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Jules Tresor
05-09-2010, 07:28 AM
The famous and simple but powerful free electricity generators that many have built, since more than 25 years, thanks to John Bedini and Tom Bearden:

1 # Quote from : 20* Bedini (http://johnbedini.net/john34/bedinibearden.html)
and info also on that page: Welcome to Bedini Technology (http://www.icehouse.net/john1/index11.html)

"On this slide, we show a theoretical scheme which several researchers have discovered and used to build simple free energy motors.
In this scheme, we drive an ordinary d.c. series motor by a two wire system from an ordinary battery. The motor produces shaft horsepower, at -- say -- some 30 or 40 percent efficiency, compared to the power drained from the battery. This much of the circuit is perfectly ordinary.
The trick here is to get the battery to recharge itself, without furnishing normal power to it, or expending work from the external circuit in the process." End quote

See the picture of the diagram on the page.

2 # Second quote from that page:

"John Bedini was roaming the "free energy" scene in California in the 1970s and early 1980s, collecting knowledge about medical as well as energy devices. He had an electronics business in Sylmar, and at home he experimented with windmills and other systems. The utility company objected—he was hooked up to their power lines and if his system were to backfeed, it could extinguish the lights in the neighborhood. He disagreed. As he tells it, the officials' final word was "we think you're stealing power" and they took their meter off the building. However, his lights were still on at night, because of his energy inventions, he tells me. Finally they struck a deal—he would have his power meter back but would pay a high fee for the service.

The power company almost took away their hookup to his shop, but it was in an industrial area and they would have had to remove a three-phase transformer and therefore deprive the other businesses of power. "They found that when they switched off all the power in the shop nothing (electrical) was being drawn, but the machines kept running."

He published instructions for an energy device which Jim Watson of Colorado Springs then built—large-scale with a heavy flywheel. Watson demonstrated it at the 1984 Bicentennial symposium celebrating Nikola Tesla's arrival in the USA." End quote

See the picture of Watson's machine on the page.

3 # A third person publicised his replica of the device:
Quote from : Tilley Building Power System - KeelyNet 01/12/03 (http://www.keelynet.com/tilley/tilltbps.htm)
and from : Tilley - Bedini Gravity Field Generator as secret? - KeelyNet 01/12/03 (http://www.keelynet.com/tilley/tillbgfg.htm)

"John Bedini thinks the 'secret' to the Tilley Spinner is that it contains one of Bedinis' Gravity Field Generators which he freely released way back in 1984 and which, like the Tilley generator, simply required a drive motor to produce the excess power." End quote

Conclusion: We have 2 devices that can produce electricity for free:

The Motor/Energizer that Watson reproduced, and the Kromrey Converter (called G-Field Generator, full data on DVD KROMREY CONVERTER (http://www.energyfromthevacuum.com/Disc10/index.html))

Now, Tilley's machine was one of the two, decide which one.

Free electricity is possible with at least one of those devices.

The knowledge is there, but making it easy to use on a daily basis, fully automated is the challenge to make such a device usable by anyone ...

Jules Tresor
05-09-2010, 02:06 PM
I understand from the DVDs by Bedini/Bearden (http://www.cheniere.org/sales/online-store.htm), Dr Lindemann (http://www.free-energy.ws/products.html), and Jerry Decker (Keelynet.com, Vanguard Sciences - 12/04/09 (http://www.vanguardsciences.biz/dvds.htm)) that it is question of collecting a Radiant Pulse to convert it to standard electricity (Tesla Impulse Technology).

(This post is intended to clear the picture in my mind, and might be useful to some persons that want to save money on experimenting)

About the Watson machine that seems to be the easiest free electricity generator to build:

It's made of 2 parts, the motor and the energizer:

- A DC motor is ran with pulses, that's the motor part.
- An energizer produces pulses, it's made of coils to collect the Radiant Pulses and send them to the battery.

These pulses create an effect in the battery that push it to self-charge. The battery collects enough energy from the surrounding to run the DC motor, and to give excess energy.

In that simple configuration, it "produces" NEGATIVE energy in the battery. John tells us that DC motors, lamps and converters can run on this NEGATIVE energy.

1 # problem 1: John says in one DVD that batteries don't like NEGATIVE energy. So John developed the capacitor charging/collecting intermediary setup to convert the NEGATIVE energy "produced" in the coils to POSITIVE energy before sending them in the battery.

The MONOPOLE devices (SG, SSG, 10-coils, etc..) developed later by John include "all in one" the motor part and the energizer part, and make the device more compact and cheaper to build, and easier to tune. But they use 2 sets of batteries, against 1 battery for the Watson type.

2 # problem 2: Rick (John's assistant) says in a DVD that SG type devices don't like to run on NEGATIVE energy.
That's why these devices need 2 batteries, and not just 1 as for the Watson kind. One POSITIVE charged battery give the POSITIVE energy to run the motor part. One battery receives the NEGATIVE energy coming from the coils.

So the latest generation of John's devices, SG type, solid state oscillators and Solar Switch, use POSITIVE energy to create the pulses. Then the Radiant pulses of NEGATIVE energy are sent to a capacitor where they convert (in part) to POSITIVE energy that can be put in the charging battery.
This setup allows to switch the batteries, the input and output ones, because batteries are charged with POSITIVE energy.

3 # problem 3 : John says in a DVD that you can use an inverter on the NEGATIVELY charging batteries to run the input of the device. Does this mean that we can charge the batteries with NEGATIVE energy, and use a converter to obtain POSITIVE energy to run the motor part of these SG devices ? Then we wouldn't need a DC motor like in the Watson machine.


This brings me those questions:

1 - Why John doesn't use anymore NEGATIVE energy to charge the batteries, if using a standard converter could supply the POSITIVE energy for the input side ? Then we wouldn't need to switch the batteries.

Why John uses capacitors to convert the form of energy before sending it to the battery ?

2 - Is it because NEGATIVE energy destroys the battery ?

3 - Is it because NEGATIVE energy is dangerous ?

Answering this questions might just need only a few experiments. But if someone has already the answers, please give it here, because it will save thousands of dollars and weeks in experiments by me and may be many of us.

Jules Tresor
05-09-2010, 04:41 PM
Confirmation that you could use an inverter to supply the input energy from the charging batteries:

John Bedini: SG Collected Posts (PDF) | MERLib.org (http://merlib.org/node/5836)

"11) ... So, I said to Sterling that if you can take one battery on the front and charge four batteries on the back what could you do with this energy, you could run and inverter to run a charger to charge that one battery, also do other work at the same time. that is how I use my system. I run everything on the C20 rate even on discharge, this is very important if you are to succeed." End quote

My question is:
Can we do that without disconnecting the charging battery, to avoid battery switching ?

05-09-2010, 05:14 PM
Good questions.

I have struggled with the same ones. The value of the inverter still is troublesome to me. Inverters take a chunk of the energy of the equation and seem counter productive to the goal of producing excess energy.

Now, having said that my tests do not match what is sitting on John Bedini's table. I noticed that in his 10 coiler he is using an inverter, yet for his other experiments there is not one seen on the table. Perhaps this is because of his progressive learning about the energy itself?

As well I have heard of one other person who had had success with using an inverter.

23. Inverter:
Once you have a battery supercharged be aware not to use it for running your SG off of it directly, but rather through an inverter using a power source. As you will know by now, the SG or SSG's are not placing a conventional charge but scalar energy into the batts, hence the different reaction for power out. Even though inverters are not very efficient you will find getting more out of the battery as from a direct draw. The trick is to size the inverter according the amperage draw of the motor, the bigger the inverter the more amperes wasted the more abuse they will take though. That is when a couple of nice deep cycle battery banks come in handy. You put your machines to work and walk away, not so with regular batts, unless you are an electronics wiz!!!


Erwin's Work Shop (http://www.fight-4-truth.com/Work%20Shop.html)

I also am confused as all get out by the terms that are used by Bedini ( negative energy, scaler south etc, I would like to see experiments that prove out each of the points of using the inverter benefits. The videos when you watch them he seems to not be using inverters on his experiments on the table ( except the 10 coiler ).

I am waiting for Peter next sequel of his book Tesla for dummies, Bedini for dummies :-)

Some of the recent videos have helped as I think I understand when Bedini says negative energy, he is referring to the dip of the scope line. But I am still putting the pieces together.

Thanks for sharing with the same questions I have had.

05-09-2010, 05:49 PM
Confirmation that you could use an inverter to supply the input energy from the charging batteries:

John Bedini: SG Collected Posts (PDF) | MERLib.org (http://merlib.org/node/5836)

"11) ... So, I said to Sterling that if you can take :thumbsup: on the front and charge four batteries on the back what could you do with this energy, you could run and inverter to run a charger to charge that one battery, also do other work at the same time. that is how I use my system. I run everything on the C20 rate even on discharge, this is very important if you are to succeed." End quote

My question is:
Can we do that without disconnecting the charging battery, to avoid battery switching ?

this may be of some use due to efficiency of the transformer, it's not perfect but it works :thumbsup:
YouTube - One Battery setup VMG624 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5V2DrndqS8)

Jules Tresor
05-09-2010, 05:50 PM
Why John brings to market products that use capacitors to receive and convert the radiant spike ?
(The renaissance chargers and soon the Tesla Solar Switch)

I think I found why:

Quotes from the page: John Bedini: SG Collected Posts (PDF) | MERLib.org (http://merlib.org/node/5836)

12) ... as I said the coils must match the battery impedance within one mill-ohm impedance.

29) ... The important thing to remember is the impedance of the storage batteries and the coil must be made to be as close to this impedance as possible. As i have said before that the radiant inductive spike is the only thing that you're after, this spike is longitudinal in nature, and this is what forces the battery to recharge itself, by an internal current in the battery. End quote

Because matching exactly the impedance of the coil of the energizer with the receiving battery/capacitor is very important, and because John doesn't know the impedance of the batteries that users will put on his chargers, he uses the capacitors.

He builds his machines with a coil matching the capacitor and then he can get the better collection/conversion of the radiant event, whatever battery is connected to the charger by the client.

And second advantage, clients charge their batteries with POSITIVE energy (in part) and then batteries don't change much and still can be charged on the wall outlet that gives out POSITIVE energy. So batteries still can be used and charged "normally".

The charger becomes compatible with every battery you can find, the impedance matching is adjusted with the capacitors in the device.

(It's good for a universal charger, but I imagine that you might lose some efficeincy, or may be not...)

Radiant impulse devices should be built with capacitor banks matching coil(s) impedance, to receive and convert the Radiant Spikes at top efficiency, before discharging into a load circuit (battery, resistive load, transformer, ...).

PS: I think this matching of impedance acts like tuning forks. See Jerry Decker DVD conference on John Keely Vanguard Sciences - 12/04/09 (http://www.vanguardsciences.biz/dvds.htm)

The coil rings, and if the capacitor/battery is at the same impedance it starts to ring also at the same frequency. They come in resonance.
It creates a longitudinal standing (scalar) wave between the two, and that's from that field that energy is extracted... to charge the cap/bat
(2 opposing equal waves creates a standing wave)

I imagine that many of you understood that long ago, but it was not clear for me until now (if I am not wrong in my understanding...).

PS2: I add that we should also read the patent for the Bedini solid state Radiant charger (that will be sold under the name Tesla Solar Charger), where John disconnect the capacitor bank from the source just after the Radiant Pulse hit, letting the capacitors floating for a time, while they charge themselves, and then discharge them into the load circuit ...

John brought the technology to a beautiful height, but like everyone he wants to make profit with it. The patent is a good way to disclose a knowledge and keep the record, but it costs lots of money.

I am not against business because that's the engine that brings goods to the 4 corners of the world, but I hope he will sell them cheap, because he is already a rich man !

And that he won't be to hard on those that will copy his devices in poor countries for the benefit of the poorest.

Who can become rich on the back of the poor man that want free electricity ?
Many do it, but I am sure John is a good man and not cruel like Tony Craddock that brought down big websites on free energy because of false accusations of copyright ... just to protect his free energy book selling business.
What a shame what this man did for money .... Anyway it's the forgiven past, his karma record :rolleyes:

Thanks and good luck to all :blowout:

05-09-2010, 06:09 PM
I don't take everything John says as law... over the years he changes his opinions, switches between Bearden and Lindemann theory... things get put online, and can't be removed, and as we know he could be wrong on some things... the pendulum is a perfect example.

It is easy to get lost in ancient and sometimes seemingly contradictory posts that are taken out of context.

But what we do know are (some of) his circuits and devices. Study the circuits, study the energy, make your own conclusions.

My 2 cents....

Ted Ewert
05-09-2010, 06:27 PM
I agree that matching impedances is critical. However, a coils' impedance will change with frequency and a battery's impedance will change according to the state of its charge. These can vary quite a bit, but John still manages to match the two. How do you think he does it?

05-09-2010, 06:47 PM
I agree that matching impedances is critical. However, a coils' impedance will change with frequency and a battery's impedance will change according to the state of its charge. These can vary quite a bit, but John still manages to match the two. How do you think he does it?

no idea :D

05-09-2010, 06:55 PM
Seph i am with you, i dont think, that someone got the final unified Theorie right now,
and there are a lot of Things, what noone notes.

All from our great Scientists been for sure often at a Point, where they get disprooven,
but they, dont change her Mind and commit her Mistakes.

Some Peoples may really should think about, where they would stand today,
when Peoples like P. Lindemann or J. Bedini would not had shared, what they know.
And they still share it with others Tinkerer. There are still others, what try to protect,
what they made once and try to dont let Peoples replicate. So what.
Seriously, it doesnt help to blame the Peoples, when there is a Mistake in her Theorie,
just to look and feel like the better, smarter Guy.

This negative Energy, i dont think it is dangerous, but its the opposite from the positive Spike like in a Sine wave,
and it may will more the Battery deplete as charge, even when you will try to rectify it.
The circuit works with AC and DC Potentials, so you create may the wrong Potential at the (Charge)Minus side,
what cause a Zero Potential at the Batterie, and therefor no charge.

I dont think in any way, that there are still misterious dark dangerous Fields,
what certain Scientists try to suggest in a way,
What is here is only, what we allready know and continues in a different Scale from small to bigger.

Jules Tresor
05-09-2010, 06:58 PM
Yes it's strange because the impedance varies when battery charges.
Those devices are self ajusting, the coil and the receiver communicate and the radiant pulse adjusts to the need.

I can hear the sound changing off the Rennaissance charger when the battery charges. Sound decreases.
They are quite heavy and noisy machines by the way (and expensive of course!) ...

But the most strange is that they use capacitors. The coil(s) discharge(s) in the capacitor(s), then the capacitor(s) discharge(s) in the connected battery. But still it self adjusts I think, strange staff :)

nice video, quite a professional setup ! and good results !

Yes John has some contradictory words sometime, and he never explain WHY he changes his mind ... that's why we are still searching, he doesn't explain ALL, still have dark areas.

About the pendulum, I think there is a black box between the coil and the output. IMO it's a capacitor bank.
It's to prove that with only 1 Radiant pulse you can charge a bunch of capacitors.
It might be to give an evaluation of the charging power of Radiant pulses, because this setup oscillate very slowly compared to his rotating machines, but still you can extract lots of energy from those few pulses.
I might be wrong.

05-09-2010, 07:21 PM
PS2: I add that we should also read the patent for the Bedini solid state Radiant charger (that will be sold under the name Tesla Solar Charger), where John disconnect the capacitor bank from the source just after the Radiant Pulse hit, letting the capacitors floating for a time, while they charge themselves, and then discharge them into the load circuit ...

Do you refer to patent 6677730, device and method for pulse charge or is there another one that uses radiant pulses as input?

Ted Ewert
05-10-2010, 03:03 AM
There is no easy way of measuring absolute impedances in a dynamic circuit. Nevertheless, there are ways of determining a match.
When the base drive is adjusted on an SG, it varies the duty cycle of the drive pulse. This speeds up or slows down the wheel, which in turn changes the frequency of the pulse train. A frequency change will also effect the impedance of the coil.
To find an impedance match we have to vary the frequency while monitoring the current. When there is a dip in current, the output impedance of the coil (via the collapse pulse) is matching the battery, or the capacitor, or whatever is on the other side of the diode.
Power transfer is optimal at impedance match. It's just like using an old grid dip meter to tune an antenna. The current dips when there is a power match. That's when you know you have an impedance match.
This is probably why John is particular about people building monopoles just the way he tells them to. The coil has to start out with an impedance that is suitable for the frequencies involved, otherwise you can't tune it correctly (it will be out of range).
The load impedance also has to be within a certain range to be able to be matched to the coil.
None of this is particularly difficult once you understand what you're looking for. A battery has a dynamic impedance, but the right coil might have a wide enough impedance window to remain efficient throughout the charge. If the battery bank's impedance is too low, a capacitor could be used as an intermediate impedance match.


Jules Tresor
05-10-2010, 06:47 AM
Yes that's the patent I am talking about. The solid state, no coils version.
The base for the announced Tesla Solar Switch from John Bedini.

I agree this guys have shared some data (a lot of it), but it is not ALL.
They encourage us to experiment, to educate us, for us to learn the HOW.
That is not a bad thing from them, it's honorable.

But 2 problems: They make money out of that staff, so their disclosing might be just publicity to attract people to the free energy stuff, to buy their products !

I know John Bedini has not sold anything for decades while sharing information.
But remember that his was forbidden to sell anything at gun point. This mean that he was going to make business of it but was stopped by the energy lobby.

I don't want to judge anyone.

My problem is this:
Thousands of people have experimented since many years.
May be MILLIONS of USD have been spent on those experiments.
And the full knowledge isn't yet in public domain.
I consider it's a big WASTE in money and time, because poor people still DON'T HAVE ACCESS to those technologies.
May be thousands of people have experimented encouraged by those experts, hundreds bought their staff (DVD, chargers, ...) BUT the people that NEED free electricity has nothing yet to light it's home, to heat is room in the mountain winter ...

Only those experts have got advantages from that slowly distilled knowledge so far !!!
And the energy lobby is laughing at us, because no device for free electricity is available !!

John discloses only the play version of his technology, the School Girl and other monopoles disclosed so far are just low power devices, and John himself says they are shown to educate people, not to solve the energy problem TODAY.

After 7 years reading about free electricity, I still have to spend thousands of dollars and weeks or months of experimenting to come to a full working device.

Same as 7 years back. Who takes advantage of that stand by situation ?
The energy lobbies and the free energy inventors/merchants. They are both suppressing info crucial for success ! And making money ! And the poor still in the dark and cold !

Thanks and good luck.

05-10-2010, 08:30 AM
Hi Jules Tresor, i hear you loud and clear. Yes this survival, domination culture engineered world is rather sad. But not a surprise considering they are conditioning peoples minds from birth in almost all areas of there lives, i am myself seeing clearly how this manipulation leads to people only concerned with there survival making this a literal hell on earth, heaven is just a way of thinking that enables all to have every basic need met for life with no strings attached. Knowing this i have compassion for anyone that does things for their own benefit, they believe this life is truly about survival, when in fact its an experiential learning school and we never ever die. These words i have just spoken need to be said and need to be understood better, for even another soul threatening another soul with death would not prevent that soul releasing all information regarding any device or any information for that matter that benefits the good of all and i am not making any judgments here. We can talk till the end of time in this forum and elsewhere about energy devices and such, but until these basic spiritual type principles are understood by enough people, they will never understand the real reason for all the lack, suffering and pain. If I may offer an analogy. Imagine a tight rope walker, this individual not only had to learn the fundamentals of how to actually tight rope walk, but also on top of all that, had to overcome the fears and human emotions, which are ways of thinking in reality, that come with it, assuming no safety net. So we or others have learned how to build these devices (how to tight rope walk) and the only thing preventing there widespread use is the fears and human emotional dramas being played out by the people and those in power. I think we are putting the cart before the horse in thinking we can neglect our spiritual understanding of who and what we really are without these physical bodies. This wisdom must come first to some degree to enable the masses to have these wonderful energy devices and other wonderful things and i think the results thus far in this world prove this to be true in some ways. Thanks for your time.
peace love light

Ted Ewert
05-10-2010, 01:13 PM
The main problem I see in this whole field is lack of organization and cooperation. Most people are waiting around like a flock of vultures for somebody to come along and provide them with a set of simple plans for free energy.
Most guys don't build anything, try anything new or contribute anything positive to the cause. They don't make a physical, mental or financial effort to rectify the sorry state of energy dependency we find ourselves in.
Good intentions don't get the job done. Guys like Ash who started Panacea are the ones who are doing it. If you're sitting on your ass reading this and are wondering what you can do, you can send him some money. Nothing gets done without financial support.
Forget getting anything useful from guys like Bearden. They talk a lot but will never reveal how to make it really work. All their books and DVDs are a complete waste of time and money.
The only way we're going to get a real working device is if we do the work ourselves. We should develop Panacea type organizations all over the world. Those who can build, should build. Those who can't should organize and provide support. It takes work and dedication to make anything happen.
If you're sitting back not doing anything, and waiting for someone else to make it happen, you're just as culpable as the people who actively suppress alternative energy devices.
Free energy has to be a widespread, grass roots type of movement. Active participation is mandatory. Get involved!


Jules Tresor
05-10-2010, 01:57 PM
You are right TEd, many do nothing but complain ... but without 100% data, you don't want to risk to lose your money on experiments that bring you nowhere !!

Personally, I tried my SSG and Bedini's oscillators many years ago, but I hate soldering and electronics because it's too small parts :mad:

So I made websites, like Home_Introduction_Site Map - WATER as FUEL - review of available technologies. MDG 2006-2007 (http://waterfuel.100free.com/)
(mirror: Home_Introduction_Site Map - WATER as FUEL - review of available technologies. MDG 2006-2007 (http://tesla3.com/free_websites/index.html))
300 html pages on free energy, 5000 hours of work :suprise:

Then I paid UK NGO in Cambodia to develop prototypes ... they are working if you pay, but 8 am to 5 pm. Projects never finished ... they have private car credits to pay, it's very difficult to find an NGO that puts his heart in the work ... most are financed by WHO, UNICEF, WORLD BANK and other lobbies. They is no hope from that side IMO.
I have been in humanitarian since my 20's, I know a bit of their operations.

Then after a few other personal experiments, spending again many dollars without reaching a practical device, I went with Panacea, and they are doing what they can with what they have.

I sent a few thousands dollar in 2009 because I know how hard their volunteer job is. They have so many things to do, while having to support their own families.

I wish I had tens of thousands dollar like Bedini or Bearden have, not talking about their knowledge, because I could put a workshop in place, develop the Panacea project to put guys on work full time with full equipment, and we could reach an Open Source Practical Device in a few months ...

and then give the FULL knowledge for everyone to reproduce it FOR FREE.

But you are right, I still don't do enough. I should give more, go to join a working group of guys, to work full time on it, but nobody is perfect :rolleyes:
I am waiting for an opportunity to do it...

PS: I have a business, I sell products.
I you want to buy my product you buy it, and I take my margin.
But if you want to make it yourself I sell all the info for 12 USD, then you can also sell the product you make yourself.

I make money but I don't hold the knowledge just for me.
Why I do like that ?
Because I can't supply the all world from my factory !
And I don't want to take the responsability to hold the knowledge and say "only me can sell it"

If Bedini was selling his devices and sell the full knowledge also, he could make business, but poor guy could make is own version, and sell it in his neighborhood.
Bedini doesn't allow others to copy his devices. It's patent protected an if you open it you see it's all in resine, you can't figure how it's made ...

He wants exclusivity, but can he supply the all world ? No, nobody can.

Can a Cambodian earning 60 USD a month for his all familly buy a 200 USD charger to desulfate is battery ?
Remember this guy has 1 car battery to light a small bulb for a few hours in the night.
He has to recharge it every other day for 50 cents, and the battery is sulfated after 2 months and he has to buy a new battery for 20 USD.

To resume this family spend around 20 USd per month for a few hours of light per night. It's 30% of the family income.
If he had a cheap desulfator he would save 10 USD per month, 15% of his income ....
But if he had a 20 Watts free electricity generator he could save 20 USD a month, 30% of the family income !!!
THERE, in most places of the world free electricity is VERY important.

Anyway free electricity is needed everywhere.

05-10-2010, 02:20 PM
I think everybody is waiting for 21.12.2012 :sshh:
Nobody wants to be the catalyst of disaster of 2012 if there would be not natural event, so let's wait to see if something happen then decide what next....

Ted Ewert
05-10-2010, 04:54 PM
Hey Jules,
My rant was NOT directed at you whatsoever. It was more for those guys who just serf the energy boards waiting for someone else to do all the work.
We all have families to support, so it's difficult to expend a lot of time and money on something that's a shot in the dark. It sounds like you’ve certainly done what you can.
Bedini, Lindemann or Dollard, among many others, could solve this problem in about ten minutes, but they aren't talking. So lets forget about guys who aren't part of the solution, no matter how much they pretend to be. They're just a distraction.
We should ask a few simple questions first to narrow things down a bit. What technologies are most folks capable of reproducing for their own use? What technologies are relatively safe? How much power is the technology capable of? How much will it cost?
For example, devices like gravity wheels are inherently impractical. They are difficult to build, and they have to be huge in order to generate any kind of meaningful power. And where would you put something like that?
So, once it gets nailed down it’s just a matter of collecting resources and getting to work. Simple. ;)


Jules Tresor
05-10-2010, 05:30 PM
You are right Ted, one of the problems is that there is so many techs there !

Yes we must select among hundreds of devices/patents and then focus on !

After that, each person/group has a different target ... some want 20kw, some think that 2kw is enough, and in third world a simple 20W lamp running for free would be a revolution, changing deeply the society by being a key to develop night studies for kids and parents, and also to shops and small businesses that work at night.
A large part of the world is dark after 6 pm ! Streets have no lights, but people goes for shopping after night fall to escape the afternoon heavy heat.
For a poor family, having a 20 W fluo tube can attract many customers to their micro shop along the street.

So the choice will depend of the use trageted.

# a desulfator at less than 20 USD, open source, could do a lot in third world.
Hundreds of million of persons have a car battery as electricity source ... and with regular charge/discharge and cheap battery, they have to change it every 2 or 3 months. In South America, Africa and Asia, this could have a large success.
Putting the knowledge online in a clear and easy pdf file could bring hundreds of individuals, all around the world, to start building them and selling them in their own countries.
That could be a first and easy project with impact on thousands of lives (may be millions) within a few years.

# Notice that many technologies work on the same concept, but look different. Bedini, Gray, Newman, Meyer and tens of others work on Tesla Impulse Technology. The unidirectional sharp DC pulse ... some send it on a spark gap, others in a battery, a capacitor, a glowing gas tube, ...

So it's here, we have enough data, and as you said it needs only a focus by a knowledgeable and skillful team to bring a device in a short time with a few thousands dollars if the equipment is there already and the people volonteer.

But many have done it and then they put patents, hide details, search for millions from investors, or were too scared to share, or whatever happened ... and the public has nothing complete and clear, open source and universally accessible through internet.

Who is going to do it ?

05-11-2010, 01:14 AM
Hi Jules Tresor,

# a desulfator at less than 20 USD, open source, could do a lot in third world.

2 years ago I bought a battery charger/desulfator that works well on car and smaller batteries and paid $40 cdn. It is the Optimate 3, I wanted a Bedini charger at the time it still was not available.

OptiMate Battery Optimiser, battery care and charger by TecMate (http://www.optimate3.com/classic/)

After 2 years of heavy use, it is still going on strong. I can't compare it to the Bedini unit since I don't have access to one. Check it out.

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05-11-2010, 01:36 AM
Hi folks, I have a couple of ideas that can be cheaply built by third world peoples right now. First is good old muscle power, though not ultimately our goal, but a simple bicycle type human generator could power a bedini self oscillator to pulse charge there batteries and give them longer life or direct charge them as well. Another idea is a spring steel ribbon coil generator which is charged with legs or arms to wind the coil, like baygen radios and the old gramophones, etc. With the spring steel coil gens. batteries might not be needed. I can even imagine in a community, some kind of larger spring coil that is charged or wound up by ingenious methods like using pulleys to lift heavy objects that then use gravity to wind up the spring steel coils. But for simplicity, i think the human powered generator would be the best option for now, ideally powering a self oscillator to desulphate while charging batteries. For what its worth, there it is.
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05-11-2010, 01:46 AM
Hi again, and another idea i saw on the net once is a large type of fireplace billow that blows air. The guy had an idea for pulling a car on top of a large billow that could be made of something cheap like tarps and gravity will push air out the billow nozzle through a cheap propeller or air turbine setup connected to a cheap electric motor to power an oscillator to charge batteries or power a device directly. Though instead of using a car as the weight on could use smaller heavy objects and lift them with various means like pulleys or something and compress a medium size billow to do the same thing. Just a few thoughts.
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05-11-2010, 02:07 AM
Hi again folks, here is a pic of that billow idea from the old 'Johnny Cool Pants' though it need not be this big, but to show the idea.
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05-11-2010, 02:12 AM
and a couple more pics.

05-11-2010, 05:19 AM
To resume this family spend around 20 USd per month for a few hours of light per night. It's 30% of the family income.
If he had a cheap desulfator he would save 10 USD per month, 15% of his income ....
But if he had a 20 Watts free electricity generator he could save 20 USD a month, 30% of the family income !!!
THERE, in most places of the world free electricity is VERY important.Nice website you have :).

How about a desulfator AND a 3 watt CFL driver?

Lighter implementation
YouTube - 3 watt CFL ligther with sting oscillator (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_jowC4icdc)

Charger implementation

at least 30% efficient desulfator that do not heat up the battery.

Anyone want to mass produce sting oscillator please find out the resonance first. It is no way optimal. I only hit local optimal at 3 watt but I think it can be lower. Replace resistor with variable resistor.

1 sting oscillator price is under $1 plus transformer price $2 = $3. I will see if the transformer from broken CFL can be utilized. If it is the circuit cost can be lowered even more by scrapping wasted CFL.

Jules Tresor
05-11-2010, 11:20 AM
Ok everyone,
Thanks for your answers.
I'll stop this thread and go for another one as soon as I have more constructive data on the subject.
Thanks and good luck all :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .

My conclusion: thanks all for those great videos, DVD and books to buy, that teach the HOW TO free electricity.
You are doing a great job for education and disclosure, even if some of us are waiting more than just info, but real construction guides, to put such devices to practical use today ...
We will reach there one day :thanks:
Everyone does what he can :yinyang: