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  1. Ultra dense Fusion breakthru/claim 450X
  2. Tesla Magnifying Transmitter Scale Model Designs/Plans Available
  3. "How much energy is there in a permanent magnet"?
  4. Real Free energy Transport machine
  5. FTC innovations high efficiency generator head
  6. M.J. Nunnerley Open source STEAP method
  7. A discussion with Allen
  8. Vlad Utkins cap flipping scheme.
  9. Michael J Nunnerly's STEAP TPU ideas
  10. Disclosure Coming - Joseph Newman
  11. running 24v dc motor on 12v dc
  12. Moving that "Massless, Weightless" Magnetic Field - PART 1
  13. What is it that went through the diode to the converter output Capacitor then?
  14. Mosfet as Diode
  15. Why does the Plasma Continue to Exist Past beyond its Breakdown Voltage Gap
  16. Dual Oscillator Light Using 3 battery System
  17. Resonating inductance coils
  18. Experimenting with CapCoils
  19. Calling all Forumers in Ontario, Canada...
  20. Linear Ram Pump
  21. Juris Balodis Generator
  22. Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter is Eric Dollard's LMD
  23. Faraday Disc 2.0
  24. Hairpin Circuit: Strange Spark Gap Behavior
  25. Jerry Decker from Keelynet has Died
  26. A Valuable Lesson? Debunking a non-"free energy" device with engineering
  27. Climate change gets a new twist ..in a court of law.
  28. AC electricity multiplier using pulleys
  29. What is the SEG Mockup - John Searl Update!
  30. Translation
  31. Mysterious Magnet Motor
  32. Photobucket decided to change their Policy of "Third Party Hosting"
  33. Isolation Amplifier
  34. Zero Force Motor by Yaro Stanchak
  35. Thread to compare Nunez POE and Henrichs GAAV-coil
  36. Stan Deyo's Fundraiser
  37. Gold Magnet by Jeff Moe
  38. Sagnac Effect
  39. Joseph Newman Disclosure
  40. A Free Energy Idea
  41. Two Overunity Technologies by Dr. Paul LaViolette
  42. Hacking the Aether by Aaron Murakami
  43. The Universal Medium by Paul Babcock
  44. My first open energy system !!
  45. Mind Over Matter - Subtle Energy Protocols by Prof. Robert Haralick
  46. Co2 dissociation without electricity.. With wood pellet
  47. Tesla Converter by Eric Dollard
  48. H2 Global by Walt Jenkins
  49. Multiple Order Harmonics by James Robitaille
  50. Lenz Delay Experiments
  51. Electrical Resonance
  52. Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity & Singularity by Al Francoeur
  53. Skycollection's "Zero Lenz Drag" output coil.
  54. Running on Fumes
  55. Poor Man's Splitting the Positive Battery Swapper by RS Stafford
  56. Two Stage Oscillator improvements
  57. High Voltage N-Machine by Aaron Murakami
  58. Induction Heater Used As Efficient Space Heater
  59. Where is all this excess energy coming from?
  60. Dynanometers, prony brakes etc.
  61. Electric Jupiter Shocks Astronomers | Space News
  62. Charge Pump Circuit
  63. Tesla transformer
  64. Dyson electric car to be driven by cleaner motor
  65. Zero Force Motor Project
  66. Italian Patent for 15-20 Year Battery
  67. Transistor Identification?
  68. Self Sustainable / Self Charge Solar Electric Car HELP
  69. Continued Tests of the 3 Battery System
  70. Are you one in a thousand ?
  71. Tom Reed open sourcing his Clem engine design
  72. Lead Acid Battery Facts
  73. Electromagnetic Repulsion Motor
  74. AC to Cap Dump
  75. Bedini Cigars
  76. Basic TPU
  77. Energy In Capacitor
  78. Fusion
  79. Eternal led 'on' ?
  80. Small Experiments
  81. Radiant Pulse Charging to Condition Lead Acid Battery
  82. Radiant Energy
  83. Lead Acid Battery Problem
  84. I need FTW 3 hours Video about QEG tuning ?
  85. Oscillator Circuit Dielectric Pump
  86. Petrovoltaics
  87. Threats
  88. A question about the MEG
  89. 2018 Energy Conference
  90. Vidbid Asynchronous Charging Motor
  91. Wireless and single wire electrical system
  92. petrovoltaics energy
  93. Diy magnetic field scope/a scanline e-beam plane imaging tool.
  94. Motor Energizer (All-in-One)
  95. E V Gray, Ismael Aviso, Tesla car or energy from the Vacuum
  96. Tesla 3 6 9 is the secret of power amplification. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS!
  97. 90 degree spike! Simplest Generator you can build!
  98. The real Tesla free energy machine
  99. ANOTHER Basic Free Energy Device
  100. BBC Radio 4 Out of the Ordinary Free Energy
  101. IM help
  102. Can a Mag Amp Produce Unlimited Gain from 1 Micro VDC?
  103. 3ph windmill
  104. The Electromagnetism and Dark matter connection - A new theory
  105. Ferrocell depicts correctly the field of a magnet, iron fillings does NOT!
  106. Rick's Overbalanced Water Wheel Concept
  107. Free Energy from Wave Fields
  108. HALBACH / HAMEL motor Free energy
  109. Long runner Joule Thief charger
  110. Tesla Hairpin Replication & Experimental Results
  111. Series Resistance inside a Capacitor is Negative Resistance
  112. Tesla’s Death Ray – A Murder Declassified. Season 1
  113. Heat ---> Electricity. A new idea.
  114. Free Energy Experiment and 6 Hour Tidal Cycle
  115. IDI - Gravitational Power Full Disclosure - Full Schematics and Explanations Here!
  116. Bedini 1984 Video!
  117. Tesla Lecture Illustrated
  118. Moray's secret crystal revealed
  119. I cracked the gravity Puzzle! 100% legit
  120. Motor design magnetics
  121. Magnetism, attempt to clarify lines of force,
  122. Altrez's PM's Splitting the Positive Replication.
  123. "Your Basic Coil" As per Tesla
  124. My Attempts at UNLOCKING Johann Bessler MT 138 Secrets
  125. Paradox
  126. 43200 72 600
  127. Balancing Negative with Positive Resistance
  128. 2018 Energy Conference Review
  129. History, Theory & Practice of the Electrical Utility System by Eric Dollard
  130. Robert Mueller and 9/11 coverup.
  131. Spring coil "Reed Switch" flyback pulse motor.
  132. 4th Phase of Water by Dr. Gerald Pollack
  133. Gravity Control with Present Technology by David Alzofon
  134. Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism by Ken Wheeler
  135. Soundiceuk's Permanent Magnet Bearing R&D
  136. The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems by Jim Murray
  137. Battery that taps into the vacuum fluctuations !!
  138. My search for Free Energy is Over
  139. Overunity is repeatable and peer reviewed
  140. residential electric, 12 volts from neutral to ground on receptacle
  141. Electro-Biohacking, Influencing Gene Expression w/ HV by Aaron Murakami
  142. Barely Used S40A12 Solar Tracker Tesla Charger $800 + shipping
  143. event electro radiant hunted
  144. Fernandeze's Free Energy Transformer
  145. Conscious Intention, Water & Subtle Energy by Professor Robert Haralick
  146. State ofthe Art Novel InFlowTech 1Gearturbine RotaryTurbo 2Imploturbocompressor 1Step
  147. Tewari Reactionless Generator by Anupam Tewari
  148. Hidden Dance Zero Force Motor Part 2 by Yaro Stanchak
  149. Dancing with the Aether by Jeane Manning & Susan Manewich
  150. Self-Recharging Battery Supply of Carlos F. Bentiez by Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.
  151. Anatomy, Embryology, Phylogeny of the Acupuncture Meridians by Charles Bagley MD
  152. New Energy: The Linchpin to Unprecedented Change by John Petersen
  153. The Living Earth - How Earth Generates Lifeforce Energy by Paul Babcock
  154. Man, Machine & The Living Matrix by Karen Elkins
  155. Communication & cooperation in nature by rainer viehweger, m.d.
  156. Ideomotor Effect, Uncovering the Mechanics of the Human Mind by Aaron Murakami
  157. Bouncy and hho equels free energy
  158. floyd "sparky" sweet.... and the VTA
  159. theory behind what we see
  160. An Inquiry into Alexey Chekurkov’s Flying Discs and Replications
  161. A Book On Atmospheric Energy
  162. An Inquiry into MAGVID
  163. Shungite?
  164. Tesla Tower In Texas ??
  165. Converting EM Energy + Heat into AC Voltage
  166. Terfenol d and magnetosteiction
  167. State ofthe Art Novel InFlow 1Gearturbine-RotaryTurbo 2Imploturbocompressor-1CompStep
  168. Nikola Tesla’s Turbine Secrets - Global Open Source Project
  169. the nature of quantum entanglement
  170. 2019 Energy Conference
  171. Hydrogen + metal = surprising reactions without plasmas
  172. LTSpice Simulation of Electronic Boost via the Isolation of Voltage & Current Sources
  173. High frequency amplifier
  174. Magnetic Diode
  175. Selfrunner Pendulum with Light output from Galfenol device from Peter Lang
  176. thx Machine
  177. Coil and Resonance Basic Questions...
  178. velocity factor of black iron oxide ?
  179. Free Cooling
  180. What is GOOD!?
  181. nitrogen UV laser
  182. Energy Propagation
  183. A Solid State electrical generation
  184. Nano-Boxx - 24/7 electric power using only ambient heat
  185. Lunar rail gun transit rings for acceleration and rapid deceleration.
  186. Antonio Romero free energy system
  187. Tesla's rays powering Stan Meyers fuel cell?
  188. The history of electrical resonance
  189. HHO extra energy
  190. The bistander thread
  191. Validating claims
  192. Is this engine overunity???
  193. Anti-gravity
  194. Has anyone applied Peter's Rotary Attraction Motor principals to a big Outrunner
  195. Bedini's cap pulser
  196. IEC Earth Engine First Magnet motor installed in Las Vegas
  197. Black Sun Experiments
  198. Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter - Recreating Tesla's dream.
  199. Is reality real?
  200. Aether... Insight???
  201. Tropical free energy.
  202. Transients are a Potentially Useful Source of Freely Available and Reusable Energy
  203. Inductance Energy Corporation
  204. Stanley Meyer Conference July 20-21 2019
  205. 400-600% Overunity Cooling Machine
  206. Infinity Sav
  207. Alex Manzanero Lenz Free Magnetic Diode Experiments
  208. Hydroxyl cell (HHO gas)
  209. Radiant power from Solid state Tesla hairpin circuit
  210. cold plasma concepts
  211. Multifilar Generator Coil - Lenz delay Experiments
  212. Thermo Electric
  213. Electricity from heat (atomic resonance)
  214. Bob Boyce HHO
  215. Looking for original Avramenko article
  216. Superconductivity at -20 C.
  217. H2 Global claims 99% water as fuel ,touring USA
  218. A precessing spin is a NATURAL Faraday Disk/Homopolar generator/Unipolar Generator
  219. Venezuela - tragic stories and power cuts. Can we help?
  220. Remembering Dr. Myron Evans
  221. Free Energy Show by JP Sweet
  222. Battle for Wardenclyffe - A Story in Letters
  223. Gram two stage oscillator gravity assisted pulse motor
  224. Moving vs stationary b field
  225. Optical illusion or magnetic light refraction?
  226. Cadman’s Hydrostatic Displacement Engine © 2019 Cadman Weyland
  227. Magnetic Field around Single Wire Conductor
  228. Paint your circuit.
  229. The Real Johann Bessler's Wheel!
  230. 150W RF PA 0.4MHz - 3MHz
  231. sensors - phyphox running on android
  232. The Tesla Code
  233. Every Missing US Patent From US Patent Office
  234. Flowing Conductive Liquid Heart Pump Coil
  235. hammerFall gravity powered generator
  236. 20:1 Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer by Eric Dollard
  237. Floyd Sweet antenna question
  238. James DeMeo PhD - Cosmic Ether Exists & Orgone Energy Accumulator
  239. Tadahiko Mizuno LENR breakthrough COP of 5 and up to 10 Seeking Replication .
  240. The Science of Tesla's Magic
  242. Longitudinal & scalar waves: The biquaternion generalization of maxwell’s equations b
  243. Aether weirdness - it's about time. Magic batteries by paul babc
  244. * NEW RELEASE * The Electrical Properties of Interfacial Water by Kurt Kung, PhD
  245. Versor Algebra, Geometric Algebra, and Base Number System Patterns
  246. Tesla Coil spark gap replacement
  247. Flywheel Generator Project
  248. Waveform
  249. Reactive Power Generation Motor by Mike Clarke
  250. The Science of Tesla's Magical Wardenclyffe Tower