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Rebuilt/glued the wheel and magnets up and got a good couple of hours tinkering before implosion. My tacho said just over 24,000 rpm but counts 4 magnets each rev so it peaked at over 6000rpm. Seems to have about 3 or 4 plateaus in speed before topping out.

Coil trigger wire reads 2.8ohm
power wire reads 5.0 ohm

If I get the core the same distance away from the wheel but have it protruding it was harder to start than pushed into the coil. It's a small difference but noticeable, this would agree with Ted's previous comment but would probably be hard to notice on a large 1000turn coil.

I couldn't reproduce this mornings fierce purple and white neon flaring up whatever I tried, perhaps leaving it primed but not spinning last night had some effect I know the neon is for safety and a tuned system doesn't need it but this was a very different effect to the neon glowing at high resistance.
I tried to show a friend who popped over without success and felt like a fisherman exaggerating how big his catch was.
Anyone know what I mean? I badly want to reproduce it and grab some macro shots.

Anyway, I got it self resonating from 9v dc adapter with the pot up full, spikes just over 100v on the scope and giving some small lead acid batts some love. Duty cycle is way up at around 40hertz and amp draw down to 180ma.

One question about the charging voltages on a pair of 6v lead acid in series -

The safe zone for charging and discharging has already been discussed for a 12v battery but is it really ok for my charging batts to read above 21v?
They say 11-11.2 when I take em off and let sit for a 5 mins, is it safe to leave em to charge overnight?
Or should I stick like 10 in a bank and charge the lot to be safer?
I guess that was 3 q's

Minoly, if I understood correct and your not spinning yet, I suggest the daftman bedini layout. My only problem it seems was the tiny magnets and joke of a coil that gave me a tiny 2mm zone of working coil distance, even then it needs a fast spin to start. Add a bike wheel with big ceramics would negate such fine tolerances.

Anyway, don't worry, I won't post all my newb data, just nice to have some.

Thanks for the inspiration everyone. Much respect

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