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Originally Posted by Slinky View Post

Absolutely, loads more pull after teds advice, I didn't cut off the excess core, just pushed through to the other side and got em close. ore powerful magnets or larger coil would probably have done the same perhaps

The first time just neon, second time it kept going. Had another spin just after I got home from work and it fell apart. Gonna build it a touch stronger and start doing some test and tinkering.

Totally stoked
Good stuff,
The protrusion of the core should be of no consequence; you need look no further than the Bedini 10-coil kit to reach that conclusion. Although, testing for one's self is always best. The type of material you are using for the core may be adding to the passing magnets frustration of getting away, however? So many small seemingly minor things can through this off. Once one grasps the basic concept, however, one can make it spin w/ an ice pick and some telephone wire LOL. Glad you got it going after 5 builds, I may have given up myself.
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