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10-31-2008, 04:24 AM
Special Announcement

ESM Presents Lessons in Advanced Perception

In the 1960ís, Harold S. Schroeppel, a mover and shaker in the world of consciousness advancement, developed what is considered by thousands to be the most powerful course ever for developing enhanced perceptual abilities.

The course consisted of a series of methods that were fine-tuned by having thousands of people test various methods to see what actually worked regardless of theory or philosophy. These methods were taught at the Institute for Advanced Perception near Chicago and thousands of people attended.

Today, little is known about this powerful course even though thousands have quietly benefited from it since the 1960ís. For the first time ever, this mind power course known as the Lessons in Advanced Perception is now available in an E-book format along with some other very rare writings of Harold S. Schroeppel, such as The How of Telepathy.

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A few minor updates:
Lessons in Advanced Perception (http://www.lessonsinadvancedperception.com)

Peter Lindemann
11-16-2008, 05:15 PM
In the years immediately following World War 2, there was an explosion of interest in exploring "Human Potential". Dozens and dozens of the brightest people in the United States were all exploring psychic phenomena and the boundaries of ordinary people's mental abilities. Among those who became famous for pushing the envelope of human abilities in the first half of the Twentieth Century were Edgar Cayce, Eileen Garrett, Jeane Dixon, and Joseph Dunninger. But there were others. One of the most skilled mentalists and psychics of this time period was Harold S. Schroeppel.

Harold Schroeppel started off with no more psychic ability than the average person, yet he developed into one of the most respected psychics and teachers of mind control techniques of the last 50 years. The reason you may not have heard of him is that he shunned publicity and he rarely demonstrated his abilities to anyone other than his students.

While most of these others were "gifted" with a natural talent, Schroeppel became interested in the latent abilities of those who were clearly "not gifted". What was Extra Sensory Perception? Were these abilities reserved for a select few, or did everyone have the ability to know more than their five physical senses were telling them? These were the questions that Schroeppel asked himself. If everyone had these abilities, then why did so few exhibit them? What turned them OFF, and more importantly, what turned them ON?

By the early 1950's, Schroeppel had begun a formal study of these questions. He quickly realized that there was no "magic bullet" that just turned advanced mental abilities ON like a switch. So he changed his orientation, and began exploring ANY METHOD that produced results, even if those results were periodic and incremental. In other words, he set out on a purely empirical path of discovery. If something worked, he used it and studied it. If it didn't work, he discarded it. He tried everything he could find.

There were a number of methods that offered hopes of developing advanced mental powers. Among these were recent discoveries in psychology and bio-feedback (Jacobson, 1934) as well as the more traditional sources, such as the Bible, the Kabalah, Taoist teachings, Buddhist writings, Yoga, Hindu Scriptures, and the various schools of the oriental Martial Arts.

He brought groups of people together with the express purpose of testing the various methods found in this literature. Some of the techniques worked, to one degree or another, but many others did not. Some of these early group experiments produced remarkable results, in spite of the fact that the exact reasons for these early successes were not fully understood. But the experiments continued and the methods became clearer over time.

After a long correspondence with James Welgos, President of the Eidetic Foundation, Mr. Schroeppel agreed to write an essay discussing the results of his early experiments. And so, in 1953, Harold Schroeppel wrote the first account of his work in this field. The monograph was titled The How of Telepathy, with a foreword by James Welgos. The booklet contains hundreds of suggestions on how the reader can expand his awareness in a wide variety of circumstances, and remains an excellent introduction to the field. But most importantly, it describes the conditions that must be established in the mind for advanced perceptual abilities to be released. Few took notice of this landmark publication.

Mr. Schroeppel's group experiments continued and his methods began to solidify. He found that some methods worked only for advanced students, while others worked for anybody who tried them. In the end, his investigations identified 16 fundamental lessons that, when practiced, allowed any person to release their dormant perceptual abilities. He then arranged these lessons in a specific order, so anyone could start at the beginning of the process and move to the more advanced techniques successfully. The method was revolutionary and the results were spectacular.

He now had a curriculum to train ordinary people in the astonishing art of advanced perceptual abilities. This training was called the Lessons in Advanced Perception. By the late 1950's, he moved his base of operations from Peoria, Illinois to Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

By 1960, all of the years of work had paid off. The period of experimentation was essentially over. During this period, he had not only found the way to teach these methods, he had developed these abilities for himself to a very high degree. At this point, he decided to formalize his work in this field, so he created the Institute for Advanced Perception. The institute operated from his Oak Park location for almost 30 years.

The Lessons in Advanced Perception, unlike the earlier booklet, The How of Telepathy, was a text book with a distinct lesson plan. Gone were the dozens of suggestions of what to watch for or how to notice subtle things. In their place were specific exercises the student was asked to do.

At first glance, these exercises seem to have nothing to do with developing perceptual abilities. They include creating tensions in your muscles and then quickly relaxing. Another lesson has you imagining you are different people, and then coming back to being yourself. Another lesson involves practicing feeling strong emotions and then feeling the opposite emotion. Each of these exercises has a specific effect on the body and on the subconscious mind. The advanced perceptual abilities emerge as a consequence of these effects. The net result is nothing less than astonishing!

Over the years, thousands of students went through the curriculum at the Institute for Advanced Perception, and thousands of mimeographed copies of the full 16 lesson text went into quiet circulation.

Harold Schroeppel believed that a new and better society would develop if people could communicate more honestly and completely with each other. He wanted everyone to benefit from his discoveries. With this in mind, he published the Lessons in Advanced Perception as a series of articles in a private newsletter, beginning in January of 1962.

In spite of its limited exposure, the Lessons in Advanced Perception has been taught continuously for over 48 years and is still available today. It remains the most effective training ever devised for the complete release of a wide range of dormant human perceptual abilities.

Harold S. Schroeppel was an analytical chemist, and a member of the American Chemical Society. He founded the Institute for Advanced Perception in Oak Park, Illinois. He trained teachers who later became the officers for the Illinois Society for Psychic Research. Harold was an ordained minister in the Non-denominational Church, and served at St. Mary's Oneness Temple International in Chicago for many years. As a public speaker, he was known for his ability to deliver lectures on nearly sixty topics at the drop of a hat. Harold helped thousands of people throughout the world live a richer and fuller life through his teaching at the Institute for Advanced Perception.

Harold Schroeppel passed away on October 1, 2008 at the age of 89. He is remembered as a loving husband, a supportive father, a professional chemist, an inspirational speaker, and the founder of the most remarkable institution for adult education in American history.

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