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  1. Magnacoaster Vorktex Technology
  2. OMG, Escher is alive!
  3. Amplidynes
  4. Obama Energy Plan: He Gets It Right!
  5. Plasma Effect - Cosmic Ray Amplification
  6. Water is a Electret - and the wheel work of nature
  7. Revived batteries
  8. Centrlal Massachusetts Alternative Energy Group to be created
  9. Green Energy Doesn't Work Anyway
  10. Using the Force of a Distruptive Discharge
  11. How can I make good magnetic sand cores ?
  12. 2011: the year free energy became obvious ...
  13. Magnet Motor layout from Dietmar Hohl - Austria
  14. Is it worth reading the contributions of "power1"?
  15. Radiant Energy Generator Blueprint
  16. Particle Physics and the 2012 Scenario
  17. need advice on coil
  18. IP Infringement & Open Source
  19. SSG charged batteries cannot be used to drive SSG machines
  20. Fuel as Liquid Vs Gas
  21. High power joule thief
  22. Richard willis magnacoster and atombuster fuelsaver scam artist
  23. Very Interesting Effect
  24. Lead Acid Battery Desulfation
  25. Euro Fuel saver
  26. Ah! possible breakthrough with the JouleThief circuit and overunity...
  27. new jobs in solar energy
  28. Permanently illuminated paint thread where was it?
  29. Lenz-free Generator Design
  30. Permanent Magnets
  31. Lawton circuit to Ravi
  32. Subtitles to P. Lindemann 'Electric Motor Secrets'
  33. Voltage Alarm For Testing Battery Charge / Discharge Time
  34. Is green energy a viable source of power going forward?
  35. Steorn feedback
  36. Advanced RV batttery
  37. Wico Magneto
  38. Magnetic/Electromagnetic Diode
  39. how this OU thing works indeed ?
  40. Economic Financial Alert
  41. spherical magnet generator??
  42. Can we be pragmatic about renewable energy?
  43. 19y.o. kid covers a satelite dish with mirrors and creates "death ray"
  44. Where are Future Energy Concept videos?
  45. Alternative Energy - General / Specific Posts
  46. Generator coil choice: Air coil? Or core coil?
  47. Free energy gravity motor/generator: Pinwheel Generator
  48. Solaculture: A new concept for environmentally friendly low cost energy?
  49. help with a few questions regarding this setup, looking to experiment
  50. What is Bridge Rectifier, and the function of Bridge Rectifier?
  51. where to buy
  52. Resourceful People
  53. Test Leads
  54. solar- renewable source
  55. renewable - a survival hope
  56. Tesla's dynamo of novel principles
  57. AC on the rotor field windings
  58. Centrifugal Force Overunity wit a 1 to 40 COP
  59. Coulld "water" help Japanese nuclear meltdown?
  60. Centrifugal Force Overunity with a 1 to 40 COP
  61. Milkovic solution? idea...?
  62. Milkovic Pendulum Powered Step Motor Generator
  63. Perpetual Motion - analyzing the Finsrud GMD
  64. Ismael Aviso levitation device
  65. hydro power
  66. 555 Timer Circuit(s)
  67. Cooling Question
  68. What is the best energetic way for Japanese Tunami & Nuke disaster
  69. Zero Point Economy
  70. PMH getto motor
  71. Type of wire???
  72. parallel path magnetic technology "joe flynn"
  73. Need Tips: Auto Rotation Rotor
  74. Questions on pyrolyzing wood peelings
  75. Joule Thief - Back EMF explained
  76. Rest period after radiant charge
  77. Tri-Toroidal-Transformer
  78. Tin As Magnetic Shielding?
  79. Was the Lockridge device the original parallel path motor?
  80. Pulse Current Multiplier (Hyde Generator)
  81. Whats up with the price of Rare Earth magnets?
  82. Mosfet & Motors
  83. Sonofusion Replication and Research
  84. Leaked footage over Fukishima reactors Melted rods hurry before its taken down
  85. Generators are solidly profitable self-developed?
  86. Can the Japan Nuclear crisis happen in North America?
  87. Perendev magnetic motor
  88. The Y Module
  89. China is leading the way with thorium Reactor
  90. Heat Pumps
  91. Mysterious Alchemy Book
  92. Using non-conservative electric fields to draw energy from the quantum state
  93. Henri Poincare and extracting energy from vacuum
  94. Scientists Develop Affordable Solar Panels That Work In The Dark
  95. Product comparison Aquapulsa Vs Blue Phoenix Ign
  96. They say it can't be done The Same Metal Water Battery
  97. This Would Seem To Be The Time
  98. Free Energy-for more $$
  99. Donald L. Smith
  100. Adjust power factor and save money ...
  101. Solid State Gravity Motor News
  102. DNA projects/teleports/imprints itself due to EM field.
  103. Translated Chinese Renewable Energy News
  104. Led light from fast concrete, copper and tin cup
  105. Dilbert takes on Cold Fusion
  106. Open Letter from Masaru Emoto
  107. pc oscilloscope for sale.
  108. EPA Plans to Relax Radiation Exposure Standards
  109. "spent" fule reactors?
  110. How many ways for rectify hv
  111. Looking for book
  112. Detailed Panacea Hidro report on the way
  113. Using the parabolic mirror (o similar) to heat a home
  114. Debunkers, what do you think??
  115. Tong wheel -- Public display of validation COP> 3.43
  116. Overunity is here a long time ago
  117. The Edwin Gray Pulsed Capacitor Discharge Electric Engine
  118. A Solid State motor?
  119. How to build a Solar Panel from Solar Cells DIY
  120. Bashar Free Energy Space-Time Antenna Replication
  121. $um1's Plasma Ignition Thread
  122. Teslas Death Ray can heal too patent here
  123. A-f-p
  124. ST fields, Chandlini Plates, Crystalography, passive reciever
  125. Flexible Line Inertial Impact Drive Pendulum
  127. Innovative micro hydroelectric turbine
  128. Seminar/Workshop for United Nations?
  129. Glue Battery
  130. Europeans told avoid milk and vegetables (high radiation)
  131. capacitor across Ignition coil
  132. Stanford researchers use river water and salty ocean water to generate electricity
  133. Future of Dimethyl ether in US
  134. condensor type for ignition coil
  135. Amount of Tg CO2 Eq
  136. Zapjosh Motor
  137. Checkout 3D Printing for your Prototyping Needs!
  138. How to protect wifi system from lightning
  139. Possible motors ?
  140. Worth a look.
  141. question on charging batteries
  142. Gray tube project, some help please.
  143. New bearing for your Pulse motor
  144. Darcy Klyne ignition coil
  145. Bluenergy Solarwind Turbines
  146. Counter Rotating Generator
  147. Magnetic Shielding
  148. On inductive discharge...
  149. Interesting concept for a water purification system
  150. Possible working principle of Don Smith's device
  151. Clean up front page
  152. why is no one making a meg
  153. Combining "conventional" Earth Batteries
  154. Theory of perpetual motion machines
  155. Global Village Construction Set - open source plans for useful tools
  156. Vortex Field Magnification
  157. Solar Farm California....
  158. A poem to share.
  159. PWR=Bananas
  160. Ultra Capacitor Experiments
  161. Effecient Generator
  162. Black Iron Oxide
  163. New motor concept
  164. The Radiant Energy Switcher
  165. a research paper on plasma ignition
  166. I figured out tesla and grey
  167. Self Powered Air Generator
  168. Light sensitive neon?
  169. Open Source Project for Tesla/Jackson Wireless Transmission
  170. Usable Amps? How does one optimize Earth battery current?
  171. another wacky idea
  172. EnergyRecoveryMachine.com
  173. Counter Emf Neutralizing Pulse Motor
  174. Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami - *** NEW RELEASE ***
  175. Positive or Negative
  176. Before You Begin
  177. Laser spark plugs- the next Open source project?
  178. renewable energy source for $100-200???
  179. Information Unlimited product
  180. Micro Tesla tower plays Starwars
  181. Chance at funding Need Advice
  182. Tesla's electric car
  183. Invisibility Suit
  184. Magnetic Vortex Wormhole Generator
  185. Toroidal magnetic field question
  186. Panacea Newsletter (April 2011)
  187. Vacuum tubes?
  188. Explain CFL Circuite operation please ....
  189. How to trigger a multicoiler
  190. What is the Vacuum? And how does energy come from it?
  191. Solar panels without semiconductors
  192. Muller generator replication by Romerouk
  193. To twist or not to twist, that is the question
  194. NPN Hall Switch help.
  195. Boxmotor development platform
  196. Unlimited electric power discovery
  197. Oil fired Stirling engine MicroCHP
  198. Earth a quadpole capacitor.
  199. phototransistor vs hall sensor
  200. Theory behind the Muller/Romerouk dynamo
  201. Increases in automotive charging efficiency?
  202. Piezoelectric energy recovery
  203. Recirculating fluid turbine invention
  204. relation of coils, transistors and diodes
  205. Aether, Vaccum or Plenum oh my!
  206. Capicitor Discharge Trigger
  207. The Magnetman MEG release Date 5/11/11
  208. 3D Printers reference
  209. Commerical Energy of Tesla FE technolgy
  210. Feedback loops in retrocausality
  211. Is E=MC^2 the inverse of reality and the exact inverse of True and Pure physics?
  212. Another unanswered? question. How to cut and fit the stones.
  213. Blocking Oscillator/Charge Pump/Astable Multivibrator
  214. Easiest way to get a C.O.P of 1.8
  215. natural gas reformer
  216. Pulse motor circuit - strange effect ?
  217. 6 volt lead acid battery
  218. Charging Batteries vs. Capacitors
  219. REN.energy fair exhibition question.
  220. Wind and wave farms could affect Earth's energy balance
  221. Pyrazo Replication Info
  222. Clean energy beeing discovered
  223. Motor for rotating platform
  224. Solar Powered HHO Array on Tour Bus
  225. SwitchBack DC Motor Drive
  226. Manta PMG226 PMG whats makes it tick
  227. Radiant Energy theory
  228. Energy Conservation Tips
  229. Solar Garden Light Joule Thief HELP needed
  230. Crash JP Morgan, buy silver
  231. GEARTURBINE PROJECT / Atypical InFlow (Fueled) Thermodynamic Technology - ROTARY
  232. Is this the free energy device we have been waiting for?
  233. Designs and tips revealed
  234. Counterfeit Transistors on ebay
  235. Free Energy with Petrovoltaics
  236. Grid tie diesel generator
  237. The Challenge...perpetual energy
  238. Hemp Gasification -Superiour
  239. SLA making noises?
  240. Scientific evaluation of Nikola Tesla work.
  241. SG Capacitor
  242. Any autocad or autodes application worth downloading?
  243. The best work ever shared on this forum
  244. How hard to make this Monothermal battery?
  245. Shorting the coils to multiply electric power
  246. Switzerland to phase out nuclear power by 2034
  247. Trees as radiant energy collector
  248. The new and Improved generator
  249. Lighting Fluorescent Tubes with Voltage
  250. Bladeless Gas Turbine/Jet Engine