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"1. The Law of Attraction: like attracts like.
2. The Law of Deliberate Intent: what is intended and held resolutely within thought, word and deed manifests.
3. The Law of Allowance: allowing what is intended to manifest while using the observer mode to be awake and aware while continuing to hold the focus without being rigid as to the outcome. (Allowing thought to think!)
4. The Law of Balance: applying the first 3 laws and focusing within the present moment."


No More Hoaxes - A Special Message For You (http://www.nomorehoaxes.com/content/view/22/1/)

No More Hoaxes - The Creation (http://www.nomorehoaxes.com/content/view/33/1/)

Note: When the word "god" is used it refers to nothing religious, as many of you who have looked into quantum physics/mechanics or the spiritual side of things will know. I'd definately recommend reading all the books because it takes the information in "The Secret" to a whole other level and more :thumbsup:

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I like that :D

I haven't gone through all the threads in this forum to know what's been talked about, but a way to introduce people to (real) spirituality without it bringing thoughts of religion to mind would be highly useful. I've seen atheists who stand by the "Darwinian" and "scientific method" dismiss scientific information as religious nonsense simply because a certain word is used, so all their beloved scientific information gets ignored along with it and they gain absolutely nothing. Blast the human psychology! This mess so-called "leaders" have managed to get us to make for ourselves is ridicilous. We would need a whole new vocabulary just to introduce ideas for people's consideration. And the same applies for the :beamup: How can they come to a decision when they don't even have information to base that decision on. Its craziness.


future pather
05-30-2008, 01:28 PM
God created the scientist, who then looked up and said, "Prove that you exist!" Lol.


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hehe... Now that you mention that, thinking about it, everyone must surely believe "something" like that exists, because even the biggest atheist has to consider the possibility, and I'm no expert in human psychology but I would say that indicates doubt, or they wouldn't even question it at all. So I think the more important question or the issue to address is not whether or not "god" exists, but what is it.

I can assure you I know there's no invisible bearded guy sitting in the clouds with a Santa Claus type book, but from a combined opinion through researching spiritual and scientific information, some of it dating back thousands of years, "something" is definately going on, and humans were pretty aware of it a long time ago. I just wouldn't call it "god", and most certainly not prey to it or worship it as it seems subject to the same laws as everyone and everything else within this universe. It seems the true "ruler" is the universe itself, or "The Creation" (the thought made manifest), and the source consciousness of that thought intends to know itself through its smaller holographic fragments (us) experiencing within and upon itself, and the only rule (although that's also a choice if we are to go deeper) is to turn knowledge gained into wisdom applied, or "evolve" :)

As for "creation" being a religious term, well, the universe is the creation, you are the creator :)

What I find interesting or can't help but wonder about is what is the source of the source, whether we take the consciousness approach or the big bang theory, surely there must be "something" to begin with. Like if the universe is an idea or a thought made manifest by "the one" consciousness, then where did that consciousness come from... I've heard "from another universe that has achieved perfection through evolution" to be an answer, but frankly that's just a riddle because there would need to be a source for the other universe, and "the big bang" can't just bang from absolutely nothing :thinking:

future pather
05-30-2008, 03:14 PM
When I pondered God I decided that whatever the "real" case is, I would believe whatever I found to be most useful to me.

Perhaps my brain can't even comprehend what the "real" case is, so I might as well believe something useful to me.

I decided that God is the source of all goodness. It is just simple and and easy way to harness faith when I keep it on those terms.

In the Bible, before the commandments, there is the story of Abraham being credited for his faith.

I think faith in goodness is the point of believing in God. For me, it helps me to keep from becoming jaded, or turning to the dark side if you will :D

And the story of Job can be seen as a way of demonstrating that although logic may show us that we should lose faith, there is an important value of holding on to hope. (Job did receive much more than he started with by the end of that story.)

Imo the point of life is to enjoy it as much as possible, without causing harm to others.

It seems that usually leads one to progress in learning, growing, etc. bc you must find happiness without blaming or taking advantage of those around you.

From Romans, Ch. 8 :

20For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope 21that[i] the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.

Does this mean our destiny is to become eternal beings?

Regarding the big bang, I really don't have too much insight. But I like this guy's essays. . .Here is one about time :

The secret to time exists in its genesis - why did time begin when it did? This ancient question has recently been displaced by the notion that time always existed. This errant idea has won huge popularity due to scientific insistence, but none will speculate about why this epic point happened when it did. According to scientific observation the “stars blinked on” about 200 millions years after the big bang occurred.

A more specific date can be deduced through ancient hints and new revelations. The six day description of creation directly relates to the six thousand years of human history whose end is quickly approaching as we enter the year 5767 - the seventh, the Shabbot, will be a thousand years of peace and woman following the six thousand years of man. It is written in one of the later of the 24 written books of the Jewish People - the Book of Psalms written by Dovid King of Yisroel: a day is a thousand years in the eys of God. In the stories of the Oral Torah written down 2000 years ago called Midrash/Seekings states: God played with creation for 2000 years before creating. The Zohar, highest secret known to the Jewish People, explains that instead of a big bang what happened was a big evacuation of light to make room for creation.

The light moved infinitely fast for 266,450,000 earth years before coming to a sudden halt which caused the rays of broken light to vibrate - it is why the stars appear to twinkle. The command to stop was given by the Creator with the word Di/Enough and therefore took on the name Shadi: the One who said Di. The Gematria of Shadi is 314 - the first three numbers of pi. Pi, the irrational number that goes on without end, makes peace between the line and the curve.

By squaring 365, the days the earth goes around the sun, and then multiplying it with 2000, the 2000 years that God played with creation, arrives at the number 266,450,000 - the time that preceded the human being on planet earth. The importance of this number as the created beginning of time (all things that have a beginning will inevitably have an end, including time) has in it a simple message embedded within its numbers. The number 26 refers to the name YHVH - Yud/10, Hey/5, Vav/6, Hey/5 equals 26 (it is also the seminal number in the String Theory) and the number 45 is the gematria of Adom the first human being. Between God and Adom is the number six - the six days of creation corresponding to the six thousand years of human history upon the earth.

Time does not go on forever because infinity is merely a bridge to much bigger things.

Dovid Krafchow - Science Essays - Time (http://www.jewishbohemian.com/essaypages/time.htm)


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I like that :D

Glad you liked it:)

God created the scientist, who then looked up and said, "Prove that you exist!" Lol.


:thumbsup: I guess I wanted to be a scientist then, ehehehe. They say GOD is love...and undeniably we humans feel this love, if so, then there is really a GOD:suprise: ;)

This is just me, and I don't want to push my little beliefs;)

Every one of us has a concept of GOD. God is good, providing, etc... It seems God is all just a goody-goody entity without firmness. How about death, so called diseases, tragedy? Who govern these laws? The mythical red tailed devil? If so, there's a duality? Is there’s such a thing as duality when it said God created (Generator) this universe thus everything is his manifestations. And who has the ability to maintain (Operator) his whole UNIVERSE (or multi-universe) of wonderful creations? Of course theoretically only he can do it, since he is the only one who fully knows what he created in the first place. By his Divine Play, he is maintaining his creations if not everything will cease not to exists (Destroyer).

In our minds we perceived this is bad or this is good. We cannot define "good" if there is no "bad" side and vice versa. So good and bad accompany each other.

I think I have a headache!:rofl:

And not to mention we’re off the topic.:D


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Here is something that might interest, what Law of Attraction is all about.

How "the law of attraction" works, page 1 (http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread326476/pg1)