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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
maybe this is one of those few presidents that's actually trying to do something good for the people
Oh really? Like what? What, if anything, can you think of that Barry has done that has been good for us? Sure, he's just a puppet on a string who is manipulated by the Ruling Class elite, but is that okay with you? Barry needs to go, and as soon as possible. He will do whatever the Ruling Class demands of him, and that is a shameful situation that we should not accept. You should be outraged that an illegal alien holds the office of President of the United States. Taking our country back from the Ruling Class requires that we oust Barry, and all the Ruling Class sponsored "gofers" and Constitution abusers now seated in the House and Senate. This entails informing the public of their abuses and illegal acts, so you can definitely expect to see more articles that point out these abuses. If that doesn't appeal to you, might I suggest that you start a new thread that promotes Barry and all the other usurpers as "the good guys." I'm sure you will find plenty of MSM snippets to back up your theories concerning all the "good" stuff these people are doing for our country. And maybe you can even find some articles showing what the regime is doing to thwart the NWO agenda of the Ruling Class elite. I wouldn't be surprised, as the bull crap runs quite deep throughout the MSM.


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