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04-28-2009, 02:06 PM
Fabulously Inspiring - Well worth watching!

YouTube - Will Smith on the Power of Positive Thinking (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oENmXKKlCAI)

Love and Light and Magic xxx

04-28-2009, 07:09 PM
is he on this forum ?? :-) :rolleyes:

04-29-2009, 04:57 AM
Fabulously Inspiring - Well worth watching!

YouTube - Will Smith on the Power of Positive Thinking (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oENmXKKlCAI)

Love and Light and Magic xxx

What a great video...I am going to listen to it again...but a few things that really stood out to me on the first listen...

Don't we all want "happy endings?"

You have to believe that you can be married happily for 50 years if you ever expect to be married happily for 50 years.

You can't talk about how unrealistic something is, and then expect it to happen.

When you acknowledge an obstacle you give power to it.

Gonna go listen again.

:thanks: for posting this!


06-06-2009, 12:49 AM
Hi folks, I'm here again to offer a different view upon this so called look the other way and the obstacle will not exist theory. While I understand the balance needed in creation to not dwell on things we don't want, however this information is not practical for the average human being because humanity in general has been programmed to not recognize what the true obstacles are to their true freedom, joy, abundance. And in practical terms that is the reason there is lack and the slow erosion of humanities freedoms due to the fact they have been taught not to look at and recognize the obstacles and so the obstacles run rough shod over our basic human needs. So I say to you folks, whether or not your intentionally leaving out the clever mind control from birth that has been used upon humanity for some time, I implore you to explain these things in there full context.
peace love light :sun:

06-06-2009, 09:38 AM
Hi Skywalker :)

Thanks for your contribution. :thumbsup:

Since none of us will know what the truth *really* is, until we check out (only once we get out of the container will we be able to see if it's a goldfish bowl or a paper bag - or something impossible to comprehend with the conscious mind ;) ) ... all any of us can do is go with what makes the most sense to us - what feels right and what appears to be the truth to our individual senses and reasoning.

Bearing this in mind, it is my belief that whatever a person believes is true - for them. And because each of us is unique (a product of not only a core individuality, but of a collection of life experience that no other human has had or will have - along with each person's individual and unique reaction and response to that specific collection of experience...) - because each of us is unique, our beliefs (in detail) differ to the extent that our individuality differs.

And so, it is my belief that (considering we can't know for absolute certainty what the truth is until we get out of it ;) ) we are each free to choose what makes the most sense or what serves us best.

Of course, I understand from your posts that your beliefs differ from this .... and my belief tells me that that makes it true - for you. ;)

So in my view, in my world, in my belief (for the moment anyway lol), you are both right and wrong. :D

Love and Light and Magic xxx

Pamela Vicik-Smith
06-06-2009, 02:09 PM
Somehow, I missed this when it was posted initially. I am glad I saw it today though.

I have always loved Will Smith. In all the interviews I have seen with him, one can see he is a truly happy man and really loves his wife and family.

This interview just makes me love him more :heartthrob:

06-06-2009, 10:30 PM
Hi folks, Thanks for the reply Illusion and I do fully understand the perspective you are offering and agree to an extent. The only aspect that I think you may be leaving out is the material one or things that are not immediately changeable by beliefs and personal truth's. And that is to say that If another human being creates smoke from his fireplace or other means this smoke rises and spreads through the planets air that we breath and we are all affected no matter what your beliefs and truth's are. Of course what you said now applies as to what this means to each human being through their beliefs and truth's even though at the same time only the one truth exists, the fact that the air is now filled with smoke and what we do because of the smoke is another matter.
peace love light :sun:

06-07-2009, 09:33 AM
Hi Skywalker :)

Good point. Of course, it depends on what you believe the material world to be. ;) There is a belief that the physical, material world is not what it appears to be to the conscious mind. Certain experiments in the Quantum Physics field have indicated that physical "reality" is in fact no more "real" than our dream world. :thinking:

Certainly there have been results from very interesting experiments which have proven that human feelings can litterally change physical reality.
(for details of these experiments and the results, see this thread:
http://www.energeticforum.com/personal-development/1100-wow-i-just-discovered-gregg-braden-devine-matrix.html )

These interviews with Gregg Braden describe how each person can litterally change the world - regardless of what others do. :thumbsup:

Using your example of the smoke... knowing Gregg Braden's (and many others') view on "reality" and the material world... each person has the ability (although they will probably not know it) to litterally disperse/ avoid that smoke. I know it seems "impossible" and unrealistic to the mind that has been trained and programmed from childhood to believe in the "limits" of the material world... but if you think about it, "impossible" things happen all the time. There was a time when it was impossible to cure smallpox, when it was impossible to contact someone who wasn't within shouting distance, when it was impossible for a human to fly, when it was impossible to have light at night if it wasn't fire..... and don't get me started on the rediculous impossibility of the internet lol. :rofl: That one still floors me! :suprise:

So, if someone lights their fire and sends smoke into the air, although the "logic" we've all been taught, and the beliefs with which we've been programmed says that that smoke will infilltrate the air and affect all those within its range.... taking into account the work of Gregg Braden etc, and taking into account the belief that there is in fact nothing physical about the physical world, and taking into account our untapped power, and taking into account the miracles that have been achieved in the past and that are being achieved right now (the mother who sudddenly has superhuman strength to lift the vehicle off her child - even though she didn't have that strength before)... taking all of that into account, it is possible to disperse, redirect or even transform that smoke.

And, not only on an individual level, but also on a collective level - The Power of Collective Intention (http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/the-power-of-the-collective-intention/1202669).

So, depending on what a person chooses to believe, the scenario could be: I and others are suffering from the actions of others - over which we have no control. So I focus on trying to change them and make them or convince them to toe the line. Trying to change my environment and the people around me.

or it could be:
I create and attract everything that happens in my experience, and what I give focus to expands, what I remove focus from withers. Including anything within "physical reality" and the material world. And I know that the same is true for others. That each person is on their own journey to experience whatever it is they choose (consciously or unconsciously).

and/or it could be:
This is a massive and impressive virtual reality game. That the Power we are all a part of, choses to enter an environment it has created, with the illusion of being separate pieces - people, plants, animals... all "physical" things. That it has chosen this in order to experience what it feels like to be separate. That this world of energy vibrating at various levels to appear as various solid objects, is purely an experience. That each "separate" piece of the Power, when it checks out of the game, goes back to being a part of that Power. That every experience by every piece of that Power is a choice. That it is the Weirdest feeling to be separate, and that it is an exploration and adventure in experience. That alllllllllll of the threats and "bad" experiences in fact feel real because the virtual reality is so effective. Like seeing a really good scary movie - where your entire body - every cell in your body believes the threat to be real (pulse rate increase, sweaty palms, adrenaline rush etc.)..... and the only thing stopping you from running screaming into the street, is your conscious mind - which knows it's only a movie. That in this experience, the bit that knows it's not real has been covered - the ultimate virtual reality experience. ;) .... And that all of this physical world that we believe is real and the time it appears to be existing - is over in a flash from the outside of it.

.... or any number of other beliefs.... there are sO many to choose from. :D

Interesting discussion! Thanks for opening it up. :hug:

Love and Light and Magic xxx

06-07-2009, 06:57 PM
Hi Illusion, thanks for the reply. I certainly cannot refute your words for I have had many occasions that tell me what you say is probably the case however I think what your saying, although it may be more true for ones individual spiritual growing there is I believe a collective soul aspect to this world and that although yes we as individual souls have great and infinite power, however upon this world we are wired more into the collective consciousness and have to some extent experience what the masses create. Now to a more practical level, take the financial systems, here is a perfect example of how collective beliefs and using deception and force affect the individual. You see even though I don't have much disagreement with you, understand man or woman is not an island and we need each other for food and other basic needs at least at this point in time, maybe the future may change this. The movie the 'Secret' is fine however it still tries to separate human beings and tells us we can be abundant while others may not be which is not going to work unless the good of all is represented. So ultimately what I'm saying is that unless all that we as humans do, represents the good of all, then all efforts will fail in some way to represent the good of all.
peace love light

06-07-2009, 07:20 PM
Let me add one more thing, So yes indeed you say some can experience a horror show here and in fact that is what a few a trying to create over and over again in this world by clever mind control uses psychology all the way to technology. As Bill Hicks said 'Its just a ride' however there have been ones in power making this one crappy ride, albeit also an experience. And that is where the good of all comes into play which negates there horror show where all shall have everything they could ever need to live peacefully, joyfully and truly free.
peace love light :sun:

06-08-2009, 11:06 PM
This looks like a VERY INTERESTING discussion.

Unfortunately I only had time to scan it. I will return to it next week and give it my full attention. (at which time I may or may not have more to add :) ).

In the meantime, I will add that the lack of understanding of personal responsibility for ones life (that is so prevalent today) is probably one of the largest impediments to a well rounded and growing adventure that life can be.


06-09-2009, 03:17 AM
Hi folks, Hi Kevin thanks for the reply. I have no problem with what your saying, and I am assuming you mean the personal responsibility of each human being to make choices which serve the good of the individual and the good of all. All I am saying is that when things have gotten to a point as far as human societal systems, where these systems have come to a point where they no longer serve the greater good of the people or the individual and in fact actively work against the people, then the time has come to reform these systems so they again represent the good of all. So at this point in time, blaming the people for the choices that have been made over time, within systems that fostered and encouraged these kinds of choices to be made is not productive to positive solutions. The real truth of the acts perpetrated against humanity will come to light to the masses very soon.
peace love light

06-10-2009, 11:03 AM
Hi Skywatcher :)

I've just come across this, and while I was listening to it, I thought of you. I think you'll find it very interesting....

YouTube - AbrahamHicksAshevilleNCSecondSession3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHOOaehOkIQ&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fboundlessliving%2Ening%2Ecom%2Fp rofiles%2Fblogs%2Fto%2Dall%2Dyou%2Dhealers%2Dthis% 2Dis%2Da&feature=player_embedded)


Love and Light and Magic xxx

Pamela Vicik-Smith
06-10-2009, 11:44 AM
I love, love, love Abraham! Thanks for posting that link Odille. I see there is a lot of other Abe videos from the same poster.

06-10-2009, 04:32 PM
Okay, I just have to put my two sense in on this topic.

Skywatcher, yes we are all interconnected and as such everytime someone moves into Love and Gratitude and their personal vibration level rises higher and higher, so does the vibration level of the entire collection. Now that might not be a negotiable amount on the entire collection, but it is noticeable in that person's personal circle. One of two things happens, the individuals rise to the occassion or they run like Hell, choosing to stay in their own personal Hell! That is their choice! I find that most rise in vibration a little bit, and may not realize it but come to a higher vibration level. By choosing to live in a different reality we are doing what is best for the collective. The farther I move from the illusion into who I am, interestingly enough the more my X rises in vibration level. I don't talk to him about it, I don't explain it to him, he just comes along for the ride! :thinking: It is very interesting to me, because when we separated he was bent on taking me down or so it seemed! Now he is bent on my success and does not judge me, or at least not to my face. Makes for a healthy relationship for my kids to see us getting along and working together.

I can see where you come from on the fact that you look around and you see this reality or what I call the dream, and you see the low vibration levels, and you see the financial system that exists in this dream and you do not see how you can get out of it, right now. As you said on another thread that you don't believe that we are to the point of the second economic system existing to move into. But as I move higher and higher in vibration, I also find myself being able to choose more what parallel Universe I want to be in at the moment of time. For instance, my kids are both very high vibrational kids, and they have no limits in their heads, because that is the way they have been raised. So reality says it takes this long to get to school in the morning, and we need to leave at this time to get there. We have found though that we can leave twenty minutes later than that and drive the speed limit or less, and arive at the same time as if we had left on time.

We love the kids cartoons the Avatar Series, and we own the dvds. In this movie the characters are able to "bend" water, air, fire, and earth. Reality says that is not possible! My daughter has spent time meditating on moving or bending water, without touching it. She is 15! She got to the point where she could make the water wave up in the bowl. Then one day, she walked into her room and threw some stuff down away from the bowl of water, ever coming close to it. The bowl never moved and water went flying across the room. towards the books she threw down. In her head she had commanded the water to move inthat direction. Then she started trying to do it with more control, and found out if she chooses to she can make things move. One day at school there was a kid in a wheelchair trying to make a basket, but he did not really believe he was strong enough to make that basketball into the hoop. After watching him fight for awhile to make the basket she decided to help him a little. As her trough the ball and seeing it would not make the baskte again, she moved her hand up intending for the ball to go into the basket. It did! So what was the results... The boy now believed he could make a basket, and now with that new belief he will make many more. Sure there will be times when he hits the rim and it bounces back at thim, but there will be many ore that he will just give it that estra little bit of belief.

Iknow it is all about belief when shooting baskets. I have always believed that I am awesome on the court and I kick butt! I also believe that I do not have to be even looking at the basket to make the basket. I believe that I shoot accurately 99.9% of the time, so I do! I can be looking at the ground and shoot and put the basket through the hoop. I can shoot with that accuracy with out practicing for years or even picking up a ball for years. That does not fit realities truths. The challenge is that even with that beleif I did not pursue a basketball schollarship or even attempt to play after highschool. Why? I also believed I was toooo short to play, so I gave up playing!

Now I am discovering that money is simply energy, and I only have to play by realities rules if I believe them to be true. I can give my daughter 2 dollars, and she will spend it! Then that night the 2 dollars will be back in her pocket, and she will spend it the next day, and that night it will be back in her possession. Last year she used the same 2 dollars for an entire year. She would go buy lattes everyday, and never ask for money from me! She drannk lattes for an entire year on the same two dollars I gave her. Not only that, but she then started buying lattes in the morning before school, and lunch at school, and never asked for more money. Money is simply energy.

Now I know that any skeptics will find rationalizations of why these things did not really happen, and they will be true for them. That does not change the fact that my reality is different from theirs and my reality is true as true for me as it is their reality is true for them. My point is my dear friends that you get to choose your own reality, and make it your own truth. Love commands the smallest of particals, and when you command the particals with Love it can not help but benefit you and the world around you. The fact is that someone could use telekenesis to bring a book right past your head, and if you refuse to believe that is possible, then your brain will show to you them getting up and walking over to get the book. They could use it to turn on or off the lights, but to you the lights would stay on or off as they were before. You might light a fire and send smoke into the air, but if I choose to believe there is no smoke then in my truth there will be no smoke and the fire will have never been started.

Well that is my beliefs and truths! I have to tell you I am still learning the process to change realitie, but I am getting much better at it, and I am choosing to walk in the faith that money is just energy and will be there when I needs to be.

Blessings Sallyjane

06-10-2009, 09:00 PM
Hi folks, Hi Zartgirl, thanks for the reply. I understand where you folks are coming from and as well understand that our beings in their full capacity or as some call full consciousness, does have abilities like telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, instant manifestation, etc..
So in regards to the basic needs of humanity, most people do not have these capabilities yet and If you or your daughter do have instant manifestation abilities, why would you be creating fake money or maintaining its reality when you would not need it with these abilities. Also I am aware of what you speak about certain things that are seen by one individual and cannot been be seen by another because of the vibrational circumstance of the thing or situation.
It seems to me we are all pretty much in agreement on what were talking about, it seems maybe we differ a little on our perspective of the details of the information. Its all good. Things will workout for the good of each of us whatever that represents and in the end its all experience.
peace love light

06-11-2009, 08:46 AM
WOW!!! SallyJane, what a BRILLIANT post!!!!! :suprise: :notworthy: :suprise:

Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I so enjoyed reading it, and you've described so much that was in my understanding but I couldn't find a way to put it. Also, how AMAZING is your daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool:

My son and I love the Avatar series as well. Apart from the bending, there is sooo much wisdom and truth in that little "fantasy" cartoon. I was amazed and thrilled when I first heard them talking about how everything is connected and one etc.

You have confirmed for me, and inspired me, to follow what I've known to be true, but sometimes forget. :thumbsup:

Love and Light and Appreciation for You :hug: xxx

06-14-2009, 09:26 PM
I like what Will Smith said about not responding to negative sterotypes...

"Why empower such remarks":thumbsup:

Live the dream of positive living. Its liberating!:cheers: