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  1. What is going on in a coil?
  2. What happened to Ieuan Thomas (ie Energy From the Vacuum 19)?
  3. Jonathan's healing teaching
  4. Sideways pull force of a magnet
  5. At what point does Back EMF occur?
  6. Using a Chest Freezer as a Refrigerator
  7. Swtiched capacitive power supply
  8. Now Open Source - Automatic HHO Heater
  9. Now Open Sourced
  10. High voltage low current combined with LV HC
  11. Cheap Solar Laminates
  12. Like a bolt of lightning coming from the sky ...champion...
  13. Tesla's cosmic rays powering Japan house
  14. Choosing a good motor
  15. New Patent Law
  16. Geothermal combine with Fusion power (new idea?)
  17. cheap source for high heat coil wire?
  18. Magamps
  19. Milkovic's New Website
  20. Our galaxy’s galactic plane
  21. The yin-yang symbol holds the key.
  22. Who reached cop over 1
  23. Does magnetic resistance cause electrical resistance in a coil?
  24. The hysteresis loop
  25. Can we use a LC tank for magnetic gain?
  26. Ocean-powered clean energy - is this practical?
  27. OH - NO - FTL been discoverd
  28. Neutrino Faster Than Light?
  29. Is a solar reactor feasable
  30. plasmic transistion process?
  31. Timing device
  32. Rodin Solution - Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM)
  33. "Regenerative Acceleration" Effects ?
  34. Tesla's Free Energy Motor
  35. How to light an LED with no battery (or AV plug)
  36. Need advice / help from electronic guru
  37. Keppe Motors for sale (keppe your money)
  38. Air ionizer for internal combustion engines (patent)
  39. Flaws in Newton's laws of motion?
  40. do you participate to the enviMotion week dedicated to the renewable energy
  41. Neat little Motor Generator
  42. Meyer's secret at last
  43. Wanting info on Franc Jakelj's electric motor
  44. Einstein relativity theory disproven
  45. Geet fuel saving
  46. How to best use BEMF
  47. Efficiency Calculations
  48. capacitors and condensors pumping e field
  49. Must Read Elec Engineer
  50. Lens's Law what is it ?
  51. First 'Sign' of an Electron?
  52. 11 11 11 A Paradigm Shift.........
  53. Strange effects with crystal powercells.
  54. Dan Nocera patent
  55. Inductive Collapse - capture and use
  56. Carbon Block And Magnesium Ribbon Research
  57. kapazgen scheme by miguel
  58. Magnet Alternator Generator?
  59. Terms and Definitions
  60. 5Kw home power methane system - help needed
  61. Step up Power
  62. Earth resonance, Electrical resonance, acoustic resonance combined.
  63. Lichtenberg figures
  64. Top 10 PV systems and the How-to's
  65. Tesla Rotating Field Motor/Generators
  66. Belgian energy policy
  67. DRJ200 >100% Home CNF reactor
  68. Small Mag motor demo
  69. What happened to Jean-Louis Naudin?
  70. Mie ricerche
  71. Buy a Pitchfork
  72. How to turn Time into Energy
  73. Some Rolled Earth Battery Capacitor Questions
  74. "Smart" meters: Higher pulses of RF than a cell antenna
  75. My economic and energy solution
  76. Building a PWM circuit
  77. Trans-verter - Solid state RV
  78. Motor/generator release
  79. I'm looking to get investors for my project!
  80. Claim Buster Topic
  81. Philippine inventor Aviso priciples revealed
  82. Tesla / Imhotep Radiant Energy Circuit
  83. Radiant Stream Live show Sunday 10/23
  84. Quantium Levatation
  85. Measuring output power from a generator coil in a pulse motor setup ...
  86. Kapanadze Ver2 200W
  87. Induction - which setup ?
  88. How to Build a Jet Engine
  89. free compressed air for cars, pump, & generators?
  90. żantigravity push?
  91. Hydrokinetic Energy
  92. Help with an off-grid solar kit for 120Vac-50Hz
  93. Bosnian pyramids and quarter wave resonators
  94. Please Help Save Whats Left Of Our Internet Rights !
  95. Opposing force is the key to a working gravity wheel !
  96. Unique new way to increase a batteries power.
  97. The electric field of a magnet
  98. Open head rocket : huge efficiency at bullit train speeds?
  99. Steven Marks TPU
  100. Capturing Radiant Energy - by Kultus
  101. E-Cat test was a success?
  102. sla battery fumes?
  103. Commercial Free Energy Devices
  104. Ognyanov Free Energy Device - Similar to Kapagen
  105. Khoham's Radiant Energy
  106. New way to power a led.
  107. Wesley or stivep1 video high voltage&frequency OU
  108. Finding and Restoring an 1898 Tesla Coil
  109. TUBE DRIVEN TPU'S The construction zone
  110. James H. Rogers Ground Radio
  111. Seems possible or maybe i'm just too tired.
  112. PLH Tapping fundementals
  113. Interesting article on Induction Heating and LCR circuits
  114. communications shutdown
  115. Dr Stiffler SEC Replications?
  116. DIY bike dynamo
  117. SSR vs SCR vs MOSFET
  118. call has all the researchers
  119. Wind Mill – Patent share
  120. During ‘The Twelfth Five-Year-Plan’, solar thermal production is expected to increase
  121. November 26th Will Witness the Grand Opening of INEM
  122. During ‘The Twelfth Five-Year-Plan’, solar thermal production is expected to increase
  123. Convert gas radial piston engine to run on steam
  124. Alternating Battery Switching Implementation Idea's
  125. Not Free Energy But Equally Important
  126. water wheel power
  127. "The Greatest Speech Ever Made"
  128. Tiger's Device 0.150-1Kwt replicant
  129. TED presentation on nano free energy (decentralization tech)
  130. magnetic algae
  131. Tubig-Powered Machine
  132. Affordable Solar
  133. New social network for future planing,subconscious mind programming
  134. The mechanysm of water structuring
  135. The ever lasting lightbulb!
  136. Solar panels monitoring
  137. The use of lithium as a fuel extender (EFTV 15)
  138. Modifying a tesla coil to produce longitudinal waves
  139. Mayby a Candidate for the 5Kw E-cat heater?
  140. Aircraft Magneto as battery charger/desulfator
  141. China solar water heater export data, hope to do you a favor
  142. PFT Motor of J.L.Naudin, Brainstorming...
  143. President Klaus knows already.
  144. Red Army Parade, Moscow 1941
  145. Howard Johnson's Secret Plans?
  146. THC can proivide FE and other things others cant
  147. I'm writing a book
  148. Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann
  149. Calculating Power from Biomass Furnace?
  150. Test "breaks light speed again"
  151. Simple mod to Rockt Stove prevents soot on pans.
  152. Electrical References Resources
  153. Visual Phenomena Observed in Tesla, TARIEL KAPANADZE etc.. Research
  154. Alexkor charger help needed !
  155. 6
  156. Project Infinity
  157. Resonance in motors
  158. Higgs Boson
  159. Variable capacitor
  160. Thrive 11.11.11
  161. Get LT-Spice up and working the easy way.
  162. Help a Green project win the Global Startup Competition!
  163. Tesla's Real Secrets For Free!
  164. suitable SG magnet
  165. (short video) Perpetual Motion Machines
  166. Confusion re. high voltage spikes / radiant energy
  167. the dan rojas "smot"
  168. Save The World and Your Wallet at the Same Time
  169. Submitt video suggestions - EnergeticTube.com 24/7 Live Stream Broadcast
  170. Need something to read on those cold winter nights?
  171. Lightning Captured in Acrylic
  172. Schumann 7.8hz Generator
  173. Global Energy balance essential?Inject some Knowledge and wisdom please!
  174. Kahn Academy
  175. Why these Elements ?
  176. Magnacoaster
  177. Learning and reference
  178. First-Ever Electric/Hybrid Car Babes Calendar
  179. On grid system with magnetic motor
  180. On grid system with magnetic motor
  181. Do you know how this works?
  182. collecting RF for free energy is now real
  183. The Final Theory
  184. From Sun to Fiberobtics
  185. Walter Russell - Understanding and applying his work
  186. My 76,000 rpm pulsed dc motor
  187. Theory of Superunification examines a cold fusion as a basic source of heat in the 21
  188. Hello from BooneyLiving!
  189. Mystery Odors Making People Sick
  190. Plasma cosmology.
  191. Electric noob question(s)
  192. Tesla fights back!
  193. I had a dream .......... thermolysis
  194. Quick Question About Multi-Meters
  195. Charging Batteries From Mini Wind Turbine
  196. Looking for a book in English
  197. Mr Delanco's VAWT
  198. Solar Power
  199. Street Water Mains
  200. Scaled up solar Stirling
  201. Acoustic energy harvesting
  202. Justin Hall-Tipping: Freeing energy from the grid
  203. Aaron's coil - call to open peer review
  204. DIY PMG Generators cheap and easy to make whit in a day!
  205. Thermodynamics
  206. Why perpetual motion machines do not exist
  207. Henry Moray Aerial
  208. Top 10 Ways to Make a Difference Now
  209. a new method of magnet refrigeration: just an idea
  210. Gravity is not a force
  211. AC Capacitors
  212. Verified -->devices and knowlege, recreated and confirmed!!!
  213. Hydrogen powered cell phones
  214. The Truth About Tesla
  215. Free energy from the Vacuum.
  216. Health study
  217. Willy96 - post videos
  218. Voltage from a single piece of wire.
  219. Goethe's Formative Forces
  220. Better Buildings Initiative
  221. Elements of the Human Body/Pattern/Process
  222. Capacitor charging effect
  223. Lets talk Patent Law And O U Open source!
  224. Can anyone explain what is happening with the caps
  225. Aaron: Proposal: New Branch
  226. Free Energy Chain Drive Gravity Machine Open Source Project Launched
  227. How A Candle Really Works
  228. "Biodiesel"..... as a Renewable fuel source.... (Camelina sataiva)
  229. Attempting to use classic theory for overunity explanation
  230. Help Please Understanding Reactive Power
  231. Is solar still a viable option?
  232. Radiant energy and compatibility issues
  233. Dr. jones, please tell us how you got the hojo working
  234. Is a Magnetic Field apart of the Electromagnetic Spectrum?
  235. Anybody can replicate this?
  236. A modern Bourke-style engine
  237. Selecting suitable coconut plantations for Gliricidia inter cropping.
  238. Hello Everyone...
  239. You Can Build Your Own Solar Panel
  240. Voltage Dividers / ADC input / Protection
  241. $1,000 / 30 day challenge to duplicate this circuit
  242. Ways to use solar panels, Can this be done??
  243. Lets Replicate | letsreplicate.com
  244. The Gyroscope Electric Generator from Nikola Tesla
  245. Gyroscope Ring Magnet Electricity Duplicating Generator
  246. Bi-toroid Transformer of Thane C. Heins
  247. Grid Tie Question-
  248. TES Thermal Extraction System
  249. Quantum Resonant Gyrator
  250. Propagation of Direct Current Through space