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  1. Bedini-Cole Window Motor Electric motor runs without draining batteries!!!
  2. Bedini SG
  3. Bedini Schoolgirl
  4. Bedini Solid State Oscillators
  5. Bedini Capacitive Discharge Chargers
  6. Bedini Advanced
  7. Bedini in French !
  8. Bedini School Boy Motor
  9. Bedini Pendulum
  10. Bedini and Rife technology
  11. Bedini's SSG Secrets
  12. Analysis of Bedini Monopole / working of radiant energy
  13. Understanding Battery Charge in Capacitive Discharge and SSG Chargers
  14. Battery Sensing and switching for Bedini Systems
  15. Bedini SG Advanced Superpole Configuration
  16. Bedini SG Mechanical Open Close Switch
  17. Bedini SG | N Machine generator
  18. Looping Bedini
  19. alternate uses for bedini mechanical output
  20. Comparison: Bedini,Lindemann,Newman,RV
  21. The ultimate Bedini SG CORE :)
  22. Bedini SSG Machines
  23. Window Motor Replication
  24. Solar Bedini SG
  25. New Memeber Post - Bedini / Newman / Lindemann
  26. Bedini/Cole Bipolar switch (or how to drastically reduce your input!)
  27. Ideal Battery type for Bedini type Chargers
  28. MUST SEE ! John Bedini with showing the crystals on the plates
  29. Wanted: Bedini SSG
  30. Self Running Bedini SG Circuits
  31. bedini ssg questions
  32. Bedini Two Rotors no mechanical attached
  33. Bedini kit help please
  34. Bedini Scope Shots
  35. Additional Coils on Bedini?
  36. Bedini's Monopole Energizer
  37. Bedini DC Motor Hybrid
  38. "mains power operated" Bedini motor using 6CA7 tube
  39. Twin Rotor Bedini DC Motor
  40. The first Bedini Motor and Rodin Coil Combnation
  41. Bedini motor high torque?
  42. Two Stage Inductance and the Bedini Monopole
  43. 2 Stage Bedini dc Hybrid Motor
  44. High Power Bedini Inverted Capacitor Pulser
  45. Solid State Bedini
  46. Resonant mode Bedini SG with switch
  47. Superchrging the Bedini SSG!
  48. Four Rotor Bedini Motor
  49. John Bedini Course
  50. New interview by Sterling of the new Battery chargers
  51. g-field generator for bedini motor
  52. Newman 4.0 with Bedini Circuit
  53. Working bedini?
  54. Bedini Introduction
  55. Bedini Propeller Amplification
  56. Bedini SG Trigger
  57. An alternative Bedini circuit for Bedini SSG
  58. I need help with a bedini
  59. Joule Thief Bedini motor
  60. Newbie - Bedini Fan Motor Coil Which wire to cut
  61. Bedini type energizers, solid state - aircored
  62. Bedini solid state oscillator and Tesla switch combination
  63. 20 Bedini-Bearden Years-Radiant Energy Charger w/SCR
  64. Free energy window motor
  65. Bedini scope shot
  66. Pes-wiki-- criticism of John Bedini
  67. Question about Bedini's solid state system.
  68. Thane Heins motor? Is this a Bedini Motor?
  69. Stop a Bedini fan from oscillating
  70. Daftman Bedini / Newman hybrid my first attempt
  71. One magnet no bearing Bedini motor
  72. strange effects in the components of bedini's chargers : cap, battery, transistors...
  73. Bedini motor with capacitor help/info please
  74. Fisher and Paykel Bedini motor?
  75. Brushlessed Bedini
  76. Motor/Generator--Window Motor based design
  77. Bedini - Bearden contradiction...
  78. Bedini's "Free Energy Generation" machine aka "1984" aka "Watson"
  79. Bedini's Kromrey Converter
  80. Bedini patent 7109671
  81. Bedini's magnetic hydrogen and oxygen extraction
  82. Desulphating batts. w/ bedini type method
  83. Need Help on 3 coil Bedini
  84. My working Bedini Tri-Coil Motor / Charger
  85. Winding motors for bedini
  86. Bedini's Technology and the backyarder experimenter
  87. Bedini Coil
  88. SSG - Lets put Bedini concept to a test
  89. BobBrown's Bedini type Solid State Trial
  90. Some Basic Bedini SSG Questions.
  91. Zooming in on Bedini's Radiant Spike
  92. Bedini little wood motor
  93. Purple neon flash with separate coil (Bedini SSG)
  94. Bedini Imhotep fan as transformer?
  95. A problem with Batteries charged with Bedini Technology
  96. Bedini, Meyer, capacitors, batteries and the electret effect
  97. The Daftman - Bedini / Newman setup
  99. Snow Labs Releases Bedini Motor Hot Rod Tweaks!
  100. Bedini SG made from harddisk component
  101. Looking for scope shots of window motor or half bipolar circuit
  102. Bedini motor why stress can only use ceramic magnets?
  103. Bedini 10-coil
  104. Ask for help: Bedini SG few simple questions
  105. Bedini Motor: consult all the recommendations SG? Window?
  106. Bedini window motor coil winding question?
  107. A window motor structure way to explore
  108. Window motor coil structure can do so changed?
  109. Bedini window motor CEMF switch how settings?
  110. Newman motor and Bedini window motor There a difference?
  111. Undisclosed Bedini 100% Magnet Motors
  112. Diametric/Bipolar Magnet Effects (Bedini Davro / Bobin Bedini)
  113. Tesla Chargers from Energetic Forum
  114. Tom Bearden 1984 Simple Free Energy Motor
  115. Ed Gray with Bedini Radiant Spark
  116. Bedini Tesla Switch Solar Amplifier
  117. Bedini Newbie Question
  118. Bedini magnet spacing and other ?'s
  119. Newman,window motor and ordinary brushless motor comparison which is more efficient?
  120. bedini output and tesla coil
  121. Trying To Popularise The Bedini/Bearden stuff in England
  122. Maglev Window Motor(Self running and self charging)
  123. 10k RPM Mini Bedini Three Pole Experimental
  124. Bedini advice pls
  125. Bedini transistor Selector
  126. bedini ssg
  127. Bedini SGS with neo:s
  128. Different idea for recharging primary battery in a bedini type system
  129. r-charge / bedini - solar power charger
  130. First Bedini... first everthing...
  131. Resonating TF using Bedini circuit
  132. Help with bedini circuit, with pics and labeled
  133. Bedini coil question BLACKLIST
  134. Super Joule thief Charger Bedini Style
  135. Renaissance November Workshop Convention
  136. Bedini HHO PWM???
  137. Bedini SSG vs. Pulse / Reed Switches (?)
  138. Bedini Motor Problem
  139. Tom Bearden Cheap Free Energy Generator
  140. Bedini 3 pole kit for sale, and other items
  141. StarShip Rodin coil used as a Bedini
  142. Bedini circuit - Fraction of 1 watt powers all
  143. Harmoniquad Resonating Bedini Coil.
  144. Tesla pancake / Bedini self oscillator w/ high voltage output
  145. Bedini Ferris Wheel Regauging Motor
  146. Dear John Bedini Re: 30 Coil Kit
  147. Effects on Bedini Motor of Non-linear Magnetic arrangement.
  148. Rick & Bits Lawn Mower - Window Motor Beast
  149. Is there information from scratch about bedini's systems.
  150. Mega-Bedini, MP-controlled ...
  151. What do Bedini, Tesla, Imhotep, and Heins all have in common?
  152. Bedini Sale
  153. Bedini Window Motor question
  154. Old radio interview w/ Bedini & Bearden
  155. Modified Bedini Sale On Ebay
  156. Shkondin permanent + electro magnet motor - Bedini like
  157. capacitor choice for Bedini classic 3-pole (conference 3-pole)
  158. The relationship between Radiant E Strength and Components (Bedini)
  159. Collector Coils Alone (Bedini)
  160. Strage results from Bedini Monopole
  161. Can Bedini motor be powered from ordinary battery charger?
  162. Bedini Earth Light
  163. Bedini motor question
  164. Scope image Bedini SSG
  165. Fusionchip's Bedini Feedback to Source !!!
  166. Bedini SG/Window Hybrid(s) - Converting off the shelf AC and DC Motors
  167. ...Everlast charger... ( Bedini )
  168. Bedini 6 inch fan circuit question
  169. Bedini Pulse circuits and NiFe batteries
  170. Bedini Circuit Vs Tesla Switch
  171. R-chargers
  172. 3rd Stage Bedini Powered Milkovic
  173. help with my first Bedini SSG circuit
  174. How big is too big? (Bedini monopole coils)
  175. Arduino pulsing Bedini SSG Coil (solid State)
  176. Base diode in Bedini SSG in series, not parallel
  177. bedini restore batery
  178. Bedini fan kit problem
  179. Bedini dynamo
  180. Tom Bearden and Oil?
  181. experience using bedini kits
  182. Modded Bedini, big voltage, no current
  183. Starcoil bedini style batt. loader 20x higher spikes
  184. Question about bedini fan
  185. Gray's secret and its application to Bedini's motors.
  186. Need a scope for bedini motor
  187. Bedini/Cejka: "Time Ends" in the 2030's (Energy From the Vacuum 20)
  188. Bedini SSG Daftman - not working - pls advise!
  189. Bedini Coils
  190. LIVE VIDEO bedini crystal battery build tonight at 6 et
  191. My first month with my Bedini...
  192. Vibrator powering Bedini Coil
  193. Distance between neo mags on Bedini wheel?
  194. Bedini Coil Specs - what to do?
  195. New Renaissance Prizes offered to encourage Energy experimenters
  196. self running Bedini monopole !
  197. Bedini Tesla Chargers
  198. Help/Ideas for Bedini test bed
  199. Bedini spike gone - and back again
  200. Window motor torque?
  201. Crystal Water Battery
  202. Bedini Fan charger, Need Help please...
  203. Help welcome to set up a little bedini generator
  204. Bizzy's Bedini Machine aka Watson Machine
  205. Bedini 3 pole monopole kit PCB
  206. Bedini ssg pulser motor
  207. My Replication of Bedini Solid State SSG without any trigger coil or Pulsing circuit
  208. Bedini Energizer Battery tests
  209. Bedini Energizer Battery tests
  210. did any one try Lindemann device or bedini motor
  211. Need help with my bedini replication
  212. Kromrey Converter as mechanical load to Bedini SSG
  213. Bedini Energizer Specifications - Really?
  214. Bedini troubleshooting
  215. Greetings from Rid & R-charge
  216. Highly Modified School Girl Motor???
  217. My experiments are not consistent with Bedini school girl motor from 12 years ago
  218. Tesla Switch - Bedini solid state SSG Hybrid
  219. Bedini SSG problems
  220. Bedini measurements
  221. Are there any usable specs? Bedini Motor
  222. Anyone have opinions about R-Charge.net?
  223. Anyone have a good window motor design?
  224. Help needed with Bedini Schoolgirl circuit
  225. Bedini ssg energizer
  226. Rick Friedrich separation from Bedini
  227. New Window Motor Design
  228. John Bedini - READ ME FIRST
  229. Authorized Bedini SG Handbook?
  230. stirling engine running bedini generator?
  231. Bedini SG - The Complete Beginner's Handbook
  232. Bedini SG - Complete Handbook
  233. 1.6 COP Bedini SSG
  234. Need help in Replicating SSG
  235. New SSG Energizer Kit
  236. How to EASY cut off input power when battery charged up? SSG / SS SSG / TS SS SSG
  237. How to EASY cut off input power when battery charged up? SSG / SS SSG / TS SS SSG
  238. Bedini SG 4 Transistor Experimenter Kit Now Available!
  239. My First attempt at SSG
  240. BEDINI SG - The Complete Intermediate Handbook
  241. Trifilar Cap Pulser Question
  242. Trifilar Cap Pulser + Bifilar Slave Coil ??
  243. Bedini SG coil winding video
  244. How to Build a Bedini SG by Peter Lindemann
  245. Bedini SSG help
  246. Bedini SG Energizer Kit Troubleshooting
  247. Why different gauges?
  248. trifilar bedini SG motor Help!
  249. rebuilding batterys with their parts
  250. my new SG !! ran then quit.. what did I do wrong?