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05-16-2013, 01:06 PM
Hello everyone :peacesmiley: !

I have looked for such a thread but I couldn't find one: I think a troubleshooting thread for those who have purchased the SG Energizer Kit on teslachargers is a good idea.

In fact, I may need some help. I have followed the instructions of Peter Lindemann and I must say it's very well done. The instructions were clear and neat. Thanks a lot :thumbsup:

Now, I must say I have a strange problem. I mounted the kit as instructed. At first, I couldn't start it: there was the "thump" sound when connecting the primary battery but the motor wouldn't turn. So I checked all the connections and one was not very good so I made it perfect and the motor started ! It was great ! Then I had to stop it and do something else. I disconnected all the batteries and left it for a couple of hours. When I came back, I wanted to restart the motor but it won't work ! I don't know why it won't work again. I checked all the connections, they're good. I can still hear the "thump" sound when I connect the primary battery but I cannot make the motor to spin (I know you have to manually start it). I also noticed that my transistors heat up quite a lot when I try to do so.

Does someone have some ideas on what to try/test to try and solve this ?
I know the kit is good because it ran once. I must figure out why it won't again... :wall:

Thanks a lot for your help :hug: and happy experimenting :grindaisy: !


05-16-2013, 09:51 PM
Neverming, I found out what was the problem, so silly I won't mention it :p

05-17-2013, 05:28 AM
LOL, ok, for future reference, this is the official Bedini kit thread at the other forum: Bedini Energizer Kits (http://www.energyscienceforum.com/bedini-energizer-kits/) that is the best place to post questions about kits.