing Soul Realignments for several years can maybe make their living doing exclusively that. But it takes a long time and many years. And I bet lots of certified practitioners do NOT make their living doing Soul Realignments exclusively.

So now I am impatient because I am feeling like starting up another website on a more commercializable topic, one that I can earn money from in a few months, not a few years. Something like tourism where I live, which is very commercial and in-demand because I live in a touristy region.

But of course since I want to do Soul Realignments too, I can't start up a new website yet. I just don't have the time.

Because I hate the work that I do. It is very very boring to explain over and over and over again the whole day long to kids who don't want to learn English, how to say "I have a dog". (And then they ask, "Why have? Why don't you say I has a dog?") I'd much rather work at home and earn money from a website. I could work the schedule that I want and be with my kids.

So I am impatient!

And wishing that a day had 30 hours instead of 24, and we could still just sleep our usual 8 hours during a 30-hour day and be awake and refreshed.

And then finally I am really impatient because it just simply is NOT working on the dating arena! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! :mad: :( :mad: :( :mad:

I know what kind of date I would like, so WHY is he eluding me???

All my friends seem to be so happily ensconced in happy relationships. They all seem to have no trouble finding a way to meet nice men.

And I on the other hand don't meet ANYONE! Except schoolkids that I give classes to and their happily married parents.

I also can't find the way to get around this problem. People tell me work less so I can go out more. Yeah, right! Hey everyone, I'm a single mom here! If I don't work there's no one else to bring bread into our home.

Then they tell me, well find a way to go out on dates and leave the kids behind.

What??! Leave them all alone at home all night? I'm not that kind of a negligent mother! What if there's a fire? A break-in or a robbery? Or a big riot or fight in the street in front of our apartment? (Remember as I commented before I live in da inna big city in a ground floor apartment, right next to the street.)

People say, if I'm always going out with the kids, men are going to stay a mile away from me. Okay, but what am I going to do? I don't have a babysitter and I can't afford one. I don't have a nurturing mother or mother-in-law or sister to stay with the kids.

And the world being the way it is today, if a man sees a nice lady with kids, why would he just automatically assume that she must be married and stay away from her? Society is brimming with single moms today. He could take a chance and come close and talk to her.

Gentleman-like, of course. Not: "Hey, ya wanna roll in the hay tonight?" (flashing big barrel muscles).

But so far I haven't even met a gentleman. Just went out with a donkey though.

Please don't be offended any gentlemen out there. I'm not saying men are donkeys. Just this one.

Dunno maybe Spanish moms don't teach their sons to be gentlemen or what?

So, the donkey says to me, when we go out together I'd like you to keep your kids at home, I don't like kids. (This on a first date. Well at least he puts his cards on the table straight away.)

Okay. So if you don't like kids, why are you seeing me? Did you think that if we fell madly in love with each other I'd abandon my kids to be with you?

Or maybe you were expecting that you'd love me so much you'd all of a sudden change your mind about kids?

Uh-uh. People don't change for other people. They change for themselves, because they want to be better than they were.

Now I'm not saying I would never leave the kids at home. But first, I've got to meet you, right, and see if you're worth the bother. If I like you, then maybe I'd go to the expense and bother of hiring a babysitter so we can be alone for a few hours.

But if you're not worth it to me, I won't go to any expense or bother for you.

Of course, men don't get that. Well donkeys don't anyways. But even if a man hates kids, he ought to have enough brightness in his head to figure out that, even if he doesn't understand it and would never do it himself, to a mother her kids are more important than anything. Very few women are ever going to dump their kids for you, men. (Some women do.)

Oh well I wish I could figure out a way I could meet nice men. But I don't exactly work in a kind of job that gets me out among any kind of people other than kids and their happily married parents. And I don't have a schedule that leaves me with all afternoon and evening free to bump around wherever I please. (Some people here do, lucky ones! Those people are called government workers.)

Well end of rant.

Wish the perfect man for me were just around the corner in time. Sigh!

09-04-2011, 07:41 AM
Hi Serena, you know, life's circumstances can change in a flash, especially for us Kamielites, right? I hope that right guy is around the corner for you and he will ADORE your kids and you too of course. You can all go out for fun family time AND he can hire a good competent babysitter to watch your kids while you go out and spend a nice (quiet) romantic evening together.

Now speaking of partners, I love my husband and we get along absolutely fantastic. He will listen to me ramble on and on, and listen patiently and give fantastic advice. I do wish he would make enough money for us to have our own house and for me not to worry that we might not have enough income to feed the kids, and other such things. On the other hand, it makes me more motivated to strike out on my own and achieve the financial success, that I used to expect from him. Also, he is the one who has been encouraging me to do Soul Realignment for Business and Financial Abundance! Now if I can just schedule some paying client appointments for next week! Yes, please some client magic!! Woohaaaaaahhh...I'm ready ready ready ready ready. My guides have been telling me A. To write more B. To get in front of large groups of people, the thought of which frankly freaks me out! And I also wish for 30-hour day because I don't want to have to choose between doing appointments and writing on my blog. Husband is suggesting an hour every day, where I do nothing but write, well I wonder what he is going to think if I'll start waking him up an hour earlier for him to watch the kids and for me to get some work done.

Mintakans of the world unite!!! OK, I've been having LOTS of Blueprint Deliverers, which is my primary soul group, of course, so I can relate to them, but also lots of Sirians and lots and lots of Hadarian, as well as Sirian and Hadarian mixes. No Mintakans yet, oh well, it will happen one day!

09-06-2011, 05:00 AM
Wowweee, I signed up for Soul Realignment 2 and already listened to the first two "CDs." Just wanted to share my excitement really quick. I really resonate with all the information so far and look forward to doing the readings described. I think I may do a few practice clients at this point to make sure I have it all together. I can't wait!!!! Literally, I may try to do one tonight if kids go to bed soon.

09-09-2011, 02:51 AM
Hi Lena! So you signed up for the Soul Realignment part 2? Or was it the new course on Business Realignment? :clap:

I'd love to be your practice client! Oh yes! Would you like one? Well David Topi already did a full Soul Realignment for me including the part 2 realignment, but he said the part 2 realignments are ongoing (Andrea told me that too), because he said that, unlike part 1, in part 2 you do away with current issues. Issues that are underneath (although of course less serious) don't get dealt with. Then maybe 6 months to a year later you are ready to deal with them. So then you can do a new part 2 Soul Realignment in order to deal with those.

David himself does a part 2 Soul Realignment on himself regularly, or sometimes he asks another practitioner to do one for him. Gotta be objective sometimes ya know!

I am not really interested in doing Soul Realignment part 2 at the moment. I am too busy trying to set up the website. Well it is up already, it's just that, well it TAKES A LOT OF WORK to build it up! Because you can't just stick up one page and forget about it. You have to constantly put up new pages and blog a lot. Otherwise people think you've abandoned the site and lose interest. I know I certainly do when I see a site where the last blog entry was 2 years ago!

Are you going to do the Business Realignment course? If you do that I'll DEFINITELY sign up as your practice client haha! :fingerdance:

09-11-2011, 08:12 AM
Hi Serena,

I did sign up for Level 2. I had to make a choice between Level 2 and Business one. Otherwise, I'd very gladly have you as my practice client! There were a few reasons behind it, including financial, but also the fact that some of my clients are ready for their Life Issue readings and some will be ready very soon, and I wanted Andrea to guide me through giving one. At some point I'll be structuring my own readings, but Andrea did such a great job setting it all up and I love the frame of reference she uses. I have my fingers crossed that she'll offer Soul Realignment for Business in the next couple of years again and once again will have a retreat to go to!! Meanwhile, I have much to do for my own business and I plan to get a business reading with Andrea very soon. I figure, by the time it's offered next time, I can put the knowledge to practice with my clients right away since I would have had experience with my own business by then ;)

I had a full day of readings today. Actually, I spent half of it going to lunch to Indian buffet with my Reiki sisters and doing some Reiki healing. But then I also prepared and did two readings and that is a pretty full day for me! Maybe someday soon enough I'll be able to do three in a day without feeling tired, but as of right now I am definitely exhausted. Both people LOVED their readings and identified to a very large extent with them and I LOVED giving them their readings. I'm amazed by the incredible energy flowing when I get into the mode. I love the mix of Soul Realignment perspective and the free flow of information from the Records. Structure plus creativity equals awe inspiring psychic information :suprise:

Aaaand, my husband is a Sirian with a Blueprint changer overtone. I looked it up yesterday for the very first time. He is skeptical lol Even though things that keep coming out of his mouth sound totally Sirian. The point of view I have is when I'm giving a reading in the Records, clients have a lot more access to their own Records as well. For example, one of my recent Sirian cliens said that somehow she knew that she was Sirian and I really believe it's the atmosphere of the session that creates the environment for the client to be more strongly identified with their soul. That also explains the state of mind that every single client walks out with.

Really looking forward to doing more readings next week!

Serena, it's nice visiting with you in this thread :hearts: (even if we left everyone else behind a couple of pages ago)

09-11-2011, 06:42 PM
Hi Lena! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :hug:

Yes you are right. I think we've left the rest of the forum behind about 2 pages ago and no one else reads this anymore! :eek:

Oh I'm so happy you got Soul Realignment 2! I'm not interested until I get to do many Soul Realignment sessions first. In fact I'd like to be able to pay for SR2 exclusively with money that I earn doing sessions, but I don't think that would be possible because every time I get some money I snatch it up and use it already!

I STILL haven't gotten any paying clients yet! But maybe that's just because I can't do sessions right now with the kids here. They're here 24 hours a day and I can't work not even when they are sleeping, because when they are sleeping: a) I'm too tired, I mean these kids hardly ever sleep at all during the summer they're too obsessed with PLAYING! and b) they're restless sleepers.

A guy actually wrote to me through the Spanish blog asking about doing a session with me. But I didn't know how to answer him because I realized if he had booked a session with me, I couldn't have done it right now! Because of what I mentioned earlier. One thing is not having much time to do sessions with practice clients, they didn't pay anything. It's a totally different matter with someone who pays you. Then you have to do their session speedily.

So I waited until there was less than 1 week left before school starts to answer the guy and I told him I could give him a session within a week. But of course he's probably run off to someone else by now.

So I'll wait till school starts before advertising anything. I can only do sessions when the kids are at school.

I wonder when and how does Andrea arrange things so she can do sessions with her daughter. Do you think she does her sessions with her daughter in the room with her? When her daughter is sleeping? At daycare? Or do you think she hires a babysitter to look after her daughter when she is doing a session?

How about you? How do you arrange things to do a session with your kids? Do you do the work with your kids present in the room with you? Does your husband look after them while you work?

I got lots of Sirians and Hadarans. I don't know a single Mintakan. Don't seem to be that populous round here. I got some earth people too, all of them are people that I know (I mean as opposed to people from this forum, but one reason I asked on this forum for practice clients was because I expected most people on this forum would be star people anyways, not the sort of thing that would attract earth people). Don't know if I got so many earth people among people that I know here because Malaga attracts earth people to come and be born and live here. Or if it's just normal for there to be so many earth people around everywhere.

Oh by the way if any of my practice clients happen to drop by and would like your session with me, please contact me! I'm back (from over a month of travelling, hopping around and basically not being around too much).

09-13-2011, 05:33 AM
Hello my Soul Realignment / Mintakan friend ! Tonight we had an amazing lightning show, that lit up half the sky. I feel charged and electrified.

Out of 25 soul realignment readings I have done so far, 0 of them were Earthers, so I would say yeah, you do have a few around you. I started doubting that they even exist, who are these mythical creatures, who have not lived on other planets ;) And I wonder if there are Earther souls with other overtones or underlays?

I rent office space at the local holistic center one day a week, plus because I work on her website, I can come in one additional day to work on my stuff, AND I can schedule my readings for whenever and I pay her a small fee per session. My kids are home with me full time and yes, the only time I get away is when my husband is home from work and can watch them. Actually, my sister-in-law watches them sometimes too because she is a real sweetheart! I don't think I could do it otherwise because they are too distracting and my older son sleeps the same amount as I do. He is just one of those people, who doesn't need much sleep at all. My boys are so loud and energetic. I don't see how I could have any kind of concentration with them around. The only thing I do at home is follow-up communication, such as sending out clearing homework, session recordings and general e-mail stuff. My guides were VERY clear with their initial guidance of clearing up the time for people to start showing up. They also told me to book myself with lots of people and that I would have referrals. So far this has been true, even though I'm nervous every week about not having anyone ha ha Maybe at some point my conscious mind will get on with the program and accept that people are indeed showing up.

Joyous expectations...:heartthrob:

09-17-2011, 02:58 AM
Hi Lena! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :sun: Hi anyone else who might just happen to be reading this thread! (Huh? Someone else? I think not........)

Ah well I don't know why I have so many earthers around me. I have 5 practice clients that I know (I mean, personally) (well I don't know them all, some are family of friends) and out of them 3 are earth souls.

I don't know if perhaps Malaga doesn't have a very high vibration and so earth people feel attracted to Malaga to come and be born here. Or whether there are lots of earth people here in Malaga and hence they keep the vibration of Malaga low.

This might explain in part anyways why here in Malaga there are no holistic healing centres, no spiritual development places like bookstores or other spiritual development centres, no alternative bookshops. There was a health food store right around the corner from where I lived which also carried spiritual development type books, and they went bankrupt. And on my street just a couple of blocks down a lady opened an esoteric shop. At least that was her intention, but she ended up stocking up on hippie fashion wear instead because the spiritual/esoteric slant just wasn't bucking it here in Malaga.

Malaga is a city where there are lots of businesses geared to manual labour type things, like hardware stores, garages, plumbing, electricians, carpenters, etc. You will find lots of paint stores, wallpaper shops, stores that sell like bathroom furniture or kitchen ware, that sort of thing.

This really contrasts with a place like for example Barcelona. In Barcelona you can go anywhere and find 50 million signs and pamphlets for every spiritual stream of thought you can imagine. There are Buddhists, breatharians (people who only live off of light and air, not food), every kind of yoga practice, every alternative type of healer you can think of, even Ayurveda, maybe the only place in Spain that has Ayurvedic doctors.

Seems that in Spain (well I guess probably in the US too, like for example in California) there are places that are sort of like places with light, where people who are really into spiritual themes will congregate and concentrate, they will even move out of their own cities to go to live at these places. Cities like Granada, Murcia or Almeria have a big alternative scene, as well as the Alpujarra, which is a place hippies like to live.

On the other hand, you will have the "bastions of tradition" so to speak. Places which uphold the traditions that have been around for hundreds of years, where people are proud of these traditions and have no interest in anything new or from outside of these traditions. Malaga is one of these places. So are Cadiz and Sevilla.

So here in Malaga you won't find a holistic or alternative healing centre, but you will find lots of active (Catholic) churches. Practically one on every corner, in fact. I have students who are so closed they don't even listen to American music, and I thought people the whole world over listened to American music!

But in spite of that I like Malaga a lot. I find it so fun when I see whole families going crazy for the annual fair and everyone going all out to get all dressed up in flamenco costumes. In the US people get dressed up for Halloween, here people get dressed up in flamenco costumes for the fair and for the Holy Week processions. They love it and it is very important to them.

My friend came from Barcelona to visit and she didn't like it, she thought there was a lot of religious (Catholic) fervour and that people were very closed-minded and quite fanatical about insisting on everyone following the church. Communions are a big business here, if you are into child entertainment there is a whole big business here entertaining at communions. However I am not into child entertainment.

I am not Catholic and I personally don't feel left out for not being Catholic. My friend felt discriminated against as an atheist, though. She said, here in Malaga if you're not devoutly Catholic it's like you won't be able to meet any people or make any friends. I personally don't feel that way, I don't have any religious friends myself personally. (Maybe that's why I don't have many friends here? :confused: )

No, but really, I really don't see a lot of religious fervour here. I mean people are all Catholic, but it's not like it's really important to most people. For example, most people will go to church on special holidays like Christmas, but they don't go every Sunday. Everyone has had a communion and wants one for their kids, but they don't take their kids to church outside of studying for the communion. (They will spend a lot of time and money on communions, though. Kids have to study for 2 years in order to have a communion. So instead of sending their kids off to more sensible, useful classes like maybe for example language classes or art classes or computer classes, parents here send their kids off to communion classes for 2 years. They also spend a lot of money celebrating a child's communion, it's almost like a wedding!)

Of course you can be sure that all these people spending money on a communion will not spend this money on getting a psychic reading or alternative healing session of any sort.

Well I was thinking it was like what you were saying somewhere, that you wouldn't use your grocery money to get a reading or an alternative healing session. However, if you had all your bills paid and you had food, then you would probably be more interested in spending the money that you have left on, for example, a Soul Realignment session rather than, say, at the hairdresser's or on a new dress or shoes, or on a holiday. Or renovating your house. People here renovate their houses a lot.

So you would have to think, how many people would actually prefer to spend money on something as intangible as a spiritual development session or healing session, rather than something more "interesting" and "exciting" such as a holiday?

So I guess those are the sorts of people who might get a Soul Realignment session. So I suppose I'd have to think what are the priorities of the majority of people here in Malaga? Here most people spend a lot of time and money at the hairdresser's. Really, having a hair salon is a very very big deal here, in my building there are 4 hair salons and this is just in my building. In the building in front of me there is a hair salon. In the building beside mine there are 2 more hair salons. And on my "block" Ė I live in a sort of housing project where there are rows of buildings that are all identical and they form one big "block", I think there are 5 or 6 buildings in total, and they are all identical Ė there are 2 more hair salons. And then down the street there is a Chinese hair salon.

Next to that, boutiques of course have a field day here in Malaga. But I think boutiques are very much in demand in every city around the world.

And then home renovation businesses is the other big deal here.

And whatever is left over is for the communions, the weddings, the fair and Holy Week and summer vacations. If there were any more money left over after all that and people wanted to do something spiritual, they wouldn't get an alternative healing session or psychic reading. They would donate money to the church.

I guess if I were in the States I would be in the equivalent of the Bible belt there. Except that here the Bible that is studied is the Roman Catholic one and not a Protestant one, and here the churches people go to are Roman Catholic rather than Protestant. However here in Malaga people are quite open and there are a lot of tourists, so people are used to foreigners who are not Catholic.

However the local Spanish people themselves, although they are very friendly and open to non-Catholic foreigners, they don't actually participate in the beliefs of the foreigners. For example, take vegetarianism. Here in Malaga you won't find a single local person who is vegetarian. Now, there are many vegetarians here, but they are all foreign residents (like me).

Well these foreigners don't live in Malaga, actually, they live on the Costa del Sol. But I don't get out much to the Costa del Sol. I suppose I could go there more often and maybe they might even have a holistic centre or something like that out there. But you know how it is, especially if you don't have a car. You tend not to move very far from your neighbourhood or go to neighbouring cities.

I just had another practice session with a practice client. It is so wonderful, because I feel like it really helped/will help this person. I'm always scared that one day someone will say to me something like, oh what you're saying about me has absolutely nothing to do with me, nothing that you've said so far is true! However fortunately nothing like that has ever happened (yet, and I hope never! :eek: ).

09-24-2011, 12:43 AM
Hi Lena! Hi everyone (anyone? :confused: )! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :grindaisy:

Do you know, sometimes I even wonder whether I did the right thing in taking the Soul Realignment course. Because it isn't my passion. But of course I know I did the right thing in taking the course, in and of itself.

Because after getting a session for myself and taking the course I KNOW that I'm on the right path in life and I know what to do, because getting a Soul Realignment just puts you SO much in touch with yourself inside so that you are always led by "up there". So you always know what is the right thing to do at every moment.

And doing the course puts me very much at ease for the kids too, because I gave them a session so I also know that they will always walk the right path in life, because they are also now in touch with themselves inside.

And also if I hadn't done the course I wouldn't be setting up a website now, with all the benefits that come from having a website like for example the income possibilities of a website, and the possibility of one day being able to work at home.

But then on the other hand, well doing Soul Realignments isn't my passion. So........... :thinking:

09-25-2011, 03:56 AM
Hi Serena,

Soul Realignment studies are great for self-enrichment. Everything that you said is true. I mean even if I never had clients, it would be worth it to me to be able to do my own clearing and gain clarity on situations in my life. Also, it opened up my intuitive abilities very much.

I like your blog, where you talk about different places you go. It opened up my world and I probably have learned more about Spain from you, than I ever knew before.

I'd be interested to know what your passion is? What drew you to take the course in the first place? Are there parts of it that you do enjoy? Perhaps, you have been discouraged by the slow start? Either way, I hope that you get to do things you very much love and enjoy :heartthrob:

Today is a psychic Saturday at the healing center I work at. That's when we have $20/20 minutes special and I did 5 mini readings. I actually enjoyed them very much this time around. I think I probably found them very tiring before due to a lack of experience. I also got one full appointment out of it as well, so it was a day well spent! The feedback was very positive and everyone really enjoyed it. I also gave them the full clearing homework for 21 days for one major block I uncovered. I was amazed at how clearly one theme came through for every single person and how the issue they brought to the table was covered. I do love giving the full readings better cause I don't have to talk 100 miles an hour, I get to spend more time with a person AND sticking to just 20 minutes is a challenge for me. Mini readings are a nice change of pace and really stimulate me to receive more free-flowing intuitive information on the spot. Lovely lovely way to spend a day!

I'm still a little sad I don't get to go meet up with all the wonderful Soul Realignment practitioners in October, but I know I made the right choice with focusing on Level 2 for now. I explained so much to me and immediately improved my basic profile and clearing readings as well. Still waiting to go to a Mintakan party :cheers: I must have some lovely Mintakan friends in store for me soon. I do love the Blueprint Deliverers all around me. They are so intent on their purpose. Hadarians are so cute and lovable too. Ah all soul groups are lovely in their own ways.

Thanks for stopping by on my blog, Serena! Someday I'll post more frequently, but for now, I'm happy with its slow progress. :grindaisy:

10-06-2011, 01:01 PM
Hi Lena! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: Hi everyone (anyone?)! :confused:

Oh this is so funny, if you type "hi" wrong you will get a "gu"! As in gu-gu! Try it on the keyboard for yourself and you will see what I mean.

So gu-gu Lena! Gu-gu everyone! :hug:

Yes perhaps I am finding that I feel a bit, I don't know, like "stifled" with Soul Realignment readings. As in, well there are things you can read for and things that you can't. For example, when people ask for a reading, they don't really care what planet they originally incarnated on, or in other words, what basic energies and essence they bring with them to this life. Well at least not in my personal experience with people around me, but then again, as you know, I am surrounded by earth souls with pitiful little interest in soul evolution or spiritual development anyways, so..........

They aren't interested (the people in my personal surroundings) in knowing what their talents, strengths, weaknesses, qualities, etc. that they have are. I know that from the palm readings I used to give, where basically I also talked about the same things, because you can see in a person's palms what their talents, character traits, qualities, etc. are. And although they thought it was cool and far out, they wouldn't have paid for me to tell them this. They would've paid for me to predict their future for them.

So people here want to know whether they will win the lottery soon, whether their spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends are cheating on them (so why don't they just go and hire a private detective??), whether they will win the court case (I know that because I consulted a psychic for that once, now I probably wouldn't do it however, as now I know other ways to manifest what I want, but once upon a time I needed that, so I can understand that other people also need that), whether they will find a job soon, etc.

And Soul Realignment, as you know, is NOT for predicting the future. Therefore, as far as people here are concerned, it's pretty useless.

I know I shouldn't get dragged down by the way of thinking of the people or the society around me, but it's hard because I live here! I meet people like this every day. I don't live in a super spiritual environment, surrounded by people who have any interest in anything alternative or even in taking care of the planet. I live in a city without any spiritual or holistic or alternative centres, without vegetarian food options, without anything. Only ham and motor shops.

I live in a neighbourhood where the garbage containers are always overflowing with garbage all over the street because the city workers can't be bothered to come and pick it up. Where dogs take care of their needs anywhere they feel like it and no one bothers to clean up after them, because dog owners don't care and are not responsible.

Sign of the way people think here in this country: the only person who ever bothered to inquire about the Soul Realignment readings that I offer, in Spanish on the Spanish blog, wasn't even here in Spain!

Anyways, it's taking me so long to get back onto here because I have a busy life! Well really, I just decided to get back onto the "employed people's" train again after being on the free-lance train for a long time. The reason, I work about the same hours as I did when I was working free-lance, but I get paid about twice as much.

Then I am also working on the website where I hope to start offering Soul Realignment sessions within a couple of months. Now I don't have time, but hopefully when I get settled down in the new job and have a regular schedule. And also because it isn't a good idea to do things for money right away on a new website.

Lena, I'd like to know, can you tell me, how do you do your mini-readings at the centre? Do you use your pendulum in front of your client? Do you do the whole reading first, and then tell your client the results? Or do you ask one question at a time, use the pendulum, and then tell the client the answer before going on to the next question?

I know someone who does Soul Realignment sessions over the phone and she does them "on the spot". The way she does them is, before each question she asks the client to hold the line (well the internet) and she goes away for a minute to ask the question(s) and dowse for the answers. Then she will come back and tell you the answers. Then she does the same thing for the next question, and so forth. She likes doing it this way (but she was doing Soul Realignments the usual way for about 2 years first).

I like her and she is very good. However I can see that it is a method that might turn off people who aren't used to the term Soul Realignment and who are just trying it out, to see if it works. No one likes to hold the line! But I think it would work if like her you already have a big reputation (she was one of Andrea's first students), but I think people would not tolerate that in someone new, like me.

I am finding setting up a website really challenging. (I can see all the geeks and techies on here guffawing away in the background now. Oh, no geeks or techies are present here? Ah, no one is present here, I think, except you, Lena! :hearts: )

No, really. I know a lot of things are really easy for you if you are a webmaster and you already have a few web designs under your belt, either because you own several websites that you designed yourself, or because you work as a webmaster for other people. But if I am doing the very first website that I have ever done, well, it's hard!

Right now I am trying to figure out how to set up a Like button, for example, and turn on comments like on a blog. That is probably as easy as apple pie (and apple pie is not easy either! :suprise: ) for a webmaster. Not for me. I have been spending many days now trying to plod through the instructions on how to set up a Like button! A webmaster would probably do it in half an hour. I have been trying to do it for many days now, during which I haven't done any other work on the website, and I still haven't figured it out yet!

So that is why I have such a busy life!

Understand, we are talking about someone who still thinks that scripts are something that actors use, not webmasters. :eek:

Well right now I DO have a Like button on the site, but it is a button that you need to have a Facebook account in order to Like the site. But there is a button that you can Like without having to use your own account, so it provides you with anonymity so you can Like anonymously. However that is the button I can't figure out, yet.

I myself often will not Like a site because I don't want everyone who reads the site, or even the site owner, to know who I am, whereas if it were an anonymous Like button I would probably click on it. So if I am that way, probably many other people are too.

You do have to think, I am geek and techie challenged. For example, the affiliate banner that Andrea has. It took me about 2 days to figure out how to get it onto the blog! And then I had to remove it anyways, because I found out the blog doesn't permit affiliate links! But at least now I know how to put one onto a site.

Well I FINALLY met a spiritually inclined, holistic alternative healer here in Malaga! But she isn't working. She is retired. I asked her how does she find work as a holistic healer here in Malaga and she said she doesn't. Her husband retired so now they moved here for the sun and the fun. She is from the north, however. In the north it's as normal to go to an alternative or holistic practitioner as it is to go to the Social Security. When they lived in the north she used to work.

However now that they are retired they wanted some sun and some fun so they moved south.

10-29-2011, 04:48 AM
Hi Serena,

If you'd like a detailed description about how I do the mini readings, please e-mail me (Lena @ navigateintojoy.com). I don't mean to be secretive or anything, but it might be an involved explanation. People really do quite enjoy those and a few want the full version as well. I try not to be too shy to tell them that there is only so much I can do for them in 20 minutes.

Giving readings about the future is covered in SR 2. Also, it's the topic of Andrea's new course as well that sounds quite interesting. In short, you may have to shift their perspective about the future reading a little, but you can use probabilities, like is this likely to happen or not and if not, then how can I come into full alignment with it?

I have also been putting in more work on my website. It can be frustrating grrr but I also learned so much. I do have prior background with websites and such, which is kind of helpful but I do still get impatient because I know what I could do with it, but don't exactly know the details of how to do it.

Had my one on one consultation with Andrea a few days ago, finally I got one, yay! She is definitely fun to get on the phone with.

Sounds like you have been keeping very busy, Serena! Your job sounds like a better match for you! There is something to be said for regular paycheck, right?

I have so many plans OH MY! Just gotta remember to put one foot in front of the other :)

P.S. Still loving Soul Realignment.....Got my offer page with Property Clearing up and I really like the way it turned out AND I'm running a discount for a few days: Property Clearing | navigateintojoy.com (http://navigateintojoy.com/propertyclearing/)

12-15-2011, 03:53 AM
Hi Lena! Hi everyone! :hug: :hug: :heartbeat: Oh I am so happy when I see you on here, Lena! :yahoo:

I've been such a long time away. Just been very busy doing 50 million jobs. Finally was able to leave 49 million 999,998 of them and just keep 2. The main job, of course, and another small job.

I originally kept the small job because I used to like it. But I don't anymore, it has started to become meaningless to me.

Now usually when something starts to feel meaningless to me, I usually realize that that probably means that it's time for me to drop it, and it is no longer doing anything good for me anymore. Maybe once it was good for me, but now I've outgrown it.

However, this one small job, even though it feels meaningless, is still helping me to bring in a small sum of money. Not something that I absolutely essentially REQUIRE in order to live, but that extra cash sure does help things around here. It lets me buy a bit more food, take the kids out a bit, that sort of thing. Things you wouldn't die if you didn't have them, but that do make life a bit sweeter and easier to live with.

So I thought, if I am going to dump job number 49 million 999,999, I must have something else instead to take its place and bring in the little extra cash that THIS job was bringing in. But what?

So then I thought that maybe the time is coming up when it would be good for me to start offering Soul Realignment readings. Up till now I haven't offered any because: a) I didn't have time to do any, as any time I had free where I wasn't working I was using it to do job number 49 million 999,999 (the small job I haven't given up yet), and b) before I had to keep job number 49 million 999,999 for economic reasons too, because I needed it to live off of. But now that isn't the case anymore, as I now have a fantastic new job!

So now I am in a situation where I can AFFORD to give up job number 49 million 999,999, the one I'm getting tired of, and make room maybe for something new and uncertain economically speaking. Because job number 49 million 999,999 was bringing in a sure and steady little income for me. Well, was, I mean, it still is, as I haven't given it up yet.

The other uncertainty I have about giving Soul Realignment readings, nonetheless, is that I can see that it isn't the sort of thing that people AROUND HERE are looking for. The mentality is very different here, people are looking for very different things here. Spiritual development and self improvement aren't really on people's minds around here.

For example, my friend, practice client number 1, well her life has become not so great anymore again, even though it improved temporarily after I gave her the Soul Realignment reading. I guess it gave her a boost, but her usual old way of thinking re-asserted itself again, because in order to make a change permanent in you I suppose there DOES have to be a minimum amount of will, intention and desire to do so deliberately and consciously on YOUR part as well!

So all the great things she had gained slowly began to peter out again. She found a job, but later she lost it. At first her relationship with her boyfriend was fantastic, but thorns soon started sticking themselves in again.

So she started going around on a round of psychic readers. She didn't go to them asking them what SHE was doing to be making the life that she was, however, or how SHE could change or what she could change in herself. She just asked them to tell her her future.

She got disastrous results, as none of the psychic readers were able to predict her future accurately. They all told her that her job would last and she would get a permanent contract, but instead she got laid off.

Now, I mean, I suppose for you and me and people who frequent this forum, it's probably clear that something that SHE is doing isn't working and is what is bringing such unwanted results into her life, and that if she would do some soul searching and discover what it is, and then make the effort to change it, then her life would change for the better too.

But that's not the way SHE sees it. She thinks it's just luck and that she has nothing to do with what happens to her. If she's lucky, someone will call her up and offer her a job. If she's lucky, she will find a great man and have a fantastic relationship.

And that is how people around here think. And they want psychic readers who support that way of thinking. Who will tell them if they have good luck or bad luck, and some sort of magic charm to change their bad luck into good luck, if it should turn out that they have bad luck.

For example, my friend didn't ask the psychics what SHE could do to improve her life. She just wanted them to tell her if she was lucky and if her life would improve all by itself.

And that is what people want around here.

So I always think, that I wouldn't be able to make much difference around here with Soul Realignment readings. Because people here are not going to change. They don't want to change. And no matter what they do, how many psychics they consult, their lives will not change, because THEY won't change and they don't want to change. And if you keep doing, thinking and believing the same old things over and over and over again, you will attract the same old results over and over and over again.

So I have to think that with the website hopefully maybe I can reach some people far away from here, who don't think like people do around here.

Another thing I find limiting about Soul Realignment readings, it doesn't help people take care of ALL their problems. It's true that it will get rid of some major heavy duty issues that people have. But it won't clear away everything. Some problems will always remain behind.

For example, well take me. Having a Soul Realignment got rid of all the major problems and issues that I had. But it didn't solve everything or explain everything for me. I still have some small issues that I have no idea where they come from or how to get rid of them.

Not life-shattering issues. But still things that if they would go away, your life would still be a bit nicer and sweeter, you would enjoy things more, more doors would open for you and you would stop having some of the difficulties that you currently have.

Well I'm getting sleepy so maybe another day I'll continue. Now, bed and job number 49 million 999,999 tomorrow. Sigh! :(

01-26-2014, 01:21 AM
[QUOTE=serenac;148917]Hi Lena! I'm soooo happy to talk with you! :hug: :heartbeat:

Right now I just feel so depressed and bit**y. I feel like bi**hing at everyone. :mad:

Well not people on this forum. But at people in general.

I feel like bi**hing at life, and that is so strange and paradoxical because we're better off now this year than we've ever been before. I have more clients than ever, I'm earning more money than ever before. I'm getting along with everyone in my life.

But I feel so unhappy and unfulfilled. :( :(

I feel as if I haven't moved at all from where we were last year, as if I were at the same place and haven't advanced at all since last year. I'm still living at this tiresome ground floor place in da inna big city and if you've ever lived on the ground floor of a lower class apartment building in an inna big city where you have no privacy at all, or at least not in the summer where our 36-degree nights don't let us close our windows cuz if we did we'd spontaneously combust or something, so all anyone has to do to know everything about your life is to just walk down the street and look in your window at you.

I'm still working at the same boring senseless job Ė albeit a free-lance job where I more or less get to pick the hours that I work, but even so still even that is just an illusion, because I really don't have that much choice in how many hours I work, I have to work as many hours as I need to survive and if I haven't worked enough hours yet I have to keep on working, or we won't survive. :(

I don't get any paid vacations. If I take some time off I don't get paid, so that means I can take a break only on the condition of experiencing some hardships due to not earning any money. If I don't want to experience these hardships I must work 12 months a year 52 weeks a year and not have even one day or week of holiday.

I have to work all morning afternoon and evening all week long so that means I don't get to see my kids at all or spend any time with them, and the poor little beings have to spend their whole summer vacation locked up in a stuffy 1-bedroom-with-a-walk-in-closet in da inna big city, where they can't jump around or run or play. So all they do is hang around on the bed or the sofa playing with the Nintendo. They don't get to go out. They don't get any exercise. We don't get to go places together or do things together.

And even though I know I have a lot to be thankful for Ė after all last summer I didn't have many clients, so even though I also worked less we also had less money to do things with, and even if it's tiny and stuffy and there's no room to jump or run or play at least we have a nice apartment that's all our own, and even though I know that we create our own reality and that everything that's in our life we attracted it, I still feel like it's so unfair! :mad: :mad:

I feel like it's so unfair because other people have partners to share the burden of bringing in money, so they can take some time for themselves or for their kids. Like my ex-sister-in-law, who's married to a lawyer who's so successful she doesn't ever need to work if she didn't want to. However she's a proud professional so she works free-lance and she gets to take time off whenever she wants so she doesn't work the whole summer long, just takes her kids to their summer home and spends the whole summer there relaxing with them. Every day they go to the beach, they go to the swimming pool, they go out to eat at restaurants or to have an after-dinner stroll in the cooler (note: cooler, not cool) (but this I do love! :heartthrob: ) night air and a drink.

And I feel like bi**hing because I don't have any friends anymore. I don't know where all my friends have gone, they all seem to have somehow wandered off to another land and maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere because they used to be there and now when I look around they're all gone.

Of course I imagine that if I keep on bi**hing that's the last thing that would attract any new friends into my life (or bring old ones back, from, wherever). But I don't know how they've all just disappeared.

Or maybe it's me who just gets bored around them now and so I avoid them or don't ask them to go out anymore. But I also don't find anyone else to take their place! :(

Or maybe it's just cuz I don't have any time to myself and I need time to myself, but I have to work because we need the money. Kinda wishing I could earn more money per hour so I could work less hours, or even attract some Soul Realignment clients so I could work even less hours in order to survive.

But none of that is happening. I don't feel like I can charge more because here the marketplace is really competitive and there are lots and lots of people who can do what I do, and they charge the same as me. It's the going rate here.

Andrea says the clients you attract have nothing to do with how much you charge, it's how good you think you are and how much you think your work is worth. But I don't agree with her, what a person charges really DOES influence who you choose to work with and that to a VERY BIG EXTENT!!

Or why does she think I've never taken a session with her? It certainly isn't because I don't think she's any good! Why does she think I had a session with David Topi here in Spain? It isn't because I felt particularly attracted to David at that time, the fact is I didn't know David at all at the time, I'd never heard of him before and the only thing I knew about him was that: a) he was in Spain and it's always good to support someone in your own country, b) he wasn't yet an Advanced Practitioner (Level II) so I imagined he wouldn't charge as high a rate as an Advanced Practitioner (I didn't even look at the Advanced Practitioner directory, I imagined that they'd all charge something way beyond my reach), and c) turned out he did indeed have a really good rate, a rate adapted to the economic conditions of the country that we live in, which even Andrea can't deny is not as rich as the US.

Fortunately David turned out to be a super great super awesome guy. But since I didn't know what kind of a guy he was at that time, I probably would've booked a session with any person in Spain offering the prices that David offered back then (he's since raised his fees, but not much heehee! :D ).

Not that Spain is poor, it's just a normal developed western country, but then again how many normal developed western countries in the world are as rich as the US or have American salaries, taking into consideration that the US is probably one of the, if not the, richest countries in the world. Very few people outside of the US can boast salaries equivalent to American ones and therefore afford American anythings at American prices.

Not that I mean to rant against the US, well okay I'm Canadian myself and you know, Canadians always seem to have a bone to knaw against Americans haha! Just kidding. Just the friendly ole neighbourly rivalry.

But I was saying that I don't agree that what you charge has nothing to do with whether or not you attract clients. If your fee didn't make any difference, I might have had a session with Andrea![Hi Serena, not sure if this will show up...have been readingthis whole forum...and have enjoyed it. Also wonder why Andrrea charges so very much, even some of us Americans can not afford her prices. So what those of us who cannot afford $1K for an hour are not worth her time, I don't know. anyway what I wanted to say here is....you have finished the program and become certified but wonder why you have so man sad complaints in this post? have you not been able to find what has blocked you from past life Akashic study? if not I wonder why I would want to work on my own life...lost child and figure all of that out...I am lost in my life now without my child...but why would I want to spend so much money and possibly a year of intense study only to still be in the same place...mentally and emotionally...not sure I would like to do this. Andrrea totes how she makes $60-70,000 a month YES a month and how we all want to do that...and to serve others...I don't think charging a thousand dollars a session would serve anyone except ME>>>feeling that is a selfish thing to do. I would want to be able to pay my bills but could do that very well with $40,000 a YEAR...I don't know....just rambling here, as you can see./QUOTE]

01-26-2014, 01:47 AM
[QUOTE=Lena;156306]Hi Serena,

I did sign up for Level 2. I had to make a choice between Level 2 and Business one. Otherwise, I'd very gladly have you as my practice client! There were a few reasons behind it, including financial, but also the fact that some of my clients are ready for their Life Issue readings and some will be ready very soon, and I wanted Andrea to guide me through giving one. At some point I'll be structuring my own readings, but Andrea did such a great job setting it all up and I love the frame of reference she uses. I have my fingers crossed that she'll offer Soul Realignment for Business in the next couple of years again and once again will have a retreat to go to!! Meanwhile, I have much to do for my own business and I plan to get a business reading with Andrea very soon. I figure, by the time it's offered next time, I can put the knowledge to practice with my clients right away since I would have had experience with my own business by then ;)

I had a full day of readings today. Actually, I spent half of it going to lunch to Indian buffet with my Reiki sisters and doing some Reiki healing. But then I also prepared and did two readings and that is a pretty full day for me! Maybe someday soon enough I'll be able to do three in a day without feeling tired, but as of right now I am definitely exhausted. Both people LOVED their readings and identified to a very large extent with them and I LOVED giving them their readings. I'm amazed by the incredible energy flowing when I get into the mode. I love the mix of Soul Realignment perspective and the free flow of information from the Records. Structure plus creativity equals awe inspiring psychic information :suprise:

Aaaand, my husband is a Sirian with a Blueprint changer overtone. I looked it up yesterday for the very first time. He is skeptical lol Even though things that keep coming out of his mouth sound totally Sirian. The point of view I have is when I'm giving a reading in the Records, clients have a lot more access to their own Records as well. For example, one of my recent Sirian cliens said that somehow she knew that she was Sirian and I really believe it's the atmosphere of the session that creates the environment for the client to be more strongly identified with their soul. That also explains the state of mind that every single client walks out with.

Really looking forward to doing more readings next week!

Serena, it's nice visiting with you in this thread :hearts: (even if we left everyone else behind a couple of pages ago)[/QUOTE= KathieV] still reading

02-17-2014, 12:19 AM
Hi everyone I have enjoyed the posts. Does anyone need a practice client? I am thinking of taking the training but want to have it done to me first to experience it. If you can do one let me know or let me know how much for one?

mark miller

08-02-2014, 01:21 PM
Yes I'm now working professionally offering Akashic Records Readings!

It's been a while since I posted here. Oh boy what a long time!

And oh yes was I ever b*chy once! Now my life has turned around 180ļ I can barely recognize the way I used to be! Oh wow amazing!

Never thought I'd get this far, actually. But I guess, the idea is to just simply KEEP MOVING AHEAD.

So yes, Lena, I do miss our exchanges here on this site. What are you up to (if you're still on this forum)?

I've only been doing Soul Realignment sessions for friends and other people I've met privately these past years. But I think I'd like to open up and offer them to the whole wide world. The potential that they have to help EVERYONE is just so unlimited! For the moment, only Akashic Records Readings though. I'm not ready to offer the healing and realignment part yet (takes a lot more work!).

The Akashic Records are really a wonderful, amazing place to visit. I'm always awed every time I go there. The wealth of information that is available there to help people is immense and infinite. The difficulty is sorting through it all haha! That's why it's so important to have a clear focus when you go there, to know what it is exactly that you want to find information about when you go there.

Just as you wouldn't go to a library here on earth and say, I'll just look around and see what books are here. Usually you go to a library saying, I want to know about American history during the past century. Or, I want to know about my family geneology.

Well, yes, so as I was saying, I'm now offering Akashic Records Readings through my website. You can find the page here: http://www.seasofmintaka.com/akashic-records-readings. (Link doesn't work yet, wait 24 hours or so for this page to go live.)(But do take the time to browse through the site in the meantime, it's got tons of articles.)

Well, as for my life. YES my life is sooooooooooooooo much better now!! I'm still working (although not at that horrible, boring, dead-end job that I used to have, I found a much nicer place to work. But I'm trying to transition now to working full-time from home, which I would much prefer).

I've got some amazing friends now too. Yes, I used to have some pretty horrible ones. They were always........ well won't go into all the horrible, negative things they were in the habit of doing. I'm just glad they're not in my life anymore.

Now I have friends who are on a spiritual path, interested in spirituality and in becoming better people and helping the world to become a better place. They are people who believe in go-out-and-get-it (as opposed to people who prefer to just sit around at home and gripe and do nothing).

My website has grown enormously too. I LOVE ALL MY READERS AND SUBSCRIBERS!! Never expected so many people to be interested in it. I LOVE all my readers and subscribers!!

And I'm putting out my first book too, this week! So oh boy has my life ever changed!

And if you happen to be now where I used to be, so many years ago, when I started this thread, then just know: change is possible! It's possible to go to a MUCH better place! (Just don't expect it to happen overnight hehe.)