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Originally Posted by Slinky View Post
Hey Minoly, i'm pretty sure my wiring is correct although the answers the the above would make me certain.
What don't I know and what have I done wrong is my normal problem solving method
This leaves the puny magnets and coil to be suspect, i'll get on spec and head down there when assembled if I got nowt spinning by then.

I have had that schematic on my desktop for months trying to fill in the gaps, so elegant and simple but a huge rabbit hole at the same time. The theory is surprisingly absorbing.

Will I get the blow by blow flow description at the monopole group Minoly?
Electrons, current, ions, magnetic fluxes, scalar and radiant is a lot to comprehend on top of this gibberish called electronics.

I had heard there were members hanging around and posting but refusing to make the tests and devices, is this true still?
Hey Slinky,
your probably right on w/ the magnet size speculation. That, the number of turns/core size. Do you have close to 6 ohms on the power winding? I watched the daftman's vid - he sure takes the simple SSG ckt and makes it look elaborate and elegant. wish I had a link or a photo for you, you can build that entire ckt right on the transistor - no extra wires.

there are enough good people there that if your efforts are in earnest, you will find the help you seek.
I think the same can be said for many here as well. it just so happens there is a ton of data and support there on the monopole for this.
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