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  1. From helium4 to helium3+deuterium
  2. X-ray unit tank circuit pictorial part1
  3. school
  4. Solar Chimneys
  5. Heim hyperdrive propulsion simplyfied
  6. GDS 3 KW generator runs on water
  7. Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech - Gearturbine Project - Featured Development
  8. Electrical Circuts - Experimental Circuts ceate with EveryCircut on Android Phone
  9. Creation of matter
  10. Bemf Boost and Buck converters
  11. ReGenX back-EMF generator interview on Green Machine Radio
  12. The Key To Unlimited Energy
  13. How to make the Philosopher's Stone
  14. GAP POWER Magnetic Amplification & Neutralization
  15. SSG modes COP
  16. Anti-anti-gravity
  17. plasma generator
  18. BiTT OverUnity Transformer Bi-Toroid Thane H. Bill A.
  19. Topic: The new generator no effect counter B. EMF part 2 ( Selfrunning )
  20. Ufopolitics Basic Asymmetric Example Questions
  21. Dry Friction and the Milkovic Effect
  22. Pulse Motor Build Off 2014
  23. The Resonance Energy Device Explained
  24. Lithium Iron Batteries
  25. Ed Leedskalnin's Flywheel
  26. Magnetic Disc and copper pipe = water heater
  27. Bedini SG - Trilogy
  28. 2015 Energy Conference
  29. Nanobatteries
  30. PC based oscilloscope? or a DSO NANO scope? for US$ 160 or less?
  31. The Ev Grey Tube Revisited
  32. How to prevent battery (lead acid) from overcharge and also undercharge?
  33. difference between ac and dc
  34. Quanta Magnetics Kits & Experiments
  35. 80% water 20% fuel : same power output
  36. Compressed air as an alternative energy
  37. Understanding coils for newbies
  38. Astronomical clocks
  39. $3.00 magnet-battery copper-coil "train" Build one.
  40. Free Electric Energy Forever
  41. New and light and 'new' discovery on Tesla by linking 2 of his quotes
  42. Magnetic Attraction Bearing
  43. Roberval Balance
  44. Resonant Transformer ( Tesla style ) interesting patent
  45. 172 BOOKS, from Faraday, Steinmetz, Tesla, Maxwell etc. Some rare
  46. Tesla's Special Tri-Metal Generator
  47. Graphene For Everyone
  48. Top 10 Perpetual Motion Machines for 2014
  49. Free Energy Party
  50. Stan Meyer True Replications
  51. Atomic Hydrogen
  52. SSPKE ~ Solid State PK Energizer
  53. Arab Overunity
  54. Flux Gate Generator
  55. Felipe Rodriguez Permanent Magnet Motor
  56. Magnetic field force cancellation using attraction to core
  57. ....and then a rabid conspiracy nut called about a free-energy conspiracy device
  58. Flynn Parallel Path Device
  59. Energetic home
  60. Motionless Flux Lock (MFL)
  61. ZERO INPUT, 10 degrees thermal output...Yes,...genuine free energy
  62. 1 Watt TPU tear down from Akula
  63. how much real power or(recommended power) am i changing when i cut out a section of
  64. Gerard Morin's Video - The Doubt about OverUnity is Over
  65. Ezekiel's Wheel
  66. The Tesla Switch Replication and Modification Thread
  67. Gerard Morin Energy
  68. Cold Electricity vis--vis Gerard Morin's Experiments
  69. Veljko Milkovic' Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator - main news & discussion thread
  70. What is Tesla's AC motor REALLY?...Seeing the obvious that has never been seen before
  71. Longitudinal vs Transverse (with a short aside on DC vs AC).
  72. Where is the free energy?
  73. Bucking Coil Inverter
  74. so there is no electric field in a superconductor?
  75. OldScientist's demo (re-post)
  76. Hilsch vortex tube and Venus planet
  77. Energy Amplification...revealed!
  78. Showcase of FEP & The Unity Generator : +200% over-unity and climbing!
  79. Water Mist Ionizer Prototype 1.0
  80. Chobi electric car
  81. "virtual" variable capacitor ???
  82. recent Italian LENR project info requested
  83. A1Mo-Gen: Tesla's Gift "The Electromagnetic Reactor"
  84. laser-saser reactor
  85. The Key To Overunity
  86. CO2 Splitting
  87. Free energy simple apparatus for rainmaker
  88. MIG beyond the BiTT
  89. Sterling Allan Pedophile of Peswiki
  90. Produce diamonds from graphite with artificial lightning
  91. low resistance low inductance no magnetic circuit acceleration under short
  92. COP>1 for dummies
  93. EEVblog Posts Video on Free Energy B.S.
  94. How to compute diode resistance ?
  95. Sweeps-clouds Ighina by Domenico
  96. Gerard Morin type Pump Motor Alternator
  97. Reverse reactor
  98. sharing my online charting tool
  99. heating with hydrogen peroxide
  100. No American Ruling Class
  101. Electrolysis with lightning?
  102. State of the Art-Novel InFlow Tech-Development / 1-Gearturbine 2-Imploturbocompressor
  103. where is the diagram/assembly directions for the TMT by tesla
  104. NEW SCANS never seen of Carl Frederick Krafft,...Ether & Vortices
  105. Beginner in the ether
  106. are resonate sound waves just air pressure waves and nothing more
  107. Gustave Le Bon, unknown master of electrical and magnetic theory. Free downloads
  108. possible ufo plasma propulsion
  109. So sayeth TESLA, exposing archane & important Tesla insights
  110. Secret tool for getting texts you cannot get on certain websites
  111. The suppressed work of Rawles & Davis. 2 books on Einstein fraud. *downloads
  112. Can anyone tell me what's this collision - CERN
  113. Theoretical physicists discover aether
  114. Broken Threads
  115. Richard Wise's Magnetic Energy Multiplier (MEM) & Magnetic Energy Generator (MEG)
  116. Free energy is a myth
  117. Multifunction 3D printer
  118. Journey to the center of earth
  119. Aquapol dehydratation system
  120. The works of Dewey B. Larson and T.J.J. See *downloads
  121. Universal engine
  122. Let's get Slider (aka Mark Vaughan) a nice 4-channel DSO with math functions!
  123. Scaling up Voltage from Tate Power Module
  124. Urine electrolysis with platinum electrodes better HHO
  125. - RF ReCharge - Seeking Help From Community
  126. Mikey's Beast SSSG OSCILLATOR
  127. Aaron, Peter, Hello?
  128. Amazon book "How Einstein Ruined Physics", and 2 free books (against) Einstein.
  129. New unseen drawings / diagrams from Walter Russell just released!!
  130. Question
  131. Cheap and Easy Solar Heater
  132. Don Smith device information and tips
  133. CONTROLED LEVITATION (gravitomagnetic and accoustic)
  134. Build a Hodoscope
  135. Natural VLF Radio
  136. curiosity of chemical processes
  137. Amplifying Transformer US Patent #1,702,771
  138. Versor Algebra by Eric Dollard
  139. 50 Watts Electret from TV Cable
  140. From Russia with Love
  141. Alexander Parkhomov LENR "happening Now"
  142. I have disproven Time Dilation and Theory of Relativity
  143. charging batteries without a coil
  144. SSG Minimizing Trigger Winding Losses
  145. water enhanced fuel systems [50% water]
  146. 3D printed electric car for 1.600 euro
  147. SSG Trigger Winding Series Discharge
  148. ancient crafts - the grinder
  149. recycling of asbestos
  150. Hydrobetatron
  151. Solar electric bike
  152. Full use of motor driving coil two pole,Motor performance doubling
  153. Weather Control
  154. Barbosa and Leal Devices - Info and Replication Details
  155. Marconi's Gold from seawater
  156. Avramenko + Thane Heins "Magnetic Diode"
  157. Earth Grounding Energy Extraction
  158. ICCF-19 [cold fusion conference Italy]
  159. Shark Generator
  160. Overunitiy Disclosure at Conference
  161. Self-Running Tilting Tray
  162. Interested in Earthships? We visited the Earthship Brighton and took 130+ pix
  163. magnetic field size question
  164. Large-diameter window motor structure
  165. opto triggering ssg
  166. TinMan's true energy amplification device
  167. Tewari Paramahamsa Reduced Reaction AC Generator Patent Application
  168. Rosch taking orders on OU Bouyancy device
  169. Lord's Pump Project
  170. is an emf wave enhanced if it enters through back side of a mirror?
  171. Swiss Spiral HHO Generator
  172. New Subforum Crystal Radio Initiative
  173. Nasa says EmDrive does work
  174. They broke OU.Com, Stefan has a problem
  175. 3d printer cad help on my coil design
  176. Frequency and overunity
  177. Steorn Debut's forever battery at Slattery's
  178. Helium3 from thoriated tungsten (is also cold fusion)
  179. Magnetizer
  180. Spiral Magnet Motor
  181. Pay Attention to Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project
  182. Masses Combined in Series and in Parallel
  183. Increasing Momentum or Charge
  184. Tesla wireless energy misused
  185. Can anyone hijack threads, copy work and tell is his own and get away with?
  186. Contest - attention music students & recording artists
  187. Mexico Bike ..is it OU Or ?...
  188. Fake or real?
  189. Single Wire Power - A Search for Ambient Power to do Wwork
  190. if there is no ground wire in outlet box can i use a gfci?
  191. Post limit rejection
  192. Is it possible to build a step up Tesla pancake coil?
  193. Does $.14KWH mean that x 100KW ...
  194. the simplicity of electricity multiplication
  195. Tanked Water For Free Electricity & Complete Home Generation
  196. Missunderstanding and misconceptions in transformers
  197. 40V, 15A cap dump
  198. Ferrofluid Cell
  199. The Single Commutator Hybrid Symmetric-Asymmetric DC Motor
  200. Elementary Physics Revisited
  201. ROTOVERTER - the simplest and most efficient mode achieved
  202. Technology Suppression Articles
  203. Electrostatic PMM
  204. What did the ancients know about energy?
  205. Tesla radiant and alternative energy system for planetary power
  206. Brilliant Mind, Troubled Soul
  207. Tesla Chargers Lawnmower
  208. any test tube crackers wanted ... to help me understand this ?
  209. RQM Hans Lehner
  210. High field around transformer - Energy extraction
  211. How to run a Dual Stator Core Alternator as a Motor Generator
  212. Ultrasonic Devices for Levitating (Anti-Gravity Perhaps?)
  213. meaning of "devices operating at same rates communicate energy"
  214. Problem with Barbosa Leal circuit. What to do?
  215. Virtual photon power converter
  216. AV plug connected to the phase wire?
  217. The Capacitor-Coil Transformer
  218. Resonance coils: Don Smith and Rudolf Katargin
  219. Space energy harvesting theories and observations
  220. New Wardenclyffe
  221. What happened to Dr. Ronald Stiffler?
  222. RJ Distinti - "matter must consume energy to exist": Matter Consumes the Aether
  223. Energy Conference - Graham Gunderson
  224. Enhanced Heat Exchange Electric Heater
  225. Help for accessing some data
  226. Keep away from the Aliens!
  227. the simplicity of electricity multiplication
  228. 2015 Energy Conference Presentation Summaries & Release Dates
  229. power strip loop free energy help
  230. parallel path technology transformer
  231. Pulse Motor
  232. Regenerative Acceleration in Use with Rotary Charging Systems
  233. You ain't Tesla - Give it up
  234. Dynaflux Patent Disclosure by Jim Murray
  235. Purchasing FE Device
  236. Your Basic Coil
  237. Completely off grid
  238. Electricians Delight Free energy from Plasma ball
  239. Is this free energy ??
  240. The Kromrey - G-field effect
  241. Power of Aether as Related to Music and Electricity by Eric Dollard
  242. Theory of Integrating Regenerative Acceleration Technology with Magnetic Heating
  243. Experimental Bi Toroid coil design
  244. Magnet motor revelation
  245. I saw a commutator device in some forum to lower frequency.
  246. World's first real Free Energy Flashlight - no shaking - no batteries! No Solar
  247. Tesla's bifiliar coil VS Nasa's 'new' amplifier.
  248. Schumann Resonance Flash Light
  249. Thomas Burton Kinraide
  250. The lord's pump project