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  1. Piezo and Coils (and magnets?)
  2. Problem of directing current in brushed DC motor, plan for reducing drag
  3. Non-Conservative Fields
  4. Robert Adams Megawatt Motor/Generator
  5. The ERR ( The culmination of many on this site)
  6. How do you calculate an inductor's impedance to pulse dc?
  7. Some excellent text of the nature of electricity
  8. Newton's Law revision
  9. idoit in need of help
  10. Weird Radiant effect
  11. Wind issuing from ends of wires? Have I separated electrons from the aether?
  12. Who moderate this forum anyway?
  13. Methane, Propane, Natural Gas for cars...
  14. first attempt at overcoming Mean old Mr.G
  15. The Hull Effect (Incressed MPG)
  16. Inventing incredibly high voltage analogues to the diode and transistors
  17. FEMA coffins
  18. "cavitation pump"
  19. Rapid charging self oscillator w/ phased ignition coils
  20. Calculating volume of water for plasma/ steam
  21. Energy Pump Generator - replication challenge
  22. Geet Workshop?
  23. Highest magnetic saturation
  24. Fuel saving mathod, theory and application
  25. Think i found some missing info from Tesla's radiant energy patent
  26. soft and hard electrons ?
  27. Rosemary Anslie | Magnetic rosetta
  28. Hyperdimensional Physics
  29. Wind energy
  30. The Underground Lab
  31. I have cracked the gravitational constant
  32. Difference in Magnetic Poles
  33. Charging House
  34. Tungsten Contacts for Spark Gaps
  35. 3' Tesla coil w/3 MOT HV supply video
  36. YASA LIFEcar motor claims "double torque"
  37. Worldwide Demonstration
  38. Pulsed energy capture circuit
  39. Ignition Coil Polarity Test?
  40. Taking Down a Nation | Nikki Alexander
  41. PC Osscilloscope spectrum analyzer and signal generator for under $30
  42. Scientists discover surprise in Earth's upper atmosphere
  43. Instruments of Amplification, H.P. Friedrichs
  44. Quantum Touch
  45. Peter Lindemann Cash Flow Radio Show Interview
  46. Electronics Engineering Video Blog
  47. Emp
  48. Passive oscillator challange!
  49. VMG Project
  50. Martin Grusenick | Extended Michelson-Morley Interferometer Experiment
  51. The case against Over Unity
  52. Im Back Everyone!
  53. Human Hair Solar Panel
  54. 240 Mpg
  55. Current inertia, and magnetic fields
  56. kywdo free energy
  57. Space Time Energy Absorption Pump
  58. The O.M.E.G.A. magnet/gravity motor
  59. thermoelectric and pyroelectric power generation
  60. Energy From The Combustion Of Plastic Garbage
  61. Humanity and the quest for OU.
  62. Multipactor Effect and "Resonant Cavity"
  63. Moderators Stop The Spamming
  64. 3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and
  65. shubhamforme battery charger
  66. Hendershot Replications
  67. What Happened???
  68. Can we take on this challenge?
  69. Veljko Milkovic' - 2 Stage Oscillator Self Runing Idea
  70. Dude's Labcam - Tesla coil runs every 30mins
  71. Suggestion. Sticky for working things.
  72. Motor In Hand
  73. What to use for coil cores?
  74. Yu oscillating Generator ... Overunity YOG Model
  75. Home generator
  76. Standing wave Rodin Coil Design Called Sunflower
  77. Energy vs Voltage free energy understanding
  78. Switched magnet solenoid
  79. Contact with Dr.Lindemann
  80. One World Bank Conspires High Oil Prices
  81. Attention Ottawa, Canada OU experimenters, free materials giveaway!
  82. No Current Polarity Flip Flop Pulse Cap Charge Circuit
  83. Oled
  84. your radiant charger one wire is AC or DC?
  85. Future of Energy? Anyone Familiar With This
  86. possible electrical analog to veljko oscillator
  87. A way to reduce voltage without reduce current of radiant charger output
  88. EPA's Lisa Jackson
  89. New Element Discovered
  90. Shorting generator-coils
  91. Transistor frequency adjustment
  92. Reducing Energy And Water In Heating and Cooling Systems
  93. Cybersecurity Act of 2009!!
  94. The American Ruling Class
  95. Radiant energy
  96. new developpement on twm motor
  97. All the energy you need from compost?
  98. A Back-To-The-Basics Tesla Coil
  99. Always remove the neon-lamp
  100. Apparatus for Utilization of Radiant Energy aka COP infinity circuit
  101. Cheap Fuel
  102. How much of a vacuum do lightblubs have
  103. Philo T Farnsworth and Ed Gray tubes
  104. SCR, AC fan full size and ebike bateries
  105. Power4Home
  106. polywell plasma confinement
  107. Farnsworth–Hirsch Fusor
  108. How to make 2MHz for inductive load? (basic electronics)
  109. Biodiesel Webinar TODAY!!
  110. David Wells Weather Modification Device
  111. Donald Smith Devices too good to be true
  112. stable 555 driver
  113. Self Charging Batery
  114. Quest for fastest and sharpest solid-state switching
  115. Hex-controller replacement
  116. New Belgium Breweries
  117. Self Charging Battery using Hex Controller
  118. video--Dyson--Air pressure New Fan to learn from
  119. Ultra wideband RF detector design challenge
  120. Magnetic Electricity Discovered
  121. Avramenko plug must be spark gapped to get current
  122. Single wire eletrci transmission applied in Rusia by VIESH using avramenko technology
  123. Method to Dump cap voltage to Battery
  124. Simple current limiter, a reminder that 3055 is not digital switch
  125. CosmicGnarler's chaotic oscillator
  126. Switching transistor using radiant current spike?
  127. Glossary of Energetic Forum Discussion Terms
  128. Mobius coil do not produce radiant
  129. peparation for Planet X.
  130. iron sheet needeed
  131. Panacea's Free Energy Suppression production
  132. Lithium
  133. Blue No More
  134. Radiant Battery Recovery - true or muth?
  135. Safety of charging 12v or 6v?
  136. Everything is OK Montage -OT
  137. Usefull Circuits
  138. Download the Snow Labs archive before SUPPRESSED!
  139. Spontaneous charging radiantly charged capacitor research group
  140. Problem with quantum key
  141. Academic report, Evidence of Magnetic Flux Submergence in Flux Cancellation Sites
  142. Lead/Acid to Alcaline/Lead battery conversion - useful?
  143. Coal comparable fuel pellets made from Municipal Solid Waste
  144. Nathan Stubblefield, A Fresh Look
  145. Modified H-bridge circuit, will this work?
  146. Air core vs iron core, different load different result
  147. He call's it the Genesis project!!
  148. Providing Energy To Remote Locations
  149. Transporting Electromagnetic Charges
  150. Golf Cart batteries 8V... What is top voltage?
  151. non-displacement boyancy device
  152. Joule thief triggered with radiant, input current reduce with load
  153. Ark of the Covenant Replications/Study
  154. Impedance matching procedure with radiant output current matching
  155. WATER FOR FUEL-Ohmasa Gas
  156. The 81 Lo Shu Tones within the 729 Fabric
  157. Different diode give different radiant output current
  158. Inductance Measurement
  159. Parametrics
  160. Gravity - just pure plain GRAVITY
  161. Gel Magnets
  162. Exploding water
  163. Orgone is the ether
  164. duty cycle shift keying circuit?
  165. impedance matching
  166. Pulse charging Batteries - Conditioning & C.O.P relationship
  167. Photo Sensor Solar Problem
  168. Donald L Smith
  169. LidMotor Solar CFL Replication
  170. What does the term "unidirectional DC impulse" mean?
  171. Finally, We need guidance. E-learning suggestion
  172. Radiant Energy Probe and E-Field Detecto
  173. Great Resource
  174. An interesting observation about alternating current
  175. Help with numbers
  176. Aquamarine Dreams- Ralph Ring and Otis T. Carr
  177. 20mA at 12V one wire circuit
  178. Are EVs Risking or Saving the Planet ?
  179. Resonance- nice & simple
  180. Lawton circuit for solid state bendini
  181. Down goes the Grid!!!
  182. Oath Keepers Guardians of the Republic
  183. Nikola Tesla
  184. What would you do and what would happen
  185. Andrei Melnicenko
  186. TOOLS for THOSE...
  187. Is this a scam?
  188. Joulethief SEC exciter and variants
  189. Half Wave Rectifier
  190. Coil mystery - need help
  191. DC/AC Magneto
  192. Lighting flouro is better without filament
  193. Online Part Supply Stores
  194. Discussion re: the physics behind negative energy systems with radiant spikes
  195. please get this info out there
  196. my take on the SSG motor
  197. Is wireless energy transmission safe?
  198. Ground enhanced lit lamps - Tesla Coil and Ground
  199. Voltage Sensitive Switch
  200. programmable magnets
  201. What Is "Electricity"
  202. What did Tesla found in The Bible ?
  203. KISS- Gravity Motor
  204. "Free Power Blueprint" can anyone comment?
  205. mechanically driven transistor, no spark but good switching
  206. Fuelless engine plans. Is it real ?
  207. Ether physics
  208. Interesting Occurance
  209. Gray Power supply
  210. Licensing and backup
  211. Two days running Slayer007 Joule Theif non stop.
  212. the best inverter device u can make
  213. What is a hydraulic air pump?
  214. Simple, cheap, versital, battery conditioner
  215. Yu-Ta Tu Magnet Motor
  216. Sunflower Rodin Coil Effect '' Decrease Current Draw = Runs Cooler "
  217. Simple driver for harvesting radiant spikes from a coil's collapsing field.
  218. German Silver – Tesla’s Resistive Wire
  219. Perpetual motion
  220. Amazing new green technology!!!
  221. Mostly Permanent Magnet Motor with minimal Input Power
  222. Dielectric emf recycler
  223. Johnny CoolPants Show
  224. Infinite Solutions with Mark Erickson
  225. Patricia Burchat sheds light on dark matter
  226. Figuring out my tread mill motor
  227. how to build a solar USB charger
  228. Dutch astronout about time, gravity
  229. Why galaxy is flat (2D not 3D)?
  230. Scalar Interferometer
  231. Censorship or something else?
  232. 2009 Advanced Energy Whistleblower Conference - Washington, DC
  233. Steorn Announces Public Demonstration of overunity Orbo Technology
  234. NO ELECTROLYSIS water split
  235. Radiant Energy Utilization
  236. What I'd love to see
  237. New Joule Thief project... need help
  238. Magnetite Cores
  239. COP 15 What do you think about?
  240. Multimeters
  241. Steorn's Orbo
  242. Inertial Propulsion
  243. Electric Field
  244. Capacitor Question
  245. Large ferrite U cores
  246. How to Build the "Digital Tesla Switch"
  247. Electric motor/generator tweak to produce FE
  248. 1872, Elihu Thomson - anyone got this document in scientific american 1872??
  249. It's nice but what can it do? And merry christmas!
  250. Seasons Greatings!