View Full Version : Haven't Got What You Want Using the LOA? Try This ; )

06-09-2007, 06:27 AM
This is for those who feel they have done Everything to manifest what they want, but feel they have had no results...

Download the two short (about 6 pages each) ebooks free from this link:

The Magic Pill (http://www.info4you.biz/The_Magic_Pill.htm)

After reading them both, take your focus (just for the moment) off your target. Take your focus off the car/money/house/relationship, whatever it is you've been trying to manifest. You're not letting it go completely, you know in the back of your mind what you want, and the Universe already knows what you want. So, take your focus off it temporarily, and focus on the instructions in the ebooks, while knowing in the back of your mind, what you want is already there, waiting for you to let it in. If you do this, and you follow the instructions in the ebooks, what you want will come Automatically! ;)

Post any questions or requests for help here, and it would be great if you would also post your results to encourage others :thumbsup:

Love and Light and Magic xxx