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02-17-2013, 10:07 AM
TeslagenX (http://teslagenx.com/TeslagenX_Home.html)is proud an excited to announce the release of the Bedini SG 4 Transistor Experimenter Kit.

Endorsed by John Bedini, this kit has been designed for both the beginner and the more experienced experimenter in mind. Able to accommodate from 1 to 4 Bedini SG circuits, the kit can be assembled in stages and can support various coil sizes and configurations.

The Bedini SG 4 Transistor Experimenter Kit is shipped with the following:

1 x Bedini SG 4 Transistor Experimenter Printed Ciruit Board with silk screen
4 x Beta Matched MJL21194 transistors
4 x Transistor thermal pads
1 x Aluminum heat sink with screws
5 x 1N914, 1N4001 & 1N5408 diodes (15 diodes total)
6 x 10, 22, 100, 220, 470, 680 ohm 1W resistors (36 resistors total)
1 x 250 & 1K ohm 5W variable resistors
1 x DPDT switch to switch between off, variable or fixed resistor
5 x Neon bulbs
2 x 12v 20mA grain-of-wheat bulb
1 x 12v 100mA grain-of-wheat bulb
Fuse holder, fuse & jumpers
Screw terminal blocks to connect coil wires, batteries and fixed resistance
Extensive illustrated assembly instructions with parts recommendations and tuning instructions
Complete circuit schematic


To keep the kit within reach of most people you get all of the above for only US$125.00 (plus shipping). To order click here (http://teslagenx.com/Circuit_Boards/Pages/4_Transistor_Bedini_SG_Board.html). We have kits in stock and can ship immediately, anywhere in the world.

Buyers of the kit can also receive free support, share their build progress and post their results at Energy Science Forum (http://www.energyscienceforum.com/bedini-energizer-kits/655-bedini-sg-4-transistor-experimenter-kit-now-available.html). This is the official John Bedini forum and is free to join.

John Koorn, Tom Childs & Erik Nissen
TeslagenX (http://teslagenx.com/TeslagenX_Home.html)

03-07-2013, 01:26 AM
Hi everyone,

Here is a demonstration video of our new Bedini SG 4 Transistor Experimenter Kit that has been endorsed by John Bedini.

Bedini SG 4 Transistor Experimenter Kit - YouTube (http://youtu.be/AQhvVC3anD8)

For further information, please feel free to post here, visit the TeslagenX (http://teslagenx.com/Circuit_Boards/Pages/4_Transistor_Bedini_SG_Board.html?source=EF) web site or contact us at service@teslagenx.com

John K.