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  1. idea for a senior project related to renewable energy
  2. Transformers and flux
  3. Radiant Collector
  4. Opening a window on self running motors
  5. Flower Of Life (source of technology)
  6. Monopole magnets?
  7. john P Rohners Noble Gas Engine going into mass production.
  8. How would this not work?
  9. Tesla Radiant Energy ?
  10. Rivers can be generators?
  11. Can somone tell me how to make a safe T-coil
  12. Pyrolysed Carbon Black
  13. Tesla Stinging Impulse Rays
  14. What device did I dream of?
  15. ufo technology made in SPAIN
  16. Reliable schematic of small inverter for non tapped transformer ?
  17. coil cant make it north and south pole
  18. Where Start Kapanadze
  19. Solar Charger Using Salvaged Yard Light Solar Panels
  20. Free energy?
  21. Vassilatos Debunked
  22. New method to produce Graphene
  23. Quadfilar, two Hi Voltage bifilar's in series (Cook Battery?)
  24. A Planetary Solution: The End of Entropy
  25. Electrogravito effect
  26. need some help
  27. What to salvage?
  28. Right Location for Oil and Natural Gas Drilling
  29. Hello My Energetic Friends I Got A Treat For You
  30. Eco-Equipped...have they gone bust?
  31. Is the Stirling Engine Just Hot Air?
  32. antimatter generator of Cappiello
  33. Anyone feels like repeating Wheatstone's 1834 experiment to disprove Einstein?
  34. The Perpetual Atomic Force & Batteries and more
  35. Alternative GREEN housing for Americans, 50-70% less energy used!
  36. Peter Lindemann, tell us about your experience with magnifying transmitter
  37. 7th Guangzhou International Water Heater Exhibition
  38. Bruce DePalma gyroscope experiment
  39. Trust In Me
  40. New air car forum
  41. Had a dream about self running device.
  42. My Asymmetric Electrodynamic Machines
  43. CO2 electric generator
  44. Resonance frequencies
  45. - Direct Electrical Power From The Utilization Of Earth IONS - 2nd Edition -
  46. My Thread Got Harrased Here By Members...
  47. QuantaMagnetics (Rv Muller kit)
  48. new marko rodin video asking for support
  49. Why We Need More Shale Exploration
  50. Its a small world after all.........
  51. Asymmetric Unbalanced Gravity Wheel With Motor Regauging
  52. - 5x More Current Out Than In - Validation Of Proof Of Concept -
  53. Open discussion for projects on this forum.
  54. Revealing of Kapanadze "Secret"
  55. Not Perpetual Motion.... Maybe free energy
  56. Reversed Joule Thief charger
  57. Wardenclyffe - Tesla's true intention
  58. fedex generator
  59. A request for filthy and offensive posts to be removed.
  60. "Basic" Principals of Wireless Energy Transmission
  61. Fund raising campaign for Ismael Aviso
  62. Chemalloy, Endless Free Hydrogen Production
  63. Magnetic Energy Secrets by Paul Babcock
  64. Peter Lindemann - How do you power your home?
  65. superconductivity?
  66. Reverse Tesla Coil
  67. Single-Reference Machines will always disappoint?
  68. how to distribute OU devices...
  69. Nitinol Heat Engines
  70. Bessler wheel
  71. Thane heins effect on my Rodin pulse motor
  72. Green Leaf
  73. Billion Dollar Company to Launch Business for Creation of Clean Energy Nationally!
  74. FTC energy
  75. The thermodynamic battery
  76. Patrick Kelly/Rosemary Anslie circuits
  77. Perpetual Motion Reality by Peter Lindemann
  78. help please electric motor
  79. Permanent Magnet Motor Replication Project
  80. Turbina sapiens in Its Natural Habitat (Siemens)
  81. Solid State Charger Battery cycling without ICs
  82. Energy from lightnings
  83. Alexkor Air Core Coil Radiant Charger
  84. shifting the balance of the weights without changing the equilibrium?
  85. Carbon fiber electrical properties.
  86. Ram Pump
  87. K.I.S.S. free energy machine
  88. Antiseismic valve of Ighina
  89. Oscilloscope
  90. Permanent Magnet Motor
  91. Free Neodymium Magnets
  92. Nanoantennas for 80% efficiency solar cells
  93. Free Energy from water company
  94. Electricity Multiplier Machine
  95. Peter's musings on visible light
  96. Free energy from Earth
  97. Perpetual Motion Holder
  98. Does anyone have this stove?
  99. Rotating magnetic fields gyroscope
  100. Creative Science & Research
  101. Creative Science & Research
  102. Keshe Fountain is going to release Antigravity and Freeenergy Patents to the World!!!
  103. Energetics on Mars
  104. Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference coming up in Holland
  105. HOWTO: Increase efficiency of solar panels
  106. let Electricity multiply itself = free energy
  107. Battery Charger
  108. Reducing and/or Removing Your Home's Carbon Footprint
  109. Working Muller
  110. For the record
  111. Jirkason
  112. My Scooter Wheel Energizer
  113. tesla style earth battery
  114. Does the Ampere need to be redefined?
  115. Ocean Energy
  116. Red Spark Blue Spark?
  117. Thane Heins
  118. Passive Vapor Fuel Intake
  119. Degausing coil from TV
  120. Toro 51486 Cordless 12-Inch 24-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Trimmer/Edger:SAFETY WARNING
  121. Can You Project Magnetic Fields ?
  122. How Do You Find The Resonance Frequency of A Rock?
  123. Lveitaion -Secret of building a spaceship
  124. battery that you can charge without external electricity
  125. fuel vaporizing plasma water spark ignition vortex
  126. pyrolysis
  127. Save the Environment and the Economy through Renewable Energy
  128. Can You Use A Cadaceus Tesla Coil To Increase Wattage?
  129. Another thread
  130. Can You Control The Flow of Hydrogen Gas?
  131. September 11,2001
  132. New energy site going up
  133. Setting the record straight: the true biblical account of "aliens"
  134. oil heater for pyrolysis
  135. Generating Electricity Using Solar Energy 24/7 (even at night)
  136. Fly-back voltage vs back-emf
  137. Quadfilar A.C. JT.
  138. radiant generator
  139. help in installing pv and wind turbine in my house
  140. Rejuvanating Industrial Lithium Batteries
  141. Trying to find Ufo Politics Asymmetrical motor
  142. Tesla switch
  143. Advanced Motor Secrets by David Squires
  144. Pulse Motor Build 2 Contest
  145. spanish inertial motor
  146. How to Get quick Renewable Energy
  147. Auto-Resonating Dry Cell Electrolysis
  148. Tesla's Free Energy Concept
  149. super efficient exciter circuit
  150. Mikhail Dmitriyev - Input 1000 W, Output near 3000 W.
  151. Crystal Cell Research
  152. Mechanical Devices with Energy Gain
  153. All planet Venus energy
  154. How Overlight Speeding Effect Works For Us Against Speeding On Roads.
  155. Aryans heat power 2014.
  156. Fresh and Incredible Revelation on Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Castle
  157. Coilless Joule Thief
  158. need help with analysis of the cloverleaf : a.k.a. the quatrefoil
  159. Something in-between a Magnet and an Electret...?
  160. help with impedance matching
  161. Mr Lester J Hendershot's magnetic generator.
  162. Amazing Spin
  163. Richard VIALLE's new theory and experiments about negative mass and overunity
  164. Motionless Electromagnetic Generator
  165. - Looking For Work -
  166. an "alternative" curriculum for kids
  167. The Way to saving electrical energy
  168. Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe deal Struck
  169. Femm
  170. Louis Rota
  171. Simple Inverter
  172. Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera
  173. Electric generators
  174. Hydro-Electric Reactor (Coger international)
  175. LENR, and Crimes Against Humanity
  176. Dark matter motor
  177. Proven source of free electricity
  178. Konstatin Meyl's mistake in Theory and Practice
  179. My observations on light and the effects observed between light and gravitic bodies
  180. Marc Striebeck's Eternal Motor
  181. The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor
  182. Tesla flyng machine
  183. Rusted Iron Battery
  184. Lasersaber's SOLN1
  185. earth battery
  186. Commercial solar for Home and Business
  187. will be worth your while
  188. Novel Transformer
  189. RE-EMF Charger - Joule thief
  190. wireless electiricity is here!!
  191. Aquapol: a free energy device
  192. Urgent help needed to exhibit rare photos of Tesla sparks and phenomena
  193. RE-EMF Charger
  194. Rocket stove combined with caner.
  195. Re-inventing The Wheel Part 2-permanent Magnet Motors And Generators
  196. Re-inventing The Wheel Part 3-motionless Electric Generators
  197. Build a Cyclotron
  198. longitudinal current
  199. Self-Looped Motor-Generator by usweentop
  200. Kickstarter Coil Winder Project
  201. Friction heater running in my house
  202. Simple Overunity Example or Fake
  203. Chinese 8800W power generator.
  204. Need Help with simple pulse motor circuit
  205. Can this be done: UPS as Grid Tie + Generator
  206. Dr. Fred Bell
  207. Little heat need.
  208. 500hp 400KW all electric race car
  209. water powered vehicle
  210. Keshe micro reactor
  211. The air compressed automobile thread
  212. How you can minimize energy costs in business?
  213. Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (Cold Fusion) Open to Assistance
  214. AAA wireless 25 leds
  215. IRO entry level research for the novice
  216. Organic Rankine Cycle Feed Pump
  217. Schematics
  218. Electrolityc Cell Poison - Please Read !!
  219. Urine Powered Generator
  220. People getting dumber?
  221. New Here (wind turbine)
  222. Electric heating element queery.
  223. Need advice on RE system
  224. Gavs hurry curry device
  225. Slayer Exciter Specs?
  226. I want to show in TV my discover HELP !!!
  227. A Leaked Technique For Bags Found
  228. Lighting Burnt Filament Fluorescent Bulbs with Higher Voltage
  229. Rodin Coil
  230. Simlified solar charger/Tesla switch
  231. 1 Ohmtest with multicoil
  232. Capacitive Discharge Repulsion Motors
  233. Man charged for generator/transformer. Know him?
  234. John Bedini threads moved
  235. Is This Actually Radiant Energy?
  236. Strange things , classic HHO dry cell
  237. Generate electricity by gravitational force?
  238. lmao IMPOSSIBLE ! or is it?
  239. Steam Electric Generator
  240. Scalar energy and antenna impedance
  241. Other Lockridge theory's
  242. Problems signing in and out on this forum.
  243. hall effect connections with bedini window motor
  244. Crown capital eco management:What are the materials used for BIOMASS fuel for boiler?
  245. Centraflow Systems
  246. Karl Hans Janke - The German "Nikola Tesla" ?
  247. Economic hot water
  248. atmosphereic generator
  249. atmosphereic generator
  250. hi new guy here, plz help me with this problem