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Originally Posted by Slinky View Post
Okay, just had a moment, lol

Finishing a coffee before work, I gave my wheel a fast spin, kinda out of frustration and the neon sparked up crazy purple and white.

Spun it again, really fast and boom, it kicks in!
It span up crazy fast and neon was fierce, turning up the resistance only made it brighter so I turned it down to quench the neon. Do I have this wrong, I thought it was the reverse to this?

Then it started to spin up, level out and then spin up again. I stopped it, grabbed my tacho and it got to over 2500rpm before I got scared about my build, tried to stop it. Then the magnets flew off the wheel. It sounded like it would have liked to go faster.

I can't tell you how happy I am my wheel is broken, almost enough to bring tears to my eyes.

Oh yeah, was drawing from 100ma to 600ma, missed any other measurements. I finally have data, hehe, feeling giddy.

That's fantastic news!

So then, do you think the problem was that it wasn't spinning fast enough to trigger the base in your earlier attempts?
That neon lighting up was soaking up the "bemf" to prevent your transistor from taking on that "bemf", did you have a charge battery connected?
for better charging lower draw, you'll still want to check the ohms on the power coil.
my 2 cents
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