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  1. Overunity Disclosure & Floyd Sweet's VTA by Graham Gunderson
  2. My free energy replication.
  3. Free Energy for sale in the Carolinas ??
  4. What is Cold Electricity?
  5. with a multimeter how can i properly identify old black wires in a house
  6. Motor Generators
  7. Microcube wind turbine
  8. Serious Clem replication ..Help needed
  9. there should be a easy way to convert light into radiowaves
  10. Patterson Cell
  11. What is symmetry?
  12. Spark gap -- unusual heating
  13. O.U."over" "unity" transformer resonators
  14. tesla coil single wire lightning a 60W bulb
  15. TinMan's magnets doing the impossible [useful work]
  16. Inertial Impulse Drive - "impossible" they said
  17. Tesla Resonant Transformer
  18. Swede's verify Rossi and Cold Fusion are here to stay
  19. MAGNETIC GRAVITATIONAL Free Energy has been Released
  20. Raoul Melendres free energy phone charger
  21. Incandescent Lamp Radiant Heater
  22. Modified Led filament bulb Oscillator Lamp
  23. First time EVER SEEN: Light phase shifts under ferrocell
  24. Force Amplification (Nitinol-assisted Pneumatics)
  25. resonance with Stars
  26. Keshe Blueprint
  27. I just disproved ken wheelers magnet theories
  28. Tesla microfilm letters
  29. Keshe, Fraud, Fraud or super-plasma-coated Fraud?
  30. pyramid power is real
  31. Water has memory
  32. My 1st Selfrunning Generator?
  33. GaNs, Richard- Nanotech, Keshe
  34. Increasing Electromagnet Force
  35. Microsecond pulsing
  36. Woopyjumps "Flyback" auxilliary power coil
  37. Joseph Henry's 1842 and 1843 Out of Doors Electrical Transmission Experiments.
  38. The Takahashi motor.
  39. ENLIGHTENED MAGNETISM (The Full Proof of Ken Wheeler's Theories)
  40. Using opposing magnetic fields to increase efficiency
  41. Think about the implications of this
  42. The Self Renewing Energy of a Star.
  43. Radiant spike puts out more than current
  44. The Story of Charlie Brown
  45. The Path to a real Free Energy Device.
  46. Hojo (hjmg) howard johnson magnetic gates abd the monopole version
  47. Oscillating Reed Switch Pulse Motor.
  48. Nikola Tesla Institute
  49. The Ultimate Electro-Mechanical Device to Harness Gravitational Potential
  50. Enoyable interview with Peter Lindemann.
  51. Quest for Fire (or Radiant Spike)
  52. Earth resonance
  53. 153
  54. Steele Braden's Electrostatic Motor
  55. Your Basic Coil
  56. thats-not-a-knife-this-is-a-knife-er-ou-flashlight
  57. ReGenX COILS ReGenXtra Switched Recovery Added
  58. ReGenX Coils and ReGenXtra switching
  59. Attraction Generator Using Rotating Coils
  60. High performance orgone augmentation - for free
  61. Alleged dynamo-electric perpetua mobilia
  62. 2016 Energy Conference
  63. U-PLUG generator /// investigation of claim ?
  64. DIY Gauss Meter
  65. MU METAL....is it attracted to a magnet?
  66. CONTEST - Crystal Radio Initiative
  67. Boyd Bushman's Galileo Experiment and Anti-Gravity
  68. Tesla’s hidden electrostatic motor: Mystery solved by michael labib
  69. magnetic bearing
  70. H2 Hypod: Hydrogen fuel cleaner/performance enhancer
  71. Don't attempt this radiant energy experiment.
  72. Bedini Circuit...High Heat Temps!!!
  73. Power measurement - Need your help
  74. Cavitated Water
  75. Reboot On free energy from wave fields WORKING PRINCIPAL
  76. 13 Year Old Harvests Electricity from Air
  77. is there a new Reactor leak in Europe
  78. Hawkings Generator
  79. clemente figuera,Leedskalnin,Charles Flynn and some of my own ideas all rolled into 1
  80. Passamaquoddy
  81. Lockridge, or 2x Von Siemens ?
  82. New Kapanadze video
  83. Simplifly your lives. Build your own energy device in less than 1 day. Share!
  84. Hybrid Wind & Solar
  85. Shaft Phase Adjustment
  86. Radiant energy, water, pyramids, and Tesla
  87. Infinite oscillation ?
  88. Leedskalnin explained
  89. My First Thread in years.
  90. "Plasma Vortex Motor".
  91. The Trinity Power Cup - Proof Test & Easy Build - Amazing Results - Part 1
  92. Cell phone with telephone handset
  93. Free Tesla Chargers book
  94. Dual Plasma Ignition
  95. Microwave magnet as a toroid
  96. Bright Flash of Light detected at Moment of Conception !!
  97. EXTREME Bedini 2.5A12 * NEW *
  98. is something wrong with my house wiring
  99. Balancing phases & checking for saftey at the breaker panel in USA
  100. FrenchMen sets world record on Jet powered HoverBoard
  101. BREAKTHRU in radio wave electrolysis in Greece
  102. UltraCapacitor Instead Of Battery
  103. Walter Russel / Utron research
  104. Five Nines Pure Silver Crystals
  105. How would you release a genuine perpetual motion machine?
  106. Search for Metglas Mumetal Sendust Ferrite Terfonal D Cores etc
  107. Free Energy Tricks/Fun - WALA
  108. Bedinis Scalar Battery Charger
  109. Honda Insight Hybrid Hydro-Stick.
  110. Need tesla related help
  111. Splitting The Positive
  112. Diy - unique eco heaters consume waste oil plus water
  113. Capacitor charging using opened coil in a core
  114. Your Basic Coil Questions
  115. 100W capacitive wireless power transfer with Tesla coil
  116. Split Positive Boost Charger
  117. A simple idea born out of a simple experiment.
  118. Ere many generations pass...
  119. Archimedes Urban Windmill LIAM F1
  120. Economic pulse motor with reduced back EMF
  121. Life that lives off electricity ,harvesting from matter
  122. BEMF current reversal.
  123. RE-EMF Charger
  124. Explain Tesla Pancake coils ?
  125. Magnetic Implosion Transformer Replication
  126. EPFL finds a Huge potential at the Nano scale
  127. Dragon's Dual Battery Recovery Circuit
  128. Vote on 2016 presentations
  129. Weston panel ammeter model 2534
  130. Proton NMR By Cyril Smith and a possible simple experiment
  131. Could this be a Prime Mover?
  132. John Keely
  133. Reproducing the Don Smith Effect
  134. Full Disclosure - Paul Babcock DC Motor
  135. How to make rocks into magnets
  136. Cold Electricity by Aaron Murakami
  137. The opposing pistons in one cylinder Engine - 80% Efficient!!!
  138. 2016 Panel Discussion - Energy Science & Technology Conference
  139. Fraud: Laws of Thermodynamics
  140. Transforming Generator Disclosure by Jim Murray
  141. Magnetic Implosion Transformer by Graham Gunderson
  142. The Marx Generator-not the commie :)
  143. 12,000% More - Open System Physics & Thermodynamics by Mike Waters
  144. Kromrey Disclosure! Bedini SG - Beyond the Advanced Handbook by Peter Lindemann
  145. Magnetic formulas wanted
  146. water seperation thru a screen good for a car?
  147. Energy For Peace
  148. Sharing the Breakthrough Energy Message by Ken Rochon
  149. One Solution to get free energy
  150. Huge aerial antenna project
  152. Be careful what you wish for....
  153. Electrical Transmission in Multiple Coordinate Systems by Eric Dollard
  154. From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning by Moray B. King
  155. FPGA Secret
  156. A Glass battery may be in our future ...and much more !
  157. Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Field Experiments by Professor Robert Haralick, Guy Obolen
  158. Scotch Yoke Solenoid Motor by Aaron Murakami
  159. Plasma Impulse Motor by Aaron Murakami
  160. Tesla coil, Standing Wave and Earth Cannection
  161. Why overunity equals antigravity
  162. Miller Colson Magnetic Motor
  163. Bearden's MEG. Is any progress being made?
  164. Chris Cooper's Work on Cold Fusion Etc., AKA Nano Man
  165. Magnetic Neutralization in a Reciprocating Magnetic Motor
  166. Game Changer--Russian Theory explains Gravity, etc.
  167. Breaking Newton's 3rd Law ..Space drive passes Peer review !
  168. Vortex technology
  169. Sucahyo's Radiant Charger Variant and Applications
  170. New Findings Muddy Understanding Of Dark Matter
  171. Magnetic Transducer Generator?
  172. Encouragement to all here
  173. Quantum Weirdness or Pseudoscientific Crackpottery?
  174. An exceptionally elegant "Theory of Everything"
  175. Teslafy Documentary
  176. Phase Shifted Induction
  177. Capacitive voltage divider - opposite of CW multiplier
  178. Bhaskara's Wheel
  179. Figuera Device, Part G Continuum.( Serious Builders Only)
  180. Just invented: Ultra deep geothermal power plant
  181. 2017 Energy Conference
  182. Clemente Figuera
  183. Johnny Aum Oscillator Led Light Circuit
  184. "How to recondition batteries at home"
  185. Crowd funding for FE research.
  186. free-energy-device-live-streaming-demo-event-2nd-of-novemb
  187. Daniel McFarland Cook
  188. The End of an ERA
  189. John Bedini's Inspirational Teachings
  190. Lightning
  191. John Bedini- Open Mind with Bill Jenkins
  192. Radiant energy generator video
  193. Hollow Earth: A Simple Natural Science.By SidL
  194. Battery 2.0 (No Acid\Electrolyte)
  195. Newman - Movie about Joseph Newman
  196. Tesla's Experiments, the Faraday Cage, and Don Smith
  197. Magnet switch torque amplifier.
  198. 3D Printed Magnets
  199. Induction Transformer
  200. MIT alzheimers treatment
  201. Material Amalgam questions
  202. Do you TRULY understand magnetic fields?
  203. Dr.Gerald Pollack's investigations into "the fourth Phase of water" and FE
  204. Thank You, and Farewell
  205. Magnetic Transmission Theory
  206. Help needed from ImHotep
  207. Smudge's Musings on Electro-kinetic Potential in the Earth’s A Field
  208. Tesla Fountain - Magic Fountain
  209. SMD Hydrogen cell (hydrogen from water)
  210. Magnetic Field "Space Coupling" Concepts (Joe Newman, Paul Babcock, etc.)
  211. Ron Brandt's Perm-Mag, the QEG, the MEG and "magnetic flux switching" explained
  212. Zero Point Energy Switch Device
  213. Hamel Spinner/ EZ Spin variation
  214. Horizontal Elongated Air Core Pulse Motor
  215. Magnetic Rotor Heating
  216. CIA Posts More Than 12 Million Pages of CREST Records Online
  217. Google Earth and Artifacts Or "other" in Antarctica.. should be in the News ??
  218. Free Energy Device Successfully Invented
  219. High + Low Density Battery (Battery 2.0)
  220. Barbosa and Leal Developed as a Bionic Device
  221. charging capacitors using the ambient background
  222. State ofthe Art Novel InFlowTech 1Gearturbine RotaryTurbo 2Imploturbocompressor 1Comp
  223. Energy from the Ambient (Aviso=Tesla)
  224. Mechanical Magnetic Torque Amplifier
  225. New concept searle effect
  226. New Invention: Magnetic Holographic SPHERE. Shocking
  227. New SUPERCELL Magnetic field view: If this doesnt amaze, then you dont have a pulse
  228. Lunar Wheels.
  229. Innovatehno.eu???????????????????
  230. U-TRON = micro plasma twister
  231. Tr-3b concept
  232. I solved old magnetic mystery !!
  233. Magnetic field of a bifilar pancake coil
  234. Open Source radial piston magnet motor
  235. State ofthe Art Novel InFlowTech 1Gearturbine RotaryTurbo 2Imploturbocompressor 1Comp
  236. Bourke Engine Documentary
  237. Induction motor grid tie help!
  238. On the subject of a material's ability to turn radiant energy into conventional
  239. Electron Degeneracy used in equations.
  240. Magnetic Motor/Generator Fundamentals
  241. Open source Ambient harvesting with a coil capacitor
  242. account activation
  243. A new heat engine - Humidity engine.
  244. Tesla motor generator already running !
  245. Simulating Surges and Oscillations of Overunity derived from Eric Dollard's LMD
  246. An Inquiry in to the Alien Reproduction Vehicle
  247. Electrostatic energy collection
  248. New battery -recharge it by changing the elctrolyte.
  249. Gadgetmall Coanda OU UFO.
  250. Dany electronics PMG 55kw generator?