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future pather
11-16-2008, 03:47 PM
Some friends and I were watching an Abraham-Hicks dvd the other night and I got something out of it I wanted to share.

Abraham was talking a lot about trying to paddle upstream in a river as opposed to flowing with the current.

My interpretation of what was said is that when you have a desire, you are creating the river to take you to what you want.

Then, in your thoughts and/or actions afterward regarding that desire, you either paddle upstream and against the current - taking you farther away from your goal, or you allow yourself to flow with the river, and you get to your goal with ease.

Since then, when a desire comes up for me during the day, I try to then make sure any thoughts and/or actions that follow regarding that desire are in "the flow." And I trust that just by having the desire, the river is being created and being sustained.

:heartthrob: Jessica

11-16-2008, 06:55 PM
On the river of life...

Swim with the tide!

W:cheers: :cheers: