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10-05-2008, 01:19 AM
Heres a series of books recommended to me by a "energy worker"...Ive read the first two, they are free on one of his sites as a text...and "Money is Love" is free as well, also on MP3.

The message is simple...Love is so much more than a feeling. Its a force and a power with its own conciousness and we have hardly understood and rarely mastered all its possible uses....What he was taught (By an "angel") was really simple..... how to connect, grow and send love... accessed from your HighestSelf "GodSelf".

The stories not too long ( he is not a writer so bare with some of his writting and storytelling (if you start) ...in his book(s) youll see what a brave stretch writting is for him. He never learned to write as a kid). I found them really easy to read, hes good at creating intrigue and i learned many more things I didnt know I didnt know! : )

It dovetails much and well I think with M.E. ~ and other methods I am sure...its so simple!... For me it feels like I have finally found the launching off point to move into M.E. or whatever I wish to do.

Give the first book a read and see if it resonates ...(you could use it to send love to the "Galactic Federation" if you wanted :rolleyes: ) Sooooo many possible uses.

The second book tells how to use power spots or energy vortexes to multiply your love. (even if not at one...if you have a favorite just concentrate and intend yourself there.) He believes they are all connected across the planet and if you intend so your love can go in one site and pop out all of them all over Mamma Earth...Something about that really rings true to me. Is that an open system? (I just got Quantum key the other day...havent got to reading it yet.)

Heres the link Books on Love by Klaus Joehle. Free download (http://k.livingonlove.com/books.shtml)

Peace Love Om, Blake

10-05-2008, 09:54 PM
Thanks, Blake. I'm in the middle of reading his first book and it's quite entertaining! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it, and the ones that follow. I saw on his website that the author lives right by me too, along with where I used to live as well. Such a small, fascinating world. ;)

Thanks for the link!


Coz Sally
10-06-2008, 02:44 PM
Thank you Blake! I spent a good part of a lazy rainy Sunday reading the first book. Even though he is not the best writer, it sure had me wondering what would happen next, and caring. I'll probably start the second one some time this week.

10-06-2008, 07:21 PM
This guy has interesting adventure companions. Your welcome Kim and Coz Sally! I just cracked open the one on finding your joy...3rd or 4th book?

The second book gives a much broader backstory to the first and he talks alot about his childhood which is really unique as well. IT dose get many times more wierd....The shameful thing is pretty simple...him remembering some not so good past lives...that dosent really give anythiing away.

I started "working" on the love thing the first few days with much ferver...he is right to take it slow...major emotional detox. When I cleared some and stabled out...Ive been much more slow and staggered in the use...I imagine I'll pick up and do it more consistenly...but a shift has happened-yet again and i feel ive entered a new relationship with myself . I believe my heart is opening like I haven't let it before. The intending a connection with my higher self and loving from there seems really to be a key part for me.

In M.E. Richard says to go into that heart space and I could figure out how. just thinking or feeling or intending and two pointing it didnt get me there....too much protection and fear?? These books may be really basic for most energy workers and people adept at using love in their work, but I guess I need something this simple to begin with...

I agree his story and how he told it really drew me in... "where is he going with this?" ... its awesome and amazing people actually have these kinds of magical experiences! Hope my life has its share soon. His starting point of frustration and depression and nothing working no matter how hard he tried, made it easy to identify right off for me. Reassuring to hear again you can get "there" from "here".

Peace and Love

future pather
10-07-2008, 03:29 PM

I started reading last night, got up to chapter 5. So far it's interesting, especially with the comments you've made. I'm looking forward to the rest :)

Thanks for sharing it :thumbsup:


10-08-2008, 10:18 AM
Just popped in to thank you for sharing this book, it seems to be a very informative book, we must learn love and excitement from children, and it makes a good point, I plan to read it to learn more about love.

BTW, your post has been a great synchronicity to me. :)

10-08-2008, 06:31 PM
Thanks for the link:thumbsup:

Love is the answer!:cheers:


10-11-2008, 03:42 AM
:thanks: Blake!

I just finished the first one and I LOVE the message and instructions on sending Love to not only people, but EVERYTHING! :heartbeat: I practice daily meditation and you can be sure that this technique is now going to be a BIG part of it! :thumbsup:

Now I will start on the second book!!! :thumbsup:

Blake..You are such an Angel to have posted this link!!!:angel: Thank You! :hug:

With Much Love and Gratitude, :heartbeat:


10-11-2008, 06:55 AM

Just wanted to say, I practiced it only a little, and everyone suddenly became more kind, and allowing. Very interesting. Love is a real magnetic force field, which does everything in the universe. We must only learn to feel it being confident that it will do for us only good.


10-11-2008, 04:17 PM
Hey Elisa, Jessica, WPage, Pamela!!!!

I'm jazzed you all liked it! I was hoping itd resonate with some here. I thought it funny and great, the putting all your bills into a stack and sending love to them...made me think of Busting Loose a bit. Just like the other stuff in Energetic forum...its uses are limitless!

I had that experience too Elias of everyone just beeing soooooo nice and 4 people that particular(amped up 2nd) day came up to me and were rubbing my back or putting their hand on my shoulder as they talked to me....That was wierd!!!! I usually have this unconcious "my space" shield goin on and to have 4 people in one day...uninstigated by me, to do that, is quite odd.

I also just felt this completeness. Like this is it...I dont "need" anything from the outside- even the affection that was coming my way...Ive heard of people talking about becoming your own love generator in so many ways...well turning it on maybe cuz we always have that love source inside...but i never experienced it like I did using this. I think you could use the binural beats if one had challenges going into the meditative (desolving body state) before connecting with your higher self. I use a similar CD somtimes when I do it. The BB links in the library doo the same thing to me...I'm also guessing the M.E. stuff I learned came into play on opening the love valve and visualizing the light....it keeps hapening in different ways and makes me think of fallowing the arctype pictues that come in, that Richard Bartlet describes...Staying focusd/connected with higher self is the new part for me...thouuh I have been reminded about it a bajillion times from a wazillion sources through out time I am sure. (Thanks Grace!:p ) so I dont know how "new" that is.

Events seem to have shifted too...opening up more to life and drawing more sincronicities and likeminded folk to me. The Ringing Cedar books are a big part of it too I think...my favorite topic lately and has started many a good conversation...Anastasia talks about us all having our own "ray" and using it for all sorts of things...including sending love... and describes how she connects to the Source Ray by lying on the Earth with her arms outstreached and a ray connects her (or our) heart to the cosmos...She gets her answers from the Source of creation that way whenever she needs more info or gets stumped...which dosent sound often.... anyway if you liked Living on love I'm figurin youd love Anastasia.....just a plug :)

Thank You all for the Thank Yous !!! :inlove:

:heartbeat: Blake

10-15-2008, 12:46 AM
Thank you for posting the link.

Taking me a while to read through it. I read part of it when you posted it, and left it, but yesterday i continued to read it from the beginning. This time i used a Firefox browser add on that allowed me to save, and highlight key words, so as to go over it again another time. In case anyone is interested, the Add on is called Scrapbook. It is embedded into the Firefox browser, and one can view the saved items. Saving is done by simply highlighting the desired section of the page and dragging into the scrapbook tab.

Just before i went to bed, i managed to read till the end of chapter 19. Which is nearly half way down the browser page. It is the first Ebook about Love.
My bed is butted up against a shelf/ cupboard/ cabinet, and i went to sleep with my back to it. Within a short time after closing my eyes, I was at a point between awake and dream, (or possibly just entering dream?) when i sensed a communication occurring in that state/ space, or whatever to call it. Then i felt fingers tapping on the side of my neck that was exposed or facing the ceiling. It was as if the fingers came from behind me, but that is physically impossible considering how close my back was to the cupboard/ shelf. I was a reluctant to continue attuning to whatever that was, and just focused on going to sleep.

10-15-2008, 12:57 AM

Sounds like a sleep paralysis episode almost. I've had countless episodes of this with fingers and hands touching me in the twilight state between sleep and awake.

Were there any difficulties breathing or any sensation that you were being held down?

10-15-2008, 09:58 PM
Aaron, thank you for asking. I did not experience breathing difficulties, nor any sense of being held down. It was definitely not sleep paralysis. In the long process of attempting to draft a reply post, i was covering a lot of ground with experiences in my life that seemed to be connected to my response in the experience. That process led to understanding, and seems to be part of the unfolding. In terms of explaining what is unfolding is hard for me to define at this time. Except it is good.

Christine G.
10-16-2008, 01:16 AM
Thank you so much Blake for posting this!! I'm almost done with book one and while reading I had a thought. Someone should make a movie about this book! Wouldn't that be fun to watch?!:yahoo:

10-16-2008, 07:57 PM
Christine...Would love to see what they'd do with it !!! Ive been wondering lately when the "movies" might start catching up to the conciousness shift happening... I think were ripe for some new archtypes!!! There is the "spiritual cinima" thing ( i saw posted here I think...my dad did it for a while...good stuff!)

Alsy...Trippy on the finger tapping and voices....maybe your guides or higher self was doing a bedtime EFT session on you :p !

Last night I was trying to find a story I remembered from a CD set (biology of empowerment) ...the Guy in it told of a study about cholesterol i think on rabbits...they gave them a high high cholesterol diet with a control group naturally. The funny thing was that all the well fed rabbits in the study responded as expected...gaining boo quoo weight...except a small little bunch of them...who hardly gained a thing or no weight increase at all!!!!! they tried to peice apart the study and figure out why/how these rabbits were different?
What they discovered was that it came down to the reasearch assistants who fed the rabbits (the exact same food/portions). Apparently one of the assistants liked to hold and pet (love?) each of her rabbits before she fed them... That was the only difference they could find...the only rabbits that didnt gain weight were the batch she was assigned to care for....Hmmmmmm!

Anyway was thinking and trying the sending love to my food...but just thought, too love myself as well...to see if it negates or trancends the caloric conciousness of our wonderful beliefs about food/calories/cholesterol!!! I remember Sallyjane i think was matrixing hers with good results! will let you know...I seem to have a hard time concentrating an that lately as ive been soo hungy when I finally get my food....maybe I should hire a massuse or find a good "petter" to pet me before i eat :D !

So I occasionally try talking to some of the kitchen workers here at the hospital about this conciousness/feeling thing transferring to the food (mostly as a joke but planting seeds.) anyway I told them about this studdy and the woman didnt quite get my point...she said "so you think the cook and us servers should come out and hug and pet you before you eat??? " I laughed at the thought knowing one of our cooks...but since then Ive thought if a resteraunt employed this practice ...I bet theyd be a pretty popular dining destination !!!

Just sayin... :heartbeat:

10-19-2008, 11:44 AM
Blake: Thanks for posting this! I have been experiencing something similar that seems to have ramped up in the last few months and have been "asking" for answers as to what is going on...Yesterday I was out walking my dog and had a really strange experience with two strangers invading my "space". it seems to happen on a daily basis lately. I have been enjoying it, but trying to figure out what is going on.
I got home from my walk and picked up the first book where I had left off - chapter fifteen - where he tells Danny and Neena about his experience with strangers.....This is very trippy!

10-19-2008, 10:05 PM
I dreamed...

I was in a elevator and a shrink walked in...

On another floor another shrink walked in and said "how are you"

The other said "What do you mean by that?"

Wolk up and said. Im cured! Thank God!

What a nightmare!:thumbsup:

Christine G.
10-24-2008, 12:19 AM
Hi Blake! How are you doing with the exercise for the living on love book? I tried it the first time and felt my heart open and when I was breathing in and out I could feel the love expand in my lungs and felt it through my hands and feet. It was an incredible experience but I stopped in the middle 'cause I didn't remember what to do next. I couldn't wait to try it again the next day and did not get the same results I did the first time. I kept trying and trying and could'nt get the same feeling again. I think I'm trying too hard:wall: Do you have any insights for me? Are you still practicing it? Thanks!

10-24-2008, 01:59 AM
Christine!...Alas I have not been doing it on a regular basis...developing consistency is one of my great life kenundrums. I will go home right now and do it...I'm off work and dilly dallying on computer when i could be loving! ...I know... I can put love in anything I do...just need to pay attention.

So my world did open up when I was practicing it and feel I'm on a different timeline...think I kinda got scared of how much might change how fast? Its all for the good...my dad has a note floating around his house that says "HOW GOOD CAN YOU STAND IT!?" ... :)

a couple thoughts on "doing" and "feeling"... I wonder if thats also not apart of why I tapered down to a slow simmer? So these thoughts are for me really...hmmmm. My first thought was just cuz your not feeling it dosent mean its not happening...The golden Key part for me was intending and connecting with my highest self which IS LOVE...nothing to do at that point...just be. I think in the book he practiced alot on reaching that state. Then the time traveling or love sending came in...

My first BIG positive love filled reaction to doing it came ont the third day. On day two - a full day of not feeling it but doing it anyway...just believing that it was working...I felt the reverse of love actually (fear)...but when I could I kept "imagining" stoking my heart with love and "imagining" opening my connection to my higher self...I was very affraid of the overly glommy resonse of others he described in the book. I hardly did it enough for that to happen but I felt cracked open and vulnerable anyway from what I had/was doing...so that day was intending stolking love but feeling "stay away from me!!!" a bit-o cognative dissonance ???

So believing it and trusting it I think are keys...like with ME or all the other stuff here (or in life?). The other that felt really important was SENDING the love...even when I wasnt feeling it I was imagining "sending" (in all sorts of metahoric visuals) love to others at work (or recognizing it in them)...also people in my life or past who werent around. That was/IS huge it think...Love needs to flow. It needs to be given. I think thats what created the shift in day three.

The thing that really hit me in book one or two?...was him sending love to his childhood self... going back in time... I think for me that would/will increase my capacity to love in the now and transform the picture of my past...(this is like kindergarted M.E. I know)... I dont know how many times people have suggested this to me (starting with the classic "inner child" work) but it never clicked until having this goofy method to do it.

In sending love to others I start with the ones I naturally love (or want to) and use the natural-ness to open my heart more... then I send it to those Im not happy with.... and then everybody I cross paths with for as long as I can stay focussed on it...like a meditation practice...then refocus when I realize I forgot....after a while it feels like enough...or like I'm forcing it ...then I relax and just enjoy myself or do the gratitutude thing...mind you this is still new to me and I really aint good (consistant) with it yet... This was just my first big experience of a "self" generated tranformation in my feeling/conciousness...I seem to ride other peoples wave alot not trusting I have all I need and can do it all for myself. This proved to me for a while that its true...I am complete and whole and have all the love Id ever want to give, to give...

I know to many here I must sound like a Ssssllllooooowww learner and at times a bit hipocriful or like a broken record (or maybe I just feel that way?)... I really appreciate the kindness of all here and the support...I guess Im still just learning to trust and to share my journey.

...its just soooo ironic I have all the answers to everything I think or say or ask...I have inner-ly corrected i dont know how many statements i have made in this post alone while writing.... :)

It all makes me think of a poem i wrote a while ago about making peace with my perfect imperfection and not withholding my love...

I need to go home now...:beamup:

:heartbeat: Blake

10-24-2008, 04:20 AM
Hi Blake!

What a wonderful thread and Link to wonderful books!!!:thanks::thanks::heartbeat::heartbeat::sun ::sun:

10-24-2008, 09:34 AM
Hi Blake and Everyone Else :)

I was going to wait until I'd read at least half of the first book before posting here, and I have a few things I'd love to add... but.....

Hee heeee, a Fabulous and Funny synchronicity just happened while I've been reading and I just had to share it with you.

I'm sitting at my computer, reading the first book, and the T.V. is next to me, on which my son is watching the movie, Independence Day. I asked him to turn it down a little as it gets quite enthusiastic with the action :rolleyes:
Every now and then I glance over and see a little of the movie - it's a great movie.

I'm SO enjoying the book, and I used to use this Power at one point, but had forgotten about it. Now, as I'm reading the book, it's all coming back to me and I'm feeling the Power again. :yahoo:

As I reached towards the end of page 6, I happened to look over to the T.V. screen, and the scene was the one where, on the plane, the Geoff Goldblum's character's (can't remember his name) father, is saying to Geoff Goldblum's character's ex, that all his son could think of was getting to her. He then says "There's still love there." She answers "Love was never the problem." but wait there's more.... then he answers "All you need is Love" lol. :rofl: - a sweet and funny line in the movie anyway because of the reference to the Beatles' song, but really impressive when overheard "by chance" while reading this book. :D

I'll be back once I've read a bit more of it. I really enjoyed reading this thread as well. :hearts:

Thank you Very much, Blake, for sharing this here. :hug:

Love and Light and ....wait, Love is all we need, so just .... Love :heartbeat: ;) xxx

Christine G.
10-24-2008, 08:26 PM
:thanks: for that!! I will keep doing the exercises and trust that it is working. You are right we are already complete,whole and love. I think I really need to know that in my heart and soul more. Thanks again for this thread and sharing these books with us:) I love it! They are very interesting and once I start reading it, I can't stop.:hug:

10-25-2008, 12:28 PM
Shortly after last posting, i had something happen which i felt was important to share, but due to struggling with some issues with myself that came to light i did not post. I have come to some self acceptance since that time, so anyhow, here is what happened;

I read the first book over a few days, and was experiencing the feeling of love during some moments within the book, and outside of reading. I have not finished the book, but do intend to return to it at some point in time. The day of last reading was a peak of the feeling of love, but on the following day as the morning started up, i began feeling a conflict within for some reason, and that took me out of the experience of love. I got up out of the chair and went to open the door to leave the room. Somehow my left foot was too far forward as i was learning forward to walk out of the room, and it blocked the door from opening beyond about the half way point of my body. I walked straight into the end the door with my face, because my body was tilted forward, with the face being the first point of collision.
As soon as that happened, i was immediately aware that it occurred out of the vibrational conflict i had started to experience, and somehow managed to instantly choose back into the love i had been experiencing over the few days. The immediate reaction was to hold the face with the hands, and lie down. Ordinarily, such an impact would have left pain for several days at a minimum. It became quickly apparent, that there was no pain and the there had been only a brief discomfort at impact.

I also noticed that the days where i experienced love, were the nights where sleep was right through, uninterrupted. Sleeping 3 nights in a row where sleep was right through has not happened for 20 years.

One other thing i cant quite comprehend, is like a disconnection from the the period of experiencing love and that highlighted experience, and not readily feeling the experience as a memory, even though it was only a week and a half ago. Perhaps it will be understood in time.

10-25-2008, 06:42 PM
Theres a quote from a very wise Woman i heard once...or perhaps it was from her teacher...?

"There is enough love in the human heart to fill the entire universe."

YouTube - Across The Universe - All You Need Is Love (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GkgDZ28T00)

10-30-2008, 05:21 AM
Blake, Thank you for recommending this book! Pamela Thank you for bringing it to my attention!! :notworthy:

I started reading it about an hour and a half ago.... I am now on chapter 12! My eyes hurt so bad from reading off the computer screen! :rofl: I guess I am going to have to go buy some black ink for my printer tomorrow morning after I get my kids off to school!

The book is awesome, and no I did not skip to the end for the instructions... I read from start to end! :angel: I am loving the book, and looking so forward to finishing it tomorrow! I am about to fall asleep on my laptop right now, so I am going to have to give in for now!

VERY AWESOME BOOK! Highly reccomend it!!!

Blessings Sallyjane:hug: :beamup:

10-30-2008, 08:58 AM
I completely agree Sallyjane!! :thumbsup:

I've read the first and second books, and am now on the audio of the third.

What FABulous stuff!!! And I find his writing Intriguing!! The grammar and spelling etc. doesn't detract from his Excellent story-telling style! It really keeps you engaged and wanting to know what happens next.

The practise of Opening the Valve, and of Sending Love is what I believe many other modalities are aiming at. Something like Ho'oponopono for example is, I believe, aimed at this result, and is a way of producing the feeling for it.

Thank you again, Blake, for sharing this Brilliant information with us. :notworthy: :thanks: :hug:

Love and Light and Magic ..... and Love ;) xxx

10-30-2008, 07:57 PM
You are the man! Wow, what a great book and it was funny to me like Odille said with her synchronicity, I was listening to a rock station online and two songs back to back had the "love" in the title just as I was getting into the nitty gritty on the love thing. And this was a old school heavy metal station??? :suprise: Of course I just laughed and knew why.

I'm digging his writing style -- I'm usually critical on writing, but with the info I'm resonating with and learning about, it's fine :thumbsup: I"m hearing him speak with every word read. Ha, and it's taking longer than usual to read -- I'm getting so many insights and good memory flashbacks of yesteryear. He just needs to talk faster ;)

For marathon computer reading maneuvers, I would recommend not using another light at the same time with the computer. Fluorescents blink at a different frequency and don't quite match up with the CRT or LED monitors -- that can cause eyestrain, it'll help at least...

Yes, sending love is a gift I'm sending it to everyone. Great book and only 65 pages left!

Thanks again Blake,

10-30-2008, 08:49 PM
Thanks Blake!!!!!! :hug: :heartbeat: :hearts:

This information is awesome. I am finding that I use it with a simple two point and it really just works and shuts up my ego chatter... Although my ego really does not chatter very loud any more. I am sending love to everyone and every thing.... Hopefully I am not moving to fast with it all... like you said! :suprise:

I still have about 20 more pages to read, but since I just started it last night... I think am good. I will probably finish it tonight after work. The whole love theme has been big in my life the last week I guess... so how perfectly I get to this right now. I also have on order the book "A Love without End" the one Stephen started a thread about... these books are nice as they are free to download!


10-31-2008, 04:54 AM
I just finished the book! I am starting to practice opening up to love. I am soooo excited about this...

By the way thank you for the suggestion for turning off the other lights! I do appreciate the suggestion. I am going to print out the book for my daughter who is fourteen to read it also!

Ooohhh! I just have so many things I want to apply this too, but first I need to get my own love opened up!

Blessings and LOVE Sallyjane:hug:

11-01-2008, 07:15 AM
Thank you Blake! These books are wonderful! I've just finished the first two.

A couple of experiences to report:

Just getting into the book, but nor realizing the implications I had my boss mention on two different days how pretty I looked. I wasn't dressed up or anything, but I think love was just radiating from me = even though I hadn't really practiced this yet. But hey - time is an illusion anyway.

I just picked up the new Snow Patrol record and for some strange reason, it radiates me with love. I feel like I am flying in the universe when I listen to the record. (my cats like it too! :grindaisy: ) And then I just read an interview with the lead singer tonight about how he's in love and this record is all about that.

Anyway, off to bed...I'm going to go to sleep thinking about love and radiating love. Thanks again!!!! This is wonderful!!! :hug:

11-01-2008, 02:07 PM
It gets better and better. I finished the book yesterday and I'm noticing animals more. Walking with my laundry I noticed this one bird didn't fly away - I was pretty close. And you know there is the usual "fly away distance" with them as you approach...
Back in my home office room, I'll get wasps somehow sneaking in my window and I still haven't seen their "trap door" even though I've taped some gaps in the frame, etc., etc. Now there's three of them and two were hanging out facing each other on the wall, hmm... (in love?:iloveyou: )
My usual short glass and cd sleeve maneuver to capture them and send them outside was different... Instead of quickly flying away, wings flapping at 90mph, and that "what did you just do to me, I'll get ya" look on their face, they just seemed to want to hang out. They kept crawling towards my hand holding the glass. And the solo guy crawls to the top of the glass, stops and was looking towards me, yes - I'm not joking here. They always fly away immediately.

Wow, now that I've learned about the "birds and the bees" :rofl: we'll see how it goes for me at the Halloween party tonight... Update: Oh, it was mucho bettero -- it was a blast and I noticed more attention from the ladies -- more than before. Cool!

Sending more LOVE,

11-05-2008, 06:12 PM
Hi My Lovies!

I have been meaning to post to this thread for the past week, but "time" kept getting in my way and as the days unfolded, even more magical events have come to fruition, so I guess it was meant to be! But before I say anything else, I want to, once more, THANK our Precious Blake for sharing these books with us!!! :hug: Oh, Honey...What a GIFT you have given us and I so much LOVE seeing how this is spreading throughout the forum and transforming the lives of those that practice the Loving instructions contained within the books!

I have finished the second book and as soon as I finish this post I will begin the third and I cannot possibly tell you how Over The Moon I am about how filling myself with Love and sending it out is creating such FABULOUS dramatic changes in my life! The delightful reactions I am receiveing from ALL the people that I send Love to is quite immediate and astonishing! But I don't know why I am so surprised at this since I have been exquisitely aware of the power of conscious intentions for such a long time and have been putting this conscious awareness into practice on a daily basis... It's funny how the author says that this little "secret" was under our noses all along, yet it never quite occurred to me to consciously "fill myself with Love" and send it out with such a beautiful visualization! :heartbeat:

So....once I started to notice the immediate reactions from people, I started to send Love to EVERYTHING and THEN, I had an idea....:cool: I thought, "Wow...if this works so fabulously now, I wonder what would happen if I added the "Unconditional Love" PATHS module to my Theater?" So I sent off a little email to the PATHS folks and had them make the old switcheroo and began watching as soon as they got me all set up, and WOOOOOHOOOO, MY LOVIES!!! It's as if I am a walking, talking Love torch and I can actually "feel" my entire being filled up with this BRILLIANT, GLOWING Love/Light that shines off in all directions to eternity!!!:sun: Holy Moly!!! It is INCREDIBLE!!!:yahoo: Talk about "knowing" my Infinite Power!!!:wonderwoman:

So okay...never mind that I am feeling Blissful, but all these magical manifestations are occurring out of the blue! People who used to push my buttons are suddenly being as sweet as pie, strangers are smiling and greeting me, friends are telling me that I "glow", feelings of judgement are immediately replaced with compassion...Whew...The list goes on! Within the past 36 hours several things happened that I KNOW were the results of sending Love...When I went to stand in line to vote yesterday, I was told to go to the head of the line... when I went to Town Hall to see about a "descrepancy" with my Property Tax bill, they told me I didn't have to pay ANY of it.... AND I manifested a HUGE painting commission!!! There's more, but it's a wee bit too personal for a public forum...;) I just HAVE to say...THIS is Beyond AWESOME!!!:yahoo:

Sooooo....I am wondering...Have any of you other Sweeties also added the "Unconditional Love" PATHS module to rev up the power of this Loving practice???? Tell me!!!

Okay...Gotta go start the 3rd book send some more Love...:kiss:

With Much Love and Gratitude, :heartbeat:


Christine G.
11-05-2008, 09:56 PM
Jaime, Doug and Pamela, THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I still need to practice. When I first tried it I really felt it. But the other times I tried it, it wasn't the same as the first time where I could really feel it. So now I'm going to use stereo headphones to really quiet all the distractions and fully try to hear my soul self and connect. I want to send love too!!!!

Pamela, I have thought about that Unconditional Love module for awhile now since reading the books by Klaus. I think I might have to do that soon!!:thumbsup:

:thanks: Blake!!!!:yahoo:

11-05-2008, 10:43 PM
I just swapped out one of my modules for that. I am sooooo enjoying sending out love to everyone! I am looking forward to working with that module in my theatre. Ooooh!

I did have one fantastic attraction into my life... :notworthy: This is huge cause I had not seen him in many years (no pamela he is not from Colorado) but instead a friend from my windows in the redwood forest! :angel: Yes I turned around and this time instead of being a face in my window he was standing right behind me in my house :suprise: . It took me a minute to process who and what he was?

For those of you who do not know the story, I use to live in a cabin in the redwood forest. We heated our house with wood and the likes. Anyways when my now X husband was gone at night I would get visitors, but not of the human sort! Freaked me out!!!! :rofl: They were only tall enough to reach their faces to the window and they would come and check on me and my newborn baby. I believe them to be Elves. So since I have been sending love I also started sending love to the fairy world and such... They stopped showing themselves to me because I was soooo afraid of them. This was a very special treat to see one again!

Now I have to work on attracting men of the human kind I guess...:rofl:

Blessings Sallyjane

11-07-2008, 05:57 PM
Today I started my new modules. I say modules because the universe decided to surprise me this morning with one I did not expect, but somehow feels right, so I decided to keep it too. I also started the unconditional love which I am going to love.

It dawned on me what a perfect time and way to work on growing your love than while you are watching your paths modules! :notworthy:

Thanks Pamela for suggesting the unconditional love, and I have to say all of a sudden I am getting calls and text messages from people I have not heard from in sometime! Kind of fun!

Love Sallyjane

11-07-2008, 11:16 PM
Jaime, Doug and Pamela, THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I still need to practice. When I first tried it I really felt it. But the other times I tried it, it wasn't the same as the first time where I could really feel it. So now I'm going to use stereo headphones to really quiet all the distractions and fully try to hear my soul self and connect. I want to send love too!!!!

Awww Christine, You are! :thumbsup:
I'm not sure what you mean on headphones, but open up your :heartbeat: and let it rip! :rofl: Let the love flow...
Some really cool things happened today, besides another beautiful day to bicycle - 72°, a guy helped me out with some work I was doing which saved me time, a neighbor gave me a dvd/vcr player and some mini spkers for an Ipod - I still have some tapes - no player, a buddy of mine that manages a ski shop gave me a pair of goggles to bike in the winter with, and I found out about a job from someone I used to work for and he's at another location. Cool! That love is the real deal -- back to that 3rd book!

I wish you the best!

Christine G.
11-08-2008, 12:03 AM
Thanks Doug!:D I don't know the name of it, but it's the old school stereo head phones with the big cups for each ear.
LOL! :rofl: Sorry I don't know what they're called. My dad used to put them on and then plug it into the stereo when he listened to his music.
They're supposed to block out all or most noise. Kinda like the ones singers use when they are recording in the studio.

11-08-2008, 12:44 AM
Thanks Doug!:D I don't know the name of it, but it's the old school stereo head phones with the big cups for each ear.
LOL! :rofl: Sorry I don't know what they're called. My dad used to put them on and then plug it into the stereo when he listened to his music.
They're supposed to block out all or most noise. Kinda like the ones singers use when they are recording in the studio.
Okay Christine, you got me:D
I realized I forgot the key word "using" :rofl: I don't know why you are using headphones? For sending love? If that's deal, now what kind do you have? eh? ;) He he Sounds like you have a great pair for that - noise canceling? That is the way to go these days, so I hear.

Christine G.
11-08-2008, 01:47 AM
Do you remember in the book where he would put his headphones on and meditate? The part where he time travels by totally relaxing the body and imagines hopping on the train to get the numbers for the lottery or gambling I think:thinking:

I thought it would help to tune out all the outside distractions and just focus on opening my heart, filling and sending love:)

11-08-2008, 02:46 AM
Alright gotcha,

I thought there was a special program, etc. that was part of some instructions at the end or something :confused: that I missed. Didn't wanna be out of the loop, ya know? ;) Mebbe late eve's or early mornings? Usually quiet then.
Have a great weekend

11-08-2008, 08:51 AM
Having used Ho'oponopono a lot in the past, (once I'd figured out exactly how to do it - thanks to the Ho'oponopono module), I'm finding it really really easy to get the feeling and send love, and it's having FABulous effects!!!! :yahoo: Including getting my first gig since I decided to do a new style of music - which I'll write about in a different post. The challenge I have right now is REMEMBERING to do it lol. I'm remembering when I wake up in the morning, and when I go to bed at night, but during the day, I often remember, but I do often forget as well. And it's INcredible the difference it makes during the course of the day when I remember!!! :suprise: Things supposedly "out of my control" turn out perfectly for me - often beyond expectation! :yahoo:

But something that helps when you can't get the feeeeeeling going, is, think of someone or something you love. Can be a child, a pet, someone you don't even know, a friend or family member - anyone who, when you think of them, makes your heart feel like it's opening. You can also use activities that you love... Christine, you could use singing, or singing a specific song, or singing in a particular venue, or with someone specific who you admire.

And then carry that feeeeeling over to everything else you want to send love to - or, as the feeling comes up, imagine seeing it as the golden light he talks about, and then continue with that visualisation.

Starting by thinking of someone or something you love that much, kick-starts the whole thing. If you find you loose it again, just go back to thinking of the person or activity again. And the more you do it, the easier it gets - it's litterally like learning to ride a bike (or anything else for that matter), just takes practice, and once you've got it, it becomes automatic.

Blake, :hug: I can't thank you enough for sharing this here! It's really clicked for me, makes SO much sense, and is something that I've somehow always known, but not realised in this context! It's like I've had a lawn mower, but have been pushing it over the grass to flatten it, and I've just now realised how to switch it on and actually cut the grass! :rofl:

Love and Love and Love :D xxx

Christine G.
11-08-2008, 10:10 PM
Thanks!! I needed that! I will try it today:thumbsup: :hug:

11-09-2008, 12:59 AM
Maggieb, Grace, WPage, Jamie, Doug, Christine, Sally Jane, Pamela, Illusions and everyone before!!!! You "guys" are funny. Thank you all for thanking me. This is what I love about this forum. I have learned about so many things I probably would have never come across on my own! Such a "stone soup" we have going! :thumbsup:

I met this interesting bloke in a coffee shop once and had one of those random unexpected deep philosophical conversations...I love when that happens....and he told me his mission as he sees it. (perhaps Ive shared this a long while back?) He said that life is like a dot to dot picture that we used to do as a kid. We dont know what the picture is so we connect the dots. then gradually it starts to look like something or make sense. He said he sees his mission as "connecting the dots" and the dots are somtimes people and sometimes information...(or both)...he had a very social job.

I think Energetic Form is full of all us amazing dots and theres alot of connectors and connecting going on! Its awesome. I wonder what the picture is going to look like when its done! I guess thats up to me...as we all are makin up our own ? The collectivity is inspiring though.:heartthrob: :heartthrob: :heartbeat: :heartthrob: :heartthrob:

Can hardly respond to everyones at the moment but was reminded in reading about his suggestion to send light to his brain stem, or our survival brain(reptillian brain), in order to slow or stop the mind chatter and get into a heart space.( Illusions, your suggestions are awesome...knoticing whats already there...like your magic pill !!!!! I have gottn soo much out of your insights! Thank YOU! ) Ive noticed a big help when Ive tried tranquilizing my caveman brain with light or love.... also helps with that running around like a "chicken with its head cut off " syndrome. :rolleyes: :D ...working on loving my inner caveman... and my inner headless chicken.

Also I liked fallowing the visuals and metaphores brough up in Matrix Energetics "archtyping". He gave out a picture of a control pannel in the notes that you could use to visually turn on/off frequencies or assign morhic fields or mentors to ect. All with their switch or knobby...and "volume control".

Sometimes I see switches for all my chakras and balance knobbies... I have a giant grounding toggle and a connection to creator toggle that I throw (you know like those old giant theatre ot stadium light "switches" that you might need two arms to push up. Then the heart/Love toggle switch and frequency/volume...ect, ect...

I'm not big into thechno gizmos but this was just such an easy tangible way to focus on something less tangible ....energies ect. I hardly think twice whith all the gizmos I do use that pushing each buttons gonna do that "thing" is supposed to do. Like this key pressing gets me all these letters!!!!!!!!! hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooo o! So my personal control panel helps me believe what I'm focusing on will happen....Stephen I think talked about the panel in the Matrix thread. Then with the sending love it can get kinda scifi-y. :beamup: Makes it kinda fun. Some times my love valve/control panel is like from a submarine movie.

Thanks all for sharing and takin off with this...i have to catch up now...both in books and practice! Love the stories!!! "birds and the bees"...what a hoot. Funny thing is I just met this animal comunicator woman this last weekend and she talked about having conversations with the bugs all around her!!! Comes in handy when the mosqitos are thick in the air shee says...

later sqater

11-09-2008, 02:30 AM
Rock On!
Living on Love - another wow day and no, don't expect a daily diary from me :rofl: I just had to say how cool things are already. I wanted to catch a bike ride this weekend and forgot to call my friend Gary a few days ago. So Sat. morn, I call and he was just heading out for a ride, (go figure) cool. While riding, we went thru the oldest town in Tennessee - Jonesboro. It's still a small town and main street is only 2 1/2 blocks long. ;) There's even a 2 story hotel that has a sign "High Speed Internet here" :D Riding was great w/o much traffic. I was enjoying myself so much, I didn't know it was 1:30pm and we left at 11am. We turned around and caught up to the Ole Towne Pancake House that I saw earlier. When it's 50°, your blood sugar's low -- having some steaming, made-from-scratch blueberry pancakes and a coffee does that trick!!! :thumbsup:

He was able to help me w/my computer and getting a picture online soon for my profile. My digital camera is the size of a credit card and more of a toy. For his help I decided to give him the speakers someone gave me and work great w/an Ipod. He couldn't believe how loud they were with just an Ipod shuffle -- we both ride with one of those. A bunch of other cool stuff happened and I told him about Klaus's book, of course.

I'm amazed how cosmic events are getting. It seems that I'm more tuned in and aware of everything to a higher degree, the synchronicities. The beauty of fall is still "in the trees" ;) Life seems more fluid - I'm in tune (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrfmaIMezIc), right in tune. Hmm... meeting that woman that likes to ride :inlove: -- well, that'll take the cake. Another thing I'm doing is listening to Hay House Radio (http://www.hayhouseradio.com/index.php) that Louise L. Hay has. One hr. programs that are amazing. It seems so fitting to hear the "good stuff" that I'm into and the ideas and thoughts that arise -- it's so synergistic -- and I'm up for that! For me with the PATHS programs, Living on Love books, bicycling, the Louise Hay deal, you guys :thanks: I'm astounded -- I feel like I've fallin' in Love with the whole Universe - glad you're part of it!<- I can't believe I'm writing those words... :rofl: Ha, that may sound a little deep but believe me, it's true. Watch your PATHS programs, allow yourself to have more by loving it now and have a great day and jump on a bike. The power is in the present...
Still another day for the weekend!



11-09-2008, 07:30 AM
"...working on loving my inner caveman... and my inner headless chicken."

I LOVE THAT!:rofl:

I also LOVE the control panel and toggle switch - priceless! Thank you.

Has anyone experienced initial anger after reading Living on Love?

I finsihed the first book five days ago and began applying what he taught. On day 3 I found old, familiar tapes running in my head -old under-appreciated mom, martyrdom stuff - but I was just aware of them, listening but not attached. They haven't reared their head for a long while so I figured it was old "pain-body" looking for a foothold. I thought about checking in here to learn if others experienced similar but decided to sit with it a bit.

Day 4 it maintained a low simmer all day. I wanted to stay within myself, barely available for others around me.

Day 5 (today) it FLASHED!!! It's a good thing no one was home and didn't get home for a couple of hours or I'd have ripped 'em a new one... I raged! I rarely feel anger to that degree. Whoa, heady stuff.

For another hour I thrashed about, cleaning, trying to let go but hanging onto the anger, tears streaming and voicing out loud what I would never say had anyone been around. (Got a lot of cleaning done though! :rofl: )

Finaly, I took myself out to my studio because I could find no comfort anywhere in my home and I sat myself down to meditate, to fill myself and others with Love. I sat with it for 1 1/2 hours, pulling myself back into it two or three times before feeling I might be done. The rage abated but I wasn't necessarily fit for human consumption yet.

I went back to cleaning for another hour, voicing out loud, tears streaming, knowing it was my own creation but caught in the eddy of emotions. And then...


I found my way into new understanding of what I had been creating and how clearly it was time to let it go now - and what to create in its place. It's like suddenly becoming a grown up. It's obvious creating with Love but whoa - heady stuff!:) in dimensions unexpressable.

So - any one else do the heavy emotional thing?


11-09-2008, 08:03 AM
WOW!!! Bobi, WELL DONE YOU!!!! :notworthy: :cheers: I didn't have that experience after reading these books, but I have had the same experience (many times) before.

I believe that often we need to clean (yes, you were physically demonstrating exactly what you were doing emotionally and mentally ;) ) out the old stuff before the new stuff can truly have an effect.

If you try to cook something in a dirty frying pan, it's not going to taste much like itself lol. So you have to clean the frying pan first. AND.... in order to clean the pan, when you first put water and detergent into it, and then start scrubbing, all the grease and grime and dirt starts swirling about and it actually looks dirtier than before you started cleaning it! Then, as you get all of that out, and rinse it off, you can then see the clean pan. And then when you cook something in it, it will look and taste like itself.

You must have had a lot of unresolved emotional issues, and adopting the Living on Love process (and anything else like it) without clearing those first, would have been like putting a band-aid on a stab wound.

But reading the book, and attempting it, pushed you to release that stuff. And you did it in an Extememly healthy way!! The crying and speaking out loud, feeling the fury and rage - and Expressing those feelings etc. was helping to release those patterns and beliefs, the cleaning was a wonderful analogy and you did it instinctively. You were instinctively doing physically what you were doing emotionally and mentally.

Now, you've got that out (or at least most of it), you'll be better able to use the Living on Love technique. There may be more that comes out at some point (you may have "missed a spot" ;) ), but, from the sounds of things, you've got rid of most of it. :thumbsup:

I'm sO excited for you - many people resist clearing stuff like this, and you've done it automatically. Well Done for allowing it, and how clever of you to have manifested the situation where you were to be alone and therefore ABLE to really let it all out!

Keep us updated on how you get on.

Love and Light and Magic xxx :hug:

11-09-2008, 02:14 PM
Hi Bobi

Just wanted to let you know that I did too. When I first heard of the books I felt very angry and stroppy and didn't want to read - because of huge feelings of lack of love. I made myself read them and fluctutated between thinking how fascinating it all was and how I wanted to be able to do that and all the feelings of anger and lack that came up. I love to read about people's experiences with it and am genuinely happy at the good things I read. But there's also a bit of frustration in there because I want all that too! So I have to remind myself that there's a LOT to be cleared out and to just keep on going and doing my best one day at a time. If I can manage to even think about love without anything negative then I count that as good even if the feelings are struggling to catch up! And I have managed to send love to people that I never thought I would. The next day I seem to go back to feelings of anger and don't want to send them love but I'm learning not to beat myself up on that. I don't know how long it will all take but I'm practising and just seeing what happens:)

11-09-2008, 10:42 PM
Oooooh! This is soooo Cool! I don't know how many of you read the post on "What would money look like if it were a person" Although money may not look like a person to you.

Well after reading it I sat down and went deep into meditation and looked at who money was to me? Well ofcourse a fairy! What else would my money look like? But this fairy was hiding and all shrivelled up. His wings were weak and barely even there. He looked small and weak and scared, and would only peak out his head to peak at me. Well I took that and went with that vision, and left it alone for the night. Then today I decided that the solution was to talk to this fairy money, but I had to bring it out of hiding. Well whenever I send love I have several different tools that I use and my favorite is a LOVE WATERING CAN (something like a gardener would use to water his plants with). So first I built up my own love center as big and strong as I could. Then I filled my Love watering can with the most potent and special love I have from the center of my heart (the stuff I usually only send to a certain special man:iloveyou: ) and then I went to the scared little fairy (Name is Money) and poured him full of my most special love. He imediately started to grow in size and magnificents. Then I brought him out and wrapped him with a warm blanket of LOVE! At that moment when the blanket of love was wrapped around him his wings shot up skyward as huge shimmering transparent strong wings. The beauty and awe of the wings made it hard for me to see exactly what the rest of him looked like. All of a sudden he became a magificent being that was almost a Singer (Angel). He had a crown of stars, and he start to shine bright and brilliant. What an awesome sight he became with just adding a little love. I realized I had totally been ignoring this relationship with my friend "Money". That I need to start to send Money my love everyday. I need to appreciate him and not treat him like he was something to be ashamed of. I need to spend time with Money and really build that relationship, and that I need to start to trust him. He told me if I will trust him that he will also send love back into me as in the form of dollars that I can exchange for things, and my life will become easier and easier as I will not have to focus on trying to earn him, but instead just loving him for who he really is. Part of the Universe himself.

As I have been reading Love is Money... the thought that money is not a physical object, but instead it is just pure LOVE has been churning around in my being. I am excited because I am starting the faith module that will start to drill these new thought patterns into my being as beliefs into my core being making them part of who I am.

Last night I was talking with my nine year old and my fourteen year old daughter, and was telling her about Moria's post, and my daughter who is 14 will be 15 this month, closed her eyes to see who money was to her... She said I don't see money as an object, person, place or thing... It just is! If I get to school and have no money for lunch then I simply manifest what I need. Izzi use to like to go to starbucks for lattes last year. She and a friend would walk there on their way to school. I gave her 2 dollars once so she could do this, and that was the last time she had to ask me for money cause she would spend it in the morning and at night it would be back in her pockets. This went on for months and months and that two dollars often shows back up when she needs it. I like her way of thinking and I am working on making it my way of believing!

Well I will finish this later, as I don't remember the rest of it... Someone came in and interupted my thoughts...

LOVE Sallyjane

11-10-2008, 03:51 AM
Izzi went to school the other day in a not so good mood, and was set on being alone and sulking or as she put it throwing a pity party... She came home that night and announced that the Angels and Fairies were not going to let her do that. I had been sending her love, and all day long her friends would not leave her alone. They insisted on cheering her up, and she ended up having a good day all day long! The Universe would not let her have anything less!

:hug: Blessings Sallyjane

11-11-2008, 12:14 AM
Illusions - Hahaha! I never even noticed the cleaning analogy/metaphor! Thank you for pointing that out. To take it one step further as I transistioned from anger to clarity my attitude about cleaning changed from resentful to enjoying tending to and caring for my "home". Lovely!

Sunshine - Your, "... I'm learning not to beat myself up on that." I think is huge! That, and Trust. I know it's nothing new (what is, eh?) but something in Living in Love (or perhaps the lead in to Money is love) the Trust thing really registered. So, I too, let go of "beating myself up" about trying to "get it right" and simply trusted that with intent and showing up Love would find its way. Best wishes!

Zatgirl - Wow! Powerful Money transformation there! I love the watering can image!


11-11-2008, 01:52 PM
When I think of Love as a image...
Cant help but think of the Hymn "Peace like a River" and what that evokes in my mind heart & soul.
"Your love is like a hurricane" is certainly someone elses experience with Love though been there and done that.

The concept of living on Love sets me free. The image of a perfect secret place where all is well comes to mind. This simple word Love is Motherhood and all things good in life.

Is living on Love just a dream!

11-12-2008, 06:58 PM
WOW, I'm just overwhelmed with everything on the forum lately....
Living on Love!!! :yahoo:
What does your $ look like? :grindaisy: (Jude law!!!) :heartthrob: hubba hubba
Seven Questions!!! ....I can't remember what else!
Its been like BAM BAM BAM!!!! :dance:

I ordered 2 L on L books right away...and printed and read the third....now printing out his one on money!!! I adore these...they've helped so much!
Thank-you Blake! :thanks:

I'm coming up on facing the biggest challenge of my life....very calmly! I won't say what it is at this moment, but I'm excited to see what happens! There are bumps to enlarging your life!!!!! :rofl:

I have good news about my eyes....I was told I'd be on cortisone for life....and then take other stuff because glaucoma would develope from its use. Well, my last class with teacher, we learned mantras for diff nadis (like meridians) and after only a week 1/2 of practicing the one for eyes.....I'm off the cortisone completely!!!! :dance:

I don't know if these have been posted already...but here are a couple audios from Klaus.

KJ talks about creating w/ love


I LOVE reading everybody's posts on this....Sallyjane way for you and your daughter to go!!!!
I'm trying to get my daughter to try it...she is having issues with kids at school.

In Immense Gratitude & Love!!! :rainbow:

11-12-2008, 08:13 PM

What I would do with your daughter is start by just sending her love... Lots of love! The start sending the kids at school love... Lots of love! In the past I have two pointed kids at school that were hasseling my daughter I have to say... It stopped things immediately, so I would think the sending love would stop it even faster!!!! :notworthy: Also, my daughter learned from somewhere to love your enemies (oh yes the bible) and so when they would threaten to kick her ________, she would reply by hugging them and saying that is okay you can do that if it will make you feel better, but just know I love you anyways! The would just walk away flustered and embarrassed cause it was always public.

Love can solve and conquer any problem! Lately I have been having some bill collectors calling, and I know that the bills are all paid by the Universe, so I never answer, but say thank you for calling to thank me for payment in full! :heartbeat: Send them lots of love, and move on! Cause they are all paid in full! You and your daughter can work together on her new friends! :notworthy: But till she is ready you can do the work for her cause she is part of you!

:hug: Sallyjane

11-14-2008, 01:14 AM
:suprise: IT WORKED!!! :rainbow:

Wowie!!! My daughter was skipping on air when I picked her up this afternoon! :sun:
No hint of kid problems. Thanks so much Sallyjane. I had been sending her Love, but you helped me focus. Also, I had just visited her classroom (PT conference) so had a good visual and physical connection.

Now, if I could just get some extra zing on my biggest project....re-fi ing my building in my name again. I follow JK's suggestion not to think about it, if it is too worrisome! I send the situation some pretty intense Love, and there are possibilities....but I think the 2 years things were so bad, when I lost my sight and put it in my (now x's) name....there's a lot of leftover from 'crisis' (takes longer to change). So, I just keep plugging away with the good stuff!!! :heartthrob:

In Immense Gratitude and Love,

11-14-2008, 04:30 PM
Nancy...I'm really curious. What is the mantra for the eyes? ive got a funny thing goin on with mine. Are the other mantras for the other nadis something you can share? ...Id really be intrested...Ive heard they are supposed to be good for training your mind on God but havent heard that there are ones bodypart specific. Thats really "cool".

Thanks Peace

11-15-2008, 12:48 AM
Maggieb, Grace, WPage, Jamie, Doug, Christine, Sally Jane, Pamela, Illusions and everyone before!!!! You "guys" are funny. Thank you all for thanking me. This is what I love about this forum. I have learned about so many things I probably would have never come across on my own! Such a "stone soup" we have going! :thumbsup:

I met this interesting bloke in a coffee shop once and had one of those random unexpected deep philosophical conversations...I love when that happens....and he told me his mission as he sees it. (perhaps Ive shared this a long while back?) He said that life is like a dot to dot picture that we used to do as a kid. We dont know what the picture is so we connect the dots. then gradually it starts to look like something or make sense. He said he sees his mission as "connecting the dots" and the dots are somtimes people and sometimes information...(or both)...he had a very social job.

I think Energetic Form is full of all us amazing dots and theres alot of connectors and connecting going on! Its awesome. I wonder what the picture is going to look like when its done! I guess thats up to me...as we all are makin up our own ? The collectivity is inspiring though.:heartthrob: :heartthrob: :heartbeat: :heartthrob: :heartthrob:

later sqater

Hi Blake,

Take a look at this webpage and the website, it's joined a lot of my dots:rainbow:

Free 1 Week Trial Of Online Course | Lola Jones (http://www.lolajones.com/1-week-trial)



11-15-2008, 06:00 AM
I'll PM you tonight or tomarrow evening Blake! :)

Nadis are facinating and extremely powerful!!! "bridge between cosmic energy and our individual nervous system". There are 72,000 nadis and each one of them has a mantra!!! and its own goddess! We spent a whole weekend learning 10!!!!! My notes are so saturate it will take me months to get through them. We had to be initiated into my teachers lineage to learn them. EMF corrupts and narrow nadis, so our healing work is to counteract that, amoung other things.

The 10 we learned are the most important 'workhorses'. The most important 3 of these are Ida and Pingala, that people are familiar with from yoga and pranayama breathing...(the left and right nostrils)...and Sushumna (spinal) that starts at adipatti or crown chakra. There is a nifty filter - Brahmarundra under the crown chakra to strain out all the energetic and physical toxins...think about hair dye, and bad shampoos. Through adipatti is the main way you pull in prana...or your life force, along with thru air, food and water. There is a whole training on spinal marma usage along with reg marmas...that I'm halfway thru that training, so its pretty complex. But there are Drs. using these 'transdermal marma creams' on the spinal marmas (the switches to the nadis, think acupuncture pts), along with diet and herbs and detox....getting 97% turn around rate with autism, and MS etc.

I had a really interesting talk with my teacher about spirulina. He said it was too high in soma (the cooling, nurturing part of prana, that everybody's deficiant in) were're always looking to get in more soma, but he said people can't process/digest it all, so it creates more toxins in the body. Might explain why some people get some digestive upsets, esp with some brands. I do best when I have mine in a smoothie with pinapple and digestive spices...and PATHS has us needing it more and burning it up I think. I have found though, using transdermal creams on my adipatti and other'spiritual centers'...all the mantras I'm doing (beyond the 'secret' 10 lol) has countered my need for so much spirulina!!! I skip many days!

Not knowing yet whats going on with your eyes....
a safe and healing thing most anyone and perhaps you can use is triphala eye wash. The books say to make a tea with it, and use an eye cup. That really stings!!! Much more soothing is to use an organic cotton ball dipped in the tea, wipe over closed lids. Our skin is like a sponge anyway and lids are so thin, plenty gets in. Just use a nice triphala that has wild amalaki, not hybrid to get the benefits. I can tell you a good brand. Crush a tablet in a 1/2 cup boiled water and let steep 10 minutes, strain thru unbleached organic coffee filter.
It actually feels really good. I can also pass on some facial marma points to you if thats appropriate.

Well, I blabbed out a bunch of what I would write you, and then some! Sorry. But I'll pm to see whats up going on with you!.

Blake, I would be super happy to mantra for your eyes everyday when I do my own.
Many Blessings to You,

In Immense Gratitude & Love,

11-15-2008, 06:14 AM
Nadis are facinating and extremely powerful!!! "bridge between cosmic energy and our individual nervous system". There are 72,000 nadis and each one of them has a mantra!!! and its own goddess! We spent a whole weekend learning 10!!!!! My notes are so saturate it will take me months to get through them. We had to be initiated into my teachers lineage to learn them. EMF corrupts and narrow nadis, so our healing work is to counteract that, amoung other things.

The 10 we learned are the most important 'workhorses'. The most important 3 of these are Ida and Pingala, that people are familiar with from yoga and pranayama breathing...(the left and right nostrils)...and Sushumna (spinal) that starts at adipatti or crown chakra. There is a nifty filter - Brahmarundra under the crown chakra to strain out all the energetic and physical toxins...think about hair dye, and bad shampoos. Through adipatti is the main way you pull in prana...or your life force, along with thru air, food and water.

Hi Nancy,

This sounds fascinating and sounds like nadis are like the meridians? If there is anything you can expand on with this topic in relation to Kundalini, that would be awesome on this Kundalini thread!

11-15-2008, 06:29 AM
Thanks Aaron!!!
I had been eyeing the kundalini thread lol, its all so facinating!
I'm coming at it from a diff angle but it all fits together in the end!!! :sun:

In Immense Gratitude and Love,

11-16-2008, 07:05 PM
YouTube - Martha Tilton - "A Little Jive Is Good For You" (1941) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXxUHTtbeMg&feature=related)

YouTube - I can't Give You Anything but Love (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erBMsSwsq5k&feature=related)

Christine G.
11-18-2008, 08:45 PM
I have been practicing sending love a few weeks now or maybe a month, not quite sure, well the results have showed up for me today!! I'm so excited!!

My car dealership told me they lost my cd's that were stuck in my radio/mp3 player and had to reimburse me for it. That really upset me because I was doing my best to send love to the dealership, the radio manufacturer and everyone I was dealing with about the situation. Also because I love the cd's that were stuck in there, very hard to get.:(

I just did my best to just let it roll off my shoulders and told myself, at least they're going to reimburse you and you can buy the cd's again. So I guess I just let it go and stayed positive and feeling good as much as I could.

Well, today they called me and said they found all my cd's!!!:yahoo: I was so happy!!! They also said they would drop it off at my work because I've been so patient with them even though I had been given different answers each time to where they were.:D

All this time I felt I wasn't sending love right, but I think this is my proof! I can't wait to switch to the Unconditional Love module next month to intensify it!!:fingerdance:

Peter Lindemann
11-21-2008, 05:59 PM

Thank you so much for starting this thread. Both my wife Jackie and I have read the first book The Messenger and know we have been shown an invaluable "missing piece" of information in our lives.

The one thing I would like to add is that the exercises Klaus suggests work better for people who are good at visualizing things. My wife is wired differently. Something is only "real" for her if she FEELS it. So, visualizing balls of light didn't do it for her. We had her start by just placing her awareness at her heart center and saying this statement "I am opening my heart". After getting good results with this, we changed the statement to "I am filling myself with love". This process worked much better and produced a "movement" in the heart that was not caused by personal intention. This movement could easily be "felt" with no visualizations associated with it.

The important point is that our part is simply to "invoke" the love and "know" it is present. Then, the love does what it does to us and through us to others.

What a precious gift.:thanks: :angel: :thanks:


11-21-2008, 10:53 PM
I just downloaded a few of the books and am looking forward to reading them.

11-22-2008, 05:06 AM
My daughter just turned 15 yesterday, and had a great birthday celebration that is in its second night still going strong, as she is at the movies tonight with friends... Tomorrow night will be the third night of celebration when we have a gagle of teenage girls spending the night! :sun: So if you all could send me a great deal of love tomorrow and tomorrow night... :notworthy: :rofl:

Anyways to the point. A few months ago as she started realizing she was one of the few girls in her group that still has not had a boyfriend, she became a little bummed out. As I looked at the situation my intuition told me that there was a reason as there is someone special awaiting her arrival (although I don't believe he knows he is) that is probably as frustrated as she is.

Well earlier this week she started feeling really sad for no reason and found herself drawing "Sad hearts" as she put it. Hearts that were dripping tears... She came home and told me she thought maybe she was connecting with this boy and was feeling his pain. The next day she came home and announced that she had decided to start sending him love and light, and as soon as she did her spirits lifted and a sense of peace came over her.

I was just amazed at not only her wisdom at the young age of fifteen, but also her amazing ability to connect to the consiousness! :notworthy: WOW!

So tonight I got home from work, and she asked if we could send to the movie theatre and the movie... She wanted to make sure that her and her friends would all be able to get into the movie and get seats together! :sun: I sat down with her and sent love and set the intention for that to happen. Again I was amazed at her outlook on life, and her solution to the challenge.

Well I just had to share this all with you guys as it is soooo much fun! I am going to be sending love towards the party and the theatre tonight...

Blessings Sallyjane

11-22-2008, 05:08 AM
You will soooooo love these books! They are sooo awesome and life changing... I am so glad you are reading them...

:hug: Sallyjane

11-23-2008, 05:18 PM
Bagpuss has brains blown out.
Mice barely notice f*rt?
This looks like s Huuuuge fun
Thanks for link. Newbie wanders off into the freezing wastes, he could be some time....it's a Cptn Oates thing my Yankee friends ;o)

11-23-2008, 11:06 PM
Hi My Lovies!

I can see by some new posts that the magnificence of sending Love is spreading like wildfire throughout this forum and what an absolute delight this is!

Dear Christine...I think your experience gave you faith that you ARE doing it right...I believe the author made mention of the "how" being something that could be individually created as long as the intention is to fill oneself up with Love and send it out, so it is not that important to follow his "instructions" to the letter! You ROCK, Girlfriend! :hug: Let the music continue!!!

Hi Peter! When I read your post I was struck by how Blessed you and your wife are to be sharing this gift with each other! Tell her for me that I know what she means by being able to "feel" it in my heart and YES, "know" it is present. I am able to easily visualize and also be able to feel emotions, but this "movement" you describe is something new for me and I am finding it easier and easier to invoke the Love as each day unfolds. Thank you so much for your wonderful post, Peter...it is such a pleaseure to have you join us on this thread!:hug:

Woo Hoo, Aaron! I had a feeling you were going to get to reading this! Adding this practice is gonna rock your amazing world even more, so I am looking forward to hearing your stories! :yahoo:

Sweet Sallyjane...Your wonderful Isabelle continues to enchant me with each story that you share with us. It must be quite a joy to experience this with children and your Isabelle's wisdom and compassion will undoubtedly expand as she grows into adulthood... Can you just imagine the impact your precious daughter is going to have on the world? :angel: :wonderwoman:

Dearest Ian... Welcome to this FABULOUS thread! :hug: I am so delighted that you are also going to read this series by Klaus! You will find even he admits that writing is not one of his stronger points, but his story is still one any reader can appreciate and the gift of his message is so transforming that any grammatical ineptitude is easily overlooked! :yahoo: I cannot wait to hear what you think of it! :sun:

Okay, my Beauties...I will be back soon and tell you of some more magical things that have happened because of this practice of sending Love... In the meantime, I think you all know that I am sending Love to YOU!!!:iloveyou:

With Much Love and Gratitude, :heartbeat:


11-23-2008, 11:43 PM
Thanks Pamela,
I will certainly let you know when I have had a chance to delve.
Have been reading some Quran today. It is nearly tomorrow again and my head hurts! Usual round of blood letting at the docs 1st thing and bouncy bouncy on the trampette , step ups etc etc at rehab at lunchtime.
Hopefully I will enjoy the reward of my labour in actually having time to read what Klaus has to say. I shall be reluctant to criticise anyone else's inelegant use of language. Conversely you can have too much of a good thing. A nice quote from a spat between Disraeli & Gladstone (a couple of our Prime Ministers from oooo a hundred+ years ago ) "The gentleman is inebriated by the exuberance of his own verbosity....." So much nicer than "Stop waffling on you egotistical old ****!"
What matters is the message not the detail...........a common theme for me at the moment.
Time for me to stop waffling and get some kip.
Night to you all
Love & Light

11-26-2008, 09:24 PM
Ya'll are awesome! :blowout: Sorry I havent posted in a while...Ive been soo distracted lately... when I am here I'm mostly surfing music (joy!). I am so supprised how klaus and L on L has resonated with everyone! I thought because it was such a simple and basic idea and expanded upon in so many other modalities that it was going to be all "been there, done/doing that" :D with everyone here. All your enthusiasm and experiences are inspiring and encouraging to me!!!

Christine, the story about the car and CDs and trusting is perfect. I think-its been an experience of mine- that there is sometimes a lag in effect in this and other stuff (LOA intentions ect) that brings me into a void of not knowing and even surrendering the desire and THEN "it" happens. For me I am a slow learner (I should quit reinforcing that) and much of this, as I am a beginner, seems to be teaching me trust and faith. I have much to learn! Thanks for your story!

I will be back when I can and post more ...Sally jane, Nancy, Ian, Bobi, Peter Tezza, Pammie, Aaron, Wpage...Thanks for your posts! Ya'll are the LOVE bomb! get down with your funky Self's!

Thanks for the boost! I love hearing about your experiences. I'll write more later.

:heartbeat: Blake:heartbeat:

Christine G.
11-27-2008, 01:39 AM
I'm in the same boat as you are! I'm learning everyday to just ALLOW, let go as Glenn has mentioned :) Just trying to be aware and just observe and what Klaus said in his money book, just EXPERIENCE:D

I am so grateful that you gave this gift to us!! All of us are doing it!!

Aaron, that's awesome that you are going to read it!! I agree with Pamela, imagine all the legendary things you will do with it!:suprise: :notworthy:

11-27-2008, 04:31 AM
This is soooo exciting! :notworthy: My kids love for me to two point them, but now they are learning to two point... To take it one point farther all two points involve sending love and building up our love centers.

Tonight my little one who is 9 wanted to two point with me... We were two pointing his challenges with allergies that he takes meds for. So basically I guided him as he two pointed and got him started... From there it was totally awesome, as he went into a two point, and then started growing his love center and sending love to his father, sister, classmates, and even the workers who are building his new school! :notworthy: Just imagine as he hits high school and then college with this knowlege! Whooooaaaa!

On top of that I got a call from his teacher that I had missed a parent teacher meeting, and she was insistent on rescheduling for later that day. I was not particularly worried about missing one, because he is doing so well in school and I had just been to one two months ago. I ended up going a little later, and she is recommending him for the gifted program for next year! :notworthy: I have known he was advanced, but this is the first time this has been brought up for either of my kids, and they are both advanced learners! I think it is the whole love thing showing up in school. The interesting thing was his scores were just under the benchmark for the program, so more testing is needed in January to get him into it. I am thinking that I will be sending him a lot of love and as soon as I can get him on the supercharged academics module in paths! I want to make sure if we pursue this avenue that it will be an easy and fun path for him to take.

:hug: Sallyjane

11-27-2008, 05:21 AM
Hi Christine,

(put blushing smiley here) lol

I downloaded the book because Peter mentioned one particular thing in them about changing the past. It was a real synchronicity to me because with the subject of love and changing the past, it was something I had specifically worked on in a specific way that I'm only assuming matches the concept of changing the past that is in the book. I have not read any of it yet.

Here is a part of my story if nobody minds - I usually don't share much about my personal life but here goes.

Growing up, I always had what I needed, my parents were very good to me, I had a lot of freedom to do what I wanted with my life, opinions, projects, etc... with full support. My parents loved me and I loved my parents but hearing the words "I Love You" was something I almost never experienced from anybody. I didn’t know what it’s like.

Part of it, my parents are just fairly introverted and don't openly express feelings very well and it carried on from childhood. From what I have observed, it is surprising to me how common this is to not share in this manner.

Anyway, there are some personal things I won't go in to but here’s the rest. In Dec 1984, we had just moved back over to Japan and was living in some off-base base housing waiting for a house on base to open up. In this little housing area, it was new years eve and everyone was partying (dec 31, 1984 close to midnight). I had just turned 12 the month before.

Many of the parents around our house and kids were all together celebrating. I don't recall what I wanted my mom for but I was trying to get her attention for something, she was distracted by everything going on then I pulled her aside and was trying to talk to her. She saw that I was annoyed that she didn't give me her immediate attention and she gave me a hug and a kiss and told me she loved me. The very moment I heard that and experienced this affection, I was so shocked and uncomfortable that I pushed her away, yelled at her and ran out of the room. And for years also I never considered how she must have felt and how it may have affected her in a way that could have caused her to believe that she shouldn’t show me affection like that because she was shown by me that I didn’t like it.

In that moment, I decided that I didn't like to hear those words and that it was not a good feeling. From that point on for years, I carried that belief and feeling underneath and it eventually got covered up by other illusions I created for myself.

Quite a while back, I looked back at that moment, which I have a few times over my life but it wasn't until one time that I really, really recalled that moment. I was suddenly IN that moment and saw it for what it is instead of the made up perception that I created. My mom simply gave me a hug and kiss and told me that she loved me. That is it. There was no bad intent on her part but quite the opposite. The bogus lie that I told myself that I didn't like to hear those words were actually the very words that I craved to hear the most. That affection that my mom showed me for that brief instant was really what I wanted to experience deep down more than anything else. I turned the actual event into something that was a negative thing done to me and lived it as the gospel truth for years. NONE of it had anything to do with what she did…it had EVERYTHING to do with what I concocted. Talk about creating our realities!

When I found myself back in that moment, I saw it for what it was and when I did, many related things from that moment until the present moment of when I had that realization changed. The past changed all the way up to that moment...literally changing the past.

That was a monumental step for me and a huge block to loving living was lifted. I have been a lot more free in my open expression of gratitude and love little by little and more blocks to this are falling a way. I still have more challenges that I will overcome and that I'm dedicated to overcoming because I know where I want to BE.

In 1994, I was dating someone one of the times I was back over in Japan living off base with friends I went to high school with. There was one time I was with her and I had a powerful experience. For a period of about 1 minute, I felt the irresistible urge to SURRENDER to something higher than my own self. I looked at her and became totally unaware of being me (as aaron the identity). I also didn't even see her as her. I was so much in the moment of just being with her for that moment that I was simply BEING with another presence of awareness. I was so very present in that very moment that time stood still and all I was - was a presence of being for someone else (for another presence of awareness). In that moment, I felt what LOVE was. BEING TOTALLY PRESENT FOR SOMEONE ELSE...and when doing so, that was the fullest expression of LOVE that I could ever show.

When my mom gave me a hug and kiss and told me she loved me, those three things were just outcroppings of her primary mode of being. She felt I needed her presence and was simply there for me instantaneously. UNCONDITOINAL LOVE – LOVE without reason or meaning. (moms really have this figured out to some extent because if they didn’t, life expectancy would probably be shorter than what it is) :)

At the foundation of the core of my being, that presence was really what I was after and not the hug or kiss or words. Just that connection that transcends time, language, interpretation, judgment, reason, meaning, words, self, ego and everything else except for that experience of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – that pure presence of being-ness.

Anyway, it became fully apparent to me that LOVE has nothing to do with being in a relationship, infatuations, lust, sex, romance or words. It is BEING FULLY PRESENT for another human being – that is the highest expression with the most Light that we can ever share with someone else. We definitely CAN change the past and create the present moment and future into anything we want.

It is practically a cliché for many to claim that “I don’t regret the past, it is what it is and it makes me who I am. Without all those experiences…………” To a point I agree with that but I have to admit, if I had a time machine – not in a philosophical way that by choosing to see something in the past in a different way, etc… I would choose to use the time machine to physically go back to that point with my mom with the realization that the negative perception I had was all about me and not her. I would give her a big hug and tell her how much I loved her and allow the rest of my life to play out from that point.

Here’s why – because if something is really in alignment with our highest purpose, they will happen anyway but will just happen by a different path. If I was able to do that and go back, I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would still have wound up getting involved with “free energy”, PATHS, holistic medicine and everything else I am passionate about.

Anyway, I hope that wasn’t too long winded but I was just inspired to get that off my chest because I really don’t share like that too often.

There are things that have come into my life that has opened my heart center and it is beyond words. I choose to keep this personal.

I am still moving towards where the inevitable and most powerful force in the Universe can be experienced without end. I have on occasion surrendered in order to feel the Love of God and be humbled by it.

I believe I know what is possible if myself and many others become a synergistic POWER OF LOVE on this planet and I think it does a body good! :)

Anyway, I'd be happy to openly accept any intentions, LOVE, thoughts, prayers and anything else that gets my green heart chakra center powered up and spinning to max revolutions

Here’s my goal: To fully come from LOVE and have that as my absolute rock solid foundation and guiding Light for every thought, word or action.

Blessings to all and I'm honored to be a part of Energetic Forum. There are no words to express how much you all mean to me. :hug:

I hope everyone that celebrates this holiday weekend has a great vacation with friends and family!

11-27-2008, 08:04 AM
Wow, Aaron, Thanks so much for sharing that with us! :hug: And I'm sending you LOTS of Love! :hearts: :thumbsup:

Feeling uncomfortable with affection and the words "I love you" is, I believe one of the Strongest locks on that valve of Power. It's usually passed down from parent to child - where the parent is uncomfortable with affection or the words "I love you", and the child naturally becomes uncomfortable with that as well - without realising it.

Then, if a parent suddenly shows affection, or says "I love you" out of the blue, it's a very disturbing experience for the child - because the parent doesn't seem to be "themselves". It feels weird and alien and often even "creepy". It's like seeing a parent who doesn't drink much suddenly get drunk.

Also, in many cases where affection is not demonstrated much, and where the words "I love you" aren't spoken, it is due to a belief (which is the case in my experience) that it is weak to show affection and the words "I love you" have a "soppy" connetation. This isn't necessarily articulated, but is in a parent's energy. And so, when a parent then does show affection or say "I love you" it can be a scary experience for the child because it indicates that the parent is weak in that moment. (Whereas we know now of course, that Love is the name we've given to the emotion that comes automatically when we are chanelling THE Ultimate Power - like a Super-hero Power lol).

So, your initial reaction (especially for a 12 year old boy) was completely understandable and natural. But, as you mentioned, the interpretation of that moment took on a life of its own and had a knock-on effect which continued through your life.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Aaron - it's reminded me of a lot of stuff, and I know there'll be others reading this who have had similar experiences but didn't realise the effect until now.

As for the time-travel and changing the past. I've done a bit of this - and it's Extremely effective!! In Klaas's books, the explanation for how alternative probablilities work etc. is REALLY interesting.

The idea that when you switch probabilities (which we do constantly of course), we adopt the memories that fit with that probability answered a lot of my questions about alternative realities etc. .... and when we carry over a fragment of memory from the previous probability, we get de-ja-vu; experiences of "I'm sure I put that there..." until our mind reasons us into a "logical" explanation - like "I must be mistaken."; and disagreements with others about what was said and done - you know, where one person KNOWS they said something, and the other KNOWS they didn't! ;)

And this, I believe is how changing the past and future works - changing probabilities. If time doesn't exist, and all probabilities, past present and future - everything exists simaltaneously, and WE move - then changing the past, present and future is only limited by our programming.

Now being aware of this, I recognise specific moments of changing probabilities - and it's SUCH fun! I'm going to start doing more work on "changing the past" - AND trying to carry a fragment of that memory with me so that I can recognise it.

You see, we may already have changed the past MANY times - but because we adopt the memory line that belongs with that probability, we're unlikely to know it. For example, let's say that I was living the probability of becoming a game-ranger. Then, for some reason, through some choice/s I made, I switched probabilities to becoming a singer - I will adopt the memory line of wanting to be a singer - I will remember always wanting to be a singer and I will remember everything I've done towards building my singing career. I will most likely not remember anything to do with wanting to be a game-ranger. And if I do, it will probably be a distant and vague thought which could have been a dream or a passing fantasy.

Right now, I remember, as a child really wanting to be a game-ranger. This may be what it appears - or it may be an alternate probability I lived for a while and then changed. ;)

Knowing this, I believe we can (at least to a certain extent) deliberately switch from one probability to another. How Fun is THAT!!

Oooh, I'd better get into the probability of getting my son to his follow up at the hospital on time! lol. (he's absolutely fine - it's just a check up:thumbsup: )

Love and Light and Magic xxx

Christine G.
11-27-2008, 09:08 AM
That was wonderful, Thank you for sharing that:hug:

Although I know it, I still get amazed at how common it is for people to grow up without saying I love you to their family members. My family didn't start saying I love you to each other till I turned 22. I'm still grateful though, 'cause I know I created it. Choppin' down those negative beliefs one step at a time:D

Odille, thanks for reminding me to send love to myself in the past:thumbsup:
I forget to do that and that's the times I needed it the most. Who am I kidding, from when I was a baby until now:rofl:

I still can't get the concept of everything happening all at once.:wall: I'm trying though. I trust and believe it and I'm gonna send love there regardless.


11-27-2008, 12:07 PM
:sun: Thanks Aaron for sharing what you did. :) It's amazing how important and powerful love is and how what it really means and is about seems to sometimes get lost and people are almost ashamed to say it or feel it or admit they want it. And many people simply don't know what it is to feel love. And yet not giving love and not receiving love is so so damaging. The number of people who do not experience love when growing up and so close themselves off so they can't feel the pain and shut themselves down to protect themselves. And the number of people damaged because of a lack of love in others lives and those people acting from pain and fear and hurt and not knowing how to feel love. And how many of us struggle to love ourselves and sometimes even hate ourselves! And yet the difference that love makes means it is so so important. And I agree with what you say about being totally present for another person. I see that as just sending love without judgement or expectation or conditions. There are many many people in this world who live without love and live a life of fear and pain and lack. We may not physically live near them or really know them but we can still send them love and make a real difference. I remember reading of a young boy who had "drowned" and lay in a hospital bed and the doctors said would never come round and live and yet his mother had a constant stream of visitors come to his room and just simply send their energy and love to him and he did in fact regain his life without any ill effects.
I find it all really fascinating and it's good reading everyone's experiences and knowing that there is a lot of love sharing going on here.


11-27-2008, 12:29 PM
SallyJane, your daughter is a Beautiful, Magical and Shiny Example for all of us, as well as her school mates! How FABulous is she!!! And it's obvious that You are allowing her to live her potential, which is why she was so Clever to have chosen You for her mum!! :thumbsup:

It must be so exciting knowing her, and watching her grow - and she is a reflection, of course, of You! So Well Done to Both of You!!!! :notworthy: :hearts:

What Amazing and Magical things you and your children will achieve, create and experience! How Exciting!!!! :yahoo: :hug:

Love and Light and Magic xxx

11-27-2008, 12:48 PM
Sunshine, you've made some excellent points.

It's interesting how we've hidden our power behind an emotion that can be percieved as weak and soppy and wishy-washy.

I believe that "Unconditional Love" is the emotional feeeeeeling that results from opening the valve of our Power. :thumbsup:

Here's an analogy (surprise, surprise lol :rofl: ) ...

There's a small train station. But the people living in the village nearby have never even heard of trains. They have no concept of them. They walk everywhere, and occassionaly may ride a horse.

The trains go through this station quite frequently though. And when they do, the ground shakes. The people living in the village have been told that these are earth tremors, caused by weak ground in the area near the train station (which is referred to as the "tremor building"). They're taught that whoever put that building up, damaged the ground, and now it shakes every now and then, and they should keep away from it as it's dangerous.

However.... some people have heard rumours about something else - another explanation - something really far-fetched. Most of them pooh-pooh these rumours, but one or two of them are intruiged, and so they go towards the building to have a closer look. They feel the ground shaking as they come close to it... and they manage to overcome their fear and go all the way up to the building.

And when they get there, they discover the trains! And they discover that, not only do these things exist, but they can actually choose to get on one that will take them somewhere they want to go!! They also find out that the shaking is the vibration caused when a train comes and goes. It's the SIGN that a train is arriving, and a sign that it is leaving.

So a couple of these people have gone and come back a few times... and they tell others about this. But, the fear of the earth tremors, and the belief that that's what the shaking is, is so deeply ingrained in most people, that very few will take the chance to go close enough - to feeeeel the tremors enough to get close enough - to see the Power that lies behind them.

And so, the Power of the train, and all the opportunities it enables, is hidden behind a building which has been labled as unsafe because of the "earth tremors". ;)

I don't know if this makes sense, but hope it does lol.

Love and Light and Magic xxx

11-27-2008, 01:06 PM
Aaron, thanks for sharing.

I have a similar upbringing, except I heard the words I love you a lot but there was not much physical affection. Although I have a great relationship with my mother now, I am still a little uncomfortable when she uses those words, even though I know she means them.

Holosync helped me learn to step back and learn to be the observer -
Paths has helped me to reprogram the past. I especially noticed a shift after the ho oponopono healing module-that I really really did forgive my family - which started with me forgiving myself. I guess this is what it means to change the past -

I found these Klaus Joehle books came along at an opportune time - As do most things for me these days
I would like to recommend a podcast interview of Gary Renard - author of "The Disappearance of the Universe". I highly recommend it - Theatre of the Mind (http://www.theatreofthemind.com/) It gets down to forgiveness -

I have two children. Luckily my husband is very physically affectionate. I have learned to be so through him, and so my children didn't suffer the same fate.

11-28-2008, 04:14 AM
My Beautiful Friends...

After reading the past several posts, I find that I am so blown away with thoughts about what has been stated that I don't know where to begin, so please forgive me if I meander on a bit...or maybe a lot...:cool:

Aaron...As I read through your very revealing and touching post, I began to think about all the transformations so many of us have gone through during these past two years and how through such wonderful sharing, the beautiful new friendships have grown and flourished. I remember those first emails and then Skype calls that you and I and several other Beauties here exchanged, often concerning PATHS at first, but as the days and weeks unfolded, the subject matter expanded to personal stories of past and present situations and with that came a sense of belonging that was quite unlike anything I have ever known before. I remember that with you, even from the very beginning, I never felt afraid to open my heart and tell you everything that was going on with my life. I think that you may have felt a wee bit uncomfortable with my candor then, but at the same time, I think you also found that openness something that you wanted to personally experience more deeply... I guess what I am trying to say, my Dear Wonderful Friend, is that it is so beautiful to experience and observe how much more you have opened your heart and have fully allowed yourself to love and be loved. :hug: Your friendship is one of my most treasured Blessings and I know without a doubt in my mind that the goal you have stated in your post is one that you are attaining with sweet ease and perfection... I Love You, Aaron, and you can be sure that I will always be sending Love to you and your precious family. :heartbeat:

Christine, Odille and Sunshine... Your brilliant posts caused me great reflection on my own past. I have recently become aware that only a very few people in my lifetime really loved me unconditionally and luckily one of them was my mother. The words "I Love You" were/are often spoken and the affection was/is shown by so many people, but I have come to know that much of this has been/is egoic responses rather than true acceptance and unconditional love for the being that I Am. It was/is more "lip service" than the real thing...I spent several months experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul last year because of this discovery, painfully wondering why I had attracted such that was NOT Love into my life and feeling those angry emotions towards those that would only love me IF I would just BE this way or that way, or DO this thing or that thing. And then, the realization that some of these egoic people who expressed their "love" to me were also being exquisitely duplicitious, made me feel that there were very few individuals on the planet that I could truly depend on. I didn't "know" then that everyone is innocent...that every soul is the Light, so I followed MY ego rather than my higher self and blamed and judged..:eek: Now THAT is something that never works! It wasn't fun to experience these undesirable truths, but doing so allowed the Really Delicious Truths to creep into my awareness in a profound way, so the act of doing the inner work to find my way to the Light after that Dark Night of the Soul, to Love myself fully and to attract loving people like YOU into my life, continues to be incredibly joyous, blessed and enlightening.:yahoo:

Oh, Maggie...I am so delighted that you have shared this link for the interview with Gary...:thanks: I just listened to it and greatly enjoyed every moment of it! AND... I do believe I will take myself off tomorrow and buy his new book which will undoubtedly be as awesome as his first! I have become a dedicated student of "A Course In Miracles" and both ACIM and "The Disappearence of the Universe" are opened and reflected on daily. Gary makes it so much easier to understand ACIM, so I enjoy going back and forth between the two!:D Gary's book led me to ACIM and because of these books, the daily practice of forgiveness has become a part of who I am...Meditating, Being Present, Practicing Forgiveness, PATHS, The Lessons in Advanced Perception, and now Sending Love is causing more and more wonderfilled miracles to poof into my "reality" and the absolute joy and delight of Being has become more than I ever could have expected! :yahoo:

I Love You All! :angel: :heartbeat:


11-30-2008, 06:46 AM
Hey everyone,
I just wanted to say Hi and encourage everyone here to keep just being LOVE!

I have been trying to integrate Love into my life on an all the time basis, and trying to figure out how to make that a reality???:thinking: Of course I was working on it in my head instead of in my heart. Hmmmm... that could have been some of the problem!

So today I picked up a book I bought some time ago, and finally just got interested in it. It is called "A LOVE WITHOUT END" by Glenda Green. What an awesome book and it is soooo much building on what I have already been learning about love! :notworthy: Wow! The book is so very powerful! I have barely scraped the surface of it, and it is amazing me with answers to questions I have been trying to answer on my own and coming up empty handed. Awesome timing!

So then as I am reading my little guy of 9 years old puts in a movie (I don't even like movies), but this one was "THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS". A movie (also a book series aimed at preteens and teens) about four girls who are all different sizes and they find a pair of pants that fit all four of them. They decide they are magical! This particular summer the girls will be separated by travels, and so decided each girl will have the pants for a week at a time and then will send them on. I was amazed that the pants managed to get from where ever they lived to Greace, to Charlston, to Mexico and back to where ever they lived in one summer and back to Greace a second go around.... Hmmm.... I am thinking there must have been some quantum physics going on in that equation! :rofl: Just the trip to mexico could have taken an entire summer:rofl: . As I sat and watched the movie (crying all the way through it:whistle: I am such a sap) it dawned on me... this movie really is about the girls creating exactly the experiences they need through this pair of "PANTS" to do the growing up that they need. Healing took place, Learning to love took place, growing up took place... The whole movie was about learning to love on a deeper level, and creating that! Wow!

Okay I don't know why I am telling you all this, but it really struck me tonight, especially since it was not in my plan, and I don't like movies... So I knew that it was no coincidence that I was watching it tonight!

The overal message of this book is that LOVE controls the particals in the Matrix. So if we focus on loving the cause of a storm we can then change the storm. If we concentrate on loving whatever it is we desire in our lives then it will be. The main thing is that we have to follow our heart, and not mind. Our hearts are our source of everything! This was very exciting... Stephen posted a lot more on the subject in another post, but I thought you all might be interested too since the topic is LOVE and they go together so well.

Well love and blessings :hug: Sallyjane:heartbeat: :beamup:

11-30-2008, 11:59 AM
Excellent post Sally Jane :thumbsup:

Another thing I've discovered is that the exact emotion that indicates the Power, is Unconditional Love - another lable that's been given a variety of meanings, but I identify it as this:

Sending Love to something or someone, without expecting any particular result. Sending Love to something or someone just for existing. It's the love of a creator, the love of an (emotionally ballanced) parent. It's the love most of us have when we see a puppy or kitten or... well most baby things lol. :rolleyes:
It's a pure energy that is sent just because that creature/ person/ issue/ thing/ item/ etc. exists, not expecting any particular result.

This can be tricky when sending love to something we wish would change. But it is possible with practice - and it becomes easier and easier. It takes a little reminding in the begining, and then it becomes more automatic.

One small example (there have been SO many!!) I experienced recently:
When doing my first pub gig two weeks ago, I had forgotten to put my Ipod on charge early enough. All my backing tracks are on my Ipod, and I'd been using it to rehearse with. It was time to leave for the venue, and the battery was on red!! I plugged it in for a few minutes and it went to green, but I didn't know how long that would last for. Then my partner suggested we take my son's laptop with us to charge the Ipod at the venue - since it has to be plugged into a computer to charge. My son's laptop's battery doesn't work, but we could plug the laptop into the mains at the venue.

Well, when we arrived, it was wall-to-wall people (litterally!! It was FABulous!!:yahoo: ) and with one thing and another, we forgot. The gig was four hours. I did four sets with breaks between. As I started the first song of the last set (Jailhouse Rock), I noticed that the Ipod was on red again!!!! :eek: So, during the intro, I quickly indicated to my partner to get the laptop and plug it in, which he did, all while I was singing. lol. Then, in the middle of the third verse of Jailhouse Rock, with everyone daaaaancing away and siiiiiinging along, the music cut out completely!! :eek:

I made what I hoped was a witty comment :embarrassed: and we unplugged the Ipod from the laptop. (and I remembered that my Ipod can't be used while charging!! :rolleyes: I'd forgotten that it cuts itself out). The battery indicator was still on red, and I was REALLY worried it wouldn't last the set, and trying to think (as I started Jailhouse Rock again) what would be the best thing to do if it died. It was too late to take another break, but I'd probably have to, so that the Ipod could charge a bit at least. I was also worried that if that happened, the owner of the pub might see me as unreliable, and not hire me again... and so on....

And THEN.... I REMEMBERED!!!! While still singing, I began to send Love to the Ipod - with no result in mind. I just sent Love. Like you would if someone was upset, reassuring them you love them - but not in so many words. It was just the feeling of Love, regardless of what actually happened.

Well, not only did the battery last for the rest of the set, AND for Three encores, but the battery indicator light was on GREEN afterwards!!!! :suprise:

How cool was THAT!! :yahoo: And the evening was a GREAT success. It was Such fun!!

Through using this (sending love) with many things lately, I've noticed that expectation vs unconditional makes ALL the difference.

Love (Unconditional of course ;) ) and Light and Magic xxx

12-02-2008, 08:43 PM
Well, I have not been on as much as usual... Been soooo busy, just working on this whole love thing! It has now gone beyond the klaus books and into other books expanding it even farther! :hearts:
You know how in the book how he explains being a bit of a magnet to other people, and starting to attract others to himself... I am noticing this also. Obviously, I did not start out working on it 8 hours a day, so the result have been much more gentle and easier to digest. But I am not only seeing how others especially of the opposite sex are drawn to me, but how much stronger my self esteem is. For instance, when a young man drove by yesterday, and I caught him checking me out... I thought to myself he doesn't see the extra weight, but just how pretty I am! :notworthy: That was a huge thing for me to see how pretty I am, and to feel pretty (even though I still have a lot mofe weight to loose).

The other day I was at Walmart in the electronic department, and decided to check out flat screen TV's ( I think it would be so cool to have one to watch sports on). A man walked up and looked at me and then at what I was looking at, and listened to my kids and I compare several modules. Then he moved his cart closer to where I was, and started talking to me. The amazing thing was that when I walked away, and was talking to my daughter I did not tell her that he was interested in the TV's, but more in me! That is a huge step for me to come to!!!

Well if that was not enough my daughter was at her friends 16th birthday party, and they all decided to go bowling afterwards, so she called me to come to the church where they were having the party, and give her some money. When I got there all her teenage friends greeted me with a HUG and two of them referred to me as MOM, and then started play fighting over who got to keep me as MOM! :suprise: :rofl: Izzi jumped in and informed them that I was her MOM and she was not giving me up! :hearts: I then left! I did not even notice any of the adults there... Last night when I got home, Izzi told me that one of the men from their church saw me and was asking about me! OMG! LOL!

Now, I am learning to go into my sacred heart and experience God's love... It fits so well with this, but I am also learning so much more... HOW awesome is this! Can it get any better? :notworthy:

Well it was a fun realization, because I have spent so many years feeling fat and ugly!!!! Now I am feeling beautiful and lovely, and loving myself! I know it is the results of all the love I have been filling myself with and sending... Did you know that we can be recognized by our LOVE! Oh so exciting!

Blessings and LOVE Sallyjane:hug:

12-03-2008, 04:49 PM
Hi Sallyjane

I'm really happy that you're seeing yourself as beautiful and lovely - because you are. :grindaisy: I've always thought that from when I saw your photo and read your posts. You look really pretty and you come across as beautiful on the inside. But it's not the sort of thing you go around saying to people :embarrassed: - especially when you're from the UK!!:rofl:

I so love reading your posts and it's great to see how far you've come. I've yet to "catch up" with you so get inspiration from reading all your latest news. Any tips on feeling and sending love keep them coming!! The more I read them the more things sink in. And different things work for different people so everyone's experiences are brilliant because there's sure to be something that fits and sparks an idea and leads to the next step.

There's so much happiness and confidence comes across in your post.:yahoo:



12-07-2008, 03:02 AM
Hello everyone!
I have to tell you this... We had our first "ground covering" snow here in Tennessee um.. hmm... about a 1/2" - just enough to cover. I enjoy riding bikes in the winter as well as a warm summer day. On my way home this evening I had to climb up a mountain ridge that's near my house to check out the view ;) It was quiet, not windy at all - the air was very still and the sights from up there were breathtaking, so picturesque. From the lights down below enhanced by a thin blanket of snow, a distant view of the lake and the trees! :D I looked over and saw an oak that was 4 - 5' in diameter and tall as anything! :notworthy:
It was pretty cool taking in all the sights and I had to go over and give it a hug. It was a pretty good hug :hug: and I knew it could handle it, (it was a pretty big tree) I said "I love you" "Thank you" Almost a Ho' oponopono maneuver. I have a pretty good imagination, but when I said those words, quickly - I heard in my mind, "I love you too!" "Thanks" was my reply and had a huge :D on my face. I've known that vegetation "knows" who we are in a sense - their senses are different than ours, of course :eek:
It was interesting to me how our love can grace the flora and the fauna of our surroundings. (there had to be a squirrel or two wonder what I was doing) When you can see a reflection of that out there, you will be surprised how wonderful nature really is - I was. It brought feelings of gratitude, thankfulness and a giggle. (I just hugged a tree that touched the sky!) Take time to appreciate nature around you -- you might say talking to it is a bit much, but it was all in good fun. Being charged on love is a great way to be, I'm glad to have read Klaus's books - my world is changing everyday and it's so invigorating!
Whew, what a ride we're on - get ready :cheers:
Keep on living on love
let it come from within!


12-07-2008, 07:04 AM
Hi there my dearest friends,

Thank You all for sharing your stories! It is so nice to see reflections in others.
I had read the book by Klaus and they were really really great, but I felt something was missing, sending love was good, but sometimes I thought what kind of love? I had seen the Welcome to Wingmakers (http://www.wingmakers.com) website before and I found out recently that new material has been added to the website:
These two articles were really informative:

There is also another link: .: Sovereign Integral :. (http://sovereignintegral.org/) which points to other Wingmakers websites.


Wingmakers story is a bit spooky, but it offers really helpful material. Project Camelot has done an interview with the creator of the material, James, recently, which can be found here: Project Camelot | James: the WingMakers interview (http://www.projectcamelot.org/james_wingmakers.html)

I found out each situation requires a different form of love, and sometimes focusing on the form of love makes sending it much easier.

I am totally grateful for your sharing here!
My love to you all


12-07-2008, 04:02 PM
This looks very interesting, Elias. Thanks so much for posting. I look forward to purusing it as time permits. :thumbsup:

Love and Light,

12-07-2008, 08:41 PM
Wow Elias! Another thread of stuff to delve into....to quote Sallyjane...can it get any better than this?? :D
I haven't looked there yet...but your diagram made me want to chime in and add some information I've been learning from my advanced Ayurvedic teacher.

His teachings, from a long unbroken lineage, are all about prana. I'm wanting to write a little blurb about it as it pertains to kundalini on that thread, hope to get to it this week. But I had mentioned elsewhere....there are 72,000 nadis, the channels of prana (sim to meridians) and they ALL go through the heart lotus/chakra. As practitioners, he really stresses us needing to have our pranic system and heart lotus really open and pure.

So, the heart lotus is the same as heart chakra, but furthermore, that is where the 'gem' is held...or our immortal soul, which is perfect, indestructable, beyond judgement etc....and it has its own light. This light is the wonderful Divine Love that Klaus has us pumping out!!!!! The lotus part fits because they talk about petals, which can be opened or various stages closed. Also shadows from past karmas, like bugs attracted to a flashlight in the dark, can be blocking the light...which can be cleared with prayers and mantras. This info can help thinking about people who you want to have judgements about...but you're trying to remember they are a divine being underneath! :rofl: They are! it just may be shadowed! There is a Heart Lotus mantra that we are supposed to recite every day.

So, they talk about 12 petals of the lotus....6 good and 6 opposite attributes...that can be set up in a chart just like the one you put up!!! but add the less positive stuff inbetween!

I do Sahaj meditation, which pulls you down in the theta wavelength pretty quickly....you do start opening your heart first....and I've been finding myself falling into KJ's pumping out love energy pretty powerfully!

Its all so Awesome...

12-09-2008, 08:50 PM
I have several things to share with you...

As I have been reading all the books on LOVE including the new one that is not a klaus book.... I have been really going down deep into my sacred heart and building up my love center...

Something ugly started rear it head in myself... funny thing is you can not have love and anger/hate at the same time! :embarrassed: I thought I had completely forgiven my X. I thought I was done with him! As I have been going deeper and deeper into the whole love thing... All of a sudden, bang all this anger and hate started surfacing! :suprise: I just could not get it out of my head. The root of it all seemed to be mistrust, and an expectation that he was still out to screw me, and was going to pull the rug out from underneath me at any moment on the move to Calif. Ahhhh! Yesterday was a very emotional day of dealing with a pile of anger and mistrust and well those equal hatred! Then just pouring love and forgiveness over it all. Today is more of a day of healing, and I already feel that weight being lifted off my shoulders. God is soooo good! This morning as I am getting up and around and trying to get towels dry for my shower, my X comes over invites himself in and starts the conversation :notworthy: It was just what I needed. I was able to talk to him about my anger towards him and the mistrust of him... Without accusations or anger. Just what is so! No fight! Just communication. God/Universe is sooooo awesome!

I am for the first time feeling excited about making phone calls for my business that will allow me to move! Funny how that works aint it?

Now I can see that I am going to have to do the same thing with the Christian Church... I have to forgive them! :suprise: :wall: I also have to forgive all the pastors and preachers that I have percieved injury from, and all the people that I hav percieved as turning their backs on me! :whistle: Perceived because it is all an illusion to begin with! I am making it all up as I go, so I am making up the hurt too!

I feel like I am sending love into a huge fan, and it is spraying it back at me ten fold, no a hundred fold, no more than that!

The other thing was to Sunshine I have tried sending this message several times, but I do not quite see it showing up, so I will start all over. I totally understand noisy neighbors, as I live next door to a guy who does not believe he needs to shut up his barking dogs :rofl: This has been a journey for me too, but lately I noticed that I really do not hear his dogs barking anymore. :notworthy: When I do, they don't bother me! Just keep intending love towards those people even if it seems like you are not making progress... Soon you will either not live next to them as your house will sell, or you just won't hear them anymore! Add the blessings as written on another thread, and you will be amazed. It may not be an instaneous thing and you may not think you are changing the situation at all, but you are!!!

Blessings Sallyjane

12-22-2008, 01:58 AM
Fantastic books.

There's soooo much I wanna comment on but you allready feel it. So it is not necessary. And it's simply repeating what is already known.

12-31-2008, 03:41 AM
Hello and welcome wantfreeenergy... Sorry it has taken so long for anyone to answer. My computer has been on and off again lately, and with the holidays nobody else has been on much.

They are awesome books and living on love is the best way. I had to ask my kids the other night if they had been watering my plants in my house. :suprise: Cause my houseplants have been living with little or no water for months! :notworthy: I send them lots of love though, and it seems to keep them alive.

I have also noticed throughout the last few weeks of snow that my little car was behaving amazing. I got to laughing about how love is much stronger than chains!

Well just wanted to check in and say HI and send my love to you! Christine still sending lots of love your way!!!

HUGS Sallyjane:hug:

12-31-2008, 09:34 AM
After reading these books, has anyone else become more aware of switching probabilities?

Of course, as Klaus writes, normally, when you switch probabilities, you adopt the memories relevent to the new probability so you're unaware of the switch. And when you occassionally retain a memory of the previous probability you were in, your conscious mind automatically finds a "logical" reason for it, or you experience deja vu.

But.... I've discovered that, because this subject fascinates me, and I want to become more aware of when this happens, with a view to eventually even being able to switch probabilities on purpose when appropriate ;) ... I've become more vigilant and, having the intention to retain memory as much as possible, have been noticing it now!

There have been an increase of occurrences that "don't make sense" - I put something somewhere, but later find it's somewhere else, I say something, but the person I said it to swears I said something different. And now, instead of allowing my conscious mind to automatically find a reason for it that "makes sense", I recognise it as a probability switch during which I've retained some memory. And because of that, these occurances seem to be increasing! What fun!!! :D

I'm becoming a "Probability Traveller" - Look out Dr. Who! lol :rofl:
(Well, of course, we're all Probability Travellers, so I mean I'm becoming a Conscious Probability Traveller ;) )

Would love to hear if anyone else has been experiencing this. :thumbsup:

Love and Light and Magic xxx

12-31-2008, 07:06 PM
Yes! I have seen this! Actually it happens the most when I am at work. I will clock out for lunch and go eat then come back and clock back in. Then when it comes time to clock out for the evening... The machine tells me I never meal-in after lunch! :suprise: For some reason I am creating this on a fairly regular basis at work. It is no big problem because I just fix it the next day, but it has been mind boggling because I know I mealed-in.

Another time I showed up to work at the time on my schedule print out, but was then informed that it was the wrong time and I was supposed to be to work that morning not in the afternoon. Checked the schedules at work and sure enough I was supposed to be at work in the morning, but my print out at home still says the afternoon schedule! :wall: :rofl:

I am sure there are many more... I recently switched to the syncronicity module, so I am sure I will start to recognize more of them and now I will see them as probability traveling... Funny thing is that afternoon I came in at the "wrong" time... we got swamped and I was really needed then! :notworthy:

Blessings and HUGS Sallyjane

01-01-2009, 07:09 PM
I hear you on probabilities! I've had some punch in/out with work situations as well!! Too funny. Sallyjane, I've added a new theater last night and it has the Synchronicity Module also. (watch out for me in the cosmos!) Today I'm feeling pretty cosmic!! :rofl: Like being in love and that's pretty cool. I'm feeling more in the moment and sensing more in my reality. (that and taking the Xmas decorations down & tree) Objects seem more vivid and I seem to be more aware. Heck, I even spent New Years alone and was fine with that!! :fingerdance:
Thanks Odille for the reminder of what Klaus wrote on probabilities. I'll be more aware and less confused :) Ha, the key word is "less" lol
At work, I forgot to punch out for lunch, the last two days in a row! :suprise:
Time to buckle the boot straps and journey on.


01-11-2009, 01:31 AM
Well I have been reading all this stuff on LOVE and what you LOVE you manifest, so I came up with this idea to put a dollar bill next to my heart, as to manifest more dollar bills. Okay for you guys this might be a little more difficult than for us girls, as we pretty much have a natural pocket to put things in close to our hearts!

So I put my one dollar bill next to my heart with the intention to attract with LOVE more dollars. At the end of my day I did my usual change of clothes from my dress clothes to lounge clothes (PJs), and as I did so I laid the one dollar bill on my bed. I picked up my PJs and out of my PJs fell another dollar bill :suprise: :notworthy: It was absolutely amazing results. I literally doubled my dollar bill in one day of wearing it close to my heart! I have determined that next time I am going to put a $100.00 bill next to my heart for the day.

(If you are planning on doing this I would highly recommend safety pinning the dollar bill in place for personal comfort purposes. As if you don't it can tend to move around and be rather uncomfortable. Also, if you do this make sure that you have more than one dollar on your being as you don't want to spend your object of love on a soda or bottle of water.)

Blessings Sallyjane

01-11-2009, 03:58 PM
Thanks for the 'Living On Love' reminder... I read Klaus' books a couple of years ago and they are indeed wonderful. (as are the exercises) Gotta re-read them!

Other great 'LOVE' books are those by Arnold M. Patent (arnoldpatent.com), whose work I came familiar with -and then really 'absorbed'- in 1993. And Lola Jones' (e)book "Things Are Going Great In My Absence" is highly recommended as well. (lolajones.com)

Granted, both author's/teachers works(hops) are not free, but a) that ain't now shame of c:Durse and b) they do have a lot of free material on their websites as well.

Unconditional :heartbeat:,

01-11-2009, 10:48 PM
Welcome Rob! Wow! I will have to check out their websites that you mentioned!

Love is really starting to manifest some awesome stuff, but you will have to wait just a little longer to hear that story! :grindaisy:

:hug: Sallyjane