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09-09-2008, 04:30 AM
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For improved health, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Drink reverse osmotic or distilled water (64 oz. fluid/day.) Stop smoking today. Cut alcohol consumptions to a minimum or better yet STOP. The human body was not designed to consume alcohol in any form or any amount. Monitor your thought process every day and see the good in what you see. Treat others as you would like to be treated, with love and compassion. Take ESSENTIAL MINERALS every day, and may God bless each and every one of you!

The most important thing you can have in your emergency medical kit is this antibiotic. Assists in the treatment of ANY invading organisms, bacterial, viral, or fungal. Stops bleeding if applied topically to wounds. Assists in healing of burns when applied topically.
A concentrated blend of a wide variety of macro and micro-trace minerals. Humans and animals all need the balance of minerals in their diet to accomplish health, especially when compromised with illness or injury. Minerals in a colloidal form have proven themselves to assist in tissue healing and general health. Providing a natural form of minerals for external or internal use can allow the body to free-choice the needed elements for enzyme production or simple building blocks for vigor.
Organic minerals contained in this concentrated product include:
SulphurMagnesiumCobaltPhosphorusNickel IronCopperNitrogenChlorineTitanium AluminumManganeseSiliconZincSilver SodiumCalciumPotassiumChromium
Including traces of:
NeodymiumYttriumGalliumBarium VanadiumZirconiumScandiumLanthanum CadmiumRubidiumStrontium BerylliumPraseodymiumCerium
SUGGESTED DOSAGE: (orally in juice or water)
Maintenance: *3-7 drops daily
Therapy: *10-20 drops daily
Extreme Conditions: I.E. Anthrax, Staph Infection, Hantavirus;
30 drops 3 times daily for 30 days.
* Depending on overall health of individual. The healthier you are the less you need.

PRICING: (Prices may have changed...this is my most recent info)
1 oz. dropper bottle - $30.00
16 oz. bottle - $300.00 ($18.75 / oz.)
1 gallon (128 oz.) - $2000.00 ($15.62 / oz.)

Order from: Dr. Randy McKinney 907-235-3490

A Testimonial
Randy McKinney saved my life.
That's not surprising, I suppose, because that's what he does-he saves peoples lives.
Randy is a doctor but not the kind you're probably used to. Randy won't give you a bag of pills that relieve (or cover up) your symptoms but do nothing to fix the real problem. He also won't take a knife to your guts then send you home with a bill big enough to make you sick all over again.
Randy practices a very unusual kind of medicine-actually, two kinds.
The first one is preventive medicine. He keeps people from getting sick. What a concept--a doctor who believes his main job is keeping you healthy. You see, Randy doesn't want you in his office running up bills. He wants you out there enjoying life the way God intended. The way your body is designed to be--healthy. He does this in three steps.
1) Detox. Because of the junk we put into our bodies most of us are walking toxic waste dumps. Randy's first step therefore is to detoxify this mess--to get all the poisons out of your system. He uses all natural methods and you'll be able to tell right away how well the process is going. (Hint: be prepared for some real adventure in the bathroom.)
2) Diet. Once you get rid of all the crap (literally), you need to start eating healthy. He'll teach you how to do that. It's not really very complicated. You mainly need to stop putting all those toxins back into your body. Most of them come from the junk you keep stuffing into your face. Randy will show you how to change that part of your life. If you follow his guidance, you won't need to take all those vitamins because you'll get them from the food you eat. The way the Good Lord intended.
3) Supplement. The first two steps aren't going to solve the whole problem, however, because no amount of food can provide you with all the minerals you need. Essential minerals your body requires but which are missing from the food we eat. You see, even when you eat right you aren't getting all the trace minerals you need. That's because centuries of farming have depleted our soil of these minerals. They just aren't there any more. The key to these trace minerals is they must be complete and they must come from an organic source. And that's exactly what Randy provides.
The reason Randy's approach works so well is that it goes right to the basics. Clean out the mess that's there now then start putting the right stuff in. He'll put everything back into harmony in your body-just like it's supposed to be.
I've been following Randy's nutritional regimen for about three months now and I can tell a real difference. I have more energy, I'm losing weight and I feel better about myself. (Unfortunately, it didn't make me handsome but there wasn't much hope in that regard anyway.)
Randy McKinney also practices corrective medicine.
The amazing thing is he uses the same thing to cure people that he uses to keep them healthy in the first place-organic trace minerals. All you have to do is change the dosage and frequency of application. These organic trace minerals are a natural antibiotic agent that can kill any invading organism-bacterial, viral or fungal. Unlike the sledge hammer antibiotic you'll get from the pharmacy, however, organic trace minerals will not harm the good bacteria you need for things like food digestion.
Using dietary changes and organic trace minerals, Randy has helped many people with a broad range of degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis and diabetes. He has done the same for patients with the worst kinds of viral and bacterial disease-staph infection, hanta virus, even anthrax. And it will knock a cold out in no time-indeed, if you use the product regularly you won't get colds. On many occasions, Randy has succeeded where traditional medicine has failed-even in deathbed circumstances.
You see, that's what Randy does. He saves lives.
I can't say it strongly enough. You should avail yourself of his organic trace mineral product. You should let him help you like he has helped me.
You should let him save your life.
Thanks for listening,
Jim Lord
P.S. I have no financial relationship with Randy McKinney. I don't make dime if you use his trace minerals. I will, however, have the great pleasure of your good health.

To Whom it may Concern:
Essential Minerals is a product I would never be without. It is a priceless tool in saving and maintaining good health. It has saved me countless dollars in productivity by feeling good. Whenever I feel anything but great, I take a few drops and within hours I am back to normal.
Occasionally with small cuts, a drop or two of Essential Minerals will stop the bleeding in an instant. When my cat doesn't feel well a few drops of this little miracle in a bottle is all it takes to have him feeling perfect again.
Traveling is another time I'd never be without Essential Minerals. With good food sometimes hard to get and sleep patterns and normal routine disrupted, Essential Minerals has saved me time and again.
I heartily recommend Essential Minerals!!
Sincerely, Jere DeBacker

To Whom it may Concern:

I was prescribed some antibiotics for an abscessed tooth and, not really wanting to take the antibiotics, started taking a high dosage of the drops. Within 48 hours the swelling was completely gone.

When I went back to the dentist he said that he had never seen antibiotics work that fast (I did not tell him that I didnít take the antibiotics). When he went to try and find which tooth was bad so that he could work on it, he could not even tell which it was. That was a couple of months ago and I have had no problem since.

In the last 6 months neither my husband nor myself have been sick. I directly attribute this to the Essential Minerals.


10-03-2008, 09:10 PM
I heard that Silver colloidal is awesome if you use it in infection treatments.

10-04-2008, 07:24 AM
Hi Kevin;:)

Do you know if these are the same minerals that come from prehistoric plant deposits in Humic shale in the state of Utah? Seems to be about the same list of elements and they also come in colloidal form. From what I have read this is the only source of this stuff in the world.


10-17-2008, 07:28 AM
I heard that Silver colloidal is awesome if you use it in infection treatments.

We have used colloidal silver for many years also. It is good, not as good as this product for burns, cuts and internal consumption, but it is great for the eyes.


10-17-2008, 07:34 AM
Hi Kevin;:)

Do you know if these are the same minerals that come from prehistoric plant deposits in Humic shale in the state of Utah? Seems to be about the same list of elements and they also come in colloidal form. From what I have read this is the only source of this stuff in the world.


I have spoken with Dr. Mckinney about this. He does say that there is only one source for it, but we have tested other products that come from that source you are referring to and they pale in comparison to the efficacy of this stuff.

So it is either a different source, or most probably the same source, but a different methodology of preparing it for consumption.

In the past I considered TRVing how to make it myself, but sorta felt that was almost cheating him out of his research to develop this. Now, if he ever stops selling it, I will immediately TRV how to make it. :)


11-08-2008, 06:56 AM
Check out this experience on how this product, along with PATHS, averted a bad situation!