View Full Version : Are there any usable specs? Bedini Motor

08-29-2012, 08:53 PM
Have read through hundreds if not thousands of pages about the Bedini motor. Have not found anyone with a working model who has exact specifications available. Bedini's site is useless. Is there anyone who can post a working model diagram showing exact size and material for each component?

Also, I still don't even know what the claim is on the Bedini motor. In a video of him I saw him say that the primary battery stays charged while charging battery bank. Is this true/possible? I just need a continuously running wheel. i.e. One that will run for at least a year at a time without needing a new primary battery. Anyone with working models, please post your info. I am also tired of people telling me to just build a non-working model. I am poor and can't spend endless amounts of money on crap that doesn't work. I want to begin experimenting by replicating a working model. I will take it from there. Frustration level is extremely high sorting through so much useless information.

If you have a working model, please state what it does. Charge all kinds of batteries or only certain sizes or of certain materials?

p.s. I have used search feature of forum, google search, and watched hundreds of youtube videos. The only actual specs I get are ones where people say the thing doesn't work. Bedini always says, "Build it just like I say to build it." then just gives circuit diagrams which you have to be an electrical engineer to understand. Even then, there are no complete list of specs.